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AuthorRobz8 (RocketRobz)
Last Updated2020/10/22
TypeTitle Launchers
LicenseGPL v3

HiyaCFW is an open source custom firmware for the DSi. You can run custom DSiWare, alongside region free and 3DS-exclusive DSiWare (WarioWare Touched), on your SD card, via NAND to SD redirection. It also allows you run blocked flashcards (such as R4 Ultra).


  • Run custom DSiWare.
  • Have NAND to SD card redirection.
  • Replace the system menu with TWiLightMenu++.
  • Run blocked flashcards (such as R4 Ultra).
  • Remove Region-Locking.
  • Run 3DS-exclusive DSiWare (such as WarioWare Touched).
  • Custom splash screens.


For the initial install, please follow dsi.cfw.guide.

If you are updating, then simply replace sd:/hiya.dsi from the for SDNAND SD card in the 7z.

User guide


Q. Can I use a custom splash for hiyaCFW?

Yes you can. Place it at sd:/hiya/ then name them splashtop.bmp and splashbottom.bmp.

Make sure they're actually saved as .bmp files, with the size of 256x192, with no color space info, and is 16-bit (A1 R5 G5 B5, or X1 R5 G5 B5).


HiyaCFW BootChain Demo (Alex S)

Nintendo DSi: First CFW with RSA patched Launcher (ApacheThunder)

DSi - Installing HiyaCFW & TWiLight Menu++ (Tech James)

Known issues

When (custom) splash is enabled, after exiting config, the splash screen has some partially overlapping tiles.


v1.4.0 Hacktober 2020/10/22

  • (Epicpkmn11) Automatic dummy file creation has been added, so goodbye stock error screen.
    • Note: If it's still shown for you, then the SDNAND contents are probably corrupt.
  • (Epicpkmn11) Added animated GIF splash support.
  • (Epicpkmn11) Added RGB565 BMP support.
  • A lockout message will now show, when launching on DS consoles or in DS mode.

v1.3.3 2020/03/05

  • (Update 2020/03/08) CHN Launcher .tmd has been added (thanks to R-YaTian).
  • (Update 2020/03/31) KOR Launcher .tmd has been added, as well as a new launcher patch for KOR, and an updated patch for CHN Launcher that fixes touch screen input (thanks to R-YaTian).
  • You can now have both top and bottom splash screens. Call the .bmp files splashTop.bmp and splashBottom.bmp, and put them in sd:/hiya/.
  • If the Launcher .tmd is detected as larger than 0x208 bytes, the extra data will be trimmed out.
  • The blue and red colors have been added to the config menu.
  • Robz8 has been changed to RocketRobz.

v1.3.2 2018/06/06

  • (Update 8/31/2019) Added .ips patch for Chinese iQue consoles! Note that touch input does not work.
  • (Update 11/6/2018) Renamed bootcode.dsi to hiya.dsi for Unlaunch 1.8 (and later).
  • (Update 6/6/2018) Added AUS Launcher .tmd.
  • (Update 7/5/2018) Added Unlaunch 0.9 compatible bootcode.dsi.
  • Now checks for the size of Launcher's .tmd. If it bigger than 0x208 bytes (can be caused by having Unlaunch in the .tmd), a message will be shown, saying to replace it with a clean one.
  • EUR and JPN Launcher .tmds now bundled.
  • Now reads bootloader.nds from the hiya folder.
  • If you have bootloader.nds on the SD card root, please move it into the hiya folder.
  • Notes to Unlunch 0.9 (and later) users:
    • bootcode.dsi has been updated for HiyaCFW to work on latest Unlaunch! As of Unlaunch 0.9, Unlaunch now loads arm9 binary in a similar manner to official software. This means it cannot skip loading something to the area reserved for arm9's decrypted secure area in arm9 ram. A bootstub to arm9 binary and loaded the arm9 binary to a higher ram address have been added (the bootstub moves it back minus the blank secure area data) to get around the issue. Hopefully at some point in the near future it can be compiled to use a slightly higher entry point in arm9 ram without the need to use a bootstub post compile.

v1.3.1 2018/05/10

  • (Update 2018/05/16) Fixed patch for JAP/KOR Launcher now included.
  • Bug fixes:
    • DSi Splash, if enabled, is now only shown on boot, instead of every soft-reset.
    • DSi Splash setting no longer makes DSi Menu appear, if set to autoboot a title.
  • File changed:
    • bootcode.dsi.

v1.3 2018/05/08

  • In preparation for SRLoader's next version that can serve as a DSi Menu replacement, and can launch installed DSiWare via Launcher, title autobooting has been added.
    • If a file containing title data, called autoboot.bin exists in sd:/hiya/. Launcher will read the data, and boot into the title, instead of showing the DSi Menu.
    • Next SRLoader version will either have the feature to create the SRLoader autoboot.bin, or have the file bundled.
  • File changed:
    • bootcode.dsi.

v1.2 2018/05/04

  • Bug fix:
    • Soft-resetting into titles now work (again).
    • You are no longer back into HOME Menu when trying to soft-reset into DSiWare titles (ex. L+R+START+SELECT in WarioWare Touched and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark conflict, DSiWare versions).
  • Files changed:
    • bootcode.dsi.
    • Bootloader: Includes .ips patch to update bootloader.nds, if you already have the .nds file.

v1.1 2018/04/28

  • (Update 4/30/2018) Launcher patch has been fixed, so that DSiWare can access SD again. You'll need to patch it to an unpatched (but decrypted) launcher again.
  • You can now use a custom a custom splash screen (Only for top screen, for now).
    • Place it at sd:/hiya/ and name it splashtop.bmp.
    • Make sure it's actually saved as a .bmp file, with no color space info, and is 16-bit (A1 R5 G5 B5).
  • The only file changed is bootcode.dsi.

v1.0 2018/04/25

  • Initial release.
  • Includes .ips patches for bootloader and launcher v1.4.


  • Apache Thunder, nocash123, StuckPixel, shutterbug2000 and Gericom.
  • Drenn - .bmp loading code from GameYob, for custom splash screens.
  • Robz8 - Logo graphic, and settings screen.
  • Pk11 - .gif loading code for animated splash screens and automatic dummy file creation.
  • jerbear64 - For providing the EUR and JPN 1.4 Launcher .tmds.
  • devkitPro - For the majority of the base code like nds-bootloader which this loader uses.

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