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Author(s)Dave_Ryman (Dave)

Glockencord is a DS homebrew music game which is combination of a glockenspiel and a harpsichord.


Download and extract file.

Copy the file Glockencord.nds to the SD card in a location that suits (eg: /Games/Glockencord.nds).

The files musicrolls.ini and all the files ending .gcr need to be copied to the folder /data/glockencord/ on the SD card.

The readme, documentation and examples folder can be kept on PC or copied to the SD card for perusal.

Note: versions 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 are functionally identical to version 1.1, and version 1.1 GCR files are still used.

User guide

Manual mode

Once started, Glockencord will provide with a keyboard on the touch screen and the chimes on the upper screen.

This mode is monophonic and you can only tap the screen in one place at a time (you cannot play chords).

Automatic mode

On entering Automatic mode, you will be presented with a list of titles. Each title relates to a Piano roll.

In real life, a Piano roll is a roll of paper with holes punched in it (each hole triggers the playing of a note when it passes over the appropriate mechanism).

In DS life, it's a simulation of the same thing. Click on the title you want to play, and the roll will be loaded and ready to play.

One major difference between Manual and Automatic modes is that Automatic mode can play polyphonic pieces rather than just allowing one note to be played at a time.

It includes some ready-made music rolls (7 of them at the time of writing). A compiler is provided to allow you to produce your own music rolls from text files.


All interactions with the program are via the Stylus. With the exception of the volume control, the buttons of the DS are not required.

Switch - switch between Manual mode and Automatic mode

Manual Mode:

Tap key - Play note

Slide - Play different notes in quick succession (glissando)

Automatic mode:

Title - Play music, Switch

Go/Stop - Start, Pause

Load - Load different roll

MAN/AUTO - Return to manual mode


glockencord2.png glockencord3.png

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