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FanFiction Net Browser
Last Updated2011/05/21

FanFiction.Net Browser is a PSP browser for the website FanFiction.Net written by Criptych.

It is featured at the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Browse fanfiction by category.
  • Search by author name or story title/summary.
  • View category and author feeds.
  • Read stories with basic formatting (bold, italic, underline).

User guide

To customize splash image, replace file SPLASH.JPG in the folder containing EBOOT.PBP.

Note: The lastest version 1.0a has been signed and shrinked by the developer.


D-Pad Up/Down - Move Up/Down one line

D-Pad Left/Right - Move Up/Down one screen, To the Top/Bottom (for lists)

Start/Select - Not assigned

Known issues

Screen flickers sometimes, especially in system dialogs - in extreme cases may black out every other keypress (seems to be a vsync problem).

Strings with non-Latin characters contain glitches (should be blank).

New bug in the Categories view: Using L/R Trigger to skip to Previous/Next letter does not scroll properly if the new selection is offscreen.


1.0a PSP Genesis Competition update

  • Changed word-wrap algorithm, a little bigger and slower but looks nicer.
  • Fixed incorrect search results matching.
  • More minor bug fixes.

1.0 PSP Genesis Competition release

  • Added search function.
  • Added optional splash image to replace "Loading" screen (for compo).
  • Added crash handler, saves database if an error occurs.
  • Added highlighting of new/updated stories (in feed and library views).
  • Added heirarchial category browsing and updated category list.
  • Added download progress shows current chapter.
  • Changed default font to Ubuntu (was Vera Sans).
  • Removed analog scrolling (buggy and not really worth it).
  • Fixed "update feed" function requiring a manual reload.
  • Fixed GUI to only update as needed.
  • Bunch of other minor bug fixes.

0.5 Internal update

  • Added analog scrolling.
  • Added search placeholder as reminder to finish it.
  • Enabled "connect to last AP automatically" (like web browser).
  • Switched from PGE to PLUG (a sort-of PGE mod).
  • Bug fixes.

0.1 Initial (beta) release

  • Broke program up into modules.
  • Cleaned up GUI, added button icons and themes.
  • Bug fixes.

0.0 Test version for personal use

  • Original program, in own's typical "one big chunka code" style.
  • Created with PGE.


Thanks go out to InsertWittyName, hlide, MrMr[iCE], and the many others at the LuaPlayer and PS2DEV forums for their help and support.

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