Shooting Watch DS

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Shooting Watch DS

Shooting Watch DS is a port of Hudsons device to the DS.


  • 5 game modes

User guide

Navigate the menus using the buttons on the touch screen or the corresponding button on the DS.



Pad control - Tap the A buttton to tap the melon

Stylus - Start with the A button but once you start you can touch the screen anywhere


Known issues

There are no major problems with the game at all. Sometimes you may experience connection problems when using the WiFi Transfer mode and the game may not get past the connecting screen. In this case, reboot your DS and try connecting before entering any of the other menus. If the problem still persists then the problem must lie within your DS connection configuration.


v2.4 Bug Fix Release

  • Fixed bug with rank showing as 23th etc.
  • Fixed WiFi transfer when using a name with a space in it.
  • Added new icon from Take The Eggs.

v2.3 Bug Fix Release

  • Attempted to fix sprites error "Sorry, there just seems to not be enough place to put all your sprites !!". This should be OK now.
  • Fixed music bug in "Slots" modes.
  • Fixed music bug in "Audio Test" mode
  • Fixed music bug in "Enter Nick" mode.
  • Added option to turn music off in "Audio Test" Mode
  • Added note to WiFi Transfer mode that you can press Start button to cancel.

v2.2 Minor Fixes Release

  • Added Lode Runner skin.
  • Built with latest tool chain.
  • SoundFx and music now use AS_Lib as with latest PA Lib beta.
  • Save file can now be in any directory. As default the game searches for the location of a previous save then location of the nds file. If neither are found (if you rename the nds file), the save file will be created in the root directory but can be moved afterwards.
  • WiFi transfer now retrieves rank correctly (Up to 100, was only retrieving rank 10 maximum before).
  • When you win on the slots, you can now hold A or B button to make the coins count up twice as fast. (Fixed 4 slot mode, only worked in 3 Slot before).
  • Can hold B button to make text scroll faster in the shop.
  • After playing Shoot mode, the rank shown is now how you ranked for your last go rather than your best rank overall.

v2.1 WiFi Bugfix Release

  • Updated WiFi transfer mode to be more reliable.
  • New fail safe option during WiFi transfers. If WiFi transfer hangs, press start to cancel the operation.
  • When you win on the slots, you can now hold A button to make the coins count up twice as fast.

v2.0 Second Public Release (WiFi, Hiscores & Coins)

  • Added score and progress saving via DLDI
  • You can now win coins for playing Shooting mode or one of the Slot modes
  • Menu system added
  • Hi Score system implemented
  • WiFi transfer to send your scores and recieve a worldwide ranking
  • The top 10 ranked players from the website are downloaded to the DS after a WiFi transfer
  • Removed being able to use stylus and A button at the same time in Shooting Mode which allowed cheating. You must now use the control method you start with*.
  • Added a shop with the ability to buy skins and icons
  • Website created to store scores, coins, exploded melons and icon selection for the top 100 players
  • Audio Test menu added
  • New rewards for playing games
  • Can now see all the combinations to win on the slot mode
  • If you start by pressing the stylus, you cannot change to the A button half way through your game.

v1.0a - First public release v1.0 - First private test release 36 betas and 2 alphas - sure they were fun