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AuthorLiick (licklick)
Last Updated2007/07/12
TypeOther Apps

DSLiveWeather is a WiFi application on the Nintendo DS that allows user to fetch the current weather information of the location user choose. It will indirectly display the current weather offered by


  • Using configurable LocationProfiles, you can fetch the weather of any location supported by and store up to 64 locations.
  • Automatically load and save LocationProfiles to your FAT.
  • Up to 64 LocationProfiles.
  • Configure server settings.
  • Very nice user interface and keyboard.
  • Actively developed.


Download and extract file to apps folder.

Create a folder called DSLiveWeather in the root of card.

User guide

Search for your location ID at

Type your location there and it will display location ID, choose the one you need (for instance Rome Italy would be ITXX0067).

Start the DSLiveWeather app, enter any name in the profile name (tap the green tick to exit).

Enter the Location ID in the next box (tap the green tick to exit).

Press on the Start button to save your settings.

Tap on Currently to view weather information.


Control with stylus.

Currently - View weather information

Gray face icon - Connect/disconnect to your wireless network

Green tick icon - Retrieve the latest weather



Known issues

"Error saving xxxxx" or "Error loading xxxxxx" would appear when there is no DSLiveWeather folder in the root of flash card.


Version July 12

  • Automatically searches for the DSLiveWeather directory within 3 depth levels away from the root. This means that the following three configurations will work:
    • /DSLiveWeather
    • /<1>/DSLiveWeather
    • /<1>/<2>/DSLiveWeather
  • This procedure is done with my Locator() function. If you would like to see this feature in more homebrew projects, spread the word to the developers!
  • People experienced problems with Saving to FAT. This should be fixed.
  • This build uses the latest official DSWifi 0.3.2. I hope it fixes some of the WiFi problems.


It is built with DevKitARM r20, libfat (DLDI), dswifi/wifilib 0.3.1, rebootlib 1.1.

Special thanks:

  • Huuf (for hosting and serving).
  • MrShlee (for Dev-Scene, hosting and serving).
  • DragonMinded (for DSFont.exe to generate the font used in DSLW).
  • for the weather data.
  • Forum members who have pointed out a few bugs and came up with nice ideas.

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