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Last Updated2011/06/06

StellaDS is an Atari 2600 console emulator for the NDS.

The original author of StellaDS is TheChuckster which the latest version of completed work was version 0.71. The later versions are updated by Alekmaul.


  • Most things you should expect from an emulator.


Note: To use this emulator, you need to prepare compatible roms in a26/bin format.

Unzip StellaDS.nds from the archive in a directory of your flash/(micro) SD/MMC card.

DIDL patch the nds file depending on the flash card.

Put the a26/bin files where you want on your flashcard.

User gude

When the emulator starts, click on the cartridge slot to choose a file.

Use Up/Down to select a file, then use A to load it.


D-Pad - Joystick

A - Fire button

X - Left Difficulty A/B

Y - Color, Black and White Switch

R - Reset (yes R like Reset)

L - Change controller (paddle/joystick)

Select - Select Trigger

Stary - Display fps

Use stylus on buttons for other actions on bottom screen.


StellaDS V1.0 (alekmaul2009)


V1.2 06/06/2011

  • Change screen height when switching from PAL <> NTSC.
  • Add fps display with START button.
  • Add stylus management for paddle.

V1.1 22/05/2011

  • Adding launch arguments so that other menus can be used for loading roms (Thx BassAceGold for the tip).
  • Fix power on/off graphics pb when return to menu (Thx Another World for the tip).
  • Add more easy understanding message when no game in current diretory (Thx Another World for the tip).
  • Change sound when quiting the emulator.
  • Add X/Y/R/L/SELECT button for each trigger.
  • Add Left Difficulty trigger.
  • Preliminary paddle support with button A and pad left/right (use Reset in "breakout" to play, not fire button like in Atari Classic Nds game).
  • Fix some few other bugs.
  • A bit faster (1~2 fps).

V1.0 20/05/2011

  • Initial release based on Stella 1.4.2.
  • Compiled with last version of Devkitpro/libnds, so DSi compatible.
  • Sound engine written from scratch.
  • Video engine modified to refresh screen after each line
  • New palette (better colors) added to stella.
  • New menu added to stella.
  • Add support for colour / B&W TV switch (from Stella 2.2).
  • Add support for more cards recognition (3E).
  • Add support for PAL/NTSC palette.


Thanks Wintermute for devkitpro and libnds.

Thanks TheChucksters to understand how Stella emulator works with the release of his source code conversion.

Thanks BassAceGold for load argument tip

Thanks Stella Team for this marvelous emulator.

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