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RIN is a Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator for the Sony PSP handheld. It is written based on the Windows emulator TGB Dual.

Please note Japanese Firmware v1.0/v1.5 is required to run the original release.


Make a folder on your memory stick called /PSP/GAME/RIN/.

Place the EBOOT.PBP file into the same folder.

Please place ROMs in any folder you like (ZIP, GZIP supported).

After that, from your HOME screen navigate to GAME> MEMORY STICK> RIN.

Select RIN to run the emulator.

Note: Game's save files can be made in a subfolder called SAVE. This folder will be created automatically if it doesn't exist.

User guide

File Browser Wallpaper

Place a file called RINMENU.BMP in the same working directory as RIN.

The file must obey the following format rules:

  • 480x272x24bit Windows BMP format.
  • Have a header size of 0x36byte (making the file size 391,734 bytes).

If you use a standard image editing program, the above rules should automatically be followed, creating a proper BMP file.

Cheat Codes

You can use Gameshark (Pro Action Replay) cheat codes. Place a cheat file (extension of .tch) in the CHEAT folder.

After loading a game, load the cheat file from the menu. The cheat file should have the same name as the ROM image.

Note: You cannot use TGB Dual codes.

State Save

Save State information is stored to a temporary slot in the system's RAM.

This allows saving and loading without having to access the memory stick (faster).

However, if power is cut, or another ROM is loaded, this memory is erased (it is not erased in Sleep Mode).


Circle - A Button

Cross - B Button

Triangle - A Button (rapid fire)

Square - B Button (rapid fire)

L - In-game Menu

Start - Start Button

Select - Select Button

R+Start - Quick Load (Save State)

R+Select - Quick Save (Save State)


PSP RIN (gangstamalu)


v1.32 2005/08/22

  • Fixed a rare bug where the PSP will randomly shutdown while saving states.
  • When on a low battery, RIN will force the PSP into sleep mode.
  • Other fixes.

v1.31 2005/08/06

  • Savestate compression is speeded up.
  • Warning added where there is a low remaining memory.
  • Other fixes.

v1.3 2005/07/25

  • Pro Action (GameShark) cheat code support.
  • Sound bug fixes.
  • Other fixes.

v1.29 2005/07/20

  • Performance improved.
  • Altered sound buffer relationships.
  • Others fixes.

v1.28 2005/07/16

  • GZIP support for ROM files added.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Others.

v1.27 2005/07/14

  • Changed thumbnail format to PNG.
  • PNG Wallpaper Support.
  • Savestate speeds have been improved.
  • Added GZIP support for State Saves and SRAM files.
  • Saveslots per ROM have been increased. You can now use 10 savestates per ROM.
  • Fixed a bug in Waitstep when VSYNC was off.
  • Other fixes.

v1.26 2005/06/26

  • Fixed rare freezing bug.
  • Changed compilers.

v1.25 2005/06/21

  • File sorting speeds are improved.
  • Added ability to view individual files inside an archive.
  • Improvements + fixes when returning from sleep mode.
  • Infrared input support (Chicchai Alien, etc. use it).
  • Battery Life indicator (in build 2005/06/22).
  • Other fixes.

v1.24 2005/06/14

  • Added ability to change clock speed.
  • Added ability to delete ROMs.
  • Added folder parsing.
  • Removed unused screen size modes and unnecessary GB COLOR routines.
  • Shortcut keys updated to reflect this the screen size and the Gameboy Color updates.
  • Working on existing code for when simultaneous key presses are used in shortcuts.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Others.

v1.23 2005/06/12

  • Fixed a bug with savestate thumbnail creation.
  • Added ability to delete savestates.

v1.22 2005/06/12

  • Super Gameboy border support.
  • Fixed screen distortion when switching to TURBO mode.
  • Super Gameboy rendering bug fixed.
  • Savestate thumbnail creation support.

v1.21 2005/06/07

  • Fixed bugs and freezes with Super Gameboy support.

v1.20 2005/06/07

  • Turbo Mode.
  • Ruka's unzip library for PSP now used.
  • Super Gameboy palette.

v1.19 2005/06/02

  • Timestamps are now created with savestates.
  • Savestate interface changed.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Auto frame skipping.

v1.18 2005/05/30

  • Optimizations in full screen mode.
  • Pseudo-coloring of GBMono games in GBC/GBA mode.
  • Menu interface changed.

v1.17 2005/05/27

  • Performance enhancements.
  • Sound buffer length selection.
  • Pausing off sound during quick save/load.
  • Reset option added.
  • Setting saving timing changed.
  • The "SAVE" folder will automatically be created.
  • Ability to change equipment type.
  • Improved Japanese file sorting algorithm.

v1.16 2005/05/26

  • Full screen mode added.
  • The x2 Doublesize mode changed to x2 Fit Mode.
  • SRAM SAVE is automated.
  • Fixed bug with VSYNC when it was set to off causing the game not to exit properly.

v1.15 2005/05/24

  • Multiple Save-states added.
  • Fixed a bug with the Timer function.
  • Shortcut key will display a message associated with that command.

v1.141 2005/05/23

  • Fixed error where Memory Stick read didn't work if the PSP was put into sleep mode.

v1.14 2005/05/23

  • Analog stick sensitivity adjusted.
  • Control motion sensor added.
  • Key configuration for shortcut keys changed.
  • Added "AnalogPad" + "Dpad" option in key config.

v1.13 2005/05/22

  • Performance improved.
  • .ZIP file support.
  • Analog Pad Support.
  • Various options added to key config.
  • Ability to set simultaneous button presses in key config.

v1.12 2005/05/20

  • Timer functions added.
  • Performance improvements.
  • 3 Screen Modes added:
    • x2 (scanline) * Scanline draw every 4 lines.
    • x2 (uncropped without top) * doublesized display with top 16 pixels omitted.
    • x2 (uncropped without bottom) * doublesized displaye with bottom 16 pixels omitted.

v1.11 2005/05/19

  • Wait to Sleep.
  • Wallpaper brightness adjustment.
  • Speed-up adjustments.

v1.1 2005/05/17

  • Sound support.
  • GUI color setting added.
  • Automatic save file creation.
  • Auto-SRAM saving.
  • 1.5x (filtered) screen size.
  • Key Config.
  • Wallpaper Support.
  • AB Button Rapid Fire Support.
  • Configuration Saving.
  • HOME button exit support.

v1.0 2005/05/14

  • Manual SRAM saving.
  • 2x Stretch mode.

v0.9 2005/05/13

  • ROM Image Selection.
  • 2x (Double-size) support.
  • VSYNC selection support (ON/OFF).
  • Button configuration changes.


File browser wallpaper (feature) by kwn.

Readme (English) by Smiths, Lord of Hyrule.

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