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Spirits DS
Last Updated2013/07/16

Spirits DS is a remake for the Nintendo DS game based on the popular TOPO SOFT SPIRITS which in 1987 performed the corresponding versions for computers 8-bit MSX, Spectrum and Amstrad.

The project's goal is to make a remake to keep the spirit of the original, but adapted to the possibilities of the Nintendo console. It includes two versions, original graphics, drawn directly from the MSX version and an enhanced version, with graphics by graphic designers from the NightFox team.

It is presented in the NEO Retro Coding Compo 2012.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it and copy it to the root directory of the card.

User guide

The original game

Spirits is an adventure game. In it, you will play the role of a skilled sorcerer. The story begins when an evil sorcerer steals our crystal ball, spell book and magic wand without which our powers are greatly diminished. In addition, it has enchanted the castle where you dwell, filling it with creatures of the night that guard our precious belongings.

Not content with that, he has also cast a spell on the castle princess and one of the armors. These two characters each carry one of the halves of the only spell capable of defeating such an evil sorcerer, who has transformed into an eagle to chase us throughout the castle. You must disenchant these two characters to recover the spell and be able to defeat the cause of our problems.

How to play

The game is divided into two screens. On the upper screen our character is shown and this is where the action takes place. In the lower one, you will see where the next objective or object to be achieved is located. When you start, you will only see where the crystal ball is, the main and indispensable object, without which the other objects and characters remain hidden from our eyes.

Once the crystal ball is obtained, these objects will no longer be invisible in the castle and you can recover them. In addition, with the crystal ball in our possession, you can locate the rest of the objectives. The ball will show us on the lower screen the exact location of the spell book, the magic wand, the princess and the armor, as well as the sorcerer transformed into an eagle.

The next thing will be to recover the spell book and the magic wand. Once you have these objects in our possession, you will have to disenchant the princess and the armor, which will each provide us with their half of the spell to defeat the sorcerer.

Once all this is done, you only have to look for the eagle and defeat it, shooting the spell obtained.

Remember that there are several enemies in the castle, from which you can only defend ourselves by dodging them or by casting a short-term paralyzing spell, which will give us time to flee from them. Shooting the eagle without the final spell is totally useless and contact with it is certain death.

One last note. The location of the objects changes in each game, so you have a game for a while.


Right/Left - Move

Down - Crouch

A - Pick up objects

B - Jump

Y - Launch spell

X - Open the map

R/L - Swap the lower screen

Start - Pause

Note: Close the console will pause the game. Opening it will resume.


spiritsds2.png spiritsds3.png

spiritsds4.png spiritsds5.png


Spirits DS - Ver.20120701 (Cesar Rincon Nadal)

Spirits DS 20120329 BETA (Cesar Rincon Nadal)

Spirits DS - RC1 (Cesar Rincon Nadal)

Spirits DS - Tutorial (Cesar Rincon Nadal)


Tested on:

DSTT/TTDS (firmware 1.17a12)
iTouchDS (firmware 3.8f)

Works on emulators such as NO$gba or desmume.


2012/08/20 RC3

  • Some minor GFX changes.
  • Added cheats in-game as eastern egg.

2012/08/19 RC2

  • Added the cobwebs.
  • Fire sprites remaked.
  • Added Pause menu.
  • Added animated loading screen.
  • Added several background soundtracks.
  • Removed the voices and sfx in remake mode to avoid bugs with MAXMOD. (temp)


  • Dragon's Lair remaked.
  • Main character remaked.
  • Improved Torches and candles.
  • Walkthrough finished.
  • Credits completed.
  • Various graphical improvements.


  • Added the main menu in 8 bits mode.
  • Added the options menu, with the possibility to select the game mode (8 bits / Remake), language (Spanish / English) and the intensity of the "scanlines" effect in 8 bits mode.
  • Added language autodetect according to the console settings.
  • The configuration of the game is saved.
  • The special enemies "Devil Archer" and "Cat" remaked.
  • The hanging lamps remaked.
  • All main Items remaked.
  • All generic enemies (Hunchback, werewolf and ghost) remaked.
  • NPC Armor, enchanted princess and Eagle remaked.
  • Main menu in remake mode done.
  • Options menu in ramek mode done.
  • Initial test for the game music (remake) and sound effects (8 bits).


  • Animated torchs added.
  • All backgrounds in "remake" mode done (Except Dragon's lair).
  • Opening and main menu only available in "8 bits" mode.


  • You can now choose between the original or remake mode at game start.
  • Graphics of the backgrounds in the first half of the castle completed.
  • New algorithm for calculation of random positions of objects and some corrected positions.
  • Fixed bug that allowed to record the spell shot at the top of the stairs, causing errors in the control of the character.
  • Fixed bug where if the last life was lost in the trap of the 3 switches in the next game they appeared displaced. (Thanks to the araubi from CEZ forums for the warning.)


  • Fixed a bug in the animation of the character at the end of the game, that causes the character to be invisible if he was immune at the time to kill the eagle.
  • Added the "Minimap" function, pressing the "X" key.


  • Added the animation in the fires.
  • Added the transformation of the princess to be disenchanted.
  • Added enemies "Cat" and "Archer Devil."
  • Added the "Dragon's Lair" event.
  • Added PAUSE pressing "START" button.
  • Added ending scene.
  • Added a immunity time after resurrect.


  • First release.
  • Fully playable in "8-bit mode."


Nightfox: Development, adaptation of the original and background graphics.

KeyFrame: Sprites drawing, animation and artwork.

Tonimax: Artwork and additional funding.

Lord Lyron: Melodies of the game as well as sound effects and voices.

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