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DS-trivia CF

DStrivia is a trivia game made in DSLua. It comes with 500 Trivial Pursuit questions and about 60 Nintendo questions, and the ability to add your own questions. It requires DSLua to run.

With the CF version player can just put question file right into the directory without having to use DSLua. But CF card is needed.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Put DSLua.nds on CF card and -trivia.lua

For CF card:

  1. Download and extract file
  2. Put all files included in this zip file onto your CF card, into the same directory (DSLua.nds/DSLua.ds.gba/ can go into a different directory)

User guide

Random questions are chosen from a question file with a hint (how many letters and words there are in the answer), type in the answer using an on-screen touch-screen keyboard.

Make your own questions

1. Make a new file called "SOMETHING.TRIV".

Replace "SOMETHING" with whatever you like. It should be in all uppercase and not include any special characters except spaces.

2. Now to make questions.

No blank lines, all lines must have a question on them. Here's an example:
/Mario Trivia/Luigi//What is Mario's brother's name?
"Mario Trivia" is the category. "Luigi" is the answer. And "What is Mario's brother's name?" is the question. For now cannot have multiple answers.

3. Now ready to run it.

Put it in the scripts folder and run PACK.BAT. Or put it right in the folder if you have DSLua CF flavour. After it's in the folder and DSLua-PACK.nds is ready, run it.
Select -trivia.lua. Press Y to select a trivia file instead of using QUESTIONS.TRIV which is the default trivia file. Using the DS keyboard you can now type in the name of your file. Don't type in the ".TRIV" part though, just type in the file name. Example:
For "MOVIES.TRIV", type in "MOVIES" and hit enter.


A - select

X - begin using the QUESTIONS.TRIV