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Author(s)Jeremy Ruten

DSBible is a Bible-reading app for DS.

It was submitted to the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008 and ranked 2nd.


  • 4 different translations (3 English, 1 French)
  • The program itself can be in English or French
  • Verse lookup
  • Searching
  • Bookmarks


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch .nds file and copy bible.nds to storage device.
  3. Copy 'bible' folder to the root directory of your storage device. (If you already have an old version, delete it and move new folder to your storage device.)
  4. Run bible.nds.
  5. The first time you run it, you will have to select a language. Language can be changed later by pressing the Preferences button in the text viewer.

User guide

DSbible comes with 4 translations (3 English, 1 French), and they all take up about 4MB of space. If you want to free up space by removing a translation, you can just delete it from the /bible/translations directory.

If you want to add a translation, it must be formatted correctly and then put into the translations directory.

There are 8 buttons at the bottom of the touch screen.

Previous Chapter (a left arrow)
Next Chapter (a right arrow)
Look Up a Verse (an opened book)
Search Bible (a pair of binoculars)
Select a Book (a bulleted list)
Bookmarks (a star)
Translations (the acronyms "BBE" and "KJV")
Preferences (a wrench)


If you want to translate DSbible itself to another language, go to the /bible/lang directory, copy and paste one of the language files and translate the pasted one to your language.


Main Menu

  1. Change the Bible translation by holding the stylus on the select box, and dragging it to the translation you want. DSbible will remember which one you select so you don't have to change every time you start up the program.
  2. Press one of the four buttons on the touch screen, depending on what you want to do:
Select a Book
Look Up a Verse
Search Bible

The Text Viewer

The title bar at the top displays your current location in a format like "Genesis 1:1".

The D-Pad - Press up or down to scroll line by line. Press left or right to scroll page by page.

The scrollbar - Drag the black rectangle up or down to scroll.

The buttons - The two buttons on the far left at the bottom of the screen skip to the previous chapter and the next chapter.

Moonshell style - Drag the stylus on the text to scroll.

If you have done a search, press X to return to the search results.

The Keyboard

L or R - type in special symbols and non-English letters.

Left and Right - move the cursor left or right.

Up - moves the cursor all the way to the left like the Home key.

Down - moves the cursor all the way to the right like the End key.

A - enter key.

B - backspace.

Tapping the text in textbox - move the cursor in between letters tapped.

Dragging text in the textbox - highlight text.

Select - copy the highlighted text

X - cut the highlighted text.

Start - paste text.

Press the "Cancel" button to go back to where you were.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I start up DSbible, it is frozen on "Initializing FAT..."

A: This could mean you need to DLDI-patch bible.nds for your device. More likely, it could mean that it can't find the data files because you put them in the wrong place. Make sure you copied the "bible" folder that came with DSbible to the root of your memory card, i.e. don't put it in any other folder on your memory card. Put it on the top.

Q: How do I get NIV on this thing?

A: The NIV translation of the Bible and a lot of other modern translations are copyrighted, which I think means it would be illegal to distribute them with or alongside DSbible. Something about that doesn't seem right at all, but it's the reality.



  • Fixed all the flickering
  • Scrolling can be done by dragging the stylus on the text (like Moonshell)
  • DSbible now has a logo/icon/titlescreen (Thanks Josiah for creating it!)
  • World English Bible translation included, which has paragraph breaks and footnotes
  • Footnotes and verse numbers appear in orange text (footnotes appear inline with the text)
  • "Back" and "Cancel" buttons implemented all over the program
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to freeze while starting up for some people (Thanks Sebastiaan Leenders for reporting this and helping me fix it!)
  • "Louis Second 1910" French translation included, and DSbible itself has been translated to French (Thanks JMS for doing both these things!)
  • Loading a book is almost instantaneous
  • Holding the stylus on a button in the text viewer for half a second will display a popup describing what that button does
  • Bible translations and translations of DSbible can be added and removed easily by adding files or removing the files in the 'translations' and 'lang' directories.
  • Bookmarked verses and search terms in the text are now highlighted
  • Many minor fixes and graphics improvements have been made


  • Searching
  • Look up a verse
  • Bookmarks
  • Two translations: Bible in Basic English and King James Version


Josiah for creating the logo.

Sebastiaan Leenders for reporting a major bug and helping fixing.

JMS for formatting the French translation and translating DSbible to French