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Last Updated2009/08/31
Versionscenerybeta bugfix

STuning is an application made under Lua Player HM8 and HMv2 with which the user can change/flash in your PSP a variety of resources such as: Volume Bar, Battery Icon, Waves, Sounds. It consists of 2 languages, Spanish and English.

It is featured at the Scenery Beta 2009 (PSP Applications).


  • 2 languages (English and Spanish).
  • Connections USB (Memory Stick, Flash0/1/2).
  • Flasher Gameboot.
  • Flasher Coldboot.
  • Flasher battery icon.
  • Flasher volume bar.
  • Flasher Keyboard.
  • Flasher Sounds.
  • Flasher Waves.
  • Flasher Wallpapers (01-12.bmp - 13-27.bmp).
  • Flasher USB icons.
  • Flasher Font.
  • Flasher Soundboot.
  • Flasher Visualizer.
  • Flasher Savedata Icon (when it is loading).
  • Flasher Photos Menu.
  • Flasher Video Menu.
  • Flasher Music Menu.
  • Recovery menu.
  • Free space Menu.

User guide

Note: Flashers or features that require alterations in the flash of the device can brick your PSP. It is advised to backup your important data accordingly and use with caution.

How to use

STuning can flash 16 different resources, which must be placed in their corresponding folder:

  • ms0:/PSP/Resources/xxxx/xxxx
  • Where xxxx is the name of the folders and the resource.

For example if you want to flash a Gameboot then place it in:

  • ms0:/PSP/Resources/Gameboots/Gameboot1/gameboot.pmf

Additional notes

Developer suggested if an Access Denied message appears for certain resources (some are hidden by default), you can use another homebrew application Flash Files Unhide to show the hidden resources from the flash0.

Please be aware that you need to place the resources corresponding to the Custom Firmware on your PSP, otherwise it may result in a Semi-Brick or even total Brick.


Works only in Custom Firmware: 5.00 M33 and 5.50 MHU/GEN.


Homemister (creator of LPHM).

Psp.SceneBeta.Com its incomparable tutorials.

And all coders of the community for the assistance provided.

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