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Last Updated2007/09/01
TypeArcade Games

BrickFall is a fast pace arcade game inspired by Falldown for the NDS.

It was submitted to the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2007.


  • 3 controls styles.
  • Wifi Leaderboard.
  • MP3 support.


Download and extract file.

Copy the brickfall folder to the root of your card.

DLDI patch brickfall.nds file for your card.

Note: Game will freeze after motion card splash screen if brickfall directory not on root.

User guide

You guide a square through a maze of platforms without letting it hit the top of the screen. If it hits the top you lose. Your score is generated on how long you manage to survive. Unlike Falldown, this game has powerups. These powerups can help you or go against you so be careful as it is completely random.

The objective is to keep falling down and avoid reaching the top. If your character touches the top of the screen you die.

Note that you can change the guy on the main menu.

WiFi LeaderBoard

When you lose you have the option to upload your score to an online leaderboard.

To use, make sure that WiFi settings are set up correctly and be sure to be with in range of a wireless router of some sort.


In this version you are able to listen to your own mp3's while playing. For this to work correctly you need to make sure your mp3's follow this format and enable function in options menu.

Converted to Mono format (less than 2.7 megabytes and name correctly). The name must follow this format:

song(whatever number).mp3

Make sure folder is completely empty before adding songs.

Place in /brickfall/mp3/ folder.

Converters can be found here and here.


This game can be played with control keys, Stylus or Motion card (enable in options menu).


Up/Down/X/B - Go up and down

A/Left - Select highlighted option

Stylus - Navigate

In game:

Left/Right/Y/A - Move character left/right

L/R/Start - Pause game

Stylus - Drag to move character

Motion - Move character


brickfall2.png brickfall3.png


LP-3 Saturday 2007/09/01

  • Fixed platform collision maps.
  • New levels.
  • Optimised platform loading (loads platforms faster).
  • Fixed wifi leaderboard freeze.
  • Menus redone.
  • Can now switch mp3s while playing (while paused press select to load a new mp3).
  • Updated mod song handling.
  • Added new songs.
  • Now checks to see if "brickfall" directory is on the root of card, if not displays error.
  • Got rid of data folder.
  • Updated readme with more info.
  • Random things are more random.
  • Fixed invisible platform bug.

LP-2 Sunday 2007/08/19

New additions:

  • Added readme to rar.
  • Everything now loads from FAT.
  • Added wifi leaderboard.
  • Added mp3 decoder(can now listen to mp3's while playing).


  • Added more platforms and backgrounds.
  • Fixed various bugs.

LP-1 Sunday 2007/08/05

New changes:

  • Added graphics to the menus.
  • Added an options menu.
  • Added stylus controls in-game and in menus.
  • Added new characters which can be selected on the main menu.
  • Added speeds 1 and 4.
  • Added left handed controls (y and a for left and right, x and b for up and down in the menus,and left on the D-pad for selecting in menu).
  • Added motion card support(tilt DS left and right to move. Turn on in options to enable).
  • You can now pause in-game by pressing L,R, or Start.
  • Score now shows on top screen while playing.
  • Added music.
  • Added new platforms and backgrounds.
  • Backgrounds are even more trippy.
  • Added items in-game (only 3, some can help you and some will work against you).
  • Added sleep mode for when you close your DS.


  • Fix platform and background loading to be more random.
  • Fix bug where you fall off the bottom of the screen.
  • Tweaked speeds to be a little more easy.
  • Loads a random platform after each cycle through.

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