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AFKIM: Instant Messenger for PSP
AuthorDanzel, Zx-81
Last Updated2008/10/10

AFKIM (Away From Keyboard Instant Messenger) is an instant messenger client for almost all the major protocols (AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!), which is powered by the public bitlbee servers.

It was submitted to the Neo Spring Coding Competition 2006 (PSP Applications).

Originally developed by Danzel for the contest up to version 3.1 and was then being updated by ZX-81 (aka zx) till after Biltbee server is down:

"The server is down and it doesn't appear even in DNS. Unfortunately it is the default Bitlbee server used by afkim and there is no way to create a new account using afkim in any other Bitlbee server. (You have to do it by yourself using any IRC client).

In afkim version 3.3.7 you can specify in afkim.cfg file the public Bitlbee server/port you want to connect to. The afkim.cfg file try now to connect you to when using a new account (you have to rename or remove the bitlbee.cfg file first).

Special thanks to BLacKyyy for his feedback on server issue."


Unzip the zip file, copy the content of the directory FW 15 or FW 4x (depending of the version of your firmware) in /PSP/GAME/, /PSP/GAME150/ or /PSP/GAME4XX/ if you use Custom Firmware 4.01-m33.

User guide

You can find the starting guide for the original AFKIM by danzel.


Q. It shows an error message "Failed to Resolve" during connection.

You can edit afkim.cfg file (in afkim directory) and modify the timeout_dns value.

Q. I have encountered different connection/network issue.

You can try to modify the timeout_irc parameter value in afkim.cfg.

Q. How to change the server/port name?

Modify afkim.cfg accordingly and rename your bitlbee.cfg file, because you will have to create a new account on the new server.


AFKIM PSP Slim (seriosbrad)


It has been developed on Linux using Firmware 4.01-M33 on both SLIM & FAT.

IR keyboard feature works only on PSP FAT.


v3.3.7 (by zx-81)

  • Add bitlbee server name and port in afkim.cfg to change the default bitlbee server (for example when your default server is down).

v3.3.6 (by zx-81)

  • Add timeout_dns and timeout_irc parameters in afkim.cfg file (workaround for connection/name resolution issues).

v3.3.5 (by zx-81)

  • Fix issue with CFW 4.01-m33 (text wasn't properly displayed).

v3.3.4 (by zx-81)

  • Fix issue with ICQ/AOL account icon/login stuff (due to bitlbee server changes).
  • Fix IR keyboard issue with FW >= 3.80 for FAT PSP (thanks to Angelo).
  • Fix online status issue.

v3.3.3 (by zx-81)

  • Add simple splash screen and fix video black screen issue.
  • Bug fix with latin characters (iso8859-1 characters are now set by default in bitlbee configuration).
  • Fix in network name resolution (it hangs sometimes, so back to original name resolution stuff).

v3.3.2 (by zx-81)

  • Bug fix: new authentication message from bitlbee made the connection process to failed. (thanks to LegolasFett for reporting this bug).

v3.3.1 (by zx-81)

  • Comment out the name resolver using thread because it doesn't work on all psp, and it can prevent user to connect.

v3.3.0 (by zx-81)

  • Add ISO 8859-1 font/characters compatibility (useful for french, spanish, german etc).
  • Add modified version of Danzeff Keyboard with ISO 8859-1 characters.
  • Comment out all stdout stuff (between IF/DEBUG).

v3.2.1 (by zx-81)

  • Improve IR keyboard (now usable in all menus).
  • See README-irkbd.txt for details.

v3.2 (by zx-81) - Add IR keyboard support.


  • Away from Keyboard Instant Messager.
  • An (almost) universal messenger client: AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!
  • Coded by Danzel (danzelatlocalhostdotgeekdotnz).
  • Using the Libraries: SDL, SDL_Image, LIBPNG, P_Sprint, danzeff, freetype2, pthreads.


  • Resolver shouldn't lock up anymore.
  • Jabber account adding.
  • Removed Splash.


Ayb4btu and Randy for doing some art.

Bitlbee, wouldn't be here without it.

HellDragon, LordSturm for testing afkim 3.

macca-hacker, DuEy, thefamilyman, Castor, jawohl and others for testing afkim 2.

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