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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Xsystem Semi os/filebrowser like DS-DOS. File Browsers 2a hacker013 2008/09/26
iFile A lightweight file manager. File Browsers 0.15 Darkchild 2008/03/05
Bowser Minimalistic browser for the NDS storage cards. File Browsers 080107 Spaghetti DSDev (Samel) 2008/01/07
DSFile File browser application with editing functions. File Browsers 2 calcprogrammer1 2007/08/21
File Manager Manage files on card and send/receive files from other DS. File Browsers 0.6U Padnoter 2010/07/27
EFS Library Library/tools to manage files within a NDS binary. File Browsers 2.0 Noda 2008/06/25
DSKiosk A homebrew organizer/launcher. File Browsers 1.2 Kornflexx 2009/06/16
NeoKey Fileviewer An alternate fileviewer. File Browsers 2006 D-loader 2006/03/19
YetiBrowser MK2/3 SD file browser/reader/editor/viewer. File Browsers 1.0 Smealum 2006/03/19
DSchedule Organizer application compatible with ICal and Google calendar. File Browsers 20080303 Samel 2008/03/03
GodMode9i A full access file browser for the Nintendo DS, DSi and 3DS consoles. File Browsers 3.3.2 DS-Homebrew 2022/09/06
DsOS Multifunction application. File Browsers 0.6 Aurelio 2009/08/22
Biorythm A mathematical application of human biology. Math 2009 shyriu42 2009/02/14
DS85 Also named DS85, TI-85 scientific calculator emulator. Math r3 Davr 2007/07/31
Calculator DS Calculator App for the Nintendo DS. Math 2005 Lien 2005/10/09
Cellular Automata DS A homebrew cellular automata simulator. Math 0.11.0 aldatsa 2020/04/17
Digit Solver Turns DS into a calculator. Math 1.00 Mushroomfantasy 2006/08/19
GraphDS Graphing calculator application. Math 0.9.1 Morgan Robertson 2009/01/28
Handwriting Calculator Inspired by the handwriting calculator from nokia labs. Math 0.25 Quipeace 2009/09/14
Mandelbrots A fractal browser for NDS. Math 0.6 davr 2008/05/05
Mandelbrot Fractal (Fractal Junkie) A fractal browser. Math 2.0 TheMagnitude 2008/04/27
Mandelbrot Set Explorer A Mandelbrot generator. Math 2012 sverx 2012/01/09
Maths Mate: Auto Algebra! Able to work out simple algebra equation. Math 0.2A jpoopdog 2011/09/10
MathomaticDS Port of Mathomatic to the DS. Math 2006 Davr 2006/11/11
NdsMandel A fractal browser for the NintendoDS. Math 2007 yJay 2007/07/30
PA_calc Simple Calculator. Math 2006 jandujar 2006/02/28
TablesDS Table of multiplication. Math 2.1 mrvbscript 2009/08/11
Wabbit DS TI-83+ Emulator. Math Full James Montelongo (JimE) 2007/11/03
WireWorld DS DS version of a cellular automation. Math 1.0 Update asiekierka 2020/06/27
ZogNC Scientific Calculator. Math 0.18 zogna 2009/10/24
Eigenmath DS Free computer algebra system. Math 1.0 Leonel 2009/02/01
MoonCalc Calculator on DS. Math 0.1 Beta moonlight 2011/02/16
DS-HPCALC HP11C and HP16C scientific calculator. Math 1.0 Jeff Laing 2008/04/21
MoonShell Well known multimedia player. Media players 2.10 Stable Moonlight, Infantile Paralysiser 2010/08/31
3dViewerDS Play 3D video on a DS. Media players 0.1 Tarosa 2008/08/03
Rocket Video Player A video player for Nintendo DS and DSi. Media players 1.1 RocketRobz 2019/05/29
Online Jukebox DS Shoutcast player for DS. Media players 2010 The coon 2010/08/20
Tuna-viDS Plays AVI files that contain Xvid encoded video and MP3 encoded audio. Media players 1.2 Chishm 2018/10/13
A Tint of MENUdo - Player Media player for MENUdo. Media players 2009 soulanger 2009/08/22
FAT Player MikMod A player module track. Media players 5 Cid2mizard, Kukulcan 2008/07/15
Raw Sound Player RAW sound player. Media players 2005 Extreme Coder 2005/08/11
DSTwo iPlayer Media player for DSTWO. Media players 1.1 supercard 2010/11/17
DbrowSer File browser that can play mp3 and view jpg files. Media players 2008 Tommie 2008/09/05
DSMediaCenter A full-fledged homebrew launcher/movie player. Media players Final Hillbilly 2009/05/30
DSMplay Media player application that plays DSM files. Media players 0.8 Infantile Paralysiser 2007/09/15
PocketSPC Emulates the audio hardware of the SNES, playing SPC sequence files. Media players 1.0 gladius (Gary Linscott) 2005/09/11
MPEG4 Player A MPEG4 Player for the DS. Media players 2008 erspicu_brox 2008/08/17
XM7Play XM/MOD player. Media players r2011 sverx 2011/01/27
Spinal's Media Player Movie player. Media players 1.0 Spinal 2008/02/18
Advanced Sound Library A sound library for the NDS. Media players 1.0 Noda 2007/12/02
DSAmp Control Winamp from DS. Media players 1.0 PadrinatoR 2006/08/11
Dissonance Internet radio client for DS. Media players 0.2.1 Dave Brady (matter.grey.) 2006/05/17
MPEG4 Player by Gericom Video player for the NDS, a spinoff project from YoutubeDS. Media players 2019 Gericom 2019/11/28
Licks Media Player MP3 Player, Ipod clone. Media players 1.02 Lucas (originally by Lick) 2010/03/03
SSEQ Player Uses fincs' SSEQ Player to play the music. Media players 2011 KazoWAR 2011/09/15
NDSWebradio Streaming web radio client. Media players 0.3 yaouanK 2007/08/12
DSVideo Video player and converter. Media players 1.10 Dominic Ludlam 2008/12/08
PAMOD Fully customizable modplayer. Media players 1.1 Kleevah 2005/11/10
SIDPlayerDS Port of SIDPlayer,a replayer program for C64 music. Media players 2006 Troy Davis (GPF) 2006/08/20
SylphAMP Winamp-to-NDS interface. Media players 0.04 ficedula 2006/07/04
XMid NITRO NDS A MIDI player. Media players Final Ruben 2012/11/22
YetAnOtherMp3Player MP3 Player. Media players 0.3 Birslip 2006/05/20
NDS-Oscilloscope An oscilloscope for Nintendo DS. Music Apps 1.0 Dabunew 2011/10/12
Melodoodler A musical NDS toy. Music Apps 0.1 demo Jan Vorisek (odditica) 2022/07/03
DSButtons A soundboard for the DS, the name of which is based on iButtons. Music Apps 1.2 FUK-Team 2013/08/04
op-1 DS port of the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Music Apps 2016 efairbanks 2016/09/02
AXE DS Chiptune solo. Music Apps 0.03 tepples (Pin Eight) 2006/09/12
Betablocker Livecoding performance. Music Apps 1.0 Dave Griffiths 2011/01/27
Bliptracker NDS drum machine. Music Apps 1.0c dan 2007/06/03
CellDS A flexible, programmable grid-based music sequencer. Music Apps 1.3 Clone45 2008/10/04
Chords Book A portable guitar with the ability to play free partitions. Music Apps 0.3 Deuspi, Nob, Shinza 2009/04/19
Dboy A tracker-style sample sequencer. Music Apps 1.0.r28 13th lsl (under demogroup Checkpoint) 2011/05/13
dDJs Silver A Disc Jockey Table. Music Apps Silver Braware (Clodoaldo-N) 2008/10/10
Caramelldansen NDS Caramell Dansen Instant Movie Create...for NDS. Music Apps 0.3 isabella 2009/04/09
DrumMe A drum kit. Music Apps 2007 NeX 2007/06/01
Drummer A networked digital musical interface, allows multiple users to design and play a drum kit. Music Apps 0.2 Andrea Bianchi, Woon Seung Yeo 2010/01/18
DrumPad DS Simple drum pad app. Music Apps 2010 Whistlingboy 2010/01/23
DsAPM? Sounds of TV program called APM TV3. Music Apps 2.0 Pikus 2009/07/24
DS Daft Daft Punk console. Music Apps 2.0 Corenting 2012/07/03
ds-h Change Nintendo DS into a harmonica. Music Apps Alpha Braware 2010/11/23
damcu A wireless mix controller. Music Apps Preview dan 2008/07/04
DS MIDI Keyboard Acts as a MIDI keyboard. Music Apps 1.5 tobw 2010/04/04
DSMetronome Metronome on NDS. Music Apps 1.0 Demented 2009/01/14
DSolfege Port of Solfege. Music Apps 2008 pianopenguin 2008/12/13
DS Sampling Keyboard Kind of like a casio sk-1. Music Apps 1.2 Tob 2006/11/25
DS Synth Sixteen mononphonic midi channel that you can control over wifi. Music Apps 2 Evan Morris 2009/03/28
dSTAR Midi sequencer. Music Apps 05032007 TheRain (Collin Meyer) 2007/05/07
DStep A live sequencer. Music Apps 2 evil jed (ijed) 2008/03/25
DuckSlinger Piano on DS. Music Apps r49 Ken Snyder (coda) 2009/04/24
Finger Drum A simple virtual drum kit. Music Apps 2008 Mathieu Veron 2008/03/06
FUDIKaosDS Use NDS as a Kaospad style input to send messages over the wifi to music program. Music Apps 0.2 Chris McCormick 2007/12/02
glitchDS A powerful cellular automation sequencer. Music Apps 1.4 Clone45 2008/07/05
GrooveStep Full featured music making application. Music Apps 1.0 bioroid 2008/12/25
GuitarSound DS Guitar and bass tuner. Music Apps 1.5 fooshi 2008/12/19
DsKara A karaoke application. Music Apps 1.2 Graph05 2007/11/30
IDaft DS iDaft ported on the Nintendo DS. Music Apps 20090829 Reyhn 2009/08/29
Jazzier Suite Aid musicians in improving ability to recognize pitch,read music,etc. Music Apps 2.0 Gaz (Gareth Bennett) 2010/08/09
Kaos DS An XY controller to adjust MIDI controls. Music Apps 1.5 tobw 2010/04/05
KnobsAndSlidersDS Use NDS to control things remotely over wifi. Music Apps 0.3 Chris McCormick 2007/05/25
LAB.REC A Lab recording. Music Apps WIP Braware 2010/12/01
Midi Control DS A kaoss clone, used to be MidiPad. Music Apps 2 Benji7905 (Ben_j) 2011/06/01
Monome-DS Simple simulation of a monome 40h like device with some artistic license. Music Apps 1.0 Grizzly Adams 2007/08/11
Musicly Ocarina Playable Ocarina on NDS. Music Apps 0.02 dereklarue 2012/08/20
myMeloDS Piano-based music application. Music Apps 0.45 T.Le (outphase), L.Yang (zoharmodifier) 2007/05/29
MyPiano A 61 note virtual Piano for Nintendo DS. Music Apps 2009 BranMuffin 2009/03/12
MyVirtualPiano Play a piano on Nintendo DS. Music Apps 0.2 beta Electronix 2008/08/06
NDS BGMFILER A music making application, features midi playback, keyboard, channel selection. Music Apps 20101115 MeRAMAN 2010/11/15
NDS Ocarina A 4-hole ocarina for Nintendo DS. Music Apps 0.3 danielps 2010/08/31
Olas Calming wave sound. Music Apps 0.1 Naruto1994 2010/04/03
Piano DS Virtual piano simulator. Music Apps 0.5 CrashingThunder 2010/03/22
Piano Vero A piano application to detect notes on keyboard. Music Apps 1.0 Blackos 2006/10/13
Pulse DS A MIDI synthesizer to produce Game-Boy-like sounds. Music Apps 1.6 tobw 2010/04/05
Protein DScratch Similar to ElectroPlankton concept. Music Apps 2009 gorgull 2009/01/22
repeaterDS Stuttering sample player. Music Apps 2008 Clone45 2008/06/09
SenoDS Music live sequencer for the Nintendo DS. Music Apps 0.9.1 a128 2010/01/21
sniff_jazzbox Converts the wlan-waves into sound waves. Music Apps 2007 AND-OR (René Bauer, Beat Suter), Johannes Auer 2007/12/08
Solfege Music theory application. Music Apps 2009 GueX 2009/06/06
Sonic AS MIDI player. Music Apps 1.1 Ruben 2009/10/24
LibXM7 A C library to play XM (and MOD) modules using only ARM7 resources. Music Apps 1.06 sverx 2011/01/27
SoundBoardDS Similar to a DJ's soundboard. Music Apps 2009 BranMuffin 2009/08/17
Sound Cells An experimental synth. Music Apps 1.0 Patryk 2006/11/10
Sonic Orbit A sound manipulation homebrew. Music Apps 0.3.7 Simon Kenny 2011/02/11
South Park Sound Contains sounds of different characters from South Park. Music Apps Final ATHUR6 2008/08/27
String Tuner DS Useful to tune guitars and other musical instruments. Music Apps 1.0 object65 2008/09/12
StrumMe A sampled guitar. Music Apps 2007 NeX 2007/06/09
Tabbed Guitar application. Music Apps 0.18a Wizlon 2008/03/20
The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Ocarina simulator which appeared in the game Legend of Zelda. Music Apps 0.0.2 RDilus 2011/07/27
ToneSynthDS A NDS Composer Applications. Music Apps 0.24 HotelSinus Sound Design 2009/11/16
Toy Piano Sampled piano. Music Apps 2008 Brian Grogan Jr 2008/03/29
TuneItDS Guitar tuning tool. Music Apps 2011 SimplexProductions 2011/08/21
UkuleleDS Virtual guitar tool. Music Apps 1.0 patryk 2005/11/06
Xylophono Classic xylophone. Music Apps 2008 Mars_Visage_Software 2008/06/19
Zelda Instruments Sounds from the Zelda series. Music Apps 2 Buck_7 2011/07/13
Zelda SFX DS Zelda NES Music Homebrew. Music Apps 0.1 King Dodongo 2011/09/10
Drummers Digital musical interface for drum kit. Music Apps 2.0b Lien 2006/03/20
MIDI-Jammer Graphical midi tool. Music Apps 3.0 Andrew Buch 2008/11/20
DS Drum Machine (TR-909) The Roland TR-909 drum machine on the DS. Music Apps 2006 TheChuckster 2006/06/21
NitroTracker A versatile tool for creating music. Music Apps 0.4 0xtob 2008/07/10
DSOperators Homebrew OS which features some applications and games. Operating systems 0.3 Final WolfSpider 2010/12/28
DS Me Operating system (OS), as can be Linux or Windows. Operating systems 4.5 Final Mikau, Plata 2010/07/15
mosds A Spell application includes MP3 player, alam, notepad, etc. Operating systems 4.0 Mmuziek 2010/06/07
Play Boot Ds Contain several boot up screens of different gaming consoles. Operating systems 1.0 Master Sonic 2009/09/19
Winex DS Refer to Windows as system window and icons are similar. Operating systems 3.0 froskito 2009/09/11
WintenDoS Recreation the Windows operating system for DS. Operating systems 3.0 Darkyesus, Niidhogg (Yann), Loran531, Manga-DS 2009/08/20
DS2Key Wardriving/Remote desktop tool. Operating systems 1.01 (r44+r52) Sypherce 2009/01/20
DS2PC Remote administrator similar to Win2DS. Operating systems Demo luis_mikau 2008/01/06
ManuSO Shell consists of a Textpad, calculator and stopwatch and several games. Operating systems Halloween 2011 ManuelVS 2011/10/31
DSuite Contains a file browser and a contact list among other things. Operating systems 1.02 Achilleas.k, ssjowowo 2009/09/14
SunOS An open source OS for DS. Operating systems 102909 SunDEV 2009/10/29
DarkSO NDS Operating System. Operating systems 2.0 DarkSceneGroup 2009/04/13
DS2Win Using DS to control your computer. Operating systems 0.82 Monkeynz (Aaron Graham) 2008/06/12
DSBlue (mydsapp) Wifi Modules, Scratch Pad, Remote Desktop, Calendar and Shoutcast support. Operating systems 2006 ThaKilla 2006/09/22
DSBrowser - Dual Slot A Multi-cart file browser. Operating systems 0.9 Cornaljoe 2008/08/20
DSLinux Port of Linux to the Nintendo DS handheld device. Operating systems 2010 DSLinux team 2013/06/21
DS Vista An adaptation of the Vista operating system Windows Vista on DS. Operating systems 3 Filou HB 2011/11/23
DSVNC VNC client for Nintendo DS to control the computer. Operating systems 0.3e Thoduv 2008/07/11
inferno-ds Port of the Inferno Operating system. Operating systems R175 Noah Evans, Salva Peiró, Mechiel Lukkien 2010/08/24
Wii4DS Emulates Wii system on DS. Operating systems 3.0 hiei03 2009/12/18
WiXP Windows XP Style Homebrew. Operating systems 6.0 ametller124 2011/08/23
R4Menu R4Menu for any flash cart. Operating systems 1.2 spinal_cord (Spinal) 2010/06/20
NDS WinS Windowing systems on Nintendo DS, an API for the Nintendo Dual Screen. Operating systems Compo LiraNuna, Papero and Francesco. 2006/01/07
WinDS Windowing systems includes several programs. Operating systems 2 LiraNuna 2005/08/10
RyOS An alternative OS for Supercard DSTwo user. Operating systems 1.11 RyoGem 2011/03/22
X-Soft With interchangeable skins environments, applications and games. Operating systems 10.0/1.0 master sonic 2009/10/04
Woopsi Nintendo DS GUI library. Operating systems 1.3 Ant 512 (Antony Dzeryn) 2011/07/21
MENUdo Free homebrew operating system. Operating systems 2011 Soulanger 2011/01/26
HWOS2 Operating system that boots homebrew. Operating systems 2009 Funkystuff (Alcohol Smurf) 2009/03/19
Colors! A simplistic digital painting application for NDS which inspired by using Wacom boards in Photoshop or Painter. Other Apps 1.1 Jens Andersson 2010/10/04
DSPadTilt Turn DS into a motion sensing USB gamepad. Other Apps 2007 KeithE 2007/07/23
Scrabble Dictionary A potable way to look up words that are challenged while you are playing Scrabble. Other Apps 2007 Binhh 2007/10/27
DS Sleep Help user to fall asleep. Other Apps 1 Filou HB 2012/07/25
DSSpeech Speech Synthesizer DS port of a speech synth from Atari ST. Other Apps 1.5 Headspin 2006/11/01
DS Star Chart An application for stargazers. Other Apps 270411 pokeball29 2011/04/28
DSTELNET Connect to Telnet servers. Other Apps Alpha 2.0 ILOVEPIE 2011/09/16
DS Twitter Twitter client for the NDS. Other Apps 1.5 Acdtrux 2009/04/19
DS Weather Displays the current weather conditions with Wifi function. Other Apps 0.1 WolfSpider 2012/08/21
DuelDS An assistant for the card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Other Apps 1.0 Dr.Razor 2011/01/04
Enigma NDS Enigma machine simulator. Other Apps 1.0 mincemeatteam 2011/07/01
ESpeak Speech synthesizer for English and other languages. Other Apps Beta n00bey 2009/09/03
Etch Paint app focused towards pixel art with other features. Other Apps 2010 BassAceGold 2010/08/10
Evolution: 28 years of consoles An educational App about 28 years development of portable consoles. Other Apps 0.92 Beta Virtua Peanuts 2007/07/28
fb4ds Facebook's chat client. Other Apps 1.5 Final Lino Maglione (linoma) 2010/03/24
FencingApp A program for fencers, referees, directors, and coaches. Other Apps 2008 Minty 2008/09/09
FerretBoysFunbrew A fun homebrew. Other Apps 8.3.14 Ferretboy007 2009/09/05
FisiK (Fiches BAC) A revision sheets LAC S. Other Apps 2007 Beda 2007/04/09
FlashDS 8 color flash light for the NDS. Other Apps 2009 CoinCoin 2009/07/05
flashcarDS A Spaced Repetition flashcards application, similar to Anki. Other Apps 0.3 nfinite 2010/09/13
Flickbook Animation app for the Nintendo DS. Other Apps 0.3 Masscat (Ben) 2012/06/01
Flipbook MSPaint-like drawing program. Other Apps 2005 Sintax 2005/08/09
GameUp Utility for Nintendo DS that conclude the trilogy of the Up-Series homebrews. Other Apps 3.0 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:., tamachan) 2009/07/17
GHPainter Draw on DS using the Guitar Grip to pick colors. Other Apps 2010 mjsdude 2010/07/16
GIF/Card viewer for Magic: The Gathering Card viewer for the card game: Magic The Gathering. Other Apps 2008 Sylus101 (Sylus McFrederickson) 2008/06/06
Gun Game Remake of gun application. Other Apps 0.45 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/09/07
HandWritter (PaintIZFun) Hand writing app that able to identify characters. Also known as PaintIZFun. Other Apps 1.01 earth2222 (james sweeney) 2010/01/06
Health Monitoring Tool Kit Health Monitoring Tool Kit for Diabetes. Other Apps 2009 arrpirate 2009/03/19
DS Kanji Flash Learning Japanese Kanji for Non-Japanese. Other Apps 0.5 Bernhard Schelling (schellingb) 2010/03/28
iChingDS I Ching Readings. Other Apps 0.51 Sam Malone 2008/08/12
Ipod Touch Gun App For DS A gun app from ipod touch. Other Apps 1.5 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/09/07
DSliver A text-based card library for MtG. Other Apps 0.25 lyon4 2008/08/17
IRCDS IRC client with custom skin support. Other Apps 0.3d freemaan 2007/03/20
Isofácil Isometric drawing application with color. Other Apps 2009 raultecnologia 2009/10/25
Japanese And English Phrase Converter Translate English phrase to Japanese. Other Apps Demo iainprice 2008/07/04
Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review Kana character review tool. Other Apps 20090813 DesertDog (Multiple:Option) 2009/08/13
Japanese Training Japanese learning application . Other Apps 2008 cuicui666 2008/05/14
MatrixDS Random green numbers scroll across the screen. Other Apps 1.0.1 FUK-Team 2017/08/29
JapFR Application to learn Japanese vocabulary. Other Apps 0.2 benjamalin 2006/11/07
JOZ2 3AM Depicts 36 various Sourates from the 114 of the Coran. Other Apps P2 Nabli Ahmed 2009/09/25
Just a clock... A simple analog clock app. Other Apps 2009 hoitjuh55 2009/08/29
KanjiDs Japanese Kanji learner. Other Apps 2007 LeToto 2007/08/25
Lampe DS A simple flashlight application coded in Lua. Other Apps 1.4 aurel2108 2009/12/29
Linterna DS A flashlight on DS with different colors to choose from. Other Apps 0.01 Neopiro 2008/08/10
Loituma Girl DS An adaptation of some popular flash animations. Other Apps 1.1 gnese 2007/04/23
LoL Contains 33 jokes. Other Apps 3.31 APSSPA 2010/03/27
OSUp A homebrew allows user to update through WiFi the OS of the flashcard. Other Apps 2.7 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:.) 2008/12/06
Mediatheque DS A library to manage your collection of comics/movies/stamps etc. Other Apps 1.0 Cid2mizard 2008/03/19
Meditation with Talah Rama A meditation timer/guide for the DS. Other Apps Demo backtothefuture 2009/04/01
MegaHAL DS Conversation simulator better known as a chatterbox. Other Apps 1 cyberboy (asiekierka) 2009/02/14
MemoryDeS Allow user to study and review vocabulary lists in the Apprenticeship of languages??. Other Apps 1.2 memorydes 2009/01/23
Metroid Gravity Metroid Prime Hunters animation simulator. Other Apps 3.0 Disgepia 2010/05/13
MorseDS Morse translator. Other Apps 0.2 Aguilera_87 2009/08/31
Motion Plotter An app that draws lines. Other Apps 2008 Sektor 2008/03/20
MythRemote A network remote control for MythTV frontends. Other Apps 0.2 Grizzly Adams 2007/01/22
NdéS Virtual dice on DS. Other Apps 2.0 coincoin 2009/07/14
ndsRo/eAthena Client Client for eAthena servers for Ragnarok Online. Other Apps 2008 n00bey (leinad) 2008/05/16
Neko DS A port of an old PC app. Other Apps 2008 ThemePark 2008/08/21
NDSMail RSS and POP mail client. Other Apps 0.60 Bronto 2007/09/09
NDS Mii Maker Create your own Mii. Other Apps 0.1 Beta CoinCoin 2009/07/24
DSLevel A spirit level application inspired by an application on Android. Other Apps 1.0 Bootlegger 2009/02/04
Oclock Alarm clock on DS. Other Apps 2008 Cid2Mizard 2008/09/13
OtaClockDS Port of Otacon's desktop clock application. Other Apps RC2 madcat1990 2008/06/17
PAINT BLACK DS An application for creating black and white drawings. Other Apps 1.2 Cid2mizard, Kukulcan 2008/08/19
Pokething Make your Pokemans come out of your DS. Other Apps 2.0 snailface 2011/06/14
Paint DS Paint application. Other Apps 2009 ps991 2009/06/20
Paint DS A Paint application. Other Apps 0.000011 s_hansse 2009/08/15
Paint Stylus Another type of graphics editor Paint. Other Apps 0.1 Beta RDilus 2009/03/30
PassMe2 SRAM Writer Writes the SRAM in GBA mode for PassMe2. Other Apps 2005 Pepsiman 2005/10/01
Perpetual Calendar + Clock Calendar and a clock. Other Apps 2005 Taiyou 2005/08/10
Phidias A drawing program for Nintendo DS. Other Apps Full Tapio Pyrhönen (Tassu) 2007/04/20
Pictoblog Allows you to post hand drawn images to your Blog. Other Apps 0.2 0xtob 2007/04/02
PikuLinterna DS Simulates a flashlight on Nintendo DS. Other Apps 2.0 Pikus 2009/08/27
PikUsos DS Contains a digital clock, flashlight, paint and more. Other Apps 2.0 Pikus 2009/09/01
Pintared An advanced version of Telesketch. Other Apps 2009 raultecnologia 2009/08/17
DSWave Library for Micro Lua DS, resemble the wave effect of PSP. Other Apps 1.0 RedHunter 2012/11/06
PixelFixer for NDS and DS2 Flashes the screen in different colors to unstuck pixels. Other Apps 2012 BassAceGold 2012/09/08
DSPlib A library for PAlib. Other Apps 1.0 Master Sonic (The Dark Master) 2009/06/30
PIXELMAN Sprite designing, testing and animation tool. Other Apps 0.93.2a Sylus “Not Stylus” McFrederickson 2008/11/05
ThreaDS A thread library for DS. Other Apps 20080806 Spaghetti DSDev 2008/08/07
Pocket Pixie DS Graphics editor. Other Apps Alpha 3 morukutsu 2008/03/20
Poker Blinds Timer Poker tournament blind timer. Other Apps 1.0 der-Leo 2009/07/16
PolyTouch Polygons painter. Other Apps 0.1 RCK (René C. Kiesler) 2008/08/28
PPaPP Shows coordinates of the desired point with a Stylus. Other Apps 0.1 Virtua Peanuts 2008/01/06
Project JDS Japanese 'alphabets' learning application. Other Apps 1.30 Ashai Rey (A.A. van Zoelen) 2007/10/22
Putzpie Etch A Sketch Etch-a-Sketch for NDS. Other Apps 0.2.1 Putzpie 2008/07/02
Ranger DS A GPS application. Other Apps 0.54 Alpha Ranfer 2008/04/27
rMMn DS Calculate shortest path program for the metro's net of Madrid. Other Apps 2.12.2 mincemeatteam 2012/04/15
rPaint A paint like application for NDS. Other Apps 1.0 Rafal 'revo' Kozik 2005/09/19
Roast Of Mario Port of a short Mario clip from the internet. Other Apps 2011 Chadrcheze 2011/10/15
sDepS A pedometer for the Nintendo DS. Other Apps 1.0 tobiasbp 2008/08/21
SEDS (Sprite Editor) Small drawing and animation tool. Other Apps 0.4 PypeBros 2011/05/29
SK8 Dice Port of the skating dice game which based on real dices for skaters. Other Apps 2010 amchacon 2010/01/25
SkinUp Manage and upgrade skin's archive directly from Nintendo DS (Supercard DS One only). Other Apps 1.0 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:., tamachan) 2009/02/16
Sleeper Killer An alarm clock with special features. Other Apps 2007 Mastertop101 2007/08/20
Somebodys Watching Me Video of "Somebody's Watching Me" by R&B artist Rockwell. Other Apps 2012 rockleeace 2012/03/18
South Africa World Cup 2010 DS Manager Manage the schedule and results of your favorite teams from World Cup. Other Apps 1.03 cid2mizard 2010/06/25
Stoppuhr DS A stopwatch with a little lapcomputer. Other Apps 2009 Roman Adler 2009/11/24
Stop Watch DS Stopwatch for DS. Other Apps 0.2 foxyi4 2011/02/18
StopWatchDS Basic stop watch application based on Timer Demo by Chris Liu. Other Apps 2008 Update syntech (Martin Seibert) 2007/08/13
Sudoku Solver An application that solve Sudoku puzzle. Other Apps 2009 Krupkat 2009/02/15
Sudoky Sudoku puzzles solver. Other Apps 1 Bobiwan (Zbob) 2011/06/07
SuitekiDS Spanish-Japanese and English-Japanese dictionaries. Other Apps 0.1a BETA1 hispadic (Abel Camarena Bernabeu) 2010/06/19
SutraDS Portable kamasutra guide. Other Apps 2009 Cid2Mizard 2009/03/18
systemTest Able to see the language, time, color and more. Other Apps 0.1 playallday 2008/08/31
Table Sixty-Nine Find out if you are seated at table #69 in any radix. Other Apps 69.0 Chris 2012/05/10
tapSpeedTest A model on how fast an average (trained) user can tap up a given button combination. Other Apps 2009 Ant6n 2009/11/20
TAUNT DS Send "taunts" to another DS via wifi. Other Apps 0.2 cid2mizard 2008/06/04
TelecranDS An adaptation of telecran. Other Apps 1.2 oxo 2008/02/27
Telesketch Pixel by pixel painter. Other Apps 2009 raultecnologia 2009/06/17
The Magic Counter An application for the card game Magic The Gathering. Other Apps 2009 4n4bol 2009/12/23
The Stiff Man X: The Parcel Download the latest news and competitions through a server. Other Apps 1.0 iFly3R, StudioPlatinum (PlatinumWindows) 2010/04/29
Tirada2 Dice roller. Other Apps 2010 Aguilera_87 2010/09/01
Tiri A typing Siri for DS. Other Apps 2.0 EyKcir 2012/03/18
Treasures of Gaia View the entire earth on DS via Google Maps. Other Apps 0.2 Sébastien Thon 2007/08/20
TwitOnly Japanese Twitter application. Other Apps 1.1 Tarosa 2010/04/17
ASM-Interpreter DS A simple assembly interpreter. It can be used to learn the basics of most assembly languages. Other Apps 2013 GEMISIS 2013/08/07
UA Paint Drawing application. Other Apps 1.3c BassAceGold 2009/08/20
Ultimate Dog Tease Port of one of the most viewed videos on Youtube. Other Apps 1.0 klaatu42 (youtube) 2012/05/12
VibratorDS A vibrator for the Nintendo DS. Other Apps 2012 Nehrem 2012/08/20
VoiceAlarmClock Alarm clock with own recorded voice. Other Apps 1.0 Master Sonic 2009/09/15
FSPDS Flipnote Studio Player for Nintendo DS. Other Apps 0.2.1 NotImplementedLife (N.I.L) 2022/01/28
Vortex of Doom Generator Generate visual effects. Other Apps 2009 DanTheManMS 2009/06/14
Walkie Talkie Walkie-Talkie for the DS. Other Apps 0.3 ericgies (Eric Giesselbach) 2008/11/17 Program to learn to write Japanese Kanji symbols. Other Apps 2.3 [email protected] 2009/02/18
Wallpaper Learn polish. Other Apps 0.1 Tigro 2008/08/24
Wecker DS Alarm clock with an mp3 file. Other Apps X-Mas MystBoy 2008/01/06
Wildlife Greenhouse Guide for camper with variety of edible plants. Other Apps 2011 SimplexProductions 2011/09/11
Woctochat Chatting App for the DS. Other Apps Client 0.3/Server 0.3 Circus 2008/03/29
AtYa A Yahoo Messenger client. Other Apps 0.1 atomsoft 2008/06/01
Zatmar paint Based on Paint from Windows. Other Apps 1.0 zatmar 2009/08/11
Zelda The Six Sages Zelda animation simulator. Other Apps 0.51b JuDelCo 2008/09/05
DSPad Turn DS into a wireless gamepad. Other Apps 0.2b Ced 2007/03/20
DSpertator2 MP3 Alarm Clock with other customizable features. Other Apps 2.0 copete23 2009/02/28
FavDS Save & run NDS files by putting location in a text file. Other Apps 2009 Xiao32 2009/02/02
MegaStopwatch Megaman theme stop watch. Other Apps Final Thungbard 2010/12/29
Cronometro A stopwatch. Other Apps 2.0 DanXZero 2009/08/10
Constellations DS Constellations DS is a DS homebrew application to view and learn about stars and constellations. Other Apps 0.8 Nameless 2007/07/28
Scrabble Assistant DS Assist players using the board version of Scrabble game. Other Apps 0.6b Nicolas Pillot 2008/01/31
NDS Thermometer Thermometer. Other Apps 1.0 SaTa. 2005/08/3
MCinfoDS With tons of info about Minecraft. Other Apps 2011 ryoushi 2011/05/30
Heero's HBDB Cheatfiles for DSOrganize. Other Apps Update 0808 Heero 2008/07/22
Carnet d'adresse MicroLUA address book. Other Apps Update Papymouge 2012/01/01
Analog clock A simple analog clock. Other Apps 0.1 Beta Moonlight 2011/05/16
Mendeleiev Periodic table and element information/list. Other Apps 0.9 Virtua Peanuts (MasterDje) 2007/08/29
AMAP4DS Metro and bus maps viewer. Other Apps 3.2 Christophe Andreani 2007/05/23
DSZhongwen Learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. Other Apps 1.0c rrc2soft 2007/08/15
SkinSelcter Swap between multi-skins loaded on DS (for DSTT and YS menu). Other Apps EOS 0.01beta/TT 1.0/YS 2.0 Tora Software 2010/03/25
24ClockDS The clock from the TV show 24. Other Apps 0.5 Felix 2008/10/12
Alarma Customize-able alarm. Other Apps 2005 LIEN 2005/10/24
Alphabet Arabe O Clic Arabic educational application. Other Apps 2 TSUKASA-SAMA (Nabli Ahmed) 2009/09/20
Alphablocks Alphabet learning application for children. Other Apps 2.0 IceDaddy 2011/10/27
Chinese Touch - Stroke Order Chinese educational tool. Other Apps 1.5 syslock 2011/04/22
Kana DS Japanese learner. Other Apps 2008 Julio Gorgé (Lemon Team) 2008/09/14
Amy The Chatterbot Port of AineBot 0.8.12. Other Apps 2007 DVSoftware 2007/01/29
VNDS visual novel reader. Other Apps 1.4.9 Jake Probst, anoNL 2010/01/13
AnimEDS A sprite/animation editor. Other Apps 2020 PypeBros 2020/08/11
AR Card Pack Simulates the 3DS AR cards on an NDS, 3DS, or PSP. Other Apps 2.1 Snailface 2011/12/29
ASCII Art Maker An ASCII art application. Other Apps 0.3.1 XDPirate 2009/11/09
A Tint of MENUdo - Doodle Paint tool for MENUdo. Other Apps 2009 soulanger 2009/08/22
Autoescuela DS Practice driving tests to help getting a driver license. Other Apps 2008 Zante 2008/01/13
Avia: Tropic Edition Free birdwatcher's guide. Other Apps 2010 Simplex Productions 2010/10/09
Beup Live Windows Live Messenger (Formally MSN messenger) clone. Other Apps 0.7 kevinC, HtheB 2009/12/15
NDSPython Port of Stackless Python 2.5. Other Apps 2007 Richard Tew 2007/01/28
Bible for NDS Bible software for NDS, Lite, DSi and 3DS. Other Apps 1.2 biblefornds 2012/01/18
Binary Clock A binary clock. Other Apps 2007 Mastertop101 2007/03/20
bootFirmware Boot firmware without taking out slot-1 card. Other Apps 2008 playallday 2008/10/28
CC Creator Create simple cartoons, using the famous "memes" circulating on the Internet. Other Apps 2.0 Froskito 2011/07/30
CC Game Includes 50 funny images or memes for a good laugh. Other Apps 1.0 Dioni0396 2011/06/18
ChaTchI Chat on a server that stores the conversations. Other Apps 1.1 eglomer 2009/08/30
dspython Port of the Python programming language for Nintendo DS. Based on NDSPython. Other Apps 2011 Lorenzo Mancini 2011/01/22
ChessClock Turns Nintendo DS into a Chess Clock. Other Apps 2009 guilhoboy 2009/09/15
DSgf A go game recorder and reviewer. Other Apps Alpha 2.11 nio101 2008/02/10
Chuck Norris Facts DS Include exceptional jokes of Chuck Norris. Other Apps 0.7 MasterDje 2008/07/19
Clirc IRC client. Other Apps 0.05 Final Cluster 2009/01/22
ClockDS Clock and alarm for the DS. Other Apps 1.0 Stormwave 2010/06/18
Burn2Slot Re-programm GBA bootlegs on DS. Other Apps 0.4.2 vrodin 2022/09/18
DSLamp A torch on DS. Other Apps 2.2 Corenting (Evandge) 2012/07/03
CosmosDS Information about solar system. Other Apps 2010 mikethunder 2010/04/05
DadoS DS dice thrower for role playing games. Other Apps 0.1 Alpha DKnight 2006/05/01
Dana O.S. Includes 3 apps: flashlight, paint and fat. Other Apps 0.2 Neoicek, javils 2010/08/31
DiceDS Tool for RPG player that want to play everytime. Other Apps 1.0 Spaghetti DSDev 2008/01/08
Dice Roller DS Roll dices on your DS. Other Apps 1.1 Wisen 2010/01/10
Dice Roller Dice roller. Other Apps 0.5b Rainbow 2007/10/06
X10do-DS The ultimate X10 home automation controller. Other Apps 1.0 PhoneGuy 2007/01/23
Draw On DS Port of sketching application "Sketches of Q". Other Apps 2006 Davr 2006/07/26
draw-stereo Stereogram drawing application. Other Apps 2007 micromoog 2007/12/20
DSAIM An AIM/Icq client for the DS. Other Apps 0.03e Ryan Kegel 2007/05/07
DSArsenal Weapon viewer with information. Other Apps 2008 karatekid1111 2008/09/11
DSBible Bible-reading app.4 translations included. Other Apps 2.51 Jeremy Ruten 2009/01/25
DS Button Counter Check button presses, holds, and counts. Other Apps 1.0 Kiaku 2012/05/17
DSCalibrate A calibration application. Other Apps 0.9 Arialia 2007/12/22
Wifi Chat Homebrew Pictochat with online history. Other Apps 0.99 Beta Bafio 2006/05/04
Animanatee Flickbook style animation program. Other Apps 1.5b DekuTree64 2009/09/13
dsf File interpreter. Other Apps 2008 Samel 2008/03/20
Super Alarma An alarm clock with Super Mario World scenarios. Other Apps 2009 emov2k4 2009-5-12
Colors! A simplistic digital painting application for NDS which inspired by using Wacom boards in Photoshop or Painter. Other Apps 1.1 Jens Andersson 2010/10/04
DSKash Remake of old currency converter GpKash. Other Apps 1.00 Chris (TOX 014) 2011/11/04
DSketch Simple sketch drawing application. Other Apps Final samel 2007/08/20
DS Weather Report A weather station on DS. Other Apps 0.5 stravingo (Sébastien THON) 2007/08/05
DSLiveWeather Fetch the current weather information with WIFI. Other Apps 2007 Liick (licklick) 2007/07/12
DSmaps Google Maps viewer. Other Apps 0.2.1a DMC 2008/02/20
DSmerlin A single character recognition engine clone. Other Apps 090507 Stripwax 2007/09/05
PPSE DS Pokemon Save Editor. Save Managers and Editors r11 Chase-san 2012/05/31
ReinMoon Save Game editor. Save Managers and Editors 0.6 Beta Sata & Infantile Paralysiser 2006/09/08
UsrCheatUp Update cheats from DS through Wi-Fi. Save Managers and Editors 2.9 Giovanni 2010/02/05
RAC Tool used to back up and restore the town on Animal Crossing: Wild World to a SLOT-2 device. Save Managers and Editors 2008 tepples 2008/01/01
EvoCheatUp Modified version of UsrCheatUp. Save Managers and Editors 0.4.1 SolidusRegime 2008/08/17
R6 Save Relocator Automatically finds deserted .SAV files for Neoflash R6. Save Managers and Editors 1.0 MK2k 2009/06/17
SCDS1 Pokemon Cheat A .scc Pokemon diamond Action Replay cheats for Supercard DS. Save Managers and Editors 2007 -=M*C=- (Omura89) 2007/06/06
pkmn-chest A Pokémon Bank for the 3rd through 5th generation Pokémon games. Save Managers and Editors 2.2 Pk11, Universal-Team 2020/07/07
Nitro Hax Cheat tool for official games running on the Nintendo DS. Save Managers and Editors 0.94 Chishm 2018/04/09
Etool Etool EZ4 version, a save manager. Save Managers and Editors 3.13b (EZ4) cory1492 2006/07/16
SavSend 'Download' the save-files from original cartridges. Save Managers and Editors Final leinad (n00bey) 2009/08/20
DS Savegame Manager A tool to rip and restore saves from commercial Nintendo DS (and GBA) game cartridges. Save Managers and Editors 0.3.0 RC1 Pokedoc 2011/08/15
DSI HBC NDS Save Backup Tool A tool to dump NDS saves with your Nintendo DSI. Save Managers and Editors 1.3 Ziggy644 2018/08/05
GBA Backup Tool SLOT-1 GBA back-up tool. System Tools 0.21 Rudolph (Emperor) 2008/10/26
gbaxxdumper A DS Download Play-compatible (flashme/haxxstation) GBA cart dumper over Wi-Fi. System Tools 0.66 RattletraPM 2021/05/06
Diagnose DS function tester. System Tools 2007 Spinal 2007/07/23
DS Diag Nintendo DS Diagnostics Tool. System Tools 2.1 TheOnlyEnglishRose (TD/teendev) 2007/08/27
memtestARM Makes sure that your RAM pak is working fine. System Tools 0.03 tepples, Damian Yerrick, Rick Wong 2007/09/25
Comprobación de Botones Buttons tester for DS. System Tools Final cheleon15 2010/06/22
DS Battery Life Timer NDS application that shows battery life. System Tools 3.1 snailface 2011/05/03
Prueba de Botones Button tester on NDS. System Tools 0.8 0-00 (Mitec) 2008/08/24
Super Cutre Botons Buttons tester. System Tools Beta 1.0 Salsaman 2008/09/27
DiagnoDS DS console tester. System Tools 1.0 AlmamuPP 2010/09/01
DS Pixel Fix Fix dead pixel on DS. System Tools 2009 MADcat1990 (Darkchild) 2009/07/22
LCD Tester Recover pixels vague. System Tools Final Kleevah 2005/08/15
Simple Diagnosis Use it to see if DS needs a new rubber pad or fixes. System Tools 1.0 Kiaku 2012/05/17
Cng's Button Tester Check if all buttons are working. System Tools 1.0 Crazyninjaguy 2010/11/15
DS Test A test application. System Tools 1.0 Mcat12 2011/07/20
LCD Test An application to check DS screens. System Tools 2007 KING CORN 2007/06/09
Touch Test Find bad areas of NDS touch screen. System Tools Demo Unknown, posted by dovoto 2006/01/05
TouchTest DS Help diagnose the touchscreen. System Tools 1.2 briankealing (Brian Cyj) 2009/08/24
Slot-2 Tester Determines what is in the 2nd slot of the DS fat/lite. System Tools 2013 FUK-Team 2013/09/09
NDS Backup Tool Slot2 DS rom/save dumper for DLDI supporting GBA slot flashcarts. System Tools 0.4 Rudolph 2009/07/04
Dump NDS Backup GBA game saves with Slot-1 flashcart. System Tools 2008 UnplayedNamer 2008/12/10
Eepinator A basic EEPROM backup tool. System Tools 2007 davr 2007/03/31
GhostBuster Repair/correct the defects of ghosting that appears on DSi. System Tools 2010 Spinal 2010/12/11
3in1 SRAM test Verify the SRAM memory of EZ 3in1. System Tools 2 Cory (cory1492) 2010/01/26
Simple GBA Dumper Reads a GBA cartridge and saves it to the Slot-1 flashcard via DLDI. System Tools 2009 leinad (n00bey) 2009/08/19
NDS SAVES to SLOT-2 Make valid backups of Nintendo DS games' savedata and restore them. System Tools 1.0 marc_max 2011/09/10
GBALdr - EZ 3in1 3in1 loading tool. System Tools 0.1 Final cory1492 2007/04/27
FAS1 (FlashAdvance Slot-1) A tool to flash a FlashAdvance cartridge in Slot-2 from a Slot-1 device. System Tools 1.5 Smiths 2008/02/10
Check NDS Check the screen, touchscreen, buttons, speaker and microphone. System Tools 2 [email protected] 2006/07/19
UpTime DS Test energy-consumption of different cards and batteries. System Tools 0.1 freeman 2006/03/19
Speed tester for libfat Tests how fast data can be read from the CF or SD card inserted into a GBA or DS through an adapter. System Tools 20070806 Damian Yerrick 2007/08/06
FTPd Backup retail saves from DS to PC over WiFi. System Tools 0.11 Rudolph (Emperor) 2009/11/25
NDS Backup Tool Wifi Backup/restore of SAVE data of NDS ROM using FTP of Wifi. System Tools 0.31f Rudolph 2008/06/18
WoodDumper Nintendo DS Dumping Tool. System Tools Slot2 r85/WiFi r72 Wood 2011/10/19
TTDSi Check TTi Genuine or Fake Check program (Only for TTi). System Tools 3.0 ndstt 2010/09/27
wooddumper4hiya Wooddumper 3DS ported to HiyaCFW for DSi. System Tools 2018 ahezard 2018/05/23
LoveLite Change and permanantly save the brightness setting of your DS. System Tools 1.4 Beta Lick 2006/11/20
DSReader Ebook reader. Utilities 2007 Eddie Park 2007/07/05
DSFTP FTP server for DS. Utilities 2.6 Bjoern Giesler, updated by Coto 2018/03/01
EOSTools Able to download skins and maintain updates for Supercard. Utilities 1.9 fef51 2011/03/07
EZ4skin - revision 7 Skin GBA/NDS gfx and text for EZ4. Utilities Revision 7 cory1492 2006/09/07
ftpd NDS FTP Server for 3DS/Switch/Linux/NDS. Utilities 3.1.0 mtheall 2021/06/13
ftpd-nds Port of mtheall's ftpd. Utilities 20190830 asiekierka 2019/08/30
fileNinja FTP Client for the DS. Utilities 2008 azaydius, irtehmongoose, justinparker 2008/12/17
HomebreWifi Download homebrew through wireless connection. Utilities Beta 0.3 xem 2010/12/03
edpJoyDS Use DS as a multi-plaform gamepad/controller for PC and mobile. Utilities 0.7.1 edicpop 2018/01/27
IkuReader A handy eBook reader application for the Nintendo DS is now available for download. Utilities 0.65 Chintoi 2011/05/14
Image Viewer A document reader and image viewer for DSTWO. Utilities 1.1 Infantile Paralysiser 2008/04/14
IMGView View pictures for R4/R4i. Utilities 0.6 R4ds 2007/01/06
iReader for DSTWO Iphoto like image viewer. Utilities 1.12 Godslash 2010/12/22
JabberDS Jabber client. Utilities 0.3 theli 2008/03/20
JoyDS Use NDS as a joypad using PPJoy. Utilities 0.2 luccax 2008/04/19
JPEG Viewer Views JPEG images. Utilities 0.3 RobM 2016/02/17
Reader & Translator Opens txt files in utf8 encoding and allows associating a dictionary to translate unknown words. Utilities 1.1a memorydes 2009/11/20
MasterSO Shell for DS that includes a tester keys, MP3 player, sound recorder, notepad etc. Utilities 1.0 The Dark Master 2010/09/05
Mawaqeet DS Muslim prayer time utility. Utilities Beta mzr603 2007/07/11
Micro A text editor like pico. Utilities 2008 Giacometti Luca (Samel) 2008/08/19
miniDicoDS Mini French dictionary - Japanese(romanji) dictionary. Utilities 0.1 Alpha yostane 2007/07/31
Morning Timer (Cooking Timer) Clock app for ds. Utilities 1.2 Infantile Paralysiser 2008/04/03
Multitouch Photoviewer An image display application. Utilities 2.0 dragontje124 2009/07/17
nDos Includes note, reader, contact list and drawing apps. Utilities 0.6 Gally and Mollusk 2005/08/10
Note DS Create and edit notes on the DS. Utilities 1.0 carlo999 (from WhiteSceneGroup) 2009/08/30
Notepad DS Able to create, manage, edit and save custom notes. Utilities Update 1.37 pichubolt090 (Pichu-B) 2009/11/28
NotePaint Text editor and drawing tool. Utilities 1.0 RRRDGames 2010/02/20
OKIWI Web browser on NDS. Utilities 0.2 Alpha Pedro J. Estébanez 2007/09/06
BackupBuddy Find files of the extensions on card and upload to an FTP server. Utilities 0.9.1 bigjoe2000 (Joe Ciagamitaro) 2012/02/13
DSBash Web-Browser for, and plus mp3 player. Utilities Final Leinad (n00bey) 2009/03/14
poffPad Writing application that uses gestures to record alphabetic letters. Utilities 0.2 Poffy 2007/08/08
Balik Bayan DevWifi Send files from PC to DS via Wifi then automatically runs it. Utilities 2008 Soulanger, Filipino Brewed Coffee 2008/08/21
ReadMore Ebooks reader in TXT format. Utilities Alpha bjoerngiesler 2007/03/24
Reno Studio Neo Compo A notepad software. Utilities 2008 hikkibjz (Wang Nannan) 2008/03/18
Reveil Humain An alarm clock which plays MP3 files. Utilities 2 birslip 2007//05/01
Reveil MP3 MP3 Alarm Clock. Utilities 2009 squale76 2009/05/11
Simple GBA Mode Switcher Boot a GBA cart in Slot-2 with Slot-1 DS flash carts. Utilities 2007 ryanfb 2010/06/08
sliDeS Viewing photos (256 * 192) as Slide Show. Utilities 1.1 carcas42 (cracoucas42) 2008/03/07
SunOL An NDS official release list viewer. Utilities 0.3 Final Sundevds 2008/11/11
TextDS Text viewer with edit function. Utilities 2.43 Stormwave 2010/06/12
Textview Standalone text viewer. Utilities 1.2b2 Standalone JongHyuk Park (Bliss) 2008/07/21
The SMS Center Able to send SMS to mobile phones with tremendous speed. Utilities 3.0 Michele Toriello (.:Mik:.) 2010/03/12
Triplecard Sample Sample code that uses all functions of the EZ 3in1 from a slot 1 card with read access. Utilities 2007 cory1492 2007/03/08
Trimmer DS Trim rom directly on NDS. Utilities 1.1 BboyFroX 2011/10/14
Txtwriter Text editor optimized for easy, fast typing. Utilities 0.3.2 Sektor (originally by Alan Gerow) 2007/01/14
VocableDS Vocabulary trainer. Utilities b1.3 frezziii 2012/10/09
VocabularioDS Spanish French Dictionary. Utilities 1.2 SpixShadow 2008/10/19
Word Ds Text editor designed for nds that saves files in html format. Utilities 0.6.1 Frezzy 2009/06/02
streamer-ds Capturing desktop and streaming it to NintendoDS. Utilities 2018 dbeef 2018/07/30
airscan A Nintendo DS Wi-Fi access point scanner. Utilities 1.0 trou 2011/10/16
Remote Touch DS Remote control your PC. Utilities 0.6 Tobias W. Kjeldsen 2009/12/31
NewDictS DS homebrew application for encyclopedias, dictionaries, translators and much more. Utilities 8.5/8.7 sesa 2008/02/18
NDS English Chinese Dictionary English-Chinese dictionary (R4 only). Utilities 0.30 Unknown 2007/02/25
SvSiP Use Nintendo DS as an actual phone. Utilities 7th Samuelv (Christine) 2007/11/26
DSCompress GZip utility to unzip zip files and GZip files. Utilities 1.3 Carpman 2007/11/08
Volcano Browser Web browser that supports Simplified Chinese. Utilities R2.0 Disaster Studio 2010/03/16
qDSed A homebrew text reader. Utilities 0.4 QRT 071015 2007/10/16
SavReceiver Client to receive save files sent by Savsender. Utilities 0.1b Starcom 2007/06/22
TextViewer for NDS Text viewer for the DS. Has multiple file support with clean GUI for selecting. Utilities 0.1 Rich Whitehouse 2005/09/23
Savsender A simple EEPROM backup tool using Wifi. Utilities 1.1b brettk 2009/05/26
NDSkybook A Japanese Book Reader. Utilities 0.6 mizunonds 2006/07/20
Wifi Voice Chat Client Use NDS as a phone which allows Wifi Voice Chat. Utilities 1.62 aadz93 2012/06/27
dsup Similar to DSFTP and DS2DS. Utilities 2008 Samel 2008/01/07
3in1 Expansion Pack Allow user to load GBA ROMs from Flash Card Slot 1. Utilities 1.9d Rudolph 2007/12/01
Ands pdf PDF reader. Utilities 1.4 Albinofrenchy 2009/03/17
BACK TO THE FIRMWARE A homebrew to boot DS firmware. Utilities 1 Yasu software 2008/03/27
BLARGH Text Editor Implement Joe Strout's HexInput method of inputting text on DS. Utilities r122 anomalous_underdog 2009/01/25
Brandy Basic V for Dslinux The Brandy BBC Basic V interpreter. Utilities 1.19.DSL.02 David Daniels, Hideki 2008/01/17
DSIO An interface allowing to interact with the DS in both senses (Send / Receive Data 8 bits). Utilities 2007 RefiX 2007/08/03
Bunjalloo Simple web browser for the Nintendo DS. Utilities 0.8 quirkysoft 2009/12/24
ComBox Allow files transfer between 2 DS,computer and a FTP server on Internet. Utilities 1.4 lilou 2008/04/26
Comic Book DS Comics reader. Utilities 3.0 Gnese (Paco_777) 2010/11/29
ContactsDS A contacts organizer. Utilities Update 0.02 Hero2 2009/10/16
DB Downloader Automatically download cheats code that corresponds to linker. Utilities 2.0 javils 2010/09/05
Dillama Control Xbox Media Center with DS (XBMC not Xbox 360). Utilities 0.2 Beta tsunami0ne 2006/07/31
Dolphin Reader Txt and Html reader on DS. Utilities 20100204 Chris Liu 2010/02/04
DPhone A iPhone clone. Utilities 1.0 Hillbilly 2008/11/01
Ds2ds Allows user to send files without router or via a DS to another without size limit. Utilities 3.2 Kram 2008/06/07
DS2Tools Two tools in one: SkinUp and DataUp. Utilities 1.4b Fef51 2011/02/18
DSBook PR2 Text viewer. Utilities Preview R2 cory1492 2006/07/11
DScritor Create text writing on a handwriting. Utilities 1.0 miguel28 2010/08/21
DS Dictionary Turning your DS into a dictionary. Utilities 1.1 William Garrison 2008/01/23
DS-DOS MS-DOS type clone featuring a command line interface. Utilities 0.50 Shawn Winkels 2008/03/24
DSecure Flashcard security Homebrew. Utilities 1.00 Luca.Fraga 2009/08/13
DSe Notepad A notepad app originated by Enira. Utilities 0.99 TD9175 2008/11/01
DSHobro DS HOmebrew BROwser. Utilities 0.4 Costello 2008/07/28
DSLibris Text reader incorporating html support. Utilities 1.5.1 rhaleblian 2018/11/23
DSMouse Allows DS to become a mouse to control PC. Utilities 0.3a Dankredues 2007/04/24
DSNotes Note application, which is similar an offline pictochat. Utilities 2007 Qwerpoi 2007/07/02
DSLua LUA scripting for the NDS. Utilities 0.7 Sypherce, Daltonlaffs, Jeremysr (originally by Waruwaru) 2007/06/10
DSPhoto Photo viewer. Utilities 1.0 Arialia 2007/03/03
DSwiki Offline Wikipedia Reader. Utilities 0.3 Alpha 2 OlliPolli 2009/03/20
dsZip Compress/decompress .nds files directly on the Nintendo DS. Utilities 0.01 Pre-alpha pierluig 2007/08/11
Aozora Bunko NDS Collection of Japanese literature. Utilities 20120517 & Collection MeRAMAN 2012/05/17
Eagle - BMP Viewer Program to display a BMP image. Utilities 0.9 DreamIsland 2009/07/14
Editor Master To edit scripts directly on DS. Utilities 0.122 Papymouge (Nicolas Mougeot) 2013/08/14
Macro Lua DS Micro Lua DS is a Lua interpreter for the famous game console from Nintendo. Utilities 4.7.2 Cid2Mizard 2014/01/04
SQLDisplay A simple visual database query program. Utilities 2010 Jennifer Taylor (DragonMinded) 2010/02/14

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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Touch & Brush A mental agility homebrew game. Action 2020 Carla Macia Diez 2020/06/12
Bubble Fight EX Control a Gradius sprite which becomes a Gradius Force when it attacks. Action Compo Final Relminator 2012/09/19
CataPulte DS Catapult game. Action 1.2 sensei 2008/08/07
MazeMan A procedurally generated dungeon game for the Nintendo DS. Action 2016 Luke Rodgers (convenient) 2016/01/20
Fishing The Deep Deep sea fishing game. Action 1.0.1 DigitalDesignDude 2021/04/26
T-Rex game DS Recreate the famous T-Rex game from Google Chrome. Action 2020 Fewnity 2020/08/29
Jezzball DS Corral colored balls. Action 1.3.0 Erick Citaire (Ricco) 2008/05/29
DeS A side scrolling runner game. Action 0.1.1 BowersIndustry 2022/04/15
Flyin' Control a fly, discover the levels, find the green sphere. Action 1.1.1 ds 2012/01/06
SMBZ-DS A recreation of a one-on-one fighting game SMBZ-G made by Zethros. Action 0.4 Headshotnoby 2021/12/10
AriaDS Inspired by a flash game Spike Tend To Kill You. Action Final Dr.Razor 2011/05/31
Atom Avoid the electrons. Action 2006 Zalo 2006/12/05
Avoider Fast paced arcade-style game to avoid enemies and collect stars. Action 2011 Min 2011/05/08
Burning Hit! Fighting game inspired by the animate/comic Bleach. Action Demo HIGHVOLTAGE 2008/09/09
Castlevania: Harmony of Destruction Based on the Castlevania game series. Action 1.0 DarkHacker2635 2009/08/16
Darkster An action fighting game with different classic video game characters. Action 1.0 The Dark Master 2012/01/05
Deepsea Control a jellyfish to fight enemies by colliding with them. Action 0.2 Cobalt 2010/07/24
Dojo Rumble Defeat a number of ninjas. Action 2009 DION 2009/04/24
DSCopter Pilot a helicopter and take it as far as possible. Action 1.9 vtor 2010/04/26
EUROTUNNEL 3D flying-game. Action 2006 Tassu 2006/03/21
Super Smash Bros Crash! DS Remake of Super Smash Bros. Action 10.1 Miguel28 2011/08/01
FreeSKI SkiFree clone, originally from Microsoft. Action Test Kleevahs 2006/01/14
Genesis War DS 2D fighting demo, features Genesis/Mega Drive characters. Action 2.0 Sonic Master 2009/03/31
Glubies Planet DS An action reflexion game, guide the Glubies to a safe place! Action Alpha 1.25 Yagero 2009/03/19
Goomba Kombat An ultimate tournament for the mushroom kingdom. Action 0.1 rockleeace 2011/03/30
Helicopter DS Clone of Helicopter for the DS. Action 0.21 Earboxer (34 * ß0 ® 3 ®) 2010/04/13
Helicopter Game Based off of the helicopter game. Action 1.1 magmorph 2010/01/21
Icecapades - The Fight to Save Winter With some unusual characters such as angry reindeer, great carefree yeti, etc. Action 1.0 Mtheall, Skilly, Nexus 2011/03/23
Battle of the Worlds 2D fighting game. Action Demo Gemisis 2009/01/24
Indiana Jones y La Maldicion Azteca Indiana Jones fan game in Spanish. Action Final GRK Group 2008/05/04
International Karate Remake of International Karate on C64. Action Final MRSID 2007/01/06
Hokuto No Doom Adaption of the DOOM and The Fist the North Star. Action 1.1.2 Benoit Spacher (iceman57) 2008/07/07
Kongregate Avoid the incoming orbs as they fly into mouse. Action 2007 Mollusk 2007/07/17
Last Survivor Build a shelter, avoid monsters and discover secret. Action 2.0 The Dark Master 2011/08/31
Mad Wrestler Beat Box Simple fighting game. Action 2008 trabitboy 2008/06/19
Mario VS Luigi Duel between Mario and Luigi. Action 1.0 Exterminator, 4n4bol 2010/03/23
Maziacs Adaptation from ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and MSX. Action 1.0 Alekmaul 2010/12/29
Metal Slug Combat Metal Slug homebrew project. Action 1.0 MasterSonic 2009/10/29
Momentum Ball Avoid the bullets. Action 2008 Neon725 2008/01/01
M.U.G.E.N. DS M.U.G.E.N-style fighting game. Action Beta 0.1 ANTONIOND 2008/03/20
Néfer Hack'n slash game. Action 2012 Ludvig "Valmond" Larsson 2012/10/17
Minicraft DS Edition Homebrew port of Minicraft for the Nintendo DS. Action 1.0.0-beta.2 ArthurCose 2020/08/26
NightStalker Port of old fashioned styled action ahooter. Action 2007 Nico 2007/10/24
Noel Duty Christmas themed game. Action 2008 Neilos888 2009/01/12
NoizDS Avoid all incoming shots, and go toward the next level. Action 2005 ApM 2006/01/12
Petzy Ball A reaction puzzle game. Action 2007 Murfy 2007/05/25
RC-DS Fly a radio controlled plane. Action 1.0 Mikethunder 2011/03/17
Ribbon Help a worm to survive. Action 1.0 Soakbox Limited 2007/02/15
Seaquest DS Remake of the Atari 2600 Seaquest. Action 0.8 Snatcher (Lugato) 2009/01/19
Marshmallow Duel DS Marshmallow Duel clone. Action 2 Sam Pospischil 2007/03/16
SFCave DS Remake of a popular internet action game, SFCave. Action Update Webez 2006/08/24
Smash Bros Ultimate Adaptation of fighting game Smash Bros. Action 3.0 MasterSonic 2010/03/13
SNiPeeMoN Assassinate a series of Pokemon creatures using a sniper weapon. Action 2009 Eldude, Mario264 2009/04/03
Sonic Rage Beat'em all game. Action Beta 2.01 Blabla 2009/12/20
Starfall Temple Run mixed with the polarity action of Ikaruga. Action 2012 DesertDog (Multiple Option) 2012/08/17
Stylus Maze Stimulate Electric Bar Maze game. Action Alpha 3 Kabir94 2010/02/07
Super Smash Bros Charged SSB game for the DS. Action 1.1.0 Commodore 2012/08/02
Terri-fried Terri-Fried is a multi-platform C++ game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 46. Action 1.0 polymars 2020/08/04
Super Smash Bros DS A clone of Super Smash Bros. Action 0.2 Geminis 2008/10/25
Super Smash Bros Rumble An adaptation of Super Smash Bros. Action Demo 0.8 Team Rumble (SSBR) 2010/07/02
Super Smash Bros Tactics Turn-based approaches fighting game. Action 2 Beta Ali banana 2006/06/05
Sword Master Typical fighting game. Action 1.0 Final Eglomer 2011/08/08
Teddy Must Die Fly the spaceship down on a Kamikaze mission to destroy Teddy. Action 1.0 MBJ007 2013/01/03
TKKNDS Clone of TKKN99 on PC. Action 0.91 jsfaint 2009/02/26
Twist Control a guy without hitting the wall. Action 2007 Mollusk,Daydream 2009/06/27
Ultimate Battle DS Fighting/duel game. Action 1.5 MasterSonic 2009/12/21
WolveSlayer 3D hack'n slay game. Action 2007 Firehazard Studio 2007/03/20
STO Action game with different characters to choose from. Action Sai/Tam Saifi Boïnali, Tamouze Arnaout, Omar Meradi 2010/08/24
Population: Tire Port of Videlectrix hit game, Population: Tire. Action 2007 Phlip 2007/05/21
Pikus Adventures Pokemon adventure game. Adventure 1.0 Pikus 2009/06/27
Pokemon Ghost Black ReTold Visual novel based on an urban legend of a Pokemon game. Adventure 2010 Multiple:Option 2010/08/20
Raruto DS Naruto fan game. Adventure 2008 Jester_agr 2009/02/02
Robot Finds Kitten DS Find the kitten on a field of other random characters. Adventure 20071017 GPF 2007/10/17
RPGtemp Choose your own adventure-style RPG with ASCII graphics. Adventure Beta 5 Rydian 2011/03/19
Snatcher Pilot DS Remake of the Konami adventure game for Sega/Mega CD "Snatcher". Adventure 20080225 Multiple:Option 2008/11/08
Son Antre A french text-adventure. Adventure 4 CL 2009/10/01
The Legend of Zelda - Molblin's Magic Spear A children's book based on The Legend of Zelda. Adventure 2009 Desertdog (aka Multiple:Option) 2009/09/21
Valhalla DS Port of Valhalla classics Episode 1: The Crypt. Adventure Episode 1 Ten Speed Games 2009/03/19
White Light Inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Adventure 1.0 Bfth Software 2009/11/30
Without Escape A first person homebrew adventure game. Adventure 1.4 Final PacoChan 2011/10/11
Operation Libra A complete escape the room game. Adventure Full x711Li (Daniel Li) 2014/03/21
Hidden palace Small walking sim for Nintendo DS. Adventure 0.1 Samael Kethill (Hillsguy2) 2021/08/08
Escape Old-school adventure game. Adventure 2008 Kukulcan 2008/07/21
Young Detective Wang Xiao Zhe Homebrew visual novel adventure game. Adventure 2.3 安神补脑子 2019/07/16
LoneWolfDS - Flight From The Dark Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book I). Adventure 1.51 Frédéric Calendini (Michoko) 2010/07/05
LoneWolfDS - Fire On The Water Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book II). Adventure 1.51 Frédéric Calendini (Michoko) 2010/07/05
LoneWolfDS - The Caverns Of Kalte Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book III). Adventure 1.52 Frédéric Calendini (Michoko) 2010/12/13
LoneWolfDS - The Chasm Of Doom Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book IV). Adventure 1.1 Frédéric Calendini (Michoko) 2010/12/13
LoneWolfDS - Shadow On The Sand Gamebook combined with role playing elements, adapted from the Lone Wolf series (Book V). Adventure 1.2 Frédéric Calendini (Michoko) 2010/12/13
AnotherWorld DS Based on Another World from newraw engine. Adventure 1.0 Alekmaul 2011/07/16
Calling: an Unlogical Series of Events Textbased adventure. Adventure 2009 Chainsawkitten 2009/04/06
SRAM An adaptation of an old french text adventure game. Adventure 0.9 bigs 2006/02/01
BD dont vous êtes le Héros 1 & 2 Comic style adventure. Adventure 1+2 cid2mizard, kukulcan 2008/05/17
City Of Thieves Port of an adventure gamebook written by Ian Livingstone. Adventure 1.8 Richel Bilderbeek 2020/06/20
Corruption Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Adventure 1.51 papafuji 2007/02/21
The 15th Floor An adventure/puzzle game inspired by Hotel Dusk, Myst, and Crimson Room. Adventure 1.1 tombot 2009/12/11
DoubleScott Classic Text Adventures by Scott Adams. Adventure 0.9 papafuji 2006/11/30
Aiomi DS A Flying Adventure Game. Adventure 2009 BlueWave Team 2010/10/23
Emerald Isle Classic Graphic Adventure by Austin brothers. Adventure 1.0 papafuji 2007/01/12
A Neko Story Visual novel game. Adventure Demo1 Orange Melon Games (Apple Seed Games) 2008/08/23
Fish! Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Adventure 1.51 papafuji 2007/02/21
Ghost Town Classic Graphic Adventure by Scott Adams. Adventure 1.0 Beta papafuji 2007/01/12
Back From Ashes WIP A sequel to The Fifteenth Floor. Adventure 1.1 Tombot 2011/04/10
Jinxter Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Adventure 1.51 papafuji 2007/02/21
Mysterious Adventures Classic Text Adventures by Brian Howarth. Adventure 0.9 papafuji 2007/01/12
Bob's Game 2D adventure game with focus on story, puzzles, items, and communication. Adventure Demo Robert Pelloni 2009/04/03
Myth Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Adventure 1.51 papafuji 2007/02/21
Pyramid of Doom Classic Graphic Adventure by Scott Adams. Adventure 1.0 Beta papafuji 2007/01/12
Cell Horror escape game. Adventure 1.1 Tom Pike 2010/07/12
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle Classic Graphic Adventure by Scott Adams. Adventure 1.0 Beta papafuji 2007/01/12
The Golden Baton Mysterious Adventure by Brian Howarth. Adventure 1.0 Beta papafuji 2007/01/12
The Guild of Thieves Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Adventure 1.51 papafuji 2007/02/21
Doctor Lord Exploring/adventure game. Adventure 0.5 Sheeft 2010/01/16
The Jewels of Darkness Trilogy Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest & Dungeon Adventure by Austin brothers. Adventure 1.01 papafuji 2007/01/15
The Pawn Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Adventure 1.51 papafuji 2007/02/21
DSlair Port of Dragon's Lair. Adventure 0.1.4 Preview Tony Savon 2005/12/10
The Saga of Erik The Viking Dramatic Adventure by Austin brothers. Adventure 1.0 papafuji 2007/01/12
The Silicon Dreams Trilogy Classic Graphic Adventure by Austin brothers. Adventure 1.01 papafuji 2007/01/15
The Time & Magik Trilogy Classic Graphic Adventure by Austin brothers. Adventure 1.01 papafuji 2007/01/15
Escape From Island Point and click adventure game. Explore an island and try to find a way to escape. Adventure 1.0 Campanile (Ben2303) 2008/03/18
The Time Machine Mysterious Adventure by Brian Howarth. Adventure 1.0 Beta papafuji 2007/01/12
Explore Hyrule Explore the remake of the map Legend of Zelda Overworld. Adventure 2012 Kazuki 2012/02/17
Wonderland Magnetic Scrolls Adventure game. Adventure 1.51 papafuji 2007/02/21
FATAL RELATIONS Adult themed visual adventure novel. Adventure 1.0c Nodtveidt 2010/06/02
Fate/hollow ataraxia Prologue DS Port/remake of Fate/stay night, a visual novel game's prologue. Adventure 20080307 Multiple:Option 2008/05/11
Gea vs CoDOS Super heroin game in 3D. Adventure 2008 Zalo 2008/06/20
HTE: Hack To Escape Escape the church. Adventure 01092010 4n4bol 2010/09/01
Livingstone I Presume? Remake of Livingstone Supongo? by Opera Soft. Adventure 2011 Prizzio 2011/07/07
A Question of Promise: Digital Comic DS adaptation of Thuyen Nguyen's comic book: A Question of Promise. Adventure 20080511 Multiple:Option 2008/05/11
Los Liquidadores Point and click adventure. Adventure 2008 Bfth_soft 2009/06/30
Mad City Remake of the Amstrad CPC6128 game from 1985. Adventure 0.9.2 Schyzophrenic (Pedro) 2008/04/29
Maze of Apocrypha Mazes and puzzles in 3D. Adventure 2010 GugloPWN 2011/03/20
Nintendo Adventure Books: Monster Mix-Up DS Digital version of the gamebook written by Bill McCoy. Adventure 20090824 Multiple:Option 2009/08/24
Organism Play as a green organism and escape the room. Adventure 2011 AngelWire 2011/04/26
The Detective Game Homebrew detective game. Gameplay-wise it's similiar to Miles Edgeworth. Adventure 1.00 Headsoft 2010/03/30
Paradoja Temporal Travel in time adventure. Adventure Final Konkdekilo 2008/02/17
Passage to Demarr 2D RPG style Adventure game. Adventure 2008 badCoder 2008/09/15
PYIN-PYANG A Yin-Yang Pong. Arcade Games 1.0 Christophe Andreani 2007/10/26
Super Pong Game in pong style. Arcade Games 2009 Gemisis 2009/04/14
2HPong Pong game for DS. Arcade Games 0.2 Aurelio 2009/02/05
2PongDS A 2 screen pong. Arcade Games 0.2 ETK 2006/02/17
3D Ping Pong 3D pingpong. Arcade Games 2005 delfare 2005/07/03
Agent Eight Be a secret agent and stop the terrorists. Arcade Games 2010 skyfrog 2010/08/21
AirHockey DS Air Hockey game. Arcade Games 2010 dragontje124 2010/02/02
Air Hockey on NDS Air Hockey. Arcade Games 0.1 valeuf 2007/07/13
Arcade Slots Arcade style slot machines. Arcade Games 2007 jayenkai 2007/10/28
ArkanoiDS A clone of Breakout/Arkanoid game. Arcade Games Final Diffuse 2005/08/11
ASCII Pacman ASCII themed Pacman game. Arcade Games 2007 EvilSpoon 2007/08/19
Classic Asteroids Clone of the classic asteroids game. Arcade Games 2009 bencarr22 2009/07/22
Baby-foot DS Table football game. Arcade Games Beta 4 CyBeRCeD 2007/04/14
Blitz Blitz clone, originally a VIC-20 game. Arcade Games 1.1 blueballoon 2010/12/17
Pong by Fuk-Team A pong port that looks back at its roots. Arcade Games 0.5 FUK-Team 2012/04/18
BlockBust Port of Arkanoid. Arcade Games 2008 Gungnir 2008/07/11
Blockman Gets Similar to Pac-man. Arcade Games 2009 jayenkai 2009/10/06
Bomberman DS Bomberman clone. Arcade Games 271108 Epitech 2008/11/27
Bouncy Marble An Icy Tower clone. Arcade Games 2009 leinad (n00bey) 2009/08/21
Breakout! Breakout game in futuristic 3D theme. Arcade Games 1.2 Ds 2011/01/15
Breakout DS Clone of breakout bricks game themed with Mario Bros series. Arcade Games 0.1 Scognito 2006/12/07
Breakout Halo Edition Breakout clone. Arcade Games 1.0 rockleeace 2011/03/03
Break Out Mania A Breakout clone. Arcade Games 0.2 ninogenio 2005/12/18
BrickBlox Breakout clone. Arcade Games 2.5 Funkystuff 2009/08/12
Busca Objetos Find hidden objects. Arcade Games 1.0 DanXZero 2009/07/29
Centipong Classic Pong but with a little more action. Arcade Games 20081202 Jayenkai 2008/12/02
Chocobo Joust Final-Fantasy-themed remake of Joust. Arcade Games 2009 DStopian 2009/01/10
Combos Dance Dance Revolution type Boxing game. Arcade Games 1.0 Merlot14 2008/03/03
Crok DS Freewheeling Pacman. Arcade Games 1.0.1 Senki 2011/11/22
Cubebreak Simple breakout. Arcade Games 2008 Cobain 2008/10/18
Cube Breakout 3D breakout with 4D mode and a not common power-up system. Arcade Games 3.7 sephiroth ff7 2007/12/09
Digger DS Remake of a classic game originally by Windmill Software. Arcade Games 0.2 Sektor 2007/06/26
DownFall Control a ball to fall on platforms. Arcade Games 1.0 BassAceGold 2009/01/16
Dropping Skill Taken from Double Pong flash game with additions. Arcade Games 0.31 t4ils 2007/06/04
Dstory A bomberman-like game. Arcade Games 1.7 Naroin 2009/01/30
Dual Pac Man Pac-Man on DS. Arcade Games 0.1 sebskater29 2008/02/22
Enguarde-DS Snake Like game. Arcade Games 0.1b SpixShadow 2008/10/30
Eskiv DS Based on the original Eskiv game. Arcade Games 2007 Pouer256 2007/03/25
Explosive Gas A multiplayer action game similar to bomberman. Arcade Games 0.8 JimmyL 2008/07/13
Eye Kebab Pack 1 Collection of classic arcade games like Retro game. Arcade Games 1 Eye Kebab Studios 2009/05/03
FallDS An adaption of fall on DS. Arcade Games 2010 yoshi123 2010/12/16
Falldown Classic falldown clone. Arcade Games 2006 BassAceGold (Derrick Gold) 2006/10/03
Falldown DS NDS homebrew port of a GP2X WIZ game. Arcade Games hoitjuh55 2009/08/21
Fall Down DS Based on the classic TI-Calculator game, Fall Down. Arcade Games 1.1 Keoniomega 2007/03/17
Falling Boy An adaption of Fall Down. Arcade Games 2010 Fantasix 2010/08/27
FeeDaFish Inspired by Insaniquarium. Arcade Games 2006 Dieudunet 2006/03/29
Fish Tank Remake of Insaniquarium. Arcade Games 0.2 Ben2303 2008/03/15
Flappy Bird DS Remake of the Flappy Bird for the Nintendo DS. Arcade Games 2020 PolyMars 2020/02/28
KDD's Frogger DS Clone of the Arcade-Game Frogger. Arcade Games 1.0 King Dodongo 2011/01/31
Frog's World DS 3D Frogger clone. Arcade Games 1.0 King Dodongo 2012/01/23
Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris Enhanced remake of the old classics. Arcade Games 2005 Christian Auby (DesktopMan) 2005/08/09
Gravity Combine skill and gender features. Arcade Games 0.2 eglomer 2009/08/26
Happy Holi-DS Brick the walls game. Arcade Games 2009 John Lavigne 2005/12/31
Hungry Snake Classic snake game known from mobile phones. Arcade Games 2010 AfBu 2010/06/29
IOCEROPONG A simple pong game. Arcade Games 0.33 BEYZz 2009/03/02
Iro A Breakout clone. Arcade Games 0.9c scawf 2005/09/29
jaPongG Also known as Just Another Pong Game. Arcade Games 2008 Leinad 2008/03/25
Jump! Avoid falling out of a platform. Arcade Games 2010 Ryan (Synvox) 2010/06/01
JumpFree Adaptation of a game on ZX Spectrum called Bugaboo. Arcade Games 2005 Alekmaul 2005/05/10
Komopong Pong-like game. Arcade Games 0.97 copete23 2008/08/31
Kong DS Port of Donkey Kong from Game & Watch. Arcade Games Last update Loopy 2006/04/27
Laser Hockey DS Air hockey. Arcade Games 0.6.0 Moose At Play 2008/12/31
LuaPong Pong game coded with LUA. Arcade Games 2011 Dioni0396 2011/06/11
Lunar Lander An arcade game released by Atari. Arcade Games 1.0 Eye Kebab Studios 2008/11/11
MagneTron Fast paced arcade game. Arcade Games 1.5.3 Steven De Toni 2011/02/03
martaPONG In the style of the legendary tennis, Pong game. Arcade Games 1.2 Martaper 2011/01/16
Mental Games Compilation of quick little games. Arcade Games 2007 Pitt, Mollusk, and Zeblackos 2007/08/21
Mental Pong Pong game. Arcade Games 2007 Mollusk 2007/01/19
Missile Command DS Classic Missile Command game rewritten for the Nintendo DS. Arcade Games 2009 B. Perry (Kayvon) 2009/02/08
MyPong Old school Pong game. Arcade Games 1.0.2 BLsquared (Commodore, TexasBatman) 2012/06/25
NibbleDS Eat-stuff genre game. Arcade Games 1.3 DesktopMan 2005/08/09
Ninji & Zarbi Play two characters at the same time, each one of them being on its respective screen. Arcade Games 0.1 Mia 2006/10/22
PacMan Pac-man game. Arcade Games 0.92 Alpha Girate 2010/10/12
Pacman A reverse engineered version of Pacman. Arcade Games 1.03 MrKiller 2011/01/14
PacMan WAR Pac-man game. Arcade Games 2.5 rockleeace 2011/03/03
Paddle Battle DS Table hockey game. Arcade Games 2006 Sumiguchi 2006/08/18
Paddle DS Reflexion game similar to tennis. Arcade Games 0.3 Quipeace 2009/06/20
PAPong Pong game with different themes. Arcade Games 2.2 strata8 2009/02/17
Pibote DS A Pong game with a minor twist. Arcade Games 2008 pabloppp 2008/02/01
PinHockey A mix of Pinball and Hockey. Arcade Games 0.2 Relavak 2008/03/04
Pistol Pong DS It's like the classic game pong, but with guns. Arcade Games 1.0 Jonatan Schneevoigt (Jonatan) 2021/03/17
Pizza Worm DS A port of Pizza Worm for the DS. Arcade Games 2006 Turambar 2006/07/29
Plain Pong Pong clone. Arcade Games 2009 zhedelta 2009/10/17
Poke-Pong Pong style game with Pokemon theme. Arcade Games 1.0 OdnetninI 2011/02/24
Pong++ A pong clone. Arcade Games 2007 dean.rather 2007/07/29
Pong 3DS Pong in 3D. Arcade Games Beta 0.6 AntonioND 2008/03/14
PongClassicDS Remake of Pong with Solo and Multi modes. Arcade Games 0.5 Minishlink 2008/03/20
PongDS Pong gamw with different several modes. Arcade Games 0.3 BigBob85 2008/06/12
Pong Pong game. Arcade Games 2008 DDaniel 2007/08/07
Pong The famous and classic game Pong on DS. Arcade Games 0.2 Filou HB 2012/05/03
PONG extreme A classic, remixed based on Pong. Arcade Games 0.1 Rck (René C. Kiesler) 2008/08/27
PongPong DS Pong game for the DS. Arcade Games 0.1 Ayla 2007/08/10
BrickBreaker DS A breakout/brick breaker clone in development. Arcade Games 1.0 FUK-Team 2016/12/23
Pong The Original 2 players Pong game. Arcade Games 1.2 funkystuff 2008/12/17
PROHIBITION Remake of Prohibition created by Infogrames. Arcade Games 24082006 Kukulcan, Space1 2006/08/24
P'Zong! A derivation of Pong with a twist. Arcade Games 2007 Priyesh Dixit 2007/07/27
Rally-X DS Classic Namco arcade game from 1980. Arcade Games 2006 datafrog 2006/09/22
Rebond Simple Pong. Arcade Games 2008 Cobain 2008/10/18
RefleXtreme Execute the corresponding buttons. Arcade Games 0.1b Demo bksonic 2010/05/21
Retro Frontón DS A variation of Pong. Arcade Games 2009 Raultecnologia 2009/05/10
Reverse Brick Breaker Similar to Brick Breaker. Arcade Games 2010 Bobbyloujo 2010/10/03
Royal Set DS Slot machine. Arcade Games Final The Dark Master 2010/08/21
Sheep Goes Left Port of the game Sheep Goes Left available for iOS edition. Arcade Games 2011 Jayenkai 2011/09/09
Slotmachine Simple slot machine. Arcade Games 0.3 godslayer500 2010/11/10
DSSnake A snake-based homebrew. Arcade Games 2008 edddy 2008/03/17
SNAFU Classic Snake for consoles. Arcade Games 1.0 Gummo 2008/08/31
Snake (Vloz) Simple Snake game. Arcade Games 2007 Vloz 2007/12/17
Snowman Attack Ward away the evil snowmen with super snowball rifle. Arcade Games 2008 Jayenkai 2007/12/31
Sonic Ball DS Inspired by Arkanoid. Arcade Games 2006 N64Francois (Hamza) 2006/03/19
Space Pong Homebrew based on tennis, with a slight variation. Arcade Games 0.6 Circus 2007/06/03
Spike Dislike DS Recreate of Spike Dislike game. Arcade Games Demo 0.2 spinal_cord 2011/08/23
Squirm Port of Squirm from Commodore 16, a PacMan style game. Arcade Games 5 May 2009 Zilog 2009/05/05
Stacker Stop the moving square to form a tower. Arcade Games Beta Aguilera_87 2010/08/24
Steam Ponk Pong game with obstacles and animations. Arcade Games 2.1 Invisible Team Ninja Squid 2009/06/11
Super Cutre Fronton Based on Pong. Arcade Games Beta 1.2 Salsaman 2009/08/27
Super Extreme Smile Be a rolling smile and roll the world around it. Arcade Games 2010 OBJECTION! (LaPatateInc) 2010/08/20
SuperPong! Pong style game. Arcade Games 2.0 Paco Chan 2006/07/06
SuperPongBros Pong game with Mario theme. Arcade Games 2008 DELCA 2008/02/07
Super Snake DS Remake of classic snake game with new features. Arcade Games Update Christopher Beley 2007/08/19
Take The Eggs! Ornithorhynchus Anatinus GO GO GO! Remake of Metteke Tamago with Ganbare! Kamonohashi for the DS. Arcade Games 1.0 Retrohead 2008/09/29
The Floaters And Eric Remake of a classic game Eric and the Floaters. Arcade Games 2006 Kak 2006/03/20
TroNDS Includes two varieties of Snake game. Arcade Games 0.2 Montspy 2008/03/18
Trucmuche DS Look for the hidden objects. Arcade Games Final cid2mizard 2008/10/14
Trucmuche DS 2 Look for the hidden objects. Arcade Games 1.0 cid2mizard 2010/10/05
Ugly Pinball Pinball on DS. Arcade Games 2005 Mollusk 2005/09/10
Uza The First Journey Similar to Robotron/Geometry Wars. Arcade Games 20081008 Multiple:Option 2008/10/08
5nake Based on the oldschool Snake games with new features. Arcade Games 20090731 JustBurn, MattTS, Kepler 2009/07/31
ASCII Panic Breakout Simple breakout clone with ASCII color and graphics effects. Arcade Games 2007/07/14 birslip 2008/01/22
BrickFall The game Falldown. Arcade Games LP-3 BassAceGold 2007/09/01
Defendguin DS Base on William's classic arcade game Defender. Arcade Games 0.0.10 GPF (Bill Kendrick) 2006/01/05
Pac-Ball NDS Pac-man with skins fun. Arcade Games Final t3uch1 2006/05/26
22. Search Eye DS Hidden objects game. Arcade Games 2009 Kukulcan 2009/03/18
DPool Remake of the flash game Shuffle. Arcade Games 20070621 Gregor Samsa 2007/06/21
Ghuntlet Gauntlet clone coded in Micro Lua. Arcade Games R47 Ghuntar 2009/10/28
Lucky Slot Slot machine. Arcade Games 1.0 Cid2Mizard, Kukulcan 2008/07/16
Crystals Based on an old board game Black Box. Board 1.1 Orczalon 2006/09/04
Temby! Towers DS Yahoo! Towers ported to DS. Board Beta/Final Tembargo 2006/12/31
BattleShips DS Battleship homebrew. Board 2011 Brandon (Vampire0123) 2011/09/24
ChessNET Online chess on NDS. Board 1.0.2 CYBER_Aeon 2008/04/09
Reality Game 8 mini-games, includes board games and card games. Board 0.6 JimmyL 2009/02/18
Box An adaption of Close The Box for the NDS. Board 2021 Garhoogin 2021/08/16
LudoNDS Ludo clone for the Nintendo DS(i). Board 0.1.0 SuperSaiyajinStackZ 2021/01/25
3 en Raya Three in a row game. Board 0.4 senzocr 2008/01/20
4 en Linea Connect 4 Game. Board 2010 JuDelCo 2010/06/03
QuoDS Port of a game called Gnome Quod. Board 1.2.1 veubeke 2009/06/04
Awale An ancient board game. Board 1.0 Philoo 2008/09/04
Babylon Fast paced strategy board game. Board 0.9 Rebuilt papafuji 2007/02/07
Bataille Navale Battleship-type game. Board 1.0 Ikcitxvao 2008/06/16
JW Pool A basic 3D pool simulator. Board 2005 Jonathan Wingrove 2005/05/31
Blubb 3D Online multi-player 3D battleship-type game. Board 2007 Qwärty 2007/03/22
Can't Stop DS Port of the board game "Can't Stop". Board 0.2 Nameless 2006/09/15
Connect4DS Connect 4 game. Board 0.96 Hoitjuh55 2010/05/13
Connect4 DS 4 in a row game. Board 2008 Stelek 2008/10/09
DSChess Classic chess game. Board 0.4 B. Von Loesch 2008/03/24
Froskipoly Monopoly style board game. Board 2.0 Froskito 2010/09/02
Hexxagon DS Remake of an old DOS board game played on a hexagonal board. Board 251009 RyouArashi 2009/10/25
Impossible Tic Tac Toe Tic-tac-toe game. Board 2010 Earboxer 2010/04/05
Juegos Reunidos Froskito Board game Pachisi. Board 2.0 Froskito 2010/01/20
MancalaDS Also known as Oware (or Awele), Kalah, Sungka, Omweso, and Bao. Board 2.1 HtheB (Originally by Lotti) 2007/02/04
ManyChessDS Supporting multiple variants of chess. Board 1.3 Sephiroth_FF7 2008/08/16
MastermindDS Code Breaking Board Game. Board 1.22 GuSec 2008/08/20
MasterMindDS Another Code Breaking Board Game. Board 2005 Nikolas Lahtinen (Nikolas) 2005/08/09
MasterMind Break-the-Code Board Game. Board 2012 Ruffsta 2010/08/06
Morpion Solitaire Board Game. Board 2.01 Gedeon34 2008/07/11
Moulin DS DS version of the board game Nine Men's Morris. Board 1.0c mouarf 2009/08/01
Navy Wars Classic battleship game. Board 20110213 NightFox 2011/02/13
Nintenchess A simple chess game for Nintendo DS. Board 1.0 Psyk0Killer 2006/05/29
Omalone DS board game with WFC. Board 2.3 Omalone Team 2012/06/01
Omok DS Classic board game Go. Board 1.2 Ryu Seung-Ryul 2007/07/17
Pegs DS A version of Peg solitaire. Board 2 Kukulcan 2007/08/29
Tic Tac To Simple tic tac toe game. Board 1.0 bl00dy 2008/12/20
Puissance 4 WIFI Connect Four Homebrew for the DS. Board 4 Final MasterDje (Kram) 2008/04/23
Quatro DS Adapted from Quatro. Board 0.01b Injection18 2005/09/07
Reversi DS Reversi game with an AI as the opponent. Board 0.6 Darren Earl (dinkumthinkum) 2010/12/16
River Crossing Based off the River Crossing board game. Board 2007 Gedeon34 2007/07/06
Sator/Arepo/Tenet DS 3 mini board game. Board 1.0 Frodonag (Originally by Oriol Comas i Coma) 2009/02/15
TabuDS Port the famous board game Taboo (Spanish version). Board 1.0 suloku 2007/08/21
Tic Tac DS Simple tic-tac-toe clone. Board 3.1 Jonatan Schneevoigt (Jonatan) 2021/03/08
Mastermind DS A mastermind game for Nintendo DS. Board 1.0 bigS 2006/01/16
Tic Tac Toe DS Simple tic tac toe game. Board 1.0 blahh (chris) 2006/04/03
Tic-Tac-Toe Classic game with Megaman theme. Board 2010 iSubaru 2010/01/31
TicTacToe DS Tic tac toe game. Board 2009 s_hansse 2009/08/06
PSP/DS Tic Tac Toe Tic tac toe game. Board 2006 Sony PSP 2013/02/01
War of Weeds 9 challenging minigames. Board 2007 Mollusk, Daydream 2007/03/20
Wifi Blubb Battleship game that can interact with others through Wifi or a single DS. Board 200406 Qw3rty 2006/06/30
White vs Black Chess game. Board 2007 OutOfRange 2007/09/20
YahtzeeDS Simple Yahtzee game with local wireless play feature. Board 2008 Dopefish 2008/02/07
Yahtzee DS Port of Yahtzee. Board 1.0 hotkebab99 2008/06/06
Yam Yam dice game on DS. Board 1.04 fef51 2009/02/16
Yam's DS An adaptation of the Yam's (or Yahtzee) dice game. Board 1.0 Fantasix 2010/09/23
YatzyDOS A port of an old console based yatzy game. Board 2005 Rikard Wissing (d3tr0it) 2005/08/09
Jangki DS Oriental chess game in Korea. Board 0.2 beodeulpiri 2009/03/22
DSGo Go on NDS. Board 1.0 Jandujar 2005/10/23
5 Dice A dice game based on Yahtzee. Board 2008 Gaz 2008/03/01
DS Dice A Yahtzee clone with extra options. Board 1.2 Final M. Lucanius 2009/08/21
Puerto Rico DS Puerto Rico board game for DS. Board 290706 johanb123 (Andreas Seyfarth) 2006/07/29
Spank The Monkey DS Conversion of the card game created by Peter Hansson. Card 1.0 MWR Production 2010/01/15
3A Cards Simple card game. Card 2007 hewenxie 2007/04/16
Arcomage A computerized fantasy card game organically produced by The 3DO Company. Card 0.99 Bodom-Child 2007/01/28
Anime Jo All-Star Kirifuda Taisen Battle card game. Card 2009 Multiple:Option 2009/03/19
BlackJack DS Classic card game. Card 0.7 Scott McClymont 2008/04/22
Triple Triad DS Final Fantasy VIII Card Game. Card 1.0.1 Minoru 2010/10/15
Cards Of Incantation Formerly known as WagicDS, a strategy Magic card game. Card 1.0b Virman 2011/11/08
Gostop DS Korean card game. Card 1.3 Ryu Seung-Ryul 2007/06/24
Discard 'Em All Get rid of all your cards before opponent. Card 0.2 t4ils 2008/03/09
DSBowling Solitaire Unique card game scoring scores like real bowling. Card 2007 Dannynewp 2007/03/20
El Nim DS 2 players card game. Card 0.2 Pakoh 2009/09/27
Hoola DS Poker game. Card 1.1 Ryu Seung-Ryul 2007/06/23
Lost Cities DS Card battler game. Card 0.8 r1 Tambourine_dc 2008/02/16
NDS KOIKOI Japanese Flower Card Game. Card 20100830 MeRAMEN 2010/08/30
Sexy Blackjack Trainer Featuring Sunny Leone/Sora Aoi. Card 20080819 Multiple:Option (DessertDog) 2008/08/19
Sexy Blackjack Trainer II Featuring Maria Ozawa. Card 20081019 Multiple:Option 2008/10/19
SnailRace A slug racing game combined with card game. Card 2009 Samel (Luca Giacometti) 2009/03/13
Spider Solitaire DS One-player card game from Window. Card 3.1.1 Jess Telford 2008/02/09
Teenage Queen NDS Unofficial Amiga port of a 32-card game of strip poker. Card 1.2 Foxy 2005/08/26
Tetra Master Mini card game from Final Fantasy IX. Card 0.5.1 Tom Sweeney (Massif) 2008/09/13
Triple-Triad-DS A Pokemon themed version of the FFVIII card game Triple Triad. Card 1.1 Unknown 2008/06/14
Vicepoker DS Full video poker game. Card 0.1 Kenzo Kabuto 2006/03/18
Card DS Three simple card games. Card 2011 Nobody 2011/06/12
Card Sharks Based on the American TV game show Card Sharks. Card 2007 Robert Durbin 2007/02/18
Virtual Game Maker DS Create your own RPG games on the DS. Game engine 0.98 Globoeil 2007/12/25
VisMake - Multichoice adventure maker Multichoice adventure maker. Game engine 2008 BigFish 2008/02/17
FPS Maker First person shooter-type game engine. Game engine 2012 smealum 2012/08/21
Icarus Adventure System Graphical adventure games developer. Game engine 1.1d Jordi Pérez 2018/08/18
Attorney DS: Casemaker Casemaker/Visual Novel Engine. Game engine 1.1 B12Core 2009/11/01
Nitro Engine 3D engine which aim to help making 3D game for DS. Game engine 0.6.1 AntonioND 2011/09/01
µLibrary New library to use the 3D GPU to create nice 2D games very easily. Game engine 1.12 Brunni 2009/01/12
Wee Basic BASIC interpreter for programming. Game engine 0.81 Marovada 2009/09/04
Dual Step Revolution Dance Dance Revolution clone. Music Neoflash Shoryu 2005/08/11
FingerManiaDS Clone of Stepmania. Music 0.96 BlowBomber 2008/08/03
Game Melody Oratorio Volume Two Teaches you how to play game melodies via a virtual piano. Music Volume 2 Multiple:Option (DesertDog) 2008/04/27
Gioioso! A Weird Music Game Rhythm puzzle game. Music Final Tassu 2006/08/19
Glockencord A combination of a glockenspiel and a harpsichord. Music 1.1.2 Dave_Ryman (Dave) 2010/04/12
Guitar Hero: Roadie Edition Play as a roadie who's tasked to tune a guitar by a rocker. Music 2008 EvilSpoon 2008/06/20
Maestro An Electroplankton-like game. Music Alpha DevilDog 2007/07/27
Mario Paint Composer DS Indirect remake of the music composer tool. Music Bullet Bill BassAceGold 2010/07/28
metro-wardive An adaptive game with locative levels. Music 1.1o La1n 2007/12/31
Pianout Air base fart piano. Music 2008 Decjo 2008/06/20
PushIt! Sort of like DJMax or DDR. Music 0.1.0 Ti-Ra-Nog 2008/09/02
Roque Bande Music video of sorts. Music 2008 T4ils 2008/06/20
Sound Way Based on a Nintendo's Electroplankton minigame. Music 2010 Jorge Villalta Peyró (Dextervi), Rocío Rider Franco 2010/09/05
Steam Minigame about matching musical harmonies. Music Demo 0.7 mindwave 2011/08/26
Touch me (I'm famous) A combination between shooting game and rhythm game. Music 0.1 Mia 2006/08/03
Touch! Touch! Revolution Similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Music 2006 mastertop101 2006/08/08
Video Games Hero A Homebrew version of guitar hero. Music Full Sumiguchi & Spriteattack 2008/08/26
Hakutsun Yowane Haku music game. Music 0.7 Tarosa 2008/03/29
dds - a stepmania a stepmania / ddr clone for the nintendo ds. Music 1.1 qgerman2 2020/05/19
Metronome DS A simple metronome based game. Music 0.1 Moonlight 2011/04/06
Holiday Holiday Revolution Christmas rhythm game. Music 2006 Henk Boom (LunarCrisis) 2006/01/02
FretFury Homebrew that utilizes the Guitar Grip from Guitar Hero. Music With/Without Guitar Grip Wazmo 2008/08/20
OniTaikoDS Re-implementation of Taiko no Tatsujin in oni difficulty. Music 1.4x.20 fat AK-97 (Team HKO) 2012/08/12
PlayDiSmusic Music game. Music 20070128 Sumiguchi 2007/01/28
so-nanoka DS Port of a Japanese music flash game. Music 2009 Hatena mark 2009/01/07
DsDsRevolution Dance Dance Revolution-type game. Music 0.4.4 Tako2 2008/09/08
The Sounds Of The Season Rhythm game. Music 2007 Sumiguchi 2007/01/14
Innocence Innocence is a musical simulation game based on the Hatsune Miku vocaloid synthesizer software. Music 1.00 tarosa 2009/02/01
AmplituDS Rhythmic Shooter. Music 4.0 Sander Stolk 2008/07/31
BeatStorm A rhythm game with different themes. Music 2007 Aron & Calle 2007/07/05
Croahh Hero Music reflexion game. Music 2008 Mony 2008/06/18
Custom Ouendan Based on the game "Osu! Tatake! Ouendan" and the Elite Beat Agents. Music 2007 Takaishi Takeru 2007/07/19
Dance 'n Shoot Musical shooters. Music 2006 The_Legend 2006/03/20
DDRLite Remake of Dance Dance Revolution with converter included. Music 2006 Sypherce 2006/08/21
DeadJey Help the worst platter shuffler to pass through this part of his career. Music 2008 ToiletKing 2008/06/20
DJ Portable Guitar Hero-style homebrew. Music 1.1 t4ils 2007/02/26
DS Bonga Clone of Donkey Konga on Gamecube. Music 2006 Miqualke 2006/08/01
Gardener Mini-game. Other Games 1.0 insanepotato 2009/01/01
GeneriDex Pokedex, containing all 493 pokemon from GenIV . Other Games 0.2 Anthony (Saviorkross) 2010/03/31
Get Out Leave the classroom without teacher noticing. Other Games Final S.Jao 2008/05/28
GTA Pokemon DS Adds a little GTA edge into the world of Pokemon. Other Games Final Mozzie (Alex, Team HEX) 2009/11/19
Hero Stickman Saves ze World Recycle the bottles and cans to save the world. Other Games 2010 Bobbyloujo 2010/08/17
hiDeS Demo homebrew game. Other Games 0.01 Beta playallday 2008/10/27
Homebrew with Icons Pack Includes varies homebrews with icons, descriptions and inforamtion. Other Games 2010 ron975 2010/08/25
Hoover Maneuver Based off a minigame in the GBA's Wario Ware. Other Games 2006 VgSlag 2006/09/07
HuP Mini game in the spirit of Tetris. Other Games 1.11 sensei 2007/12/10
ipod touch for ds Ipod touch on DS with 2 games. Other Games 2011 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/05/15
Isometric NDS Isometric (3D) drawing application. Other Games 2 raultecnologia 2009/06/24
IT! the game Multi player/large map homebrew game. Other Games 0.4 Beta GreenAcorn 2010/07/16
Joy Destroyer Press buttons to gain points. Other Games 1.0 Dioni0396 2011/09/07
Juego De Datos Dice game. Other Games 2009 bfthsoftware 2009/09/23
Jugglers A game based on juggling. Other Games 2006 Groquick 2006/03/16
Kagamine Rin & Len Tamanegi Throw & Catch Using Rin and Len from Vocaloid2 to throw onions into a basket. Other Games Final MeRAMEN 2008/09/11
Klungo's Brain School Games to training your brain. Other Games 2007 omg 2007/08/20
KnifeOshon Based on the japanese game "Azarashi". Other Games 2007 mastertop101 2007/09/03
Kung Fu Wonder Boy Chaos Multiplayer mini game. Other Games 0.1 Masterdjé (Virtua Peanuts) 2007/10/13
Lactose Intoler-Ants Protect your picnic by killing ants. Other Games 3.0 Team Adrenaline 2008/05/11
Leo Toddler Help children learn the names of letters and the sounds. Other Games 1.0.1d Lynx 2007/12/31
Lost Countdown DS Adaption of Countdown TV show. Other Games 1.2 youpitou 2008/03/13
Magic 8 Ball Magic 8 Ball clone on DS. Other Games 2010 magmorph 2010/11/07
MagicTouch Ported version of the Flash Game Magic Touch. Other Games 2008 Birslip 2008/09/23
Magnetic Shaving Derby Shave with magnic. Other Games 0.5 Nyarlu labs 2008/08/22
MarbleMan: The Arena Top-down ball game with new twist. Other Games 2008 MagNet 2008/03/20
Mario And The World Eliminate the enemies with fire balls. Other Games 2011 rockleeace 2011/06/16
Mario Firemen DS Put out fires with different characters from the Mario world. Other Games 2009 nick7777 2009/09/03
Mario Touch Keep Mario alive and get rid of Pokey. Other Games 2006 xtoc 2006/09/11
Mess With Mario Control Mario to do almost anything. Other Games Beta 0.1 Godson777 2011/03/12
Meumeuh DS Mini rhyme game. Other Games 2008 Zeblakos 2008/06/20
Minigames A compilation of 3 mini-games. Other Games 1.0 DuskWolf 2011/08/09
Mini-games A collection of minigames. Other Games 2008 benjamin310395 2008/07/16
Moonar Lander Land the spaceship on the moon. Other Games 2005 Fredrik Reveny 2005/05/31
My Beautiful Tree Customize Christmas tree. Other Games 051208 Cid2Mizard 2008/12/05
Monkey Touch Touch a monkey that moves as many times as possible. Other Games 1 Filou HB 2011/08/31
Moth Play as a moth that desires to reach the light. Other Games 1.1 Bobbyloujo 2013/03/04
Multigam A collection of (currently 5) mini-games. Other Games 1.2 zzo38computer 2006/07/17
Naruto No Jutsu Contains different spells from Naruto. Other Games 1.0 4n4bol 2009/09/26
NCIS Around The World Port of Nyan Cat. Other Games 1.1 Aguilera_87 2011/06/01
NDS Sports A tribute to WII Sports. Other Games 2007 Davgav 2007/03/20
No Place To Hide A collection of very funny mini-games. Other Games Final birslip 2006/07/30
Nyan Cat DS Non-stop Nyan Cat. Other Games 1.1a Insanepotato 2011/04/17
Star Dodge Dodge the falling stars. Other Games 1.0 rockleeace 2011/01/01
Olympic Battle Drag the opponent out of the place. Other Games 2008 Cyberwarfire 2008/10/28
PaDS Press the button to test your reflection. Other Games 2010 xia32 2010/01/16
PAPAILLONDS Catch the butterfly. Other Games 0.1 Beta omg 2007/05/28
No Name Avoid red bars. Other Games 2006 mastertop101 2006/04/01
Penguin Football DS Kids's football game. Other Games 2008 Sam Malone 2008/04/24
Peter Griffins: RoadHouse Clip from Family Guy. Other Games 2012 rockleeace 2012/03/20
Peter Griffins: Roller Disco Clip from Family Guy. Other Games 2012 rockleeace 2012/03/22
PerilousWheels Journey upwards to the highest possible location with wheels. Other Games 0.21 t4ils 2007/06/16
Dynamite Sport Fishing Mini fishing game. Other Games 2009 Baro 2009/12/08
Picture Solve Pictionary style multiplayer game. Other Games 2011 nffc_evans, JanMulder 2011/03/04
Pixelman 2 player game. Other Games 1.2 coincoin 2009/06/21
Plane Popper Pilot a small bi-plane and collect balloons. Other Games 1.0 Bobby Lou Jo 2013/07/16
Platdude Retro Collection Contain a handful of puzzle and arcade games. Other Games 018 jayenkai 2007/12/08
PokédexDS Pokedex Agenda. Other Games 0.1 Beta wabsta 2008/09/24
PokeInfo Pokédex on NDS. Other Games 0.9 beta MJaoune 2011/04/26
Pokemon Cloth Simple Pokemon RPG Demo. Other Games 1.0 Demo rockleeace 2011/01/01
Poke The Bunny Poke a bunny. Other Games 2006 LiraNuna 2006/05/10
Pop Me! Pop the bubbles. Other Games 0.1 T!NO STUD!OS, Vipdia 2008/08/17
PrankDS Move a black point. Other Games Demo Gemisis 2008/07/26
Predict You Death Predict Your Death. Other Games Demo1 Frøsκitø 2010/01/30
Ask Dimitri Port of the flash game of Dimitri the expert counselor. Other Games 2010 Master Sonic 2010/01/23
Press the buttons Press the buttons as fast as you can. Other Games 1.1 Corenting 2011/03/12
Doors Find the right door. Other Games 1.0 DanXZero 2009/07/26
PusherDS Press buttons as often as possible. Other Games 1.1 Raphi2 2009/06/04
Push The Button Make choices by pressing button. Other Games 2010 Sheeft 2010/08/31
RapiDS Measures how fast you can press a button. Other Games 0.3 Freemaan 2006/03/13
RapidRollDS Direct a ball to score point. Other Games 2008 wolped 2008/08/19
Retro Game And Watch Based on Mr. Game and Watch. Other Games 3 JorgeDeBe 2011/07/27
Rose Camellia DS Unfinished adventure game. Other Games 2007 Mia 2007/08/25
Samurai Kirby Clone of a mini game in Kirby Super Star. Other Games 2010 bluepickles 2010/06/24
Shooting Watch DS A 16Shot-ish game. Other Games 2.4 retrohead 2010/11/29
Sand Game Demo Classical sand game. Other Games Demo 0.1 harg 2010/06/07
SantaRush Christmas game. Other Games 2008 Pepsiman (Malcolm Parsons) 2008/12/01
Santa's Bad Luck Minigame with a Christmas theme. Other Games 2005 Jandujar 2005/12/31
Santa's Factory Help Santa's Factory and separate the bombs. Other Games 2008 bfthsoftware 2008/11/30
Save the guy from the burning building Avoid the fire and save a guy. Other Games 2010 podote 2011/01/05
Scratch 'n' Match Reveal the picture and match the word game. Other Games 2010 blueballoon (icedaddy) 2010/12/21
Scribble Jump DS Doodle jump clone. Other Games Demo 0.1 Fix2 s_hansse 2010/08/17
Secret Hordes Gadget for the browser game Hordes ( Apocalyptic RPG Free Online Motion twin). Other Games 0.2 Stravingo 2010/07/19
Sego/Sarko Crush the heads of presidential candidates. Other Games 0.0002 Beda 2007/05/18
Shoop da whoop VS. Stick-man Play as stick-man and dodge the shoop da whoop. Other Games 1.0 rockleeAce 2011/06/11
Slip Attack Collect swimwear. Other Games 2010 t4ils 2010/08/29
Satchmo SnowBash Roll up and fling snowballs at enemies. Other Games RC01.01.06 Miguel Nieves, Dragon's Den Unlimited Team 2006/01/02
Sonic Screwdriver Recreate the Sonic Screwdriver, an application on Iphone. Other Games 2011 Buck_7 2011/09/27
SotoProject Based on the Family Guy. Other Games Demo XxDark ColossuSXx 2009/06/28
Spelling Bubbles Spelling game for children to learn Vocabulary. Other Games 1.1 icedaddy 2011/03/29
Spike Mini-Game Avoid the spikes. Other Games 2011 Tomdev 2011/04/30
Super Face SMASH! Fighting to the fullest with stick-figures. Other Games Demo 1.0 rockleeace 2011/01/01
Super Mario Gunk Dodge Dodge gunk. Other Games 2.0 rockleeace 2011/03/26
Super Paper Fly Handle a paper airplane. Other Games White heartgold 2010/09/01
SuzumeBachi Move the insect. Other Games 0.2 K4y 2006/09/12
SquareDS Collect tiles with same color. Other Games 1.3b KerneL 2007/11/15
Square Bounce Place stylus within the square as long as possible. Other Games 2006 t4ils 2006/07/04
SquashDS Squash the bugs. Other Games 2006 Tinman (Jordan Walker) 2006/09/03
Squishy Bird DS Play as the pipe in Flappy Bird. Other Games 2020 Headshotnoby 2020/08/19
Stop at 500 Make a stopwatch reaches 500. Other Games 1.0 coolbho3000 2008/08/30
SwimSuit Maniac Swimsuit minigame. Other Games 2010 EvilTroopa 2010/08/31
The Curse Of Mamie's Island Based on Curse of Monkey Island logo and a Mr. Freeze treat. Other Games 1.0 Zewhitounet 2010/08/30
The Game Simple homebrew. Other Games 2008 fedgerama 2008/12/12
Pokémon Shooting Kill Pokemon. Other Games Final 10 ShinMazingerZ 2010/10/08
ToiletDS Flush the toilet game on DS. Other Games 0.1 GeekShadow 2006/09/24
Totitoes Collect coins and avoid enemies. Other Games 2008 Cortes48 2008/08/14
Touch & Bomb Clone of the Super Mario 64: DS mini game. Other Games 2006 Tipiak 2006/03/18
Ultra-FastReflexes Press buttons to test reflection. Other Games 0.2 Montspy 2008/02/04
Useless Homebrew Switch homebrew with different results. Other Games 1.1 Rydian 2011/05/31
Vigoroth The Driver 4 mini-games to help Vigoroth the driver to achieve deliveries. Other Games 1.31 Blabla 2011/06/18
VP_ANIS Silly minigame. Other Games 2008 MasterDjé 2008/06/20
Mountain Bike DS A game of mountain biking. Other Games 2007 CyBeRCeD 2007/06/13
WarioWare Custom Homebrew version of WarioWare game series by Nintendo. Other Games 1.7 SaviorXTanren 2009/01/13
What Time? Homebrew game to help children to learn telling the time. Other Games 1.1 icedaddy 2011/03/29
TickleGirl "Interactive woman" on DS. Other Games 1.0 Cybereality 2005/09/21
Weskers Day Off The Video Game Originally a YouTube video. Other Games 2011 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/01/01
X-Mas Gifts Christmas game. Other Games 2007 Programix 2007/12/29
Edrax Edrax is a small game demo on the NDS made with PALib. Other Games Demo DaMMratter 2009-6-2
Xplosion Time! Click to make spirits disappear. Other Games 1.0 eglomer 2008/07/05
Ya Ya XX An adaptation of flash game Ya Ya XX. Other Games 1.1 N64Francois 2006/02/19
Yuck - the game Collects slime and throws it at a girl. Other Games 2010 Padnoter 2010/02/07
Santa's Flight Control a flying Santa. Other Games 0.6 AlceX 2010/01/01
Xmas 2005 Avoid the elves. Other Games 2006 Maximilien Dagois, Valerie Le Bihan 2006/01/02
Pokemon Mini-Game Contains 10 mini-games including 3 secrets to discover. Other Games 2009 blabla 2009/11/21
2DS+ Show a 3D effect on the NDS by using the two display. Other Games 1.0 Final damicha 2010/11/25
Stupid Golf DS A game similar to Miniature Golf. Other Games 0.2a LiraNuna 2005/08/10
'ramming Santa Pick up the gift and deliver to the sleighs. Other Games 0.3 Jimmy L 2008/01/06
AE Mini Game Collection Four minigames. Other Games Final Alan, Erik Haugen 2007/04/10
Way of the Rain Draw barriers, to show the waterdrops the right way. Other Games 2005 Seddy 2005/11/06
Around The Clock Based on the darts pub game around the clock. Other Games 2 Gareth Bennett (Gaz) 2009/08/13
Aros Zap the arrows as they shoot down the screen. Other Games 2008 James Garner 2008/10/13
ASCII World LUA-coded mini-game. Other Games 1.3 Yannoulu 2011/06/26
Auto DS Slot-Machine style game. Other Games 0.2 (Pre) vaccha 2007/11/25
Avoid 'em all Avoid the falling oranges. Other Games 1.03 t4ils 2007/01/22
Avoid the Bird! Help a snail to avoid the bird. Other Games 0.2 kpro1996 2011/07/24
BAGASMI Roulette A simple text based roulette game scripted using BAGASMI. Other Games 2013 BassAceGold 2013/08/10
Balance DS Balance a ball to the exit. Other Games 2005 Seddy 2005/12/31
Balloon fight DS A work in process remake of Balloon Fight for the Nintendo DS. Other Games 1.2 Cortes48 2008/03/26
Bge Palet Remake of the play of metal disc present in Beyond Good & Evil. Other Games 2007 Samote 2007/03/20
Blob A physics engine based on Locoroco. Other Games Demo Birslip 2008/10/19
Blockhead Catapultor Throw balls of paper towards others. Other Games 2008 Kram 2008/10/11
Boring Killer Use weapon to destroy paintings. Other Games 2011 The Dark Master 2011/09/30
Bounce'em Bounce cans into their respective bins. Other Games 2010 AngelWire 2010/08/25
Bridge Builder A bridge-builder/world of goo like for the Nintendo DS. Other Games Demo Birslip 2008/11/01
Bubble Wrap DS Virtual bubble wrap. Other Games 2006 Prodigy 2006/07/22
Bunny Bomber Drop eggs on bunny to stop it from stealing presents. Other Games 2010 AngelWire 2010/04/08
Caritas DS "Dress" the face. Other Games 2 Neo_Ace 2008/01/04
Catch It Collect falling balls. Other Games 1.0 ghaxaq 2007/04/29
Pokemon Battle Homebrew RPG game based on Pokemon. Other Games 0.8 Pre-Alpha Blabla 2010/06/01
charge shoop da whoops lazer Catch the electricity to charge shoop da whoops lazah. Other Games 1.0 rockleeace 2011/06/16
Chase The Turtle A turtle chasing game with two players supported. Other Games Update AngelWire 2010/09/07
Also Cute and Fluffy Small 2-player snowball fight homebrew. Other Games 2008 spinal 2009/01/03
Christmas Jump Jump into chimney to the delivering presents. Other Games 2010 Bobbyjolou 2010/12/23
Christmas Past Four stories about Christmas's of old. Other Games 2010 AngelWire 2010/12/18
Christmas Rush Help Santa deliver presents on Christmas. Other Games 2005 Tim Liszak 2005/12/31
Citrouillus Cretinus Containing 3 different games devoted to Halloween. Other Games 2009 Kukulcan 2001/11/03
ClickOn DS Simple homebrew game. Other Games 2007 minishlink 2007/06/25
Combo-Nation DS A "combo" game. Other Games 2009 xiao32 2009/02/06
Crazy Golf Minigolf game. Other Games 1.1 Isma--ro3 2011/09/26
Apple Rumble Demo mini game. Other Games 0.1b PypeBros 2007/05/17
DarkStar A suite of applications/games. Other Games 2005 DarkainMX 2005/08/04
PokeDexter DS Pokedex on NDS. Other Games Kanto benjifs 2008/12/15
Dismond Snatcher Grab as many diamonds as possible. Other Games 2010 AngelWire 2010/03/24
Floppy Disk Touch the flying disk. Other Games 2009 raultecnologia 2009/05/12
Don't Get Crushed Move and avoid black balls. Other Games 1.1 That Other Person 2010/12/29
Don't Poison The Cat Feed the cat. Other Games Final MBJ007 2010/08/24
DSBall Guide a bouncing ball trough a level filled with obstacles. Other Games 0.3 oxo 2008/03/12
dsBill Defend computer from virus. Other Games Final thedopefish 2008/02/06
DSonic Wario Ware mini-game. Other Games 2006 sensei 2006/02/25
GameBox DS A set of mini-games. Other Games 0.8 Beta Gwoin (Gwennael Buchet) 2006/03/16
DSGoo Based on Kai's SuperGoo program. Other Games 1.0 Celebrity Headspin 2005/08/01
DS Room Maker Decorate a room and a garden. Other Games 1.0 Raphi2 2008/07/23
DS Slime Volleyball game for two players. Other Games 2006 Jandujar 2006/03/18
Alice & Marisa 8bit Minigame Taste test food for coins. Other Games 2009 Funkystuff 2009/03/21
Bubble Maze Survive in a maze of bubbles. Other Games 2013 EgoTrip 2013/05/05
Eat Or Be Eaten Save the worm from starving birds. Other Games 2 HvE 2010/02/13
Deal or No Deal Based on the television program Deal or no Deal. Other Games 1.01 Rubert Durbin (rdurbin) 2007/03/03
The Fastest Click Inspired by Click Faster from Facebook. Other Games 1.0 magicblack2009 2011/01/04
DSmash: Ruin Your Touch Screen! Volleyball game for two players. Other Games 1.14s pichubolt090 2010/06/24
The Oracle of Ruin Tells the future. Other Games 1 -Human- 2011/02/10
PaperFootball Based on a game that played with paper and pen. Other Games 2006 YaW 2006/03/20
Emoticone Touch the smilies with the stylus as fast as possible. Other Games 2010 gamateur 2010/10/13
Saving Santa Protect Santa by using a trusty magical bubble cannon. Other Games 090108 wykz 2008/12/09
Easy Proposal Maker DS homebrew game to help you confess/propose to the one you love. Other Games 20081214/M3 Multiple:Option 2008/12/20
Entry Control a stick man. Other Games 2008 david_o 2008/01/06
Evil Santa Attacks 2 Play in snowball fight to save Christmas and eliminate Evil Santa. Other Games 2008 Dovoto 2009/01/20
Feel!Learn!Hit! The DS pad. Press the right key displayed. Other Games 2006 Bap65 2006/06/04
FlySwat DS Port of Android game FlySwat. Other Games 1.0 disgepia 2010/09/14
Mario BroDS Handeld simulator of MarioBros Game&Watch. Platform 2006 adree (gbadree) 2006/09/20
Rick Dangerous II DS An adaptation of the Atari ST version Rick Dangerous 2. Platform 1.1 Alekmaul 2011/11/01
Slide And Run A board game with a tiny physical engine. Platform 0.9 Gwoin 2006/08/18
Agility Test your speed. Platform 2010 Ryan 2010/08/01
Alex Adventure Kid Platformer involving teleporters and jump pads. Platform 2012 Eldude 2010/01/01
Atomic Adventure 3D Jump'n'Run Game for the Nintendo DS. Platform 1.1 King Dodongo 2011/03/12
AWESOMEGUY Destroy the crocodiles and collect coins. Platform 0.4-Beta4 Radiodee1 2011/01/04
Bill & Ted - Time & Time Again Time travel platformer. Platform 2009 Spinal 2009/03/19
Billy The Bunny A simple platformer. Platform 2010 KingdomH 2010/04/06
Bilou:Apple Assault Platformer styled homebrew. Platform 1.6b PypeBros (Sylvain) 2012/10/05
Blockman A colorful freeware platformer. Platform 2009 jayenkai 2009/06/08
Bounce Ball platfromer. Platform 2010 Firepip 2010/12/16
Bunny Run Racing platformer. Platform 2010 Cobalt 2010/05/04
Chewing Boy Platformer-shooter. Platform Demo Morukutsu 2010/08/21
Chief Watzon Find the stars and gems. Platform 2008 Student Game Developers 2008/05/01
Donkey Kong II Remake of Donkey Kong game on Game & Watch. Platform Demo martinkool 2007/08/20
Duyumania Brain teaser/platformer for Nintendo DS. Preview version participates in the Neo Compo 2010. Platform 1.0 Full Cuesta 2012/02/06
Epic Caveman Run to survive. Platform 2010 Trey 2010/08/17
Evelonth Platform game. Platform 0.99 Copete23 2009/01/11
Everlasting Love: Tomorrow Hill Combination between a 2D platformer and a rhythm game. Platform 0.3 Mia 2007/04/10
Everyman An original platformer. Platform 2011 ALGraphics, x711Li 2011/08/21
Everything's A Lie Inspired by 2dcube's Karoshi games. Platform 2010 bksonic 2010/04/24
EXCITING WINTERY ADVENTURE Simple platformer. Platform 0.57 eKid 2009/01/20
Finger Monkey and Inverto Goose in Happy Bunny Love Land Uses shapes on touch screen to activate special moves and attacks. Platform 2006 Kung-Fu Fetus 2006/08/13
Giana Sisters DS A Commodore 64 classic for the Nintendo DS. Platform 2007 MrSID 2007/02/22
Gizmo's Adventure A simple platformer for the Nintendo DS. Platform 1.0 Altourus 2010/11/02
Glace DS Remake of Glace by Tommy Visic. Platform Demo 6 s_hansse 2010/05/05
Gravity Shifter Mario adapted from NES. Platform 1.0 TheMacksun 2011/12/13
Halo: Dumb Combat Somhow Evolved A sidescroller game. Platform 2011 Rockleeace 2011/02/27
Hector Le Castor A "mario-like" in 2.5D. Platform 1.0 Imacnds 2010/02/14
Hero An action/platform game. Platform 2006 AronBS 2006/03/21
Rockbot DS Replicate of Rockman (aka Megaman). Platform 0.1 Beta 6 protoman 2010/07/21
Ikachan DS Port of Ikachan, a freeware minigame originally by Daisuke Amaya. Platform 0.1.1 Rain 2020/10/05
Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp Retro-styled platformer. Platform 2009 Ishisoft 2009/12/19
Jump Beat Music platform game. Platform Demo 2011 Cilien, jmap 2011/05/03
Kenny Adventures Platform game based in the South Park world. Platform 2.0 Froskito 2010/01/04
Kirby VS All-Star Inspired by Kirby and varies Nintendo games like Super Mario. Platform 0.3 Tipiak 2006/08/04
Kubik DS A small platform game. Platform 0.81 Quent42340 2011/06/13
Lode Runner Origine Platform puzzle game remake from Apple II. Platform 3.0 C_Boy 2012/01/24
LodeRunner Return Port of Lode Runner from 1983. Platform 1.0 Alekmaul 2010/08/12
Manic Miner Port of Manic Miner on the Atari 800. Platform 1.0 Alekmaul 2010/01/05
Mario Bros Game & Watch Remake A Game & Watch remake. Platform 2006 Tipiak 2006/02/19
Mario VS Time Be fast and collect coins. Platform 1.1 Aekara 2011/08/11
Monky Similiar to Donkey Kong. Platform 2007 MariHQ 2007/05/14
Mr.Robot and his Robot Factory Remake of the C64 version "Mr.Robot and his robot factory". Platform 2012 maRk2512 2012/08/18
Multi View 3D platformer homebrew. Platform 1.0 ThatOtherPerson 2011/11/17
Natura No Story Platform game with original graphics and dynamic gameplay. Platform Demo Morukutsu 2009/07/23
New Super Mario Bros 2 Beta Super Brothers homebrew game. Platform BETA 0.001 VISHI SO FISHI 2008/10/05
Oil Panic DS Simulator of the Game&Watch Oil Panic. Platform 0.2 Mia 2006/04/26
Parallel Worlds: Combined Platforming game. Platform Alpha 5 strata8 2009/03/09
Octopus's Adventure Octopus Adventure. Platform Demo Masamune 2008/10/23
PyroFighterDS Navigate levels with JNKPlat style graphics and put out fires. Platform 0.1 Pre-Alpha t4ils 2009/08/16
Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time DS Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time clone on DS. Platform 0.1 Nobody 2011/07/12
RGB DS Navigate through two screens in order to get to the end of each stage. Platform 2009 UVaSGD 2009/05/13
Turok The Path Of The Warrior Based on the series of Turok. Platform New Demo Carhr 2014/01/22
RUADS A fanmake of Adultswim's Robot Unicorn Attack. Platform 1.0 Insanepotato 2011/04/21
Santas Robot Helper Collect Santas missing presents. Platform 2008 rugal 2008/01/07
Sgt. Helmet Zero DS Remake of Helmet Zero for ZX Spectrum. Platform 1.0 IceVAN 2010/01/19
Snowflakes Action platformer/ puzzle game. Platform 2008 melw 2008/01/27
Sonic The Game Remake of Sonic game. Platform 2.0 froskito 2009/04/15
Sonic the Hedgehog Recreation of Sonic. Platform 1.0 Master Sonic 2009/04/19
Spider DS With a touch of RPG. Platform Demo Laharl 2008/12/12
Spirits DS Remake of Spirits from Topo Soft. Platform 20130716 NightFox 2013/07/16
StarquakeDS Starquake remake. Platform Final Shayman John (Shaymanjohn) 2008/12/12
Stickmania Student-developed platformer with user-created platforms ala Kirby Canvas Curse. Platform 2009 Julien Saddour, Florent Lim 2009/09/18
Stray Cat DS Port of Stray Cat MSX by MSXdev Imanok. Platform Final frodonag 2010/03/20
Super Mario Bros Galaxy DS Inspired by the classic Super Mario Galaxy on Wii. Platform 2.0 The Dark Master 2011/02/20
Super Mario Red Coins DS Collect all the red coins. Platform 1.5 Rockleeace 2011/03/12
Super Mario Sunshine DS Port of Super Mario Sunshine in 2D. Platform 1.0 Rockleeace 2011/05/16
Super Mario War DS Super Mario multi-players game,DS port of Super Mario War. Platform SMW 1.01 GPF 2005/10/20
Super Metroid World Combines elements of Super Mario and Metroid franchises. Platform 2009 DeProgrammer 2009/10/31
Sushi The Cat DS 2D platform game. Platform 2005 N3TKaT & Kamui 2005/08/11
SyobonAction DS A Mario clone, also known as "The Impossible Japanese Game". Platform 2012 n00bey (leinad) 2012/08/18
Test DS Port of the flash game "Spikes Tend To Kill You". Platform 1.0 Dr.Razor 2011/01/25
The Last Coho Inspired by the artwork of the First Nations in the American Pacific North West. Platform 2008 mrX5000 2008/12/15
Tiled Map Level Editor DS-based level editor. Platform 111124 Schmendrick 2011/11/24
Tom's World Simple platform game. Platform 1.0 Filou HB 2011/10/30
TuxsliDeS Winter platfromer. Platform 1.0 Tomdev 2011/03/20
Uber Project Run and jump platformer for the NDS. Platform 1.0 phan_b, cleric_b 2010/07/07
Uummarmiut Find all the Christmas gifts. Platform Final birslip 2008/01/05
Worlds DS Play a black ball that goes through different worlds. Platform 2011 rockleeace 2011/01/01
W t n Platform game which character has power to absorb object. Platform 2011 Delca 2011/08/31
Rick dangerous Open source remake of Rick Dangerous. Platform 2.2 Alekmaul 2010/11/20
Yoshi DS Remake of Yoshi's Island. Platform Demo Vincent Roumier 2011/12/07
You Have To Burn The Rope DS Remake of the famous game on PC, You Have To Burn The Rope. Platform 2009 LaPatateInc 2009/08/19
Yoshis Bad Brother Platform game where you can shoot your enemies. Platform 2005 Seddy 2005/08/09
Yoshi's Revenge Escape from Yoshi. Platform 2010 TheSecOrg 2010/08/25
SpelunkyDS Spelunky remake for Nintendo DS. Platform 1.13DSi++ dbeef 2018/10/08
NeoPlatDS Unique, fast-paced platformer. Platform 2010 Jayenkai 2010/10/01
Jumping Barnabe Originally from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Platform 1.0 Alekmaul 2005/08/08
Sauver Papa Nöel! Christmas theme platformer. Platform 2011 [email protected] 2011/12/17
Chronoclon Remake of the PC puzzle/platformer Chrontron. Platform 0.3 jubei867 (Steffen Just) 2011/06/29
MegaETK Side-scrolling platformer/shooter. Platform 1.04 ETK 2008/05/17
Rave Story DS Port of one of the most popular Cave Story mod. Platform 2022 rain 2022/09/12
Chuckie Egg DS Remake of Chuckie Egg from the Dragon 32 version. Platform 20170410 Ant512 (Antony Dzeryn) 2017/04/10
Cave Story NDS Homebrew Cave Story DS port with multiplayer and modding support. Based on CSE2 Decompilation. Platform 0.4 rain 2022/09/12
Super Mario Galaxy DS Adapted Mario Galaxy commercial from 3D to 2D. Platform Demo 3 Froskito 2009/09/10
Crocodingus in Cube Island 3D puzzle-platformer. Platform 1.1 PXLteam 2008/08/30
Knytt Stories DS Several short levels/stories included (new stories are created by the community). Platform 1.0a Full Rodrigo Roman 2010/04/10
Lapinou Jumps! Rabbit platform game. Platform 1.2 Thoduv 2008/07/28
JNKPlat 08 Puzzle platfrom game. Platform 0.8 Jayenkai 2008/10/07
Manic Miner: The Lost Levels Remake of the game platform Manic Miner (ZX Spectrum, 1983). Platform 1.06 Flash 2010/02/27
Inside The Machine Control an animal to get out the body of a monster. Platform Final Morukutsu 2008/08/15
Super Mario 64 (1996) for Nintendo DSi A port of the Super Mario 64 decompilation to the DSi. Platform 2021 Hydr8gon 2021/03/11
New Zelda A Zelda Castlevania. Platform Demo Lupidan (Lupi) 2006/08/02
Mario Craft Super Mario theme Minecraft clone in 2D. Platform 1.3 Nobody 2011/07/29
CommanDS Keen An adaptation of Commander Keen series from PC. Platform 1.0 Alekmaul 2008/08/18
FlashbackDS Port of Reminiscence Engine to NintendoDS. Platform 1.1 Alekmaul (GPF) 2011/10/09
DSLIERO Remake of the DOS original Liero. Platform 2012 SchmendrickSchmuck 2012/02/19
Fuzed DS Puzzle platformer. Platform 0.01 Relminator 2012/09/18
Mario DS Super Mario World Clone. Platform Demo GEMISIS 2011/05/19
ZotBot DS Similar to Super Mario World. Platform 12-10 Creepyplaidman 2005/10/12
Let There Be Light Transform colored blocks for matching and subsequent deletion from the grid. Puzzle Full icodeatwork 2008/06/30
Lights Off Clone of classic Lights Out game. Puzzle 2008 Massif 2008/02/23
Lights Off! Lights Out with several variants built in. Puzzle 2009 ArrPirate 2009/08/20
LightSout Lights Out homebrew clone. Puzzle 2009 Karakh 2009/01/31
Alien Puzzle Alien puzzle game. Puzzle 2009 GEMISIS, PrinceGohan 2009/08/21
Lights Out! An adaption of Lights Out. Puzzle 2.0 eglomer 2009/08/16
Clonemines A mix of Tetris and Lumines. Puzzle 0.2 myersn024 2008/01/22
LinesCS Align 5 squares of the same color to make them disappear. Puzzle 0.2 frozenjaZz 2007/11/27
Collection 4 entertaining mini-games. Puzzle 2010 Dustin 2010/03/15
LOCKJAW Tetromino Stacking Game. Puzzle 0.46a Damian Yerrick (pineight) 2008/11/09
CrossPics & Sumdoku Two puzzle games: Killer Sudoku and Sum Sudoku. Puzzle 2006 JimmyL 2006/03/06
Loopover A DS port of Carykh's Loopover. Puzzle 1.0 Sammy6 2020/07/02
Deflektor DS Deflektor remake. Puzzle 2009 Sigmaris 2009/06/07
Dev-Fr Sliding Community Sliding puzzle game with 20 custom packs. Puzzle 2008 Kukulcan 2008/08/20
DSAcademy Brain Training. Puzzle Full Tipiak 2006/07/20
Flux Tetris-like game. Puzzle 2005 rize 2005/08/10
Hawaiian Islands Pairing puzzle game. Puzzle Final Vinnepin 2006/08/20
Magic Lines "Light version" of the original game published by Thalion. Puzzle Light Foxy 2005/08/10
Jewel Warehouse A puzzle-platformer that offers a unique series of challenges. Puzzle Full EgoTrip 2013/12/05
Magic Numbers Number guessing. Puzzle 1.0 isma--ro3 2010/09/01
Maketens Numbers puzzle game. Puzzle 0.061 bob_fossil 2010/03/14
Bitsweeper Minesweeper port. Puzzle Release 5 dsotaku (Heriberto Delgado) 2011/12/24
Magi Gift Wrap Simple puzzle game. Puzzle 2008 TD-Linux 2009/01/20
Mahjong Classic Mahjong game. Puzzle 1.0 Gwoin (Gwennael Buchet) 2006/09/28
MathsAttack Based on MathOp with some changes. Puzzle 2006 t4ils 2006/06/14
MindMaze Compendium of mini puzzle games. Puzzle Final NightFox 2011/08/30
Munky Blocks DS Get all of Munky's Blocks in order. Puzzle 2009 Jayenkai 2009/11/24
MyBookWorm Port of the Java game Bookworm. Puzzle 0.4 Teka 2008/08/07
New Caisse DS Sokoban puzzle, remake of Caisse DS. Puzzle Final Kukulkan 2008/10/23
Matecedario Spanish version of the game show "The numbers and letters". Puzzle Puzzle mikethunder 2011/02/13
DS Hobbies Includes Word Search Puzzle and Sudoku. Puzzle Beta 1.5 Hermes 2007/02/27
Still Alive DS A puzzle adventure based on and inspired by the video game Portal from Valve, and much more notably influenced by The Flash Online game. Puzzle 1.21 t4ils 2009/08/01
MathOp Math game. Puzzle 2006 t4ils 2006/07/04
Subtera Puzlo Collect coins and key that to unlock the exit. Puzzle 1.3 EgoTrip 2013/01/01
MazeD Look for exit in labyrinths. Puzzle 0.02 Walar 2010/12/31
Suomitetris DS Tetris clone. Puzzle 1.1 aitotat 2006/07/19
MazeMania Port of MazeMania on iphone. Puzzle 1.0 Crypt!k 2009/05/31
Tetattds Tetris Attack Clone. Puzzle 3.1 Flatware 2008/10/12
Tetris 3DS Tetris in 3D. Puzzle 1.3 AntonioND 2008/07/04
MemorizeMe A brain trainer/memory game. Puzzle Final Madcat1900 2008/05/11
The Search Master: Metal Gear Solid Edition A Metal Gear Solid-themed tile search game. Puzzle 2008 Multiple:Option 2008/12/24
Memory DS A card flipping memory game. Puzzle 2007 m-a-r-k-u-s 2007/07/26
Memory_me Port of the flash game Picto. Puzzle 0.1 Doud 2007/10/01
Word Wrap Clone of a word jumbling game. Puzzle 1.2 bob fossil 2010/03/18
Migraine Sliding puzzle game. Puzzle 2009 roronoa 2009/11/12
Mines A simple clone of Minesweeper. Puzzle Demo David Rorex (davr) 2006/08/16
MineSweeper Minesweeper game. Puzzle 2009 Karakh 2009/02/02
Mine Sweeper Conversation of Minesweeper for the NDS. Puzzle 1.1 stefan 2007/07/31
MineSweeperDS DS version of the Minesweeper for Windows with some improvements. Puzzle Update The_Legend 2006/08/20
Mnemeds Mnemonic-based puzzle game. Puzzle 0.1.0 Pre-Release Vaccha 2007/12/09
Mot Mot Motus Adaptation of the TV show Motus for Nintendo DS. Puzzle 1.03 orion-jones 2012/03/11
NDS PICROSS A homebrew version of picross. Puzzle 2012 MeRAMAN 2012/11/07
Zahlenraten Guess a number between 1 and 1000. Puzzle 2.2FF FUK-Team 2012/11/18
NDS Sichuan (SHISENSHO) Mah-jong tiles puzzle game. Puzzle 20100529 MeRAMEN 2010/05/29
N-echo Clone of the SCEJ game Echochrome. Puzzle 0.4.3 Jchien 2009/02/05
Negative Space A homebrew puzzle game for the GBA based on the concept of negative space. Puzzle 2.0 Mia 2008/12/16
NightFox's Colors Puzzle game in Colummns Style. Puzzle 20090804 NightFox 2009/08/04
Ninpic Lineup game. Puzzle 2010 Pixel Lord 2010/05/21
NotToScale DS Port of a unique swapping puzzler Not to Scale by randomdragoon. Puzzle 1.0 Copper 2014/01/15
NoobMiniGames Spot the Differences game. Puzzle 2008 tiancai (cpy) 2008/03/25
Obama Says Yes We Can An Obama-themed Simon Says type game. Puzzle 20080913 Multiple:Option 2008/09/13
Oh Mummy Evolution Maze game based off the old Amstrad CPC. Puzzle 1.5 Wizlon 2007/08/19
OMG WTF Falling blocks game. Puzzle 2009 arrPirate 2009/08/13
Orkus Puzzle game. Puzzle 0.4 Orkus 2006/05/21
Orscol DS Control the color block. Puzzle Demo 1.1 BAKAWORLD 2008/10/01
PairsDS Matching game. Puzzle Beta Psym 2006/11/15
PanicGastric Rush Hour with creepy theme. Puzzle 2007 rema 2007/07/29
Parkin' Rampage Navigate the police out of the jammed parking lot. Puzzle 2021 Tim 'Mighty Max' Seidel (DesperateProgrammer) 2021/01/03
PA Sudoku Sudoku game with over 3 difficulty settings. Puzzle 1.3 PBone 2006/03/21
LumiDS Similar to Lumines for the PSP. Puzzle 0.2a Christopher 'FireSlash' Kadar 2006/01/11
Pegnidi of Various Spot the difference between two similar looking pictures. Puzzle Final SPECIAL84 2009/06/14
Lox Collect Keys in the labyrinth. Puzzle Demo bigredpimp (Mike Parks) 2004/09/17
PhotoCupDS Based off the Mega Touch series of games Photo Hunt. Puzzle 2006 Knight0fDragon 2006/10/26
PicrossDS Puzzle based on a grid of black and white squares which form a picture. Puzzle 0.3a Cidrick 2005/12/18
Pingalo Help Pingalo to gather eggs and baby penguins. Puzzle 0.19 TomyzFlash 2007/10/13
PingWin Penguins puzzle game. Puzzle Final Gwoin 2006/02/17
Pipe DS Pipe Dream-like game. Puzzle 0.1 Myran 2008/03/18
Pipe Nightmare Recreation of Pipe Dream. Puzzle Update Knight0fDragon 2007/03/21
Mee DS A brain trainer/memory game. Puzzle Demo 1 HvE 2011/10/19
Plofs Similar to Lemmings. Puzzle 0.99 copete23 2009/11/20
Plop Invaders Slime puzzle game. Puzzle 0.52b zeblackos 2007/07/23
Plus or Minus DS Classic game adapted. Puzzle 2.1 corenting 2011/02/26
Pocket Physics Solving puzzle by drawing, based on the Crayon Physics game. Puzzle 0.6 0xtob 2008/03/16
Poppin Pop balloons. Puzzle 0.4 jgc146 2009/03/24
Star-Devouring Octopus Port of Java version of The Clever Flog. Puzzle 2010 oldowl 2010/04/19
Present Factory Christmas themed puzzle game. Puzzle 2008 Maple 2008/01/07
Protector DS DS versio2009n of the Flash game "Zwingo". Puzzle 2009 boive 2009/01/01
PuyoPuyo Clone Inspired by the original Puyo Puyo game. Puzzle 0.01 Alpha chongtin 2008/12/28
Puzl Jigsaw puzzle game. Puzzle 2008 SiW 2008/03/21
Puzzle Square puzzles. Puzzle 3.1 Neumann 2007/07/01
Puzzle Fit tiles into a pre-defined area. Puzzle 0.0001b zeblackos 2007/12/17
Puzzle 48 Three very different puzzle. Puzzle 2011 Aguilera_87 2011/08/31
PuzzleBoy An addictive homebrew puzzler originally named QuirkDS. Puzzle 1.10 MaRk2512 2010/02/24
Lost Marbles Based on the Loose Your Marbles game for PC. Puzzle 0.2 Sych 2010/04/02
Codename: Puzzlemania Minigame collection. Puzzle Alpha Knightfox 2008/09/22
PuzzleManiak A collection of games for the DS. Puzzle 3.6a Alex 2008/08/20
Puzzle N01: To Bulban Puzzle game, inspired by the Professor Layton Series. Puzzle 3.1 AlceX 2009/12/23
Puzzli Remove all fish from board. Puzzle 1.1 Alekmaul 2010/08/29
Puzzobomb A mix of Puzznic and Bombs. Puzzle 2008 jayenkai 2008/12/02
QBX A thinking puzzle cube game. Puzzle 1.0 Didou 2006/08/11
Quadrangular DS Tetris but with different shapes. Puzzle 0.1 bfth software 2008/01/06
Qub3DS Tetris like mini-game from Grand Theft Auto IV. Puzzle 1.0 wjan (wojtekj) 2008/12/15
Quirk DS Port of Kwirk game from the Game Boy. Puzzle 2009 MaRk2512 2009/05/25
ReboNDS Puzzle/action game, fill playground area with isolating balls. Puzzle 1.1 Didou 2005/11/10
Gravity by Garhoogin Gravity Game for DS. Puzzle Garhoogin 2021/10/31
Ripholes in Rubbish 2D platformer/puzzle game set inside a sketchbook. Puzzle Final Craig Abernethy, Kevin Amoyen, Mee Cha, Chris Davidson, Max Lampert, Trevor Prater, Lena Chandhok, Malcolm Wyatt-Mair 2009/12/04
WordUp! The classic word games that gamers use the stylus to connect letter into English words. Puzzle 1.0 Superpanic 2007/04/15
Robot Arm DS Control robot to reach the goal. Puzzle 1.0 Jeremysr 2007/08/20
RobodromDS Conversion of a game started on Amiga in 1992. Puzzle 0.03a Cotsz 2008/08/02
Santa's Challenge Find and return presents. Puzzle 2008 GeekyLink, Kori, Graham 2008/01/22
Rodent's Revenge DS Homebrew clone of Rodent's Revenge. Puzzle 1.00 Jeremy Ruten (Jeremysr) 2009/02/13
Rodixs ¡TIC! Control a red ball to defect enemies. Puzzle Final 2 cheleon15 2010/08/28
Rubber Bands DS Collection of mini-games all based on a simple particle physics system. Puzzle Testing Walaber 2006/06/30
Rubik's Cube Rubik's Cube program. Puzzle 1.1 Morgan Robertson 2007/12/26
SokoKnight Sokoban clone. Puzzle 0.1 Alpha Necronlord (Michael Sachner, Peter Mensching) 2008/01/17
RushHour DS Move the car to the exit. Puzzle 1.2 Carpool Maximilien Dagois (Groquick), TomServo 2008/10/14
Sam and Max The Hangman Game Hangman Game based on the Sam and Max universe. Puzzle 1.1 DisizDream 2010/08/13
Scogger Control a frog to solve the puzzle. Puzzle 0.2 Scognito, Kenny 2008/03/02
Secret Collect Collect secrets from all over the globe. Puzzle 2007 Phillip Bradbury (Videlectrix/Phlip) 2007/07/14
Seek And Recharge Control a robot to reach a new battery before running out of charge. Puzzle Update samel 2009/08/16
Sensitive DS Level based maze puzzler. Puzzle 2006 Neil Malmer (Spinal) 2006/08/21
SetDS Puzzle card game. Puzzle 20070706 Gedeon34 2007/07/06
Setris Remove color stones. Puzzle Preview HAFFAX 2008/11/01
Setsuzoku no Puzzle A challenging tile-matching game. Puzzle 0.3 Sébastien THON (Stravingo) 2007/09/16
SkinzSudoku Sudoku with undo/redo function and several skins. Puzzle Update 11 June 2007 Mollusk 2007/06/11
Sliding O' Mania Sliding puzzle game. Puzzle 2007 Kukulcan 2007/08/09
Slippery Cave Guide a penguin to advance an icy cave. Puzzle 1.93 Fantasix 2011/01/11
SnakeDS Port of flash game Unreveal. Puzzle 1 Beda 2007/03/21
Soko DS Sokoban game. Puzzle 0.4 Cobain 2008/01/12
Sokoban All Stars Mario Sokoban coded in LUA. Puzzle 1.1 Benjani13 2009/10/28
Sokoban Touch & Go! Mindbending puzzler sokoban game. Puzzle Final maRk 2010/09/14
SpritesOut A tile flipping game like Lights Out. Puzzle 2006 chadkeck 2006/07/14
SquarO Casual game with a touch of Sudoku and Minesweeper. Puzzle 1.4 Aguilera_87 2010/09/01
Stone Age Port of Stone Age (published on Atari, Amiga, PC). Puzzle Alpha hdxs 2006/03/27
StripedRectangle A puzzle block game. Puzzle 2005 Proto_T 2005/08/10
Lemmings DS Super Mario Levels Custom maps for Lemmings DS. Puzzle 3.0 Madmaxou 2009/09/20
Sudoku One of the first Sudoku ports for the DS. Puzzle 2005 Zapf_Bandit 2005/09/26
+ ou - DS (+ or - DS) Find the hidden number. Puzzle 0.2 Filou HB 2011/09/02
SudokuDS Sudoku on NDS with medium difficulty. Puzzle 2008 Mad 2008/05/28
10 DS An adaptation of flash game 10. Puzzle 1.0 Copper 2014/02/15
Sudoku DS Sudoku game. Puzzle 0.5 Dopefish 2008/04/12
15-16 Puzzle 15-16 slider game. Puzzle R1 Dustin 2007/03/20
Sudoku Sudoku on NDS. Puzzle 1.0 Morgan Robertson (morganDS) 2007/11/18
Maouss DS Puzzle game set in the future. Puzzle 140808 Kukulcan 2008/08/14
100 Boxes puzzle Clear 100 boxes in the field. Puzzle 2010 Kyoufu Kawa 2010/02/22
Sudoku4Kids Sudoku game for kids that generates a single quadrant Sudoku. Puzzle 2012 Mincemeat TEAM 2012/09/19
AcChen DS Homebrew tile-matching puzzle game. Puzzle 0.81 preussie 2007/10/18
Sudoku Maniac Sudoku clone with graphic improvements. Puzzle 1.1 graph05 2007/09/12
AlchiDS Simple yet addictive match-3 game. Puzzle 2011 Fantasix 2011/07/26
Stone Age DS Port of an Amiga game, Stone Age. Puzzle 2009 maRK2512 2009/10/25
Supaplex DS Remake of the Amiga classic Supaplex. Puzzle WIP RyouArashi 2010/09/22
AmazeDS Randomized perfect maze generator. Puzzle 1.1 M. Lucanius 2010/03/17
Super Maze DS Stimulating maze game. Puzzle 2009 AlexPlunkett 2009/09/02
Rokoban DS 3D Sokoban game. Puzzle 2010 Zalo 2010/03/14
Amuz DS Similar to Zuma, a game developed by PopCap Games. Puzzle Final Frank569 2006/09/28
Swap DS SWAP puzzle. Puzzle 24 Tiwaz, Kukulcan 2010/08/14
Lost in Space Control a spacecraft and reach the exit safely. Puzzle Full nanyuduo 2008/11/21
Aperture Science DS (portalDS) Homebrew nintendo DS adaptation of Valve's Portal. Puzzle R1 smealum, lobo 2013/08/21
Take it Cheesy Match lines with identical values??. Puzzle 2010 MoDmew8 2010/11/23
Area Ten Based on popular Flash game which tests your motor skills. Puzzle 2008 Kukulcan 2008/03/11
Tangram DS Ancient china puzzle. Puzzle 1.1 beodeulpiri 2007/08/16
Atoms:DS Place atoms to defeat other player. Puzzle 0.7 Ross "GouldFish" Gouldthorpe 2010/04/12
Computer Adventure Computer puzzle about basic computer skills. Puzzle 2009 Raultecnologia, Alumnos 2009/06/04
Tetravex DS A Tetravex game for the DS.. Puzzle 1.0 Jeremy Ruten 2007/10/02
Aztec Challenge Port of Laser Mayhem,a TI-82 game, by Badja. Puzzle 1.1 Bodom-Child 2006/03/17
Tetris DS Tetris Clone for DS. Puzzle 1.3 Christian Auby (DesktopMan) 2005/08/10
d-Elusion The lost kitty's saga. Puzzle 0.3 NotImplementedLife (N.I.L) 2022/01/15
Ball Align three balls of the same color to make them disappear. Puzzle 1.0 Final abyssahx 2008/04/04
Tetris&Touch Tetris clone with new style. Puzzle 2006 Payk 2006/03/20
Ball Buster! Based on a variant of Tetris called Quirks. Puzzle 2010 Elusion 2010/01/23
Tetris: The Grand Master 3 DS Port of TGM3, similar to Tetris DS by nintendo. Puzzle 20080815 MeRAMAN 2008/08/15
BallyWally Direct the ball into the hole. Puzzle 31032010 janmulder 2010/03/31
Tetrominout Combination of Tetris and Breakout. Puzzle 2009 Karakh 2009/02/05
Pushing DS Push the boxes to their designated position using pushing machines. Puzzle 2018 c_boy 2018/11/07
Textris DS Retro style interpretation of Tetris. Puzzle 1.1 Snailface 2011/12/03
Birds DS Port of a mini-game from Big Brain Academy for the Wii. Puzzle 2009 HvE 2009/08/20
The Light Corridor DS Based on a meditative/zen, puzzle-solving game for the DOS system. Puzzle 2007 Jerone Eippers 2007/01/01
3P Labyrinth A game based on solving labyrinth, to maintain mental alertness. Puzzle 1.0 Mincemeat TEAM 2013/03/05
Bloops DS Group Bloops to destory them. Puzzle 2006 N64Francois 2006/03/12
TimeHack Edit the margin to hack a timer. Puzzle 1.0 Martaper 2011/08/25
Blox Adaptation of the same name puzzle game. Puzzle 0.6 JanMulder 2011/06/19
uDemineur DS Lua-coded Minesweeper. Puzzle 1.0 Final Reylak 2009/08/21
Bomb Defusion A collection of word games. Puzzle 1.0 zshckfle 2009/12/20
UKKE DS Move the star piece across the board. Puzzle 2009 Unkwar, Realtech-Vr 2009/03/19
Boondoggle A collection of word games. Puzzle 0.2.0 Matthew Newell 2011/05/27
ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Arcade Sliding puzzle with duel screen. Puzzle Arcade Kukulcan 2008/03/11
Xmas Breaker Christmas theme bubble breaker. Puzzle 2006 Peter "blasty" Geissler 2006/01/02
Brix DS Physics-based puzzle game. Puzzle 3.0 Boive 2009/09/01
ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Ecchi Sliding puzzle with duel screen. Puzzle Ecchi Kukulcan 2008/03/11
MineSweeper Mine Sweeper clone. Puzzle 2011 moonlight 2011/03/20
Minesweeper DS Minesweeper for Nintendo DS. Puzzle 1.2 Alber h 2008/09/23
ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Sci-Fi Sliding puzzle with duel screen. Puzzle Sci-Fi Kukulcan 2008/03/11
Caisses DS Sokoban puzzle. Puzzle 04 Update Kukulkan 2008/10/23
Virus DS Xmas Edition Special Christmas edition for Virus DS, similar to Dr. Mario. Puzzle Xmas Kukulcan 2007/12/20
CardAgain DS Memory card game. Puzzle 20100822 Jayenkai 2010/08/22
Waimanu Daring Slides DS Similar to Pengo from Sega Arcade. Puzzle 1.01 Disjointed Studio 2011/02/23
Where is the Star? Seek stars along the most famous monuments of the world. Puzzle 4.0 magicblack2009 2010/08/31
Where's Wally DS Follows the same idea as the Where's Wally book. Puzzle 2008 James Garner 2008/10/24
Codename Hacker A clone of Chips Challenge. Puzzle 1.1 Alekmaul 2008/08/20
Coffee Prince DS Memory game. Puzzle 1.0 Ryu Seung-Ryul 2007/08/19
Cogito DS A variant of the Rubik's cube. Puzzle 2008 Rom1 2009/12/06
WordFind DS Connect letter into English words. Puzzle 1.0 Zapf Bandit Software 2008/11/25
Color Lines Based on the original Amstrad CPC game. Puzzle 1.0 KuKulKan 2010/12/03
Xump DS Port of PC game Xump. Puzzle 2008 Reppa 2008/08/18
ColumnsDS Based off Columns/Jewels. Puzzle 20100718 a2h 2010/07/18
Yoshi's Labyrinth Yoshi 3D game. Puzzle Demo Circus 2007/12/31
CrackAttack Similar to Tetris Attack. Puzzle 0.5 Giacometti Luca (Samel) 2008/08/18
Znax Collect 4 tiles with same color. Puzzle 2007 birslip 2007/01/27
Cryptic Quotes Puzzle word game. Puzzle 1.0 Foxtatum 2011/10/05
CrystalChase DS Cear the crystals on the game field. Puzzle 2008 mh2008 2008/02/10
Four Different Differences Spot the difference. Puzzle 1.0 Jgamesu 2008/10/03
Cube-DS Rubik's Cube game. Puzzle 0.7 SatNav 2010/04/25
Cube-X DS Unofficial port of the Amiga game Cube-X. Puzzle 1.0 Titoboy666 2007/08/13
CuTrIx Tetris clone made in 3D. Puzzle 2006 Jandujar 2006/03/14
MasterMind DS Implementation of MasterMind. Puzzle 1.2 Dave_Ryman 2010/02/25
Dazzle Sparkle Basic clone of Bejewelled. Puzzle 2007 Fairuz Lokman (frooze) 2007/08/11
Defuse Look for the three-digit number combination. Puzzle 0.25 Eldude 2008/09/14
Démineur (Minesweeper) Minesweeper game for Nintendo DS coded in Lua. Puzzle 0.3 Papymouge 2012/01/01
Deactivate the Bomb Defusing bombs. Puzzle 0.2 AlmamuPP 2008/11/20
DeSxpressions Hangman style homebrew. Puzzle 0.4 cid2mizard 2007/08/31
De-Lite Similar to Lights Out. Puzzle 2006 Jamie Fuller 2006/11/20
Dexter's Labyrinth DS Remake of Dexter's Labyrinth. Puzzle Update Demo jdl 2011/11/17
Diamond Push boxes to put in their places. Puzzle 1.5 spectrenoir06 2012/03/21
Loonies 8192 DS A mini retro puzzle game similar to Lumines. Puzzle r66 thp 2021/07/09
Diamonds Rocks DS Jewel puzzle game. Puzzle 2005 Kaltorak 2006/04/21
Dice Roller Puzzle game based on sliding tile games. Puzzle 2007 OutOfRange 2007/08/21
Diddy's Adventure Embodies Diddy Kong through various levels and to meet different puzzles. Puzzle 0.21 Filou HB 2012/04/05
Digitory DS Remake from the flash game Digitory. Puzzle 0.1 cid2mizard 2009/05/13
Don Simon Clone of Simon for the DS. Puzzle 1.1 fr3nd 2005/11/15
DSameGame Clone of SameGame. Puzzle 2.0 beta Angel Barreiros 2007/01/17
DsCube A 3D version Rubik's cube. Puzzle Final Sebastian Proost 2008/06/17
DS mines Minesweeper game. Puzzle 0.7 aGaTHoS 2008/05/18
Miner Two player Minesweeper. Puzzle 0.5 Beda 2006/10/24
Wordle DS A clone of Wordle for the Nintendo DS/DSi. Puzzle 2.1.1 Epicpkmn11 2022/09/15
D-Space Similar to ZZT and Arctic Adventure. Puzzle 1 zzo38computer 2006/04/24
DSPaintball Draw paths for a bouncing ball to get to the goal. Puzzle 2010 miguel28 2010/08/15
DS Sokoban Port of a classic puzzle game created in 1980 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi. Puzzle 20061020 adree 2006/10/20
DSudoku A DS version of Sudoku. Puzzle 2005 Gluck 2005/09/25
DSudoku Sudoku on DS. Puzzle 0.9 Ben2303 2006/03/15
DSudoku Original Sudoku clone. Puzzle 2007 Crescent Moon (CM) 2007/01/04
EarthShakerDS Adaptation of the classic Boulder Dash of ZX Spectrum. Puzzle 2012 Ant512 2012/05/26
Stringy Things 1 & 2 A super collection of word games. Puzzle 2008 jayenkai 2008/11/25
Find the 3 differences Spot the difference with Mario theme. Puzzle 1.1 Draco el dragon 2011/11/21
Karoshi DS 2D platform-puzzle game. Puzzle Compo Demo Jesse Venbrux, Maxime Euzière 2010/12/31
Enigma Puzzle game similar to Closed. Puzzle 0.2 liberty 2008/02/08
The Hardest Game In The World DS Port of the flash game with the same name. Puzzle 1.0 Beta Disgepia 2010/08/28
The Hardest Game In The World PRO NDS Hardest v1.0Game In The World PRO. Puzzle 1.0 magicblack2009 2012/07/12
Staris Tetris for the Nintendo DS. Puzzle 0.7 Sephiroth_FF7 2008/01/23
Eun Hye DS Jigsaw puzzle game with actress from Korean drama. Puzzle 1.0 Ryu Seung-Ryul 2007/10/01
Closed Riddles with creepy theme. Puzzle 1.7 Ali Banana, Cobain 2009/07/17
Evil Birds DS Port of Angry Birds. Puzzle Demo BAgames (bart2465) 2012/07/21
SheepSOS Bring three sheep and three wolves from one bank to another with a boat. Puzzle 1.0 Sylux 2010/07/05
EyeQ DS Count the number of bubbles. Puzzle 0.7 The incredible boss 2010/02/03
Really Bad Eggs Egg puzzle based on Tetris. Puzzle 20131223 Ant512 2013/12/23
FACE4² Avatars puzzles. Puzzle Lost Aguilera_87 2011/10/02
FastRead Training Touch number 1-25 one by one in-order. Puzzle 2007 hewenxie 2007/08/04
Magic Floor A freeware sample for the nocash debuggers and A22i assembler. Puzzle 2006 Martin Korth 2006/05/25
Firewall Complete mathematical problems. Puzzle 1 Digital Worm 2009/10/02
Fireworlds An original puzzle/platform adventure. Puzzle 1.1 Dirbaio 2011/05/26
Five Error Find differences between two images. Puzzle 2009 Tiwaz, Kukulcan 2009/08/20
Baukasten Puzzle with 11 different shaped pieces. Puzzle 3 Christian Hülsemeyer ChiSaw (Mazik) 2008/07/09
Flake Out Fast-paced arcade-esque game. Puzzle 2010 x711Li (Daniel Li) 2010/08/21
Flock Carry the birds to the star. Puzzle Final Gillian Laidlaw 2012/07/24
Element DS Inspired by the Flash game called "COLLISO DS". Puzzle Update Kukulcan, Lobo 2008/10/23
FP-Project Bubble Shooter. Puzzle Release 5 jed 2006/08/18
Frodo In The Battle Similar to Where's Wally. Puzzle 1.0 Master Sonic 2008/11/05
Fushido Inspired by an original game Ishido. Puzzle 1.0 Didou 2006/03/08
Gift Shuffle Look for the hidden gift. Puzzle 2009 Spikey (Jesse Schipilow) 2009/01/04
Dice DS Remake of the flash game Dice Straight. Puzzle 1.1 Copper 2011/05/08
GoBlue! Avoid as many of the enemy ships. Puzzle Beta -pete- (Pete) 2007/04/01
Gramme DS Two-way line puzzle game. Puzzle 2008 Vaccha 2008/01/20
Marble Remake of a classic wood labyrinth game. Puzzle Preview 2 Noda 2008/08/29
Gravity Duck DS Control the duck to collect golden eggs. Puzzle 2012 BAgames (bart2465) 2012/07/21
Grid Challenge Gridlock game. Puzzle 0.9 Miqualke 2005/09/16
Block Mania Another Dream Remake of a challenging puzzle game. Puzzle Update Kukulkan 2009/07/14
Hangman DS Hangman for Nintendo DS, featuring an English dictionary. Puzzle 1.0 Eye Kebab 2008/11/15
Electro Cube puzzle. Puzzle 2008 chris28 2008/05/11
Hangman Hangman clone. Puzzle 2009 Tassu 2009/08/19
Wintercube Clone of the Rubik's Cube in 3D. Puzzle Final Scarta (D.Amar) 2006/01/03
Hexa Virus Adapted flash game Virus 2 for the DS. Puzzle 2 Mollusk 2006/11/06
Bakudan One of the different variant of tetris. Puzzle 0.6 MeRAMAN 2007/11/22
HexxagonDS Clone of the DOS classic Hexxagon. Puzzle Alpha1 Kevin Vance (kvance) 2006/08/24
Homer and The Lost Donut A Simpsons based maze game. Puzzle 0.6b Neumann 2007/07/01
Hot Spot DS Remake of an old tile-placeing puzzle game. Puzzle 2007 samel 2007/08/15
Hungry Mice DS Steal the cheese in the kitchen. Puzzle Demo Kiefer Lam, Jack.B 2011/01/27
Ice Slider Ice Slider is a puzzle game, with the objective of collecting 10 coins on each level. Puzzle 1.1 EgoTrip 2012/07/07
Janken A WIFI rock, paper, scissors game. Puzzle 2009 Masamune 2009/04/05
DSAllStars Puzzle game. Puzzle 7 space1 2007/08/24
Jays XWords A collection of Crossword puzzles with a usable interface. Puzzle 2009 jayenkai 2009/02/17
Pro-SUDOKU Sudoku game. Puzzle 0.8 Ludo6431 2007/08/26
Jelly Blocks Port of the popular flash, and iPod Touch game, Jelly Blocks. Puzzle 1.3 Copper 2011/05/08
Naruto Magical Drop DS Clone of the Magical Drop game with the characters from Naruto. Puzzle 1.0 Tharandûr 2006/10/29
JoggleDS Find words in a 5x5 grid of random letter tiles. Puzzle 2006 Valerio "Lotti" Riva 2006/09/08
jumpDS A variation of KJumpingCube. Puzzle 1.0 veubeke 2009/06/04
Jumpy Froggy Remake of "Jump Mania". Puzzle 0.5 Beta Cid2Mizard, Kukulcan 2009/08/14
Ka-BoOm Minesweeper style game. Puzzle 0.3 Sébastien THON 2007/06/03
Kirby in Box World Adventure Isometric puzzle game. Puzzle 0.4 Beta Kukulcan 2009/08/13
Krexblibos Collect cherries to progress on levels. Puzzle 2009 Azenris 2009/10/01
Krystals DS A remake of NightFox's Colors. Puzzle Final NightFox (knightfox75) 2014/04/13
KuMoLo Move boxes to reach the marked exit. Puzzle 2008 Kukulcan 2008/03/14
The Epic Adventure of a Fluff Lead a spider to get through all the obstacles. Puzzle 1.0 disgepia 2010/08/31
The Account is Good Account Is Good, maths game. Puzzle 0.4 The_Pimousse 2008/05/28
Lemmings DS An open-source port of the classic Amiga action-puzzle game. Puzzle 7.04 Full Mr D 2007/06/14
Chapas GP Topdown racing game. Racing 2010 Jovin 2010/08/20
Whee!DS 2 A 3D spaceship racing game. Racing 1.0 Tassu 2007/09/08
Kartz: Animalia World! 3D Multiplayer racing kart game. Racing 2010 dheart 2010/12/31
BloxavoiD Avoid the blocks. Racing 1.0 sulfyr 2010/07/08
AnkRace Bet on rubber ducks racing. Racing 2011 Min 2011/07/17
Brick Game DS Run by the road without crashing into cars. Racing 2009 master sonic 2009/05/03
Car Playing Survival game coded in Micro Lua. Racing 2.73 Final BALROG 2009/12/26
DadaS Horse racing game. Racing 0.2 English cid2mizard 2007/11/20
DronS Light cycle game. Racing 1.6 leinad (n00bey) 2009/08/15
DSLB (DS LightBikes) Tron Lightcycle clone, alpha stage, pre-multiplayer. Racing 1.0 Alpha Kalus 2007/07/27
DS Racing 3D racing game. Racing Beta 0.1 MIKEGBA 2006/12/11
Eclipse Driving Driving game. Racing 1.05 Mastertop101 2007/04/06
ImpulseDS A racing game inspired by F-Zero X which includes a track editor. Racing 0.1 alpha Rajveer 2013/08/20
MicroCars DS Tiny cars racing. Racing Final mikethunder 2011/02/13
Night at the Roxbury DS: Driving Solutions Dodge obstacles while driving a car. Racing 2011 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/08/27
Pikus Projects Simple project with car movement. Racing 2.0 Pikus 2009/06/27
RaceGW Console style car racing game. Racing Final enix-zae 2008/10/23
RedCarGame Drive a car across screen. Racing 2.0 rubendkz96 2009/07/05
RoadKill Drive a truck and squash the armadillos. Racing 2011 AngelWire 2011/07/06
Speed Trap Topdown view racing arcade. Racing Final NightFox (kNightFox) 2011/02/13
T4ILS' Rush Sonic racing game. Racing 2006 t4ils 2006/07/04
TIRP Avoid obstacles to gain high scores. Racing 2010 Synvox 2010/08/22
Traffic Jam Avoid the accident as long as possible. Racing Beta V2 TheMackshun 2011/05/31
Trash Rally DS A top-down rally sport racing game. Racing 0.7a Ben2303 2005/09/08
Travels In Time Drive the legendary car from the movie Back to the Future. Racing 2.0 Froskito 2010/11/12
Virtual city in 3D Control a car in the middle of a small town. Racing 0.1 Alpha hotkebab99 2008/10/17
Zombie Crush Drive through streets and kill Zombies. Racing 2009 Cid2mizard 2009/11/09
Futuracer Furutistic car racing. Racing Demo Rajveer 2013/07/02
ASCIIWAR Play as a RAM controller to save the CPU. Role playing 0.9999 Samel 2008/03/20
RedTemple Top-down adventure and puzzle game, similar to a cross between Chip's Challenge and rogue-likes. Role playing 1.5a Azenris 2011/05/12
Rogueds Port of PC Rogue 1.48. Role playing 1.0 Donnie Russell 2009/04/30
NetHackDS Port of Nethack, a rougelike RPG game. Role playing 3.6.6 fancypantalons (brettk) 2020/03/14
Grow Collection - Grow RPG A new world opened to Evolution. Role playing 0.95 Campanile 2007/08/12
GhostBustersDS Port of the game GhostBusters. Role playing Beta 0.7 Sephiroth_FF7 2008/05/01
Alchemist Conflict Rpg-adventure game. Role playing 2009 Linkz 2009/08/18
AngunaDS Port of the GBA homebrew action RPG. Role playing 1.02 Nathan Tolbert 2008/12/09
Angband NDS versions of Vanilla Angband. Role playing 3.1.0 Beta Immir (Michael Smith) 2009/02/09
Arena Tactical game with 50% RPG, 50% Scissor-Paper-Stone. Role playing 2005 Mikaus 2005/12/02
Diablo 2 Sorceress Tribute to Diablo 2 from blizzard. Role playing 1.1.1 LeRodeur 2012/02/04
DSCrawl A rogue-like game similar to Nethack, Angband, etc. Role playing 1.0 Beta2 Sasq 2006/09/27
Dungeon Master DS Project to port Dungeon Master to the Nintendo DS console. Role playing Pre-Alpha DMDS Team 2007/04/20
Dungeon Myster Similar to Dungeon Master with puzzles in the spirit of Myst and Rhem. Role playing 0.2 c_boy 2010/12/30
End Of The Shadows RPG for the DS. Role playing Demo Octobinz 2006/10/26
Fallout Europa RPG game which story take place in Europe. Role playing Build 220707 Nodens 2007/07/22
FAAngband Roguelike game, a variant of Oangband. Role playing 2.53 Michael Smith 2008/12/30
Hackds Port of PC Hack 3.61. Role playing 1.0 Donnie Russell 2008/11/13
Halguens Static MMORPG DS Game. Role playing 2012 eglomer 2012/09/28
Legend of Beneshov A RPG in style of old SNES RPGs like Final Fantasy (Demo). Role playing Demo Programix 2008/08/21
LemIstIo Adventure to become a hero. Role playing 2012 LeRodeur (The Wanderer & Studioxygene) 2012/08/21
NetHack DS A single player dungeon exploration game. Role playing 2007 Stuart Pernsteiner (Wosret) 2007/03/18
Ock The CaveMan RPG Homebrew RPG game. Role playing 2007 tippy 2007/08/06
Peculiar Voyage: Escape from Cute Mystery Dungeon style Rogue-like game. Role playing Demo crow (espectraa1s) 2009/04/14
POWDER Homebrew roguelike role-playing game. Role playing Release 118 Jeff Lait 2018/02/25
Ristrodent Labyrinth/dungeo/RPG style game. Role playing 0.2.2 Senki 2009/06/15
Simple Quest Old School RPG. Role playing 2011 Pinpingho 2011/03/01
Fandian Attempts to be a homebrew 3D RPG project. Role playing 2012 Jeff Hrycak 2012/08/03
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets Oracle Of Secrets on Nintendo DS. Role playing 2011 Quent42340 2011/07/23
Tibia DS RPG game in Demo stage. Role playing Demo 0.2 Gamer Lords 2009/09/01
The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light Remake of the original Zelda NES game. Role playing Demo 2010 BassAceGold 2010/08/12
Where Is The Doghouse? An adventure of a little dog. Role playing Demo 1 Filou HB 2012/07/04
ZeldaLua Zelda like game coded in Lua. Role playing 0.17 ALPHA Fantasix, Quent42340 2010/07/13
Tales of Dagur A complete RPG game on DS. Role playing 2 LiraNuna 2006/03/26
DawnSeekers Full 3D first person shooter. Shooter 2009 Smealum, Lobo 2009/08/31
Death Rails shooter. Shooter 2008 iprice 2008/02/03
Destroy Shoot'em up comparable to Open Tyrian DS Warhawk. Shooter 1.5 roronoa 2009/12/18
DS Doom A port of Doom. Shooter 1.2.1 TheChuckster, WinterMute, Jefklak 2011/08/09
Star Wars: Die Solo! A Star Wars game for the DS. Shooter 0.1 ChavaDS 2005/09/06
DScent Port of Descent. Shooter Alpha 4.2 Kayvenm 2007/05/12
DS Heretic Port of the Raven game Heretic to the Nintendo DS. Shooter 0.3 jmva16 2005/09/20
Legion DS 3D shooter similar to the early Fallout games. Shooter Solo Fin/Online 1.0b Smealum 2008/08/30
ROTTDS Port of Rise of the Triad for the Nintendo DS. Shooter 0.7 Dopefish 2007/12/06
DualShooter Vertical shot'em up. Shooter 0.8 eadmaster 2008/03/19
Dual Strike A cross between asteroids and Ikaruga. Shooter 0.3 GouldFish 2008/05/13
DUDUDU 3D Shot'em up. Shooter 0.4 Birslip 2009/10/29
Duke3DS Port of the Duke3d from the GP2x port. Shooter 20071128 Tony Davis (GPF) 2007/11/28
Earth Invaders An original shoot em up game. Shooter 1.0 Smealum 2005/08/20
Earth Invaders 0 2.5D action shooting game set in a futuristic environment. Shooter Alpha Smealum, Lobo 2007/05/07
Evil Santa Attacks Santa recover the presents and destroy the enemies. Shooter Final Chatterbug89 2007/12/31
Explosion of an Aeroplane Wi-Fi Multiplayer Gravity Force style clone , used to be called "Wright Flight". Shooter 0.2.6 Ttursas, KOOPA TROOPERS 2007/05/10
Extreme Onslaught A homebrew multi-directional shooter. Shooter 2007 John Tokash 2007/04/09
Feed Tux Shoot to feed Tux. Shooter 2008 Mony, Ludo6431 2008/08/18
Final Fantasy Battle Snowball game. Shooter 2007 Hewenxie 2007/10/15
FireGhouls Small shooting to kill various creatures. Shooter 1.3 Final Balrog 2010/03/11
First Strike Throw bomb to destroy ships. Shooter 2007 Miaudito 2007/11/11
Geo War Space shoot'em up game. Shooter 2007 DayDream, Sumiguchi 2007/07/29
Grafoon An Arcade Style Puzzle Shooter. Shooter 0.9 preussie 2008/08/05
Gravity Force DS Remake of an Amiga Gravity Force. Shooter 4th Beta Gonzo 2011/03/15
Halo DS Port of Halo. Shooter Beta cobradragon1020 (blackdragon1020), originally by fatquack 2007/12/11
iHalo Homebrew version of Halo. Shooter 2009 Bus_Driver, Cobradragon1020 2009/09/15
Jetfighter Vertical shooter. Shooter 0.4b cid2mizard 2007/11/26
Keris Old-school Arcade classic Shooter. Shooter 2008 Ddany N. Guyen Dinh Thinh, Benoit Vallee, Jocelyn Girard 2008/11/28
KnightmareDS An adaptation of the shoot em up released on MSX in 1986. Shooter 0.3 thermo_nono 2010/04/18
Link's Crossbow Training DS Travel the world of Majora's Mask, honing crossbow skills. Shooter 2011 AngelWire 2011/04/07
Maelstrom DS Based on "Tempest". Shooter 2010 Philip Corner 2010/01/07
Mammoth Strikes Back Shoot-em-up Homebrew game. Shooter 2008 eku 2008/04/27
QTFDS A mod of quake. Shooter 2009 krutwild 2009/08/09
Nameless Puzzle Shooter A cross between a standard top down shoot-em-up and a puzzle game. Shooter 2006 DumbStart 2006/04/25
NdShoot Shoot the target. Shooter 2.0 coincoin 2009/07/07
Zombie NDS 2D shooter. Shooter Demo R.H.L. (Rob) 2008/06/05
Nephylim Homebrew shooter. Shooter Beta Charles-Ludovic Martin, Maxime Leduc 2008/07/17
NinGalaga Port of a fixed shooter arcade game Galaga. Shooter Beta 0.2 mino159 2011/05/10
Number Shooter Shoot the numbers with the right gun. Shooter 1.0 YoshiInAVoid 2011/01/23
OpenTyrian DS Port of OpenTyrian (itself a remake of the classic Tyrian). Shooter 0.3 Dopefish 2008/04/21
Phoenix DS Based in Phoenix for the TI83 +. Shooter 2011 David Matthews 2011/04/01
Pure A simple side-scrolling shooter which uses 3D mode for all graphics. Shooter 2006 Djceejay 2006/08/20
Quake 1 DS A port of the original Quake engine to the Nintendo DS. Shooter Release 1 Izhido 2009/02/27
QuakeDS Port of Quake on the DS. Shooter Release 3 Simon Hall 2007/10/27
Rainbow Sprite Wars 2D sprite-based shooter. Shooter 2008 Theoxylo 2008/06/13
Rapide Fire A partially abstract vertical shooter. Shooter 2009 Louis, Pierre Monestier 2009/11/21
Red Port of the flash game Red. Shooter 1.0 B. Perry 2010/01/04
Rendezvous Delano SHMUP-style game with several Metroid elements. Shooter 1.19 DeProgrammer 2009/11/18
Renegade First person shooter in 3D. Shooter 2009 iainprince 2009/01/27
Retro Rocket Inspired by classic gravity games like Thrust. Shooter 1.1 Asbjørn Djupdal, Morten Hartmann 2008/10/25
RetroWars DS Port of Retro Wars developed for PC and XBOX360. Shooter Alpha raultecnologia (Sebastián García) 2011/11/01
RType Clone A little R-Type clone for the DS. Shooter Update Octobinz 2006/06/21
RType Digital Space R-Type game. Shooter 2006 loutre 2006/07/19
Seawolf Remake of original Atari 2600 homebrew game. Shooter 1.0 Mark-io 2010/01/16
Shmup NDS Shmup shooter. Shooter 1.0 Valryon 2009/02/21
Shmup 3D 3D space shooter. Shooter 0.0.2 Darkmath 2006/09/26
Shoot2d Simple shooter. Shooter 2008 t4ils 2008/02/27
Shooting Range A whack-the-mole style game. Shooter 2009 Romaap 2009/03/21
Gundan Destiny Shooter uses the graphics from Gundams. Shooter 0.2 sebskater29 2007/12/28
Sliker DS Bullet Hell Arena Shooter (BHAS). Shooter Final bksonic 2011/06/23
SnipeD Sniping game. Shooter 1.299 Hillbilly 2008/07/22
SnowballFight A 3D FPS game. Shooter 2005 Scarta (D.Amar) 2005/11/30
Snowride Xmas Christmas themed shooter. Shooter Release 2 nyarlu labs 2009/01/19
DsDoom SVN A modified version of DS Doom with new features. Shooter 1.4 Kippykip, elhobbs 2014/06/01
Sopwith Sopwith ported to the DS. Shooter 1.7.1 TheLazy1 (LazyOne) 2006/04/14
SPACE1 Get safe through an asteroid field. Shooter 1.0 Fraz 2011/06/05
Wintery Space Adventure Destroy the robotic evil Santa Claus and save Christmas. Shooter 1.0 AntonioND 2009/01/03
Space Impakto DS Shoot'em up with 3D backgrounds. Shooter 2.0 Final relminator 2011/09/27
My SPACE iNVADERS Space Invaders clone. Shooter 1.4.0 Commodore (BLsquared,TexasBatman) 2013/06/15
Space Invaders DS A clone of Space Invaders. Shooter 1.0 Jeremy Ruten 2008/12/28
Space Math DS Shoot'em up combines with Maths problem. Shooter 1.0 frodonag 2011/04/14
Space Pilot Third person space shooter. Shooter 2011 Nobody 2011/08/10
Spout Square shooter. Shooter Beta birslip 2006/03/12
Stargrazer Classic space shooter. Shooter 2009 SwedishFish 2009/08/21
Super Mario Galaxies Shoot'm Up parallel to Jetfighter. Shooter 0.8 cid2mizard 2008/02/01
New SuperPang DS Clone of Super Pang. Shooter 0.1b Egon 2006/10/21
Tama Survivor A Pang (or SuperPang) "clone". Shooter Demo TheNinjaBunny 2008/07/09
Team Fortress 2 DS Adaptation of the multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2. Shooter 2011 Kazuki 2011/04/22
Martian DS Play as Martian to fight your way through the city's finest to destroy earth. Shooter 1.2 Team Poo Hill 2007/07/17
The Undead 2 Protect his base. Shooter 2011 chasegoree 2011/06/20
The Undead 3 Homebrew of The Walking Dead. Shooter 0.2 Chasegore 2011/08/03
BioDie A survival horror top-down shooter. Shooter 1.0.0 DigitalDesignDude 2020/10/31
The Undead 4-Nazi Zombies An adaption of Nazi Zombies. Shooter 4 Chasegoree 2012/03/16
Tombstone City Tombstone City remake on Nintendo DS. Shooter 2009 Buzz 2009/05/24
Touchdown! The Alien Attack Stylus controlled shooting game. Shooter Update Sweater Fish Deluxe 2007/03/20
Touhou Fangame DS Touhou fan game, a homebrew space shooter. Shooter 0.9 Spuzkaizer 2010/01/07
Volley Fire DS Space shooter. Shooter 2009 legendario_sa 2009/01/05
WesternDS A shooting game. Shooter 2009 Herkules 2009/03/11
White Dwarf Arcade style shooter. Shooter 0.2 preussie 2008/03/19
Wolfenstein 3D DS Port of Wolfenstein 3D. Shooter 2009 LazyOne (Lazy1) 2009/04/18
Wolf3D4DS Wolf3D Classic Game for DS and DSi. Shooter 1.2 science1matthew 2011/07/21
XmasPede Help Santa to destroy the worm. Shooter 2008 davgav 2008/01/02
Xplosive Combat Shoot em up with several levels of varying difficulty and bosses. Shooter 1.5 Fooshi 2009/12/17
YarrgH! Shoot the pirates to defend the ship. Shooter Final Gillian Laidlaw 2007/05/06
Yetinoel FPS that uses the DawnSeeker engine. Shooter 2009 Smealum 2009/12/28
Zenit Vertical shooter. Shooter 0.71 best_guitar 2009/11/30
SpoutEX An extended version of Spout for DS. Shooter 1.0 Alekmaul 2007/01/20
SpoutDS Abstract shooting game. Shooter 2006 Sektor 2006/10/30
cheretic Heretic for the DS. Shooter 2021 elhobbs 2021/06/27
thds A little touhou style game for the NDS. Shooter 01+01new erisu 2009/08/01
cQuake Port of id softwares Quake 1 to the Nintendo DS. Shooter 2013 Elhobbs 2013/06/29
Doom64 DS Nintendo DS port of Doom64EX (modified by elhobbs and godreborn). Shooter Modified Kaiser 2021/11/14
Counter Strike Nintendo DS Counter Strike port on Nintendo DS with online multiplayer. Shooter 1.0.0 Fewnity 2022/07/10
dualHexen Port of Hexen, based on Rick Whitehose's HexenDS. Shooter 0.29 Sektor 2011/04/04
dualHexen mod Modified version of Sketor's dualHexen. Shooter 0.27 Dopefish 2009/12/17
dualHexen by elhobbs Updated hexan DS port. Shooter 2022 elhobbs 2022/07/11
QuakeIIDS Homebrew port of Quake II. Shooter Release 1 Simon Hall 2008/02/10
Orange Desert Challenge + Online 3D shooter Shooter 2007 Smealum, Nhut 2007/01/28
2DartsDS Dartgame and scorekeeper. Shooter 0.9 ErrorA 2008/11/27
Abstract Shoot Inspired by the Abstract Sea Flash Game. Shooter 0.9 Beta Neumann 2007/07/31
A Cup of Tea - Super Yeti Edition (ACOTSYE) First person shooter made with FPS Maker. Shooter 2012 smealum 2012/08/21
The Living Dead DS homebrew with basic DS shooter system. Shooter 1.4 Nobody 2011/06/03
A Cup of Tea Old school shooting game. Shooter 8 smealum 2007/08/21
AirSlip Panty shooting game. Shooter 2010 Cladil, [email protected] 2010/08/31
Alien Conquer Classic style shooters. Shooter 0.6 Beredezebe 2010/08/11
Shooting & Score Shoot em Up. Shooter 2006 sensei 2006/04/24
DStrosmash Remake of the Intellivision Astrosmash. Shooter 1.0B namuol 2010/07/09
Alien Defender Protect the earth from endless aliens. Shooter 2011 rockleeace (chasegoree) 2011/06/20
AlienDS 3D alien shooter. Shooter Update Pac 2008/10/26
AntareX DS 1942 style space theme shoot'em up. Shooter 20050907 Pocket_Lucho 2005/09/07
Arsenal DS Dual-screen 3D shoot em up game. Shooter 1.0 Smealum 2011/06/07
Asteroids DS Port of classic shooter from Atari. Shooter Final Ronaldo Lombardi 2009/06/08
Audition Shooter Shoot down the one who can't sing in an audition. Shooter 2008 Kram 2008/06/20
Back2School Shoot the classmates from behind. Shooter 2008 T4ils 2008/10/08
Warhawk DS A classic remake based on a C64 SHMUP from 1986.First person shooter. Shooter 1.02 Flash and HeadKaze 2010/02/27
Balloon DS Hold DS upside-down and try to pop balloons. Shooter 2.0 Tipiak 2006/07/22
Bang Aim to shoot silhouettes. Shooter Test Dioni0396 2011/07/17
BirDS Shoot the birds and avoid their poops. Shooter Demo David Rorex 2006/08/15
Every ExteNDS Similar to the style of the massive japnese style shooter game. Shooter 1.0 Goldohulk 2008/08/22
Call of Foody Five A CRAZY Cafeteria food fight. Shooter 2.0 Team Adrenaline 2009/05/03
C-Dogs DS Port of the classic C-Dogs (cyberdogs 2). Shooter 0.3 Sektor 2007/10/27
Micah Man 7 A sidescrolling shooter. Shooter 2011 AngelWire 2011/08/23
Chameleon Shot Kid Chameleon shooter. Shooter 2007 sensei 2007/01/03
Al:ta First person shooter. Shooter Demo 2 Delfare 2006/07/17
Cherophobe Defend yourself against the unending assault of smiley faces. Shooter 1.0 ThatOtherPerson 2011/05/25
Cosmic Invaders Spaceship shooter with several levels and bosses. Shooter Final Milpool 2006/03/19
Custom Ship Shooter DS Horizontal shoot'em'up. Shooter 0.1 sephiroth ff7 2007/07/21
Daemon A top down scrolling shooter (or SHMUP). Shooter 2006 Pfhreak 2006/06/06
Build Your Adventure DS A 3D-Jump'n'Run Game with a Level Editor, allow players to build and Play 3D Levels. Simulation 0.2 King Dodongo 2011/07/28
Lumikha DS 2D Minecraft for DS. Simulation 1.3.8 Fantasix 2011/07/25
Blobb DS Based on the idea of The Sims and Nintendogs. Simulation 0.5 AntonioND 2008/06/21
Drinks Experience life as a bartender. Simulation Demo Team DrinkS 2010/10/02
DrugWars DS Play a drug dealer and earn money to pay off loan. Simulation 1.52 DragonMinded 2006/02/24
DS Life A Conway's Game of Life implementation for Nintendo DS.. Simulation 3.5 Jeremy Ruten (Jeremysr) 2008/06/13
dsCraft Koholint map Custom map (and texture pack) for DScraft. Simulation 1.0 dACE 2012/02/05
Glider A flying simulator. Simulation 2009 HtheB 2009/08/04
GoLife Conway's Game of Life simulation. Simulation 2007 Anarch Mario 2007/04/02
HamHam DS Take care of a kennel Hamster. Simulation 0.5 cid2mizard 2007/11/02
HyBBoX Adapted from the world of "Habbo" on PC. Simulation 2.1 Almamu, Sonic Master 2009/04/15
LegoCad DS Build stuff using 3D lego blocks. Simulation 0.2 shadowghost21 2006/11/15
Lifesa Trip Game of Life port on the DS. Simulation Final DynaStab 2006/05/28
Mass Hysteria Hack the TV airwaves and place footage onto them. Simulation 2007 OutOfRange 2007/08/15
Miniville DS Manager Sim City-like homebrew game. Simulation 0.3 Sébastien Thon (Stravingo) 2008/05/01
My Life Port of The Game of Life. Simulation 1.0 Doud_ 2007/02/28
Pocket Island Port of Pocket God. Simulation 0.95 MJaoune 2011/10/02
Sandbox Engine DS-Classic 3D FPS style DSi hybrid. Simulation 004.5 T3-Games-Zero (t377y000) 2011/08/14
Sandbox Engine DSi-Hybrid Rewritten version of Sandbox Engine to utilize more of the DS/DSi features. Simulation 1.0.4 T3-Games-Zero (t377y000) 2017/07/17
SandScape A world of sand clone for the DS. Simulation 2007 NeX 2007/09/27
Stardull Dress up music stars and actors/actresses. Simulation Demo 0.1 noduorg 2010/01/25
Starfighter Skirmish Space combat simulation, similar to X-wing or TIE Fighter. Simulation 2005 Connor9 2005/08/09
Stockmarket DS Earn money with stock market. Simulation 1.18 kalfster 2011/03/18
Turnip Merchant Buy and sell turnip to earn money. Simulation 0.6 AlceX 2011/01/01
World of Sand "falling sand" game. Simulation 1.0 Tassu (norna9on, nornagon) 2007/04/30
Completely Unrealistic Landing Simulation Land your plane safely. Simulation 0.1 MasterDje 2008/03/18
Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe DS Port of Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Simulation Alpha 6 dominik81 2007/12/13
PayPhone DS Payphone hacking simulation game. Simulation 2009 RackunSec (Trevelyn) 2009/10/20
DScraft DScraft is a DS homebrew adaptation of the popular game Minecraft. Simulation 310811 smealum 2011/08/31
Mine-DS Inspired by the PC game Minecraft in 2D. Simulation 0.4.1 Matthew Scholefield, LukeSilva 2016/07/25
Meteora Galactic Battle Meteroa is a space/fantasy based god-sim game by J. Simulation 0.9.2 Jerome Wax (X-Blaster) 2007/08/21
Cannon Fodder DS Action, strategy shooter based on Amiga PC. Strategy 1.0 Alekmaul 2011/10/01
DiceSoldiers Conquer the world against other players. Strategy 2008 t4ils 2008/03/12
North and South DS Conversion of North&South (Infogrames 1989). Strategy 2007 adree 2007/01/31
AloufsDS Based on the mathematical game of strategy Nim. Strategy 2009 thermo_nono 2009/08/11
ArchonDS Remake of original game from 1983 (Atari ST) with new graphics. Strategy 0.4 eXdreAm (Wiese) 2007/10/27
A Touch of War Real-time strategy. Strategy 0.11c JimmyL 2008/04/21
Balloon Pop! Balloon based tower of defense game. Strategy 2009 Prince Gohan 2009/03/21
Castle Wars DS Remake of flash game Castle Wars. Strategy 0.9 Cravesoft 2008/08/03
Dicewars DS Multiplayer online strategy game in a Risk-like fashion. Strategy 0.4.0 Melw 2007/10/10
Duel at the Western Play a match in the west to the American style. Strategy Beta Suikoden77 2009/01/05
Kolmena Strategy board game on a beehive. Strategy 1.0.4 Martaper 2011/07/08
NDS Tactics Turn-based homebrew which resembles Final Fantasy Tactics,Heroes of Myth and Magic. Strategy 1.00 Davgav 2006/08/18
NIM Remove the matches from the screen. Strategy 2010 Paleface 2010/11/19
PSR4DS Scissor Paper Rock for NDS. Strategy 0.3 d3x 2007/09/16
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock A variant of Rock Paper Scissors with modified gameplay. Strategy Final Aguilera_87 2010/02/04
Piztog Tower Defense Fast paced tower defense style game. Strategy 2008 Shoog 2008/03/17
Plants Vs Zombies DS Port of Tower Defense game Plants Vs Zombies. Strategy Beta 3 Suidoken77 2009/09/01
PokebattleDS Battles with pokemons. Strategy Alpha KazoWAR 2009/09/10
PPC-DS Rock/ paper/ scissors game coded in LUA. Strategy 1.2 Reylak 2008/12/24
Protista Player-created creatures compete for supremacy of the Petri dish. Strategy 2007 Clark Morse, Corey Ross, Jonathan Bryant 2009/09/01
Race Into Space DS Port of Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space for the Nintendo DS. Strategy 2007 Dopefish 2007/09/14
StarLite: StarCraft DS Edition DS homebrew StarCraft clone. Strategy 0.03 StarDev 2008/01/16
Rock,Paper,Scissors - DS Rock paper scissors game with own characters and style. Strategy 1.08 Metatarsals 2010/02/14
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock DS Basic game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. Strategy 2014 GEMISIS 2013/07/16
Sprite Combat Implementation of the Rock, Paper, Scissors. Strategy 2.1 WinterAce 2010/01/01
Star War Battles Battleship in the universe of Star Wars. Strategy Full space1 2008/03/22
TanksDS Inspired by games like Tank Wars, Pocket Tanks and Death Tanks. Strategy 0.1 sulfyr 2011/05/22
Tictac Joe Battlefield strategy game. Strategy Final Aron, Calle 2006/08/20
Troops & Flags Turn-based strategy game . Strategy 2007 Priyesh Dixit 2007/12/12
Twin Isles SimCity kind of game in which building island to overpower the other's island. Strategy Release 2 Scott Graham 2006/07/25
Ustrat An unnamed RTS project. Strategy 2006 Tim 'Mighty Max' Seidel 2006/05/21
Vector Tower Defense Remake of a flash game. Strategy 2009 Alcohol Smurf, Interactive TM (funkystuff) 2009/03/20
Warcraft: Tower Defense Real time strategic game. Strategy 0.5 Noda 2008/02/25
WormsWarOnline Remake of Worms War, originally created by Team17 for Amiga. Strategy 1.11 t4ils 2007/04/08
Chaos DS Port of Quirky's Chaos Advance. Strategy 100706 bob_fossil (Adam Hodson) 2006/07/10
ChaosDS Port of Quirky's Chaos Advance on GBA. Strategy 3.0 Quirky 2007/07/22
Vanilla-Conquer: Nintendo DSi port​ Nintendo DSi port of both Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert based on Vanilla Conquer. Strategy 0.2 mrparrot2 2022/07/29
Mechanage DS A homebrew strategy game with an original story. Strategy 2011 JunoRulz 2011/01/27
Storm The House Inspired by the Flash game Storm The House. Strategy 2007 Dvsoftware 2007/01/26
Dota DS A DS port of the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne map Defense of the Ancients. Strategy 0.93 SeikoTheWiz 2008/08/06
Scoglionario Clone of TV program Who wants to be millionaire. Trivia 0.1 Scognito 2007/08/19
SpsychoD Personality/psycho test simulator. Trivia 1.1 Schyzophrenic 2007/08/20
WhatTheHexDS Choose the correct color. Trivia 2011 Daniel "x711Li" Li 2011/08/21
Do not Know/No Answer Over 2000 questions about Film, TV, Music, History, Geography, etc. Trivia 1.0 Aguilera_87 2009/06/20
Anime Quiz DS Game of questions and answers about the world of anime. Trivia 2008 Ligre 2008/08/18
Burger Quizz DS Adaptation of a french TV game. Trivia Demo Ben2303 2005/09/30
EYEQ - The Film, TV & Music Quiz A quiz game in the style of Skill with Prizes (SWP) touchscreen games found in pubs. Trivia 1.0 Djceejay 2006/08/16
Flags & Nations Offers 9 amusing minigames based upon flags and nations. Trivia 1.0 Object65 2009/09/15
Football Quiz Measure your intelligence about football. Trivia 1.1 REV11 AlmamuPP, Robione22 2009/12/12
Game Trivia Catechism -The Secret of Mister X- Multiple-choice trivia game of video games. Trivia 20080819 DesertDog (Multiple:Option) 2008/08/19
GeoDS Geographical quizzes for the DS. Trivia 070209 CyBeRCeD 2009/02/07
Geografika Geography quiz game. Trivia Full Morgan Robertson (morganDS) 2008/02/09
Geometry Quiz 5 Designed to test the player's knowledge of geometry. Trivia 2 KingdomH 2010/03/14
LECTURO-QUIZZ Includes questions about literature. Trivia 2007 Kukulcan 2007/07/28
NDSmath Grade 2/3 Mathematics game focused on 2nd and 3rd grade. Trivia 1.0 Larbi 2010/01/28
NDSRS + 2 graphical quizzes 2 graphical quizzes: United States and Germany. Trivia 2 Quizzes Jake, nannys_hedgehog 2009/05/04
Quizz Cine Based on the concept of Trivia 2008 JerrySevere 2008/05/04
TouchRight! Featuring Terra the Pessimist! Math game which features the use of multitouch technology. Trivia 2009 hillbilly 2009/08/21
TV Quiz Quiz about TV series. Trivia 1.9 Ldsp321, Sergiog12 2010/07/03
U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test Multiple-choice questions about the American government, history, geography. Trivia 2011 Multiple:Option (DesertDog) 2011/08/21
DS-trivia CF A DSLua trivia game for DS. Trivia 1.5 Jeremysr 2006/09/25
Nou ga 9 ni naru - Chiruno no Keisan Training DS Fan-made Touhou Maths game where you must select the wrong answer. Trivia 2008 Hatena mark 2008/12/24

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Arcade · Computer · Console · Handheld · Other Emulators

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
BlackTigerDS Black Tiger Arcade emulator for NDS. Arcade 0.1.10 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/26
DoubleDribbleDS Konami Double Dribble Arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.4.2 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/05/17
DS Invaders A Space Invaders Arcade emulator. Arcade 1.5 Copper 2014/01/31
FinalizerDS Konami Finalizer Arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.3.0 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/23
GreenBeretDS Green Beret, Rush'n Attack & Mr. Goemon Arcade emulator. Arcade 0.6.1 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/07/06
IronHorseDS Konami Iron Horse arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.3.3 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/05/17
JackalDS Konami Jackal arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.2.2 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/23
JailBreakDS Konami Jail Break arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.3.6 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/23
MAME4ALL DsTwo Port of MAME 0.37b5 emulator for Supercard DS Two only. Arcade 1.0 Alekmaul 2010/10/26
MarcaDS An arcade emulator. Arcade 4.0e Alekmaul 2007/07/30
PunchOutDS Punch-Out!! arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.4.0 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/28
RenegadeDS Renegade arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.1.0 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/23
SonSonDS Capcom Son Son arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.1.0 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/23
YieArDS Yie Ar arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.1.5 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/03/23
1942 DS Emulator for 1942 (all sets). Arcade 1.3 Copper 2011/05/08
AemioDA Acronym for Arcade Emulator Made In One Day, Asteroid. Arcade 3.0 Alekmaul 2010/02/28
BombJack DS BombJack arcade game emulator. Arcade 1.2.1 Copper 2011/05/14
Canyon DS Canyon Bomber (prototype set also) emulator. Arcade 1.1 Copper 2011/05/08
DSPack Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME). Arcade 1.95 Copper 2012/04/21
Ghosts'n Run Arcade emulator for one game: Ghosts'n Goblins. Arcade 1.0 Alekmaul 2007/03/17
MrDo DS Mr.Do!, Mr.Do's Castle, Do!Run Run & Mr.Do's Wild Ride arcade emulator. Arcade 2.1.1 Copper 2011/05/14
Pang DS Pang and Super Pang Arcade emulator. Arcade 2.1 Copper 2011/05/08
PuzzleKlax Arcade emulator for Klax and Tetris. Arcade 2.0 Alekmaul 2010/02/27
1943 DS 1943 arcade emulator (3 sets). Arcade 2.1.1 Copper 2011/05/15
GhostsNGoblinsDS Capcom Ghosts'N Goblins arcade emulator for DS. Arcade 0.1.6 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2022/04/11
SnowBrosDS Arcade games emulator for Snow Bros.,Nick & Tom (all sets). Arcade 2.2 Copper 2011/05/08
Solomon's Key DS Solomon's Key (US and Japan) Arcade Emulator. Arcade 1.2 Copper 2011/05/08
Apple2DS Apple II Emulator. Computer 2008 Grizzly Adams 2008/09/08
CrocoDS CPC 6128 (Amstrad CPC) emulator. Computer 2.0 Redbug 2007/09/11
DSoric Oric Emulator for the Nintendo DS. Computer 1.0 Alekmaul 2008/01/19
FrodoDS Emulator for Commodore 64 games. Computer Complete Troy Davis (GPF) 2008/05/23
PenkoDS Emulator for Atari 800XL. Computer 0.2a Miguel Vanhove (Redbug) 2007/02/02
SpeccyDS Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k model only) emulator. Computer 0.3 craigt 2007/08/26
ZXDS Sinclair ZX Spectrum thats support WiFi multiplayer. Computer 1.3.4 Patrik Rak 2017/04/23
XRoar Dragon 32/64 emulator. Computer 0.24fp3 Ciaran Anscomb 2009/11/30
PomDS Apple II Emulator. Computer 0.2 Alekmaul 2008/11/30
XEGS-DS An Atari 8-bit computer emulator, specifically designed around the XE gaming system. Computer 2.9 Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion) 2021/12/13
DreamZZT DS Port of DreamZZT, a ZZT emulator on the Dreamcast. Computer 3.1.500 c99koder 2007/08/05
DS81 Sinclair ZX81 emulator. Computer 1.3 Ian Cowburn 2008/12/30
DSMZX Emulator/interpreter of MegaZeux. Computer 2009 Kevin Vance (kvance) 2009/10/18
DSx86CFG Custom configuration for DSx86 (DOS emulator for the DS). Computer 1.05 RyouArashi 2010/07/04
PokeyDS Atari 800XL computer emulator. Computer 1.1 Alekmaul 2007/11/09
SpectrumDS Emulator for Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer (48k model only). Computer 2009 Buzz 2009/04/20
MegaZeux DS DS port of MegaZeux Game Creation System (emulator/interpreter). Computer 2.92f MegaZeux developers 2020/11/22
Mini vMac DS Macintosh plus emulator. Computer R3 Lazyone 2008/11/09
grape A work in progress Apple II emulator. Computer 2014 lemonmeister 2014/05/03
StyxDS An emulator Atari ST. Computer 0.2a Redbug 2007/03/20
ThomDS Thomson MO5 Computer emulator. Computer 3.0 Alekmaul 2010/03/21
DSpec Zx Spectrum emulator. Computer Final Eighttwelve 2005/09/02
Xyds XY-MINI emulator. Computer 0.2 zzo38computer 2008/10/13
MSX DS MSX / MSX 2 / MSX2+ home computer standard emulator. Computer 0.94 Popolon 2012/08/29
AMEDS Emulator of Amstrad CPC 664, CPC 6128. Computer 4.0 Alekmaul 2010/04/25
atari800-nds Atari 8-bit computer and 5200 console emulator. Computer 0.2.1 asiekierka 2022/06/07
geosDS Port of GEOS for Commodore 64 on the Nintendo DS. Computer 1.0 Andreas Varga (mrsid) 2006/11/12
fmsxDS Emulator for MSX2 computer. Computer 0.09 Nyagosu 2008/04/14
DSx86 PC emulator that can run old DOS games. Computer 0.43 Beta Patrick Aalto 2012/07/01
uxnds Emulator of a retro-style virtual machine/fantasy computer Unx. Computer 0.3.3 asiekierka 2021/09/27
a5200DS Atari 5200 emulator. Console 1.6 Alekmaul 2011/06/28
A7800DS 1 & 2 Atari 7800 emulator. Console 1.0 Alekmaul 2011/05/24
ApprenticeMinusDS A Gamegear and Sega MasterSystem emulator. Console 0.4.0 Lordus 2008/08/20
BAG SFC SNES/ Super Famicom emulator. Console r3 BassAceGold 2010/11/10
ColecoDS ColecoVision emulator. Console 2.1 Alekmaul 2008/04/10
Midori NES Emulator. Console 2006 AronBS 2006/08/20
PicoDriveDS Sega Genesis Emulator Port. Console 0.1.7 RyanFB 2007/04/02
RetroBoxDS Port of Retrobox, multi-console emulator. Console 2005 BlueHawk89 2005/08/10
SnesDS SNES Emulator for DS. Console 2005 Loopy 2005/12/13
SnezziDS Port of Snezziboy, an SNES emulator for the GBA, to the Nintendo DS platform. Console 0.28a bubble2k, Gary Linscott 2006/12/13
VectxDS Vectrex emulator. Console 0.1 Alekmaul 2005/09/07
SNEmulDS SNES emulator. Console 0.6 Alpha archeide (Loopy) 2007/10/09
S8DS A SEGA 8Bit emulator for the NDS. Console 1.1.6 FluBBa 2021/10/18
PicoDriveTWL SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive emulator for the Nintendo DS(i). Console 2.0.2 DS-Homebrew 2020/04/14
CAT SFC Emulator for SNES/Super Famicom gaming console. Console 1.36 ShadauxCat 2013/06/16
Magnavox Odyssey DS An emulator of the first ever home video game system Odyssey. Console 2010 Bobbyloujo 2010/06/25
NitroGrafx A PCEngine emulator. Console 0.7 Fredrik Ahlstrom (FluBBa) 2013/03/23
A7800DS Phoenix Edition Atari 7800 DS emulator updated from Alekmaul's original. Console 3.5 Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion) 2022/02/12
NeoDS NeoGeo AES/MVS emulator. Console 0.2.1.b Ben Ingram (Ingramb), updated by j03lpr86, nitendo, indy13 2020/08/26
NINTV-DS An Intellivision console emulator running on the DS/DSi. Console 3.6 Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion) 2022/05/24
JenesisDS Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator. Console 0.7.4 Lordus 2008/07/13
ColecoDS Phoenix Edition A Colecovision and ADAM Emulator for the DS/DSi. Original port by Alekmaul. Console 7.6 Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion) 2022/06/28
lolSnes SNES emulator for the Nintendo DS. Console 2014 Arisotura (StapleButter/Mega-Mario) 2014/01/01
A5200DS Phoenix Edition Atari 5200 DS emulator for the DSi and above. Based on Alekmaul's work. Console 3.2 Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion) 2021/12/13
NesDS Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator. Console 1.3c [NTR] huiminghao, Coto 2018/10/19
StellaDS Phoenix Edition Atari VCS 2600 emulator for DS and DSi, an improved version of StellaDS by Alekmaul. Console 4.9 Dave Bernazzani (wavemotion) 2022/09/18
SnemulDS 0.6 Revival SNES emulator. A continuation (open source) project of SNEmulDS. Console 0.6c Coto 2022/09/24
StellaDS Atari VCS 2600 emulator for DS and DSi (original by TheChucksters). Console 1.2 Alekmaul 2011/06/06
DS GBC Game Boy and Gameboy Colour emulator. Handheld 0.1 Ethos 2005/08/11
DualSwan WonderSwan emulator. Handheld 1.2.1 LiraNuna 2006/07/21
GBA exploader DS side application used to run GBA code. Handheld 0.58b0MX Rudolph 2008/12/07
iPlayer GBA Emulator GameBoy Advance(GBA) emulator for iPlayer only. Handheld 1.1 darkchen 2010/08/12
Lameboy DS Gameboy and Gameboy Colour emulator. Handheld 0.12 Nutki 2009/06/02
NGPDS NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Nintendo DS. Handheld 0.5.0 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2021/09/29
Rather A Cardfighter Emulator Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator. Handheld Fixed Flavor 2008/01/15
Watari Watara Supervision Emulator. Handheld 0.4 Normmat 2006/03/20
PokeMini DS Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokemon-Mini. Handheld 0.60 Justburn 2015/06/16
GBARunner2 A GBA hypervisor/emulator for DS (like Nintendont for GC on Wii). Handheld 20200812 Gericom 2020/08/12
nesterDS+ Emulator based on nesterDS. Handheld 0.3.9 Tall Fatman 2008/04/18
Trojan LCD Simulator Emulator for Game & Watch: Trojan Horse. Handheld 1.0 Jonathan Conrad 2008/03/17
DSMS Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator. Handheld 0.2 NeoFlash N3TKaT 2005/08/11
DSMasterplus Sega game Gear / Master System console emulator. Handheld 1.3a Alekmaul 2007/08/20
GameYob [Super] Gameboy [Color] emulator for the Nintendo [3]DS. Handheld 0.5.2 Drenn 2017/02/04
DS Boy Game Boy emulator. Handheld 0.75 Brunni (mateom199) 2007/10/07
VirtuaMUnstaz DS Dreamcast VMU for DS, port from PSP version. Handheld Demo normmatt 2006/06/13
NitroSwan DS WonderSwan emulator for Nintendo DS. Handheld 0.4.1 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2022/08/15
NesterDS A DS port of Nester, emulator for the NES/Famicom handheld game console. Handheld 0.3 Rich Whitehouse 2006/11/23
tamaboy nds Tamagotchi v1 emulator Handheld 2022 Coto88 2022/09/13
WasabiDS A Watara Supervision emulator for NDS. Handheld 0.2.1 Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa) 2022/09/26
Chip8me Chip-8 and Super Chip Emulator. Other Emulators 1.0 etk 2008/03/28
GZOIS for NDS Sharp Pocket Computer PC-E500 Emulator. Other Emulators 0.10 Matsumo 2007/06/30
Korg Monotron DS Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer Emulator. Other Emulators 2017 furrtek 2017/02/26
Java4NDS MIDP implementation running on the CLDC java machine compiled. Other Emulators 0.7.2 Ole, Davr 2008/07/06
Chip-84 DS A CHIP-8/S-CHIP emulator for the Nintendo DS. Other Emulators 1.0.0 ckosmic 2020/10/11
DSFrotz Port of Frotz, Z-machine interpreter to play text adventure games. Other Emulators 2.0 Beta-1 papafuji 2008/08/15
DS Basic BASIC coder loader for the NDS. Other Emulators libfat zzo38computer, wintermute 2007/07/20
ScummVM for NDS An emulator that allows you to run certain classic point and click adventure games on PC. Other Emulators 2.6.0 ScummVM Team 2022/07/21
GLK POGO Text adventure interpreters from Infocom Z-Machine ported to the NDS. Other emulators 1.0 SASQ (Jonas Minnberg) 2006/11/27

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Homebrew Loaders

Homebrew Launchers · Title Launchers · Kernels

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
HBWare Able to launch homebrew, also download and install it from filetrip. Homebrew Launchers 0.03 Alpha Stormwave 2010/07/05
GBAMP Multiboot Able to run homebrew applications from only one CompactFlash-Card. Homebrew Launchers 2005 Tim 'Mighty Max' Seidel 2005/10/31
NDS MP Run NDS files from a compact flash cart using a PassMe, FlashMe or WifiMe. Homebrew Launchers 2.11 Michael Chisholm (Chishm) 2006/01/14
Boot GBA with Frame Run GBA games from the slot-2. Homebrew Launchers 1.1 Searinox, Xenon++ 2011/05/23
Wifiloader Load homebrew over a wireless connection. Homebrew Launchers 2008 PadrinatoR 2008/02/07
TEXT OS Provide support to boot Homebrew apps for developers. Homebrew Launchers 1.0 Funkystuff 2009/02/27
DS Media Center Able to launch homebrews and watch videos. Homebrew Launchers Bravo 1.2 Hillibilly 2009/05/30
DSi Homebrew Channel Run homebrews on DS. Homebrew Launchers 1.0 spinal_cord 2011/06/07
DualChannel A Wii menu clone for DS. Homebrew Launchers Beta 4 Grizzly Adams 2007/03/26
DScover Firmware menu based on the iPod/iPhone/iTunes coverflow menu system. Homebrew Launchers 3 spinal_code 2010/04/28
DSi4DS DSi firmware menu on NDS. Homebrew Launchers Full Spinal 2009/08/12
DSision2 A replacment firmware for Nintendo DS flash carts. Homebrew Launchers 2009 spinal (spinal_cord) 2009/04/26
DS Organize An wide-ranging organizer application. Homebrew Launchers 3.2 DragonMinded 2008/02/02
Flashcart OS Homebrew menu with a integrated .nds loader. Homebrew Launchers N2.1 TeenDev 2008/03/20
hbmenu Simple launcher intended to support DS homebrew developers. Homebrew Launchers 0.7.1 Team DevkitPro 2017/09/28
CreeboMe A replacement firmware. Homebrew Launchers Beta 2 Creebo 2007/02/09
Haddad's Acekard 2i Setup An organized Acekard 2i Setup, includes AKAIO 1.7.1b and Moonshell 2.10 Stable. Kernels 1.00 haddad 2010/09/05
DSTWO EOS DSTwo firmware. Kernels 1.14 Supercard 2015/07/22
FlashMe Firmware to start code in DS mode from a flash card in the GBA slot. Kernels 8a Loopy, FireFly, DarkFader 2007/05/03
YSloader Plugin for MoonShell2 that run commercial ROM. Kernels 2009 linoul 2009/03/08
Unneon MS2 YSMenu Loader Alternative YSMenu loader extlink for Moonshell2. Kernels 2009 unneon 2009/05/02
ARDSI Custom Menu A firmware for ARDSI. Kernels 3.0 science1matthew 2011/08/01
Max Overload A third party patcher for Datel's MAX Media Player. Kernels 1.61B2 MODEV!L 2009/10/23
flashcard-archive An archive of all the firmwares for Nintendo DS flashcards. Kernels 2022 DS-Homebrew 2022/03/16
WAIO - WoodAllInOne A frontend for MoonShell2 Extlink Wrapper. Kernels 1.16(R4.0) Taiju Yamada (Xenon++), CoolKill3rX 2013/11/04
Wood Firmwares & NDS boot files Wood firmware for R4 DS users. Kernels 1.62 updates Yellow Wood Goblin, CoolKill3rX 2017/05/25
YSMenu Homebrew version of the ttmenu. Kernels Update Yasu, updated by RetroGameFan 2019/10/08
HiyaCFW Custom firmware for DSi. Title Launchers 1.4.0 Robz8 (RocketRobz) 2020/10/22
FWNitro A complete Firmware replacement for the Nintendo DS. Title Launchers 1.6B Neal Tew (loopy) 2006/04/11
nds-bootstrap Boot an nds file. Title Launchers 0.64.1 DS-Homebrew 2022/09/16
TWiLight Menu++ DSi Menu replacement for DS/DSi/3DS/2DS. Title Launchers 25.3.1 DS-Homebrew 2022/09/17

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PC Utilities

DS Emulators · File Operation · ROM Managers · ROM Patchers · Save and Game Managers · Development Libraries · Development Tools · Other PC Utilities

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
PAlib A Nintendo DS library used to create homebrew games/apps. Development Libraries 100707 Mollusk 2007/07/10
My Exporter And Animator 3D A Nintendo DS library used to create homebrew games/apps. Development Libraries 2012 Delfare 2012/06/25
NFlib An alternative to PAlib. Development Libraries 2020 KnightFox (NightFox) 2020/10/08
LibFB A set of routines that display wordwrapped variable width fonts. Development Libraries 2007 DragonMinded (Shaun Taylor) 2007/11/20
µGenerator DS Generates code in LUA to use for NDS homebrews programing. Development Tools 1.0 [email protected]_95 2011/02/18
Nintendo DS Code Manager Code a homebrew without understanding variables or functions. Development Tools Beta 3 Almamu 2010/12/11
NDS3D World Toolset Create a 3D environment on computer for NDS. Development Tools 1.1 Christopher 2008/11/09
Virtual Game Maker DS 2 A RPG Game Maker. Development Tools 0.24 Alpha Globoeil 2009/11/01
PAlib Portable A GUI app which without the need to install devkitPro or PAlib. Development Tools 0.1 bigbob85 2008/10/15
NDS ARM Assembly Template A template for ARM Assembly on the Nintendo DS. Development Tools 2022 W3SLAV 2022/05/27
DeSmuME-wasm NDS emulator in browser. DS Emulators 20211122 cell9 2021/11/22
Aimersoft DRM Media Converter A simple do it all video converter for DS. File Operation 1.5 Trial Aimersoft 2013/01/30
dsi_jpeg_signature_tool A tool to sign JPG file to be readable by Nintendo DSi Camera Application. File Operation 2017 MrNbaYoh 2017/08/26
GBA NDS FAT FAT filesystem library for the GBA and NDS. File Operation 2006 chishm (Michael Chisholm) 2006/03/03
DSM Tools Transcode videos for playback on the Nintendo DS using DSMplay. File Operation 1.2 Infantile Paralysiser 2007/10/07
DPG Tools Encrypt videos to .dpg to use on MoonShell. File Operation 1.31 Infantile Paralysiser 2007/08/26
pdf2cbds Use with ComicBookDS, converts PDF into a .cbds file. File Operation 2.0 ys (Jorge S. de Lis) 2008/09/14
R4crypt Encrypt and decrypt files for R4DS well as the M3 Simply. File Operation 2007 chishm 2007/05/14
PictoDS Use with ComicBookDS, converts pictures into a .cbds file. File Operation 2.1 Nicom00k 2007/08/26
Drivesort Edit the order of files saved in the SD card or other USB storages. File Operation 1.242 Anerty 2018/08/15
SignaPic DSi Tool to make all JPG readable on Nintendo DSi. File Operation 0.3.0 cimo95 2019/12/10
dstexcomp NDS Texture Compressor. File Operation 0.1 kvance (Kevin Vance) 2009/03/30
DPG4X DPG video file converter for Linux,Windows and OS X. File Operation 3.0-1 xukosky 2020/08/06
BatchDPG Convert media to .dpg file for MoonShell. File Operation 3.0 Final Invasi0n (Hondje1) 2013/06/24
AVI converter Able to recover the 3d object in 3dsmax and gmax. File Operation 2006 Delfare 2006/03/09
PPTXT: Text editing tool Edit text in Pokemon Black and White. File Operation 1.0 Patrick1704 2010/10/03
Pokémon Text Tester Test translated text of Pokemon to see it fits in the screen. File Operation 1.0 Beta dicamarques 2011/03/16
Flipnote Encoder MP4 to Flipnote Encoder. File Operation 5.0.4 RinLovesYou 2021/04/12
Nomad NDS Texture Converter Export any textures used by the NDS 3D engine. File Operation 1.0 Nomad 2007/01/22
M3 and G6 Homebrew Loader NDS loader that turns the power on before running the program. Other PC Utilities 2006 Pepsiman 2006/01/16
MK4 Mini Patcher Patcher for MK4-Mini device. Other PC Utilities 1.1 NeoFlash Team 2006/07/16
NDStation Package ROM within .NDS file to run from Slot 1 flash card's main menu. Other PC Utilities 1.2.1 Chuckstudios 2007/08/20
SignaPic YasUI An easy to use program for creating YSMenu Theme/Skin. Other PC Utilities 1.0.0 cimo95 2019/12/21
DSMIDIWiFi Server Wireless and Wired MIDI for the DS. Other PC Utilities 1.01+1.02 0xtob 2010/04/03
NDS Rom Cleaner ROM trimmer application for Windows. ROM Managers 2.0b _SuBCeRo_ 2007/10/15
NDSTokyoTrim A rom trimmer for Nintendo DS (NDS & GBA). ROM Managers 3.11 Techsuki 2021/09/26
R4DS ROM Trimmer DS Rom Trimmer. ROM Managers 2.00 r4ds 2007/07/31
NDS ExplorerEx NDS Renamer/Explorer. ROM Managers 1.2.0 ardi 2016/02/10
Rominator A Nintendo DS rom manager with many features and extras. ROM Managers 2008.20+data Hankchill 2013/05/24
TwilightBoxart TwilightMenu++ Boxart Downloader. ROM Managers 0.7 KirovAir 2020/04/01
xdelta UI A simple frontend for xdelta, without typing command line. ROM Patchers 1.1 KaioShin 2009/05/31
MultiPatch Patching tool for macOS. ROM Patchers 2.0 Sappharad 2021/09/15
Tsukuyomi UPS A tool to create and apply UPS patches. ROM Patchers 0.01 byuu 2008/04/12
upset UPS patcher. The succesor of Tsukuyomi UPS. ROM Patchers 04 byuu 2010/10/23
DSATM Allows you to hardpatch ARDS codes to NDS rom, also known as DS Auto Trainer Maker. ROM Patchers 5.1 cracker 2010/06/29
Floating IPS Applies and creates IPS and BPS patches. Also known as Flips. ROM Patchers 1.31 Alcaro 2021/11/18
xdelta Open-source binary diff, delta/differential compression tools, VCDIFF/RFC 3284 delta compression. ROM Patchers 3.1.0 & 3.0.11 Joshua MacDonald 2016/01/08
DLDI Patch that allows you to run homebrew programs on different flashcarts. ROM Patchers 2008 Michael "Chishm" Chisholm 2008/09/10
Delta Patcher A hybrid frontend to the xdelta3 that supports more options of the decoder/encoder. ROM Patchers 3.0.1 Phoenix 2022/09/10
Lunar IPS An easy to use, lightweight IPS patch utility for Windows. Also known as LIPS. ROM Patchers 1.03 FuSoYa 2022/02/02
NUPS UPS patcher for .NET or Mono. ROM Patchers 1.3 Nintenlord 2009/05/13
lazy_ips IPS patcher for Linux. ROM Patchers 20200706 Boris Timofeev, hadess, rekentuig, Hubert Figuière 2020/07/06
JIPS A simple IPS Patcher for Java, running with JRE 1.4. ROM Patchers 3.0 Z.e.r.o 2002/03/11
DS Workshop A single application with many tools to aid in hacking the DS. Save and Game Managers 2011 dragonboy269 2011/12/11
R4 DS Cheat Code Editor Edit the action replay (or etc) codes. Save and Game Managers 1.01 R4DS 2007/05/20
UniqueGeeks Online Converter Web-based NDS save converter. Save and Game Managers 2010 Unique Geeks Media 2010/07/21
Shunyweb Savegames Converter Web-based savedata converter. Save and Game Managers 2.0 Final Shunyweb 2019/05/28
Convert Savedata M3 Real-R4DS Convert savedata from M3 Real to R4DS, and vice versa. Save and Game Managers 2008 Alekstyle 2008/03/27
NDS Save File Converter NDS save converter. Save and Game Managers 2.6 evandixon 2011/08/24
DS SAVE CONVERTER Online tool to convert save file format of Nintendo DS. Save and Game Managers 2022 2022/06/23

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Rom Hacks

Game Hacks · Translations · Hack Utilities · Save Editors

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
FFCC - Echoes of Time Undub Patch Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time undub patch. Game Hacks 1.2 swosho 2022/08/20
Tenchu: Dark Secret Undub Patch Tenchu: Dark Secret undub patch. Game Hacks 2022 swosho 2022/08/20
Umokay 64DS 5: Eternal Night Super Mario 64 DS rom hack. The fifth installment of the umokayds series. Game Hacks 2022 0reo 2022/07/09
FE1DS Sync Patch Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (FE11) rom hack with updates growth rates, class stats, and weapons similar to Fire Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (FE12). Game Hacks Final Arch (Archsagex, General Archibald) 2012/03/19
Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star MegaMan Battle Network: Operate Star Force rom hack. Removes all voice acting. Game Hacks 1.0 Cirosan 2018/06/30
Shadow Dragon - Full Content Patch Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon patch that merges all FE11 mods made by Cirosan. Game Hacks 1.2 Cirosan 2018/07/08
Shadow Dragon - Always Recruit Norne Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rom hack where player can always recruit Norne at the end of Prologue 4. Game Hacks 1.0 Cirosan 2018/06/25
Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS - Remove Voice Acting Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS rom hack that removes all voice acting (US version). Game Hacks 1.2 Cirosan 2017/11/30
Shadow Dragon - Prologue in Hard Modes Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rom hack which allows you to play through the prologue of Shadow Dragon on higher difficulties. Game Hacks 1.21 Cirosan 2018/04/29
Shadow Dragon - Updated Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rom hack that removes the unit limits to get in to Chapters 6x, 12x, 17x, and 20x. Game Hacks 1.11 Cirosan 2018/04/29
Custom Robo Arena Redux Custom Robo Arena rebalance patch. Game Hacks 1.0 FMArthur 2018/10/09
Shadow Dragon - Online Shop Exclusive Items Integrated into Normal Gameplay Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rom hack, which integrates exclusive items from the now-defunct Online Shop into normal gameplay. Game Hacks 1.1 Cirosan 2018/06/19
PoR - ZX Expansion Pack Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin portraits mod, where you play as ZX, Omega, or XTreme Zero, from the Mega Man series. Game Hacks 1.0.0 Oersted 2022/05/07
DoS - Playable Sonic the Hedgehog Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow portraits mod, where you play as the Blue Blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. Game Hacks 1.0.0 Oersted 2022/05/12
DoS - Playable ZX + Omega Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow portraits mod, where you play as Model ZX, from Mega Man ZX/Model Omega. Game Hacks 1.0.1 Oersted 2022/04/22
DoS - Playable Meta Knight Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow portraits mod, where you play as Meta Knight, from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Game Hacks 1.0.2 Oersted 2022/04/17
DoS - Playable Yamcha Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow portraits mod. where you play as Yamcha, from the original Dragon Ball Saga. Game Hacks 1.0.2 Oersted 2022/04/09
Castlevania: Rondo of Ruin Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin rom hack. It has a new story, new items, sprites, weapons, music, and most of the games areas are modified in both small and big ways. Game Hacks 1.0.8 Fat T-800 Albert "Edvard" 2022/05/04
Mario Kart DS Banana Blitz Mario Kart DS minihack. Game Hacks 1.1 Southport (CPU0) 2020/06/02
Ermii Kart DS Mario Kart DS rom hack. A full hack where all courses, characters and karts are replaced. Game Hacks Legacy Edition Ermii Kart DS Team 2019/04/20
Mario Kart Zero Mario Kart DS rom hack. It changes the tracks to different ones + custom music. Game Hacks 1.3.1 & 1.3 fixed SYStEM Team 2022/02/11
MKDS N64 Circuit Mario Kart DS rom hack. It changes many courses and changes the old ones for other retro courses. Game Hacks 1.51 Arctus 64 2017/02/11
Rhythm Heaven Touchless Rhythm Heaven rom hack that allows you to play with buttons instead of touchscreen controls. Game Hacks 1.0 Skelux 2018/08/31
Castlevania: Portrait of Bloodlines Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin rom hack. With new songs, weapons, mechanics, graphics and more. Game Hacks 3.0 RedPack007 2021/07/19
Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled - Reasonable Encounter Rate Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled rom hack. Reduce encounter rate. Game Hacks 1.0 ThegreatBen 2022/01/28
Umokay 64DS 3: Travel in Time Super Mario 64 DS rom hack. The third installment of the umokay series. Game Hacks Final 0reo 2022/02/27
Umokay 64DS 2 Super Mario 64 DS rom hack. Sequel to Umokay 64DS. Game Hacks Final 0reo 2021/11/08
Umokay 64DS Super Mario 64 DS rom hack. Based on a discord emote called umokay and its many variations. Game Hacks Final 0reo 2021/09/17
Mega Man Star Force 2 Not Quite DX Mega Man Star Force 2 rom hack which lowers the encounter rate. Game Hacks 1.0.1 Prof. 9 2021/12/25
Mega Man Star Force DX Mega man Star Force rom hack. A comprehensive mod that modernizes and improves all aspects of the game. Game Hacks 1.2.2 Prof. 9 2022/02/26
Mega Man ZX Advent Undub Mega Man ZX Advent undub patch. Game Hacks 1.0 Geo 2019/09/26
Mega Man ZX Undub Mega Man ZX rom hack. Fully undub, with all in-game terminology restored to the original. Game Hacks 1.01 Geo 2019/11/29
Pokémon Blaze Black 2 & Volt White 2 Pokemon Black & White rom hack. Sequels to Blaze Black & Volt White. Game Hacks 1.1 Drayano 2017/11/25
Pokémon Blaze Black & Volt White Pokemon Black & White rom hack. Game Hacks 3.1 Drayano 2011/12/24
More Super Mario Bras. 2 - Choose a Path! New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. A continuation of the previous classic with 8 worlds and many new features. Game Hacks 1.1d pinet 2016/11/21
More Super Mario Bras. New Super Mario Bros. rom hack with 8 complete worlds. Game Hacks 1.4c pinet 2016/08/14
KSSU Classic Controls Kirby Super Star Ultra rom hack. Game Hacks 1.6 mattdog1000000 2021/02/28
Ace Attorney The Complete Series Undub Ace Attorney series undub patch. Undub every Ace Attorney titles on the Nintendo DS. Game Hacks 2021 TSP184 2021/04/28
Super Mario: Endless Earth New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. The end of The Eternal Star Saga. Game Hacks 1.04 MarioFanatic64 2019/02/05
New Super Mario Advance + Take 2 New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. Remake of New Super Mario Bros. 2: Doki Doki Panic!! Edition. Game Hacks 1.2 MarioFanatic66 2015/06/14
New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team 2 New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. The second part of The Eternal Star Saga. Game Hacks 1.0.1 MarioFanatic65 2014/10/31
New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. The first part of The Eternal Star Saga. Game Hacks 1.3.1 MarioFanatic64 2014/10/31
New Super Mario Bros. 2: Doki Doki Panic!! Edition New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. A remake of an old rom hack Super Mario Bros. 2. Game Hacks 2010 MarioFanatic67 2010/03/25
Yoshi's Island DS Music Hack Yoshi's Island DS music patch. Based off of the original Yoshi's Island on SNES. Game Hacks 3 xXchainchomp01, Markitus95 2015/10/06
Another Super Mario 3D Super Mario 64 DS rom hack. The first completed rom hack of said game. Game Hacks 1.09 Newer Team 2016/06/18
Gengar Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky rom hack. Game Hacks 1.0 kkzero 2021/10/30
Beyond Super Mario Bros. DS New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. Based on Newer Super Mario Bros. DS with brand new levels. Game Hacks demo_u4 Helios (user123123) 2018/06/28
Mission: Hurry Up, Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. Game Hacks 1.01 Helios (user123123) 2018/01/12
Pokémon Heart Red Pokemon HeartGold rom hack. A Red/Blue remake for Nintendo DS. Game Hacks TriggerHappy187 (ashinnblunts) 2019/04/15
Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow new portraits rom hack. Game Hacks 1.1 ShadowOne333 2017/03/13
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. Sequel to Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Game Hacks 1.16 Newer Team 2022/02/04
Pokémon Light Platinum DS Pokemon HeartGold rom hack. Reimplementation of Pokemon Light Platinum for GBA to the NDS. Game Hacks Beta1-0.1.5 Mikelan98 2016/03/07
CTGP Nitro Mario Kart DS rom hack. The biggest, most ambitious romhack to date. Game Hacks 1.0.0 CTGP Nitro team 2022/02/05
Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Rom hack. Game Hacks 1.05+SpeedUpPatch Drayano 2020/03/21
Pokémon Silver Yellow Pokemon SoulSilver Rom hack. Game Hacks 1.16 brtatu 2021/09/15
Super Among Us 64 DS Super Mario 64 DS rom hack. Game Hacks 2022 SolarZ 2022/01/01
Umokay 64DS 4: The IceFire War Super Mario 64 DS rom hack. The fourth installment of the umokayds series. Game Hacks 2022 0reo 2022/04/01
Retro Game Challenge Undub Retro Game Challenge Undub patch. Game Hacks 1.0 newtypeSaint 2019/09/30
Among Us - Sus of Sorrow Hack of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow hack featuring Among Us. Game Hacks 2.0 Oersted 2022/09/25
NSMB Editor on DS New Super Mario Bros. Level Editor. Game Hacks 2012 Dirbaio (Dario Nieuwenhuis) 2012/03/15
TRASLA Teleport Randomizer Assistant Solution Lookup Application for Windows, Linux and Android (Pokémon Warp Randomizer). Hack Utilities 1.0.3 Axido 2022/04/08
DSVEdit Multi-purpose editor for ROM hacking DS and GBA Castlevania games. Hack Utilities 1.12.0 LagoLunatic 2021/08/30
BatchLZ77 A multi-file LZ77 (de)compression utility for Nintendo DS editing. Hack Utilities 1.4 DarthNemesis 2010/05/09
HxD Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor. Hack Utilities Maël Hörz 2021/02/11
DSLazy Small GUI front-end for some NDS utilities. Hack Utilities 0.6 ratx 2005/12/24
CrystalTile2 NDS rom hacking tool. Hack Utilities 2013 Angel Team (translated by cory1492 and FAST6191) 2013/07/19
DeadSkullzJr's NDS(i) Cheat Databases A comprehensive cheat database set for NDS(i). Hack Utilities 2021 DeadSkullzJr 2021/12/25
The Animal Crossing Pattern Tool A program that can edit patterns, letters and message board for Animal Crossing DS. Save Editors 8.0 Thulinma 2006/04/13
SaGa 2 - Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny Save Editor SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu: Goddess of Destiny save editor. Save Editors 2009 turtle-insect (kamemushi) 2009/11/21
Nintendog Trainer for Windows Nintendog Trainer for Windows. Save Editors 2005 DsPet 2005/11/08
Pokésav Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum save editor. Save Editors 2017 COM 2017/07/26
PokeGen General Pokemon editing tasks, same as PokeSav. Also known as PokeGen. Save Editors 3.1.13 Codr 2017/03/10
Animal Map Animal Crossing DS map editor. Save Editors 1.8 Desconocido 2007/10/28
Zoids Saga DS English Translation Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia English translation patch. Translations 1.02 Traceytrace 2022/08/20
Panel de Pon DS Translation Patch Panel de Pon DS (J) English translation patch. Translations 0.25 baochan 2007/05/04
Element Hunter Translation Project Element Hunters English patch (partially translated). Translations 2.1 Noitora 2009/11/16
Jump Ultimate Stars Jump Ultimate Stars English patch (partially translated). Translations 03/05/08 Weukeukeu 2016/05/03
Puzzle Series Vol. 5: Slither Link Puzzle Series Vol. 5 - Slither Link English patch. Translations 0.7 T-Tudor 2014/04/19
7th Dragon 7th Dragon English translation patch. Translations 1.01 Pokeytax (Geoff Embree) 2014/04/19
Love Plus LovePlus English translation patch. Translations 1.0n Love Plus Translations 2014/06/15
Ayanami Raising Project with Asuka Supplementing Project Shinseiki Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku with Asuka Hokan Keikaku DS English patch (near completion). Translations 0.90 Pearse Hillock 2021/04/03
Ketsui: Death Label Open Translation Project Ketsui Death Label: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi English translation patch. Translations 0.2 z3tzilla 2013/07/22
Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star Translation Project MegaMan Battle Network Operate Star Force fan translation project. Translations 1.0 Greiga Master 2018/02/22
Tomodachi Collection Tomodachi Collection DS English patch (partially translated). Translations 0.80 jjjewel 2020/10/04
Tales of the Tempest Tales of the Tempest English translation patch. Translations 1.0 Absolute Zero Translations 2013/04/01
SaGa 3: Rulers of Time and Space - Shadow or Light SaGa 3: Jikuu no Hasha - Shadow or Light English translation patch. Translations Beta 2.0.830 Cain, Easton West 2022/05/09
Soma Bringer Open Translation Soma Bringer English translation (mostly complete). Translations 2009.02.02 DarthNemesis 2016/05/03
Puyo Puyo 7 Puyo Puyo 7 DS English translation patch. Translations 1.0 Puyo Nexus 2016/12/06
Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary DS English translation patch. Translations 1.2 Puyo Nexus 2016/05/03
The Series of Haruhi Suzumiya English Fan Translation Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsu (The Series of Haruhi Suzumiya) fan translation project. Translations 0.2 Haroohie Translation Club 2022/04/22
Nora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Misty Forest - Translation Project Nora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no Majo English fan translation project. Translations 0.3c Final Darukeru 2022/04/03
Death Note: Kira Game English Patch Death Note: Kira Game English patch. Translations 1.0 AGT Team 2022/02/15
Black Butler: Phantom & Ghost English Patch Black Butler: Phantom & Ghost for the Nintendo DS English translation patch. Translations 1.0 Phantom & Ghost Team 2019/02/22
SaGa 2: Legend of the Relics - Goddess of Destiny SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny fan translation patch. Translations 2.12 Crimson Nocturnal 2021/04/22
Chibi-Robo: Clean Sweep! Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Osoji! fan translation project. Translations 1.1 Cjuub 2016/07/05
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd Story Tokimeki Memorial GS 3 fully translated English patch. Translations 2.00 jjjewel 2015/06/20
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Season Tokimeki Memorial GS 2 English translation patch. Translations 6 Gokusaishiki 2011/08/06
Luminous Arc 3 English Patch Luminous Arc 3 fan translated patch. Translations 1.0 LA3 Translation Team 2021/12/24
Sailor Moon: The Shining Moon Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende fully translated English patch. Translations 1.0 Jonko 2021/06/14
Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives English patch. Translations 1.0 DCTP Team 2015/06/29
Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love (Tingle RPG 2) fan translation project. Translations 1.1 Team Tingle 2018/01/04
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st Love Plus Tokimeki Memorial GS 1st Love Plus English patch. Translations Final TMGS1 Translation Team 2010/12/02
Vampire Knight DS Vampire Knight DS English patch. Translations 1.0 AGT Team 2021/12/05
Rosario+Vampire: Tanabata's Miss Yokai Academy Rosario to Vampire - Tanabata no Miss Youkai Gakuen English patch. Translations 1.0 jjjewel 2015/05/15
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - Prosecutor's Path Gyakuten Kenji 2 DS English patch. Translations Final 2 Auryn 2015/02/20
Spice and Wolf: The Wind that Spans the Sea English Translation Ookami to Koushinryou - Umi o Wataru Kaze English translation patch. Translations 1.0 AGT Team 2022/06/01
Spice and Wolf: My Year with Holo English Patch Ookami to Koushinryou - Boku to Holo no Ichinen English translation patch. Translations 1.1 AGT Team 2021/03/31
Chou Soujuu Mecha MG Full Translation Chou Soujuu Mecha MG complete translation patch. Translations 1.1 Supper 2019/09/27
Blood of Bahamut Blood of Bahamut fan translation. Translations 1.07 Blood of Bahamut Translation Team 2014/10/05
Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem - Heroes of Light and Shadow Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo - Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu (FE12) English translation. Translations 3.01 The Heroes of Shadow 2016/05/09
Culdcept DS Open Translation Culdcept DS English translation patch (97% finished). Translations 1.0 theli 2016/06/04
Girlish Love Revolution English Fan Translation Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! DS English translation. Translations 1.1 Final Love Revo Translations 2012/07/01

Contents Applications | Games | Emulators | Homebrew Loaders | PC Utilities | Rom Hacks | Demos


Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
KDD's 3D Editor Able to make 3D-Models. Demos 0.2 King Dodongo 2011/04/17
NDS 3D Demos 3D demo tools. Demos 2008 AntonioND 2008/06/27
BitBox Short demo music video. Demos 2009 MsK`, Nurykabe, hitchhikr 2009/08/01
3dtestb 3D demo. Demos 2009 sylus101 2009/11/01
Christmas ds Music and snowfall Techdemo. Demos 2008 maximveron 2008/11/26
Castlevania Devilish Resemblance Remake of Castlevania. Demos Demo Frosty Chaotix 2008/02/06
Cream And Cheese Control Cream the Rabbit and Chao cheese, a Sonic fan game. Demos Demo Sam Kitsune 2010/07/02
DS Demos Contains several DS tech demos/intros showcase. Demos 2007 FAST6191 2007/08/23
MD2 decomposer 3D Tools. Demos 2008 Cobain 2008/07/22
Environment-Mapping Techdemo 3D sample for Libnds. Demos 2007 Payk 2007/03/07
CSDS 2D version of Counter Strike for the PC. Demos 11-02 Jandujar 2005/11/02
Jack Turtle A jump and Run platformer demo. Demos Alpha 0.15 KISWA 2007/10/23
HappyCat Happy cat demo on DS. Demos 2006 Dragon Minded (Shaun Taylor) 2006/06/21
Lampe A 3D homebrew model. Demos 2009 NachtaraChecker 2009/04/05
MD2 Loader A simple 3D model viewer. Demos 2005 Ethos 2005/08/10
Mx5 2D-effect that looks like 3D. Demos Final Kleevahs 2006/01/14
NDS-MD2Loader Use for 3D models and animation. Demos 2007 Payk 2007/05/06
MunchiToy A Physics Demo. Demos 2.5 HakoByte 2011/06/06
Lack Of Disco A tech demo. Demos 2009 PoPsY TeAm 2009/10/16
2DBallPhysics 2D sprite physics engine. Demos 2011 Discover 2011/01/28
Sphere Particles Particle Demo. Demos 2007 ETK 2007/02/18
Car engine (HighWay Run) Engine for a racing game. Demos Update AngelWire 2010-4-20
PypeBros' NDS Game Engine DEMO 2-level platformer which demonstrate the use of game engine. Demos 2009 PypeBros 2009/09/17
Wave Effect 4 A wave effect demo for the Nintendo DS. Demos Demo 0.1 Infantile Paralysiser 2008/10/22
Physics of Racing Car physics tech demo. Demos Demo JulianB/Jim (Laguna Seca) 2011/01/11
Project Legends DS-DSi Full 3D Megaman game. Demos 002 T3-Games-Zero (t377y000) 2011/05/16
Snow Cipher Platform game engine demo. Demos 0.5 ApplePiePod, BenAdamson 2008/10/19
Street Fighter DS Street Fighter preview build. Demos Preview 3 RDilus 2009/09/23
Qix Simple line animation based on the original Qix by Taito. Demos 0.1 René C. Kiesler (Rck) 2008/08/31
RTT example Render To Texture example. Demos 2008 AntonioND 2008/12/13
Snowfall Demo Simulate the accumulation of snowflakes on a window. Demos 2008 bogus 2008/01/05
Rumble Demo A demonstration of using the rumble pak supplied with Metroid Pinball. Demos 2012 Pepsiman 2012/12/13
Project Ring DSi-Hybrid Full 3D Sonic game. Demos 002 T3-Games-Zero 2011/12/17
Death Chimp A tech demo with music and image effect. Demos Demo k2 2010/09/02
Volumetric Shadow Demo NDS Tech Demo, formerly know as the Stencil Shadow Demo. Demos 1.60 Rob (silent_code, R.H.L.) 2013/01/16
Progres 3D A series of 3D textures and models. Demos 2008 Cobain 2008/10/29
Schusstest A small space shooter test. Demos 2.i FUK-Team 2017/08/01
2.5 D Platformer A 2.5D platformer demo. Demos 2012 Relminator 2012/08/31
Patater A complete development manual for the DS, comes with source code examples. Demos 6.3 Jaeden Amero 2017/04/17
MoDS Volume 1 Demo musicdisk. Demos 2014 Resistance & Desire 2014/07/13
Defcon Zero A music demo. Demos 2009 René Siekmann (Scarab) 2009/04/13
SubPixel Font Demo of how to increase the DS resolution by using the RGB values. Demos demo Renaud Delcoigne (Sylfurd) 2005/05/31
Sonic Adventure DS Sonic fangame tech demo. Demos 2022 Yacker 2022/08/21
Blending Demo A small tech demo that utilizes the DS's hardware blending to create impressive effects. Demos 2009 LiraNuna 2009/04/04