List of DS homebrew emulators

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Title System(s) Author
1942 DS Emulated Games: 1942 (all sets). Copper
1943 DS 1943 arcade emulator (3 sets). Copper
AemioDA Acronym for "Arcade Emulator Made In One Day", Asteroid. Alekmaul
BombJack DS BombJack arcade game emulator. Copper
Canyon DS Canyon Bomber (prototype set also) emulator. Copper
DSInvaders A Space Invaders Arcade emulator. Copper
DSPack Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME). Copper
Ghosts'n Run Arcade emulator for one game: Ghosts'n Goblins. Alekmaul
GreenBeretDS Green Beret, Rush'n Attack & Mr. Goemon Arcade emulator. FluBBa
Mame4All Port of MAME 0.37b5 emulator for Supercard DS Two only. Alekmaul
MarcaDS An arcade emulator. Alekmaul
MrDo DS Mr.Do!, Mr.Do's Castle, Do!Run Run & Mr.Do's Wild Ride arcade emulator. Copper
Pang DS Pang and Super Pang Arcade emulator. Copper
PuzzleKlax Arcade emulator for Klax and Tetris. Alekmaul
SDL MAME Arcade Games. Nuvalo
SnowBrosDS Snow Bros.,Nick & Tom (all sets), Arcade Games. Copper
Solomon's Key DS Solomon's Key (US and Japan) Arcade Emulator. Copper


Title System(s) Author
A2DS Apple II Emulator. Grizzly Adams
AmeDS Emulator of Amstrad CPC 664, CPC 6128. Alekmaul
CrocoDS CPC 6128 (Amstrad CPC) emulator. Rebug
DS81 Emulation of the Sinclair ZX81. Ian Cowburn
DSoric Oric Emulator for the Nintendo DS. Alekmaul
DSpec Zx Spectrum emulator. Eighttwelve
DSx86 PC emulator that can run old DOS games. Patrick Aalto
DSx86Cfg Custom configuration for DSx86. RyouArashi
FmsxDS Emulated Computer: MSX2. Nyagosu
FrodoDS Emulator for Commodore 64 games. Troy Davis
Mini vMac DS Macintosh plus emulator. Lazyone
MSX DS MSX / MSX 2 / MSX2+ home computer standard emulator. Nyagosu
NitroGrafx A PCEngine emulator. FluBBa
PenkoDS Emulator for Atari 800XL. Rebug
PokeyDS Emulated Computer: Atari 800XL. Alekmaul
PomDS Apple II Emulator. Alekmaul
ScummVM DS Re-engineer classic point and click adventure games of the 80s-90s on PC. Neil Millstone (agentq)
SpeccyDS Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k model only) emulator. Craig
SpectrumDS Emulated Computer: Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48k model only). Buzz
StyxDS An emulator Atari ST. Redbug
ThomDS Thomson MO5 Computer emulator. Alekmaul
XRoar Dragon 32/64 emulator. Ciaran Anscomb
Xyds XY-MINI emulator. Zzo38computer
ZXDS Sinclair ZX Spectrum that support WiFi multiplayer. Patrik Rak


Title System(s) Author
A5200DS Atari 5200 emulator. Alekmaul
A7800DS 1 & 2 Atari 7800 emulator. Alekmaul
Apprentice MinusDS A Gamegear and Sega MasterSystem emulator. Lordus
BAG SFC SNES/ Super Famicom emulator. BassAceGold
CAT SFC Emulated game Console: SNES / Super Famicom. ShadauxCat
ColecoDS ColecoVision emulator. Alekmaul
jEnesisDS Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator. Lordus
Midori NES Emulator. AronBS
NeoDS NeoGeon AES/MVS emulator. Ben Ingram
NesDS Nintendo Entertainment System Emulation. Huiminghao
PicoDriveDS Sega Genesis Emulator Port. RyanFB
RetroBoxDS Port of Retrobox, multi-console emulator. BlueHawk89
S8DS SEGA Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000 emulator. FluBBa
SNEmulDS SNES emulator. Archeid
SnesDS SNES Emulator for DS. Loopy
SnezziDS Port of Snezziboy, an SNES emulator for the GBA, to the Nintendo DS platform. bubble2k, Gary Linscott
StellaDS Atari VCS 2600 emulator for DS and DSi. TheChucksters
VectxDS Vectrex emulator. Alekmaul


Title System(s) Author
DS Boy Game Boy emulator. Brunni
DS_GBC Game Boy and Gameboy Colour emulator. Ethos
DSMasterplus Sega game Gear / Master System console emulator. Alekmaul
DSMS Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator. N3TKaT
DualSwan WonderSwan emulator. LiraNuna
GBA exploader DS side application used to run GBA code. Rudolph
iPlayer GBA Emulator GameBoy Advance(GBA) emulator for iPlayer only. DarkChen
Lameboy Gameboy and Gameboy Colour emulator. Paul Gustafson
NesterDS A DS port of Nester. Rich Whitehouse
NesterDS+ Based on nesterDS. Tall Fatman
PokeMini DS Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini. Justburner
RACE! Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator. Flavor
Watari Watara Supervision Emulator. Normmat
GBARunner2 DS A GBA hypervisor for DS. (like nintendont for gc on wii). Gericom
GameYob DS [Super] Gameboy [Color] emulator for the Nintendo [3]DS. Drenn1


Title System(s) Author
Chip8me Chip-8 and Super Chip Emulator. Etk
DSFrotz Port of Frotz, Z-machine interpreter to play text adventure games. Papafuji
GZOIS for NDS Sharp Pocket Computer PC-E500 Emulator. Matsumo
Korg Monotron DS Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer Emulator. Furrtek
Pstros NDS MIDP implementation running on the CLDC java machine compiled. Ole, Davr