List of DS homebrew loaders

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Various loaders you can use to load DS homebrew.

Title Description Author
ARDSI Menu A firmware for ARDSI. Science1matthew
Boot GBA with Frame Run GBA games from the slot-2. Searinox, Xenon++
DSChannels A Wii menu clone for DS. GrizzlyAdams
DScovered Firmware menu based on the iPod/iPhone/iTunes coverflow menu system. Spinal
DSi4DS DSi firmware menu on NDS. Spinal
DSi Homebrew Channel Run homebrews on DS. Spinal_cord
DSision2 A replacment firmware for Nintendo DS flash carts. Spinal
DS Media Center Able to launch homebrews and watch videos. Hillibilly
Flashcart OS Homebrew menu with a integrated .nds loader. TeenDev
GBAMP Multiboot Able to run homebrew applications from only one CompactFlash-Card. Mighty Max
HBWare Able to launch homebrew, also download and install it from filetrip. Stormwave
HiyaCFW Custom firmware for DSi. Robz8
Homebrew Menu Simple launcher intended to support DS homebrew developers. Team DevkitPro
M3 Powerloader NDS loader that turns the power on before running the program. Pepsiman
NDS MP Run NDS files from a compact flash cart using a PassMe, FlashMe or WifiMe. Chishm
TEXT OS Provide support to boot Homebrew apps for developers. Funkystuff
Wifiloader Load homebrew over a wireless connection. Padrinator