List of DS homebrew demos

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Applications used to demonstrate different functions of the DS.

Title Description Author
3D Demos 3D demo tools. AntonioND
3D Editor DS Able to make 3D-Models. King Dodongo
3D Mech Demo 3D demo. Sylus101
BitBox Short demo video. MsK`, Nurykabe, hitchhikr
Christmas DS Music and snowfall Techdemo. Maximveron
Décomposeur de MD2 3D Tools. Cobain
DS Demos Contains several DS tech demos/intros showcase. FAST6191
Environment Mapping 3d sample for Libnds. Payk
HappyCat Happy cat demo on DS. Dragonminded
Lack Of Disco A tech demo. Popsy Team
MD2 Loader A simple 3D model viewer. Ethos
MunchiToy A Physics Demo. HakoByte
Mx5 2D-effect that looks like 3D. Kleevahs
NDS-MD2Loader Use for 3D models and animation. Payk
Particles Demo Particle Demo. ETK
Patater A complete development manual for the DS, comes with source code examples. Jaeden Amero
PhysicsME 2D sprite physics engine. Discover
Progres 3D A series of 3D textures and models. Cobain
Project Legends DS-DSi Full 3D Megaman game. T3-Games-Zero
Project Ring DSi-Hybrid Full 3D Sonic game. T3-Games-Zero
Rumble Demo A demonstration of using the rumble pak supplied with Metroid Pinball. Pepsiman
RTT example Render To Texture example. AntonioND
Snowfall Demo Simulate the accumulation of snowflakes on a window. Bogus
Volumetric Shadow Demo NDS Tech Demo, formerly know as the “Stencil Shadow Demo”. Rob
Wave Effect 4 A wave effect demo for the Nintendo DS. Infantile Paralysiser