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Utilities to help you load and manage homebrews from your PC.

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Aimersoft DRM Media Converter A simple do it all video converter for DS. PC Utilities 1.5 Trial Aimersoft 2013/01/30
Animal Map A map editor for Animal Crossing DS. PC Utilities 1.8 Desconocido 2007/10/28
AVI converter Able to recover the 3d object in 3dsmax and gmax. PC Utilities 2006 Delfare 2006/03/09
BatchDPG Convert media to .dpg file for MoonShell. PC Utilities 3.0 Final Invasi0n (Hondje1) 2013/06/24
Convert Savedata M3 Real-R4DS Convert savefata from M3 Real to R4DS, and vice versa. PC Utilities 2008 Alekstyle 2008/03/27
DeSmuME-wasm NDS emulator in browser. PC Utilities 20211122 cell9 2021/11/22
DLDI Patch that allows you to run homebrew programs on different flashcarts. PC Utilities 2008 Michael "Chishm" Chisholm 2008/09/10
DPG Tools Encrypt videos to .dpg to use on MoonShell. PC Utilities 1.31 Infantile Paralysiser 2007/08/26
DPG4X DPG video file converter for Linux. PC Utilities 3.0-1 xukosky 2020/08/06
Drivesort Edit the order of files saved in the SD card or other USB storages. PC Utilities 1.242 Anerty 2018/08/15
DS Workshop A single application with many tools to aid in hacking the DS. PC Utilities 2011 dragonboy269 2011/12/11
dsi_jpeg_signature_tool A tool to sign JPG file to be readable by Nintendo DSi Camera Application. PC Utilities 2017 MrNbaYoh 2017/08/26
DSM Tools Transcode videos for playback on the Nintendo DS using DSMplay. PC Utilities 1.2 Infantile Paralysiser 2007/10/07
DSMIDIWiFi Server Wireless and Wired MIDI for the DS. PC Utilities 1.01+1.02 0xtob 2010/04/03
dstexcomp NDS Texture Compressor. PC Utilities 0.1 kvance (Kevin Vance) 2009/03/30
GBA NDS FAT FAT filesystem library for the GBA and NDS. PC Utilities 2006 chishm (Michael Chisholm) 2006/03/03
LibFB A set of routines that display wordwrapped variable width fonts. PC Utilities 2007 DragonMinded (Shaun Taylor) 2007/11/20
M3 and G6 Homebrew Loader NDS loader that turns the power on before running the program. PC Utilities 2006 Pepsiman 2006/01/16
MK4 Mini Patcher Patcher for MK4-Mini device. PC Utilities 1.1 NeoFlash Team 2006/07/16
My Exporter And Animator 3D A Nintendo DS library used to create homebrew games/apps. PC Utilities 2012 Delfare 2012/06/25
NDS ExplorerEx NDS Renamer/Explorer. PC Utilities 1.2.0 ardi 2016/02/10
NDS Rom Cleaner ROM trimmer application for Windows. PC Utilities 2.0b _SuBCeRo_ 2007/10/15
NDS3D World Toolset Create a 3D environment on computer for NDS. PC Utilities 1.1 Christopher 2008/11/09
NDStation Package ROM within .NDS file to run from Slot 1 flash card's main menu. PC Utilities 1.2.1 Chuckstudios 2007/08/20
NDSTokyoTrim A rom trimmer for Nintendo DS (NDS & GBA). PC Utilities 3.11 Techsuki 2021/09/26
NFlib An alternative to PAlib. PC Utilities 2020 KnightFox (NightFox) 2020/10/08
Nintendo DS Code Manager Code a homebrew without understanding variables or functions. PC Utilities Beta 3 Almamu 2010/12/11
PAlib A Nintendo DS library used to create homebrew games/apps. PC Utilities 100707 Mollusk 2007/07/10
PAlib Portable A GUI app which without the need to install devkitPro or PAlib. PC Utilities 0.1 bigbob85 2008/10/15
pdf2cbds Use with ComicBookDS, converts PDF into a .cbds file. PC Utilities 2.0 ys (Jorge S. de Lis) 2008/09/14
PictoDS Use with ComicBookDS, converts pictures into a .cbds file. PC Utilities 2.1 Nicom00k 2007/08/26
PokeGen General Pokemon editing tasks, same as PokeSav. Also known as PokeGen. PC Utilities 3.1.13 Codr 2017/03/10
Pokémon Text Tester Test translated text of Pokemon to see it fits in the screen. PC Utilities 1.0 Beta dicamarques 2011/03/16
Pokésav Able to edit Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum save files. PC Utilities 2017 COM 2017/07/26
PPTXT: Text editing tool Edit text in Pokemon Black and White. PC Utilities 1.0 Patrick1704 2010/10/03
R4 DS Cheat Code Editor Edit the action replay (or etc) codes. PC Utilities 1.01 R4DS 2007/05/20
R4crypt Encrypt and decrypt files for R4DS well as the M3 Simply. PC Utilities 2007 chishm 2007/05/14
R4DS ROM Trimmer DS Rom Trimmer. PC Utilities 1.00 r4ds 2006/12/18
Rominator A Nintendo DS rom manager with many features and extras. PC Utilities 2008.20+data Hankchill 2013/05/24
Shunyweb Savegames Converter Web-based savedata converter. PC Utilities 2.0 Final Shunyweb 2019/05/28
SignaPic DSi Tool to make all JPG readable on Nintendo DSi. PC Utilities 0.3.0 cimo95 2019/12/10
NDS Save File Converter NDS save converter. PC Utilities 2.6 evandixon 2011/08/24
UniqueGeeks Online Converter Web-based NDS save converter. PC Utilities 2010 Unique Geeks Media 2010/07/21
Virtual Game Maker DS 2 A RPG Game Maker. PC Utilities 0.24 Alpha Globoeil 2009/11/01
µGenerator DS Generates code in LUA to use for NDS homebrews programing. PC Utilities 1.0 [email protected]_95 2011/02/18

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