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Media players

Title Description Author
3DAmnesic Video player (POC) Lectem
3DSurfer Wav player, written with LPP. Rinnegatamante
3ds-theoraplayer POC example video player for the 3ds using libtheora + citro2d. Oreo639
3ds-vgmstream A port of vgmstream for the 3ds with a simple text based player TricksterGuy
blargSPC Plays SPC files. DiscostewSM
ctrmus A music player supporting wav, aiff, flac, opus and mp3. deltabeard
Libcwav A 3ds library to play BCWAV files. mariohackandglitch
NintenBrew Video New Nintendo Video App For Modded 3DS Consoles MegaMemeMan
OGG Vorbis Player OGG Vorbis player for 3DS. machinamentum
RipEX 3DS Anime viewer. darkxex
Tangerine A work-in-progress music player for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. tesnos
Video player for 3DS Motion jpeg, MPEG4, H.264, H.265. Core-2-Extreme


Title Description Author
00Text Open Source text editor with an old mobile phone like keyboard. K0ryan
3DeMore Reset the usage count for demos. Kyraminol
3dfetch Displays various information about your Nintendo 3DS in pretty colors. aliceinpalth
3DS Ebook Reader Nintendo 3DS eBook Reader. reworks
3DS HomeMenu extdata Tool Tool for accessing the SD extdata which Home Menu uses. This essentially allows writing custom themes to extdata which get loaded at Home Menu startup. yellows8
3DS Motion 3DS Paint with added Stop-Motion animation support. norips
3DS Multi Hex Easy menu customization. Metab
3DS Paint Drawing program. AlbertoSONIC
3DS Quick Reboot Reboots the Nintendo 3DS console. AlbertoSONIC
3DS Quick Reboot by Asellus Quickly reboot your 3DS. Asellus
3DS Quick Shutdown by thedax Shut down your 3DS. thedax
3DS Quick Shutdown by Asellus Quickly power off your 3DS without using power button. Asellus
3DS Remote Desktop Stream Windows computer's screen to 3DS and send 3DS input to Windows. Retrozelda
3DS Wifi Toggle Turn Wifi on or off. thedax
3DS-PluginsFolder This program will allow you to create folders for all Titles ID on the directory sdmc:/plugin/. Klairm
3DSafe In-NAND PIN lock for 3DS. mashers
3DSBank "Nintendo 3DS" folder selector. RocketRobz
3DSController Use your 3DS console as Windows controller (sends data to keyboard, joypad and mouse). CTurt
3DShell A multi purpose file manager, heavily inspired by the CyanogenMod/LineageOS file manager. joel16
3DSync Upload your saves to a cloud/pc/another 3ds locally. Kyraminol
3DText Simple text file viewer. DarkFlare69
3input A 3DS Input Viewer/Monitor. PhlexPlexico
Alarm Clock A basic alarm clock. 730
ami² Amiibo Duplicator. moriczgergo
amibac An Amiibo backup homebrew. moriczgergo
Anemone3DS A theme and boot splash manager for the Nintendo 3DS console. astronautlevel2
Battery mark for 3DS Battery mark for 3DS. Core_2_Extreme
BiPoLAR-3ds Enable/Disable the power LED. Spaqin
BootCtr A simple boot manager for 3DS. thiagokokada
BootNTR Selector A BootNTR which will allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load. Nanquitas
BrewMan Homebrew repository downloader, supports github and screenshots. Repo3DS
Button Testing 3DS 3DS-TEST, a button/pad tester for 3DS and 2DS systems. 16BitWonder
ButtonSwap3DS Remap buttons on your 3DS! mcaboosec
CaptureAssistant A capture alignment tool for use with 3DS Capture Cards and NTRViewer, based on lpp-3ds. Sasori
Checkmii Checks what buttons are pressed. Darkrevol
Checkpoint Fast and simple homebrew save manager for 3DS and Switch. FlagBrew
CIAngel 3DS Downloads good CIA files right on your 3DS. llakssz
Colouredgbc Coloured carts with the GBC banner. AyanamiRei0
Cthulu Manages your 3DS's Activity Log and more. Ryuzaki-MrL
ctr-led-brary Small 3DS library to play patterns with the RGB notification LED. mariohackandglitch
CtrBootManager A boot manager for some 3DS homebrew applications, like HBL and CFW. Cpasjuste
CtrBootManager9 ARM9 version of CtrBootManager. For use with arm9loaderhax. cpasjuste
CTroll3D Control the Citra emulator from your 3ds. CarlosEFML
CtrRGBPATTY This 3DS application allows the LED color to be changed. Cpunch
Ctrrpc RPC server/client for poking the 3DS usermode. Build from repo. plutoo
Custom Home Menu Manager 2 CHMM2 is a theme manager for Nintendo 3DS for custom themes. Rinnegatamante
custom-install Install CIAs to a Nintendo 3DS SD card entirely on PC. ihaveamac
Downgrade Check A small tool will check if you have downgraded your Nintendo 3DS system. svanheulen
3DS-DSiWare Dumper Dump system DSiWare to sdmc:/. MechanicalDragon0687
DSP Dump A simple 3DS utility app to dump the DSP binary component. Cruel
DSP Firmware Dumper Another utility app to dump the DSP binary component. rinnegatamante
EasyRPG Player Updater - RE Updater for EasyRPG Player 3DS. gnmmarechal
edpJoy3DS edpJoy client for 3DS. edicpop
encTitleKeys Updater A tool used to update freeShop keys. MatMaf
Eshop Debugger Tool used for eshop related stuff. Reisyukaku
FileKong Opensource FTP Client for Nintendo 3DS. Rinnegatamante
Flite-3ds Voice synthesizing engine. Cruel, Pirater12
Font Viewer/Tester View fonts from your SD card. Jwiz33
Forecast A weather app for the 3DS. NatTupper
ftbrony FTP Server for 3DS. yellows8
FTP - Graphic ModifierX Edition Custom FTP Server for 3DS, forked from mtheall's ftpd. FloatingStar
ftpd by mtheall A FTP server. mtheall
FTPd by GizmoTheGreen FTP Server for 3DS, forked from mtheall's ftpd. GizmoTheGreen
FTPDB FTP for 3DS. Favna
ftpony A basic FTP server, useful for testing new homebrew versions without swapping the SD card (no longer under development). smea
Gamecard Dumper Dump 3DS and DSi game cartridges. TheGreek Boy
Gateway CIA CIA shortcut that opens Gateway Launcher. Rohul1997
GCIR - Gamecube Controller Input Redirect 3DS Gamepad to Luma InputRedirect, in Python. MissingNO123
GodMode9 3DS GodMode9 Explorer - A full access file browser for the Nintendo 3DS console. d0k3
Grid Launcher Updater 3DS Get mashers's Homebrew Launcher with grid layout. ihaveamac
HackChat 3DS Chat application. GitGarage
Haxfactory 3DS QR code-based homebrew primary entrypoint for the (eShop-only) title Block Factory. Stary2001
HexEditor 3DS HexEditor for 3DS. Marshmallow
Homebrew Launcher Wrapper 3DS Homebrew Launcher Loader - Dummy App. mariohackandglitch
homebrew screen test 3DS Development. pong20302000
Imgurup-3ds Basic Imgur Upload Client for 3ds. hax0kartik
Input Redirection - Extended Edition 3DS 3DS Input Redirection Client - Extended Edition. gbrown5
Input Redirection 3DS Change Input. Stary2001
InstallMii 3DS Graphical homebrew repository downloader. simonepsp
JEDECheck 3DS 3DS homebrew tool to check undocumented DS cartridge data. FlagBrew
JKSM - JK's Save Manager Save/Extdata Manager. JK_
JKSM Rosalina Modded version of JKSM for use as 3DSX on Luma 8+. Phalk, JK_
JKSM Rosalina: revision This is a fork from Phalk's JKMS, originally forked from J-D-K's JKSM - JK's Save Manager. This version's 3DSX is only compatible with the Rosalina entrypoint of the Homebrew Launcher. DeathAngel74
LuCIAfer 3DS Forked from CIAngel, this program is a simple approach to avoiding writing ids and keys when downloading games. Aiscrim
Luma Locale Region Auto Setter 3DS 3DS Homebrew to create locale files to run out of region DLC with less hassle. DarkSynopsis
Luma3DS Updater 3DS A boot.firm updater for Luma3DS and boot9strap! Hamcha
Luma3DS-Rosalina Screenshot Tool Screenshot Tool. GizmoTheGreen
LumaLocaleSwitcher 3DS LumaLocaleSwitcher can be used to manage per-title locales for Luma3ds. Possum
Magikoopa 3DS Code patcher for 3ds games. RicBent
Mandelbrot set viewer 3DS 3DS homebrew Mandelbrot set viewer. meladroit
MCU Bricker 3DS A simple makes the 3DS's notification LED flash! MarcusD
Multidownload 3DS Downloads files straight to your 3ds. hax0kartik
MultiUpdater 3DS Updates files, cias, etc for you. LiquidFenrir
NDS-controller 3DS Nintendo DS that allows the DS to connect to an Android device. Louisvh
Newquay 3DS Install titles recently added to that titlekey site. hippydave
NFCReader 3DS Allows you to use your 3DS as a NFC/RFID UID Scanner. MrJPGames
nimSM 3DS Nim save manager that uses PxiFS0 to backup! Plailect
NinjaCam 3DS Camera without shutter sound. Rinnegatamante
Nitrohax 3DS NitroHax cheat tool for Nintendo DS games, ported to Nintendo 3DS. ahezard
NoAmii 3DS Amiibo emulation within 3DS. HiddenRamblings
NotifyMii 3DS Homebrew notification manager. Ryuzaki-MrL
NTR Launcher 3DS NTR Launcher - Apache Thunder Original code from NitroHax but with cheat engine/menu stripped out. ApacheThunder
ntrboot_flasher 3DS A tool to flash that bootrom-hax goodness to your flashcart using your 3ds. ntrteam
OnionFS 3DS ROMFS and SAVE redirection to the SD. mariohackandglitch
OpenRegion 3DS Bypass region lock on 3DS firmware v4.x and v6.x. YourNerdyJoe
PDSX 3DS Recreation of PS1 BIOS for 3DS/2DS. RocketRobz
PHBank 3DS Pokemon Homebrew Bank. gocario
PHBankGB 3DS Pokemon Homebrew Bank for the Pokemon RBY VC release. Gocario
PHBankManager 3DS PHBankManager (not affiliated with PHBank and its creator) allows the user to have multiple bank files! zaksabeast
PinBox 3DS PinBox is a homebrew for 3DS system to stream content from a windows PC to 3DS. namkazt
PKSM 3DS Save editor for Pokemon generations 4 to 7. Bernardo Giordano
PowerPrevent_SysModule 3DS Add power button safety mechanic. WerWolv
Purgification 3DS Purging tool for notifications. Rinnegatamante
QR-Poster 3DS 3DS homebrew QR poster. nwk6661
Qraken 3DS PoC .cia QR Code scanner and installer. FlagBrew
Quick Payload Switcher 3DS Switches two A9LH payloads (by renaming them). gnmmarechal
QuickPowerOff - A9LH payload 3DS Shuts down the 3DS. Useful to shut the system down when a reboot is forced (eg. after leaving system settings). Asia81
RaspiPass 3DS RaspiPass - Homepass software for the Raspberry Pi 3. Pinchie
Redshift 3DS Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings. This may help your eyes hurt less if you are working in front of the screen at night. jonls
REDThreeUp 3DS Apply IPS patches to ROM files. gnmmarechal
Rehid Hid module rewrite for easy button remapping and more. Kartik
RTChanger 3DS Lets you change your 3DS RTC. GodMode9 does this as well, but you have to power off your 3DS for this. Storm-Eagle20
SaltySD 3DS A collection of SD redirect patches for 3DS games. shinyquagsire23
Save Data Manager and Editor 3DS Proof of concept save exporter/importer - for firmware up to 9.9. profi200
ScreenInfo 3DS Identify whether New 3DS LCD panels are TN or IPS. SciresM
screenshot-merge 3DS Merges screenshots taken with ninjhax 2.5 or NTR CFW. ihaveamac
scrtool 3DS Screenshot Tool. smealum/TheCruel
scrup 3DS Upload screenshots to imgur. JerwuQu
Sharkive 3DS Cheat codes for 3DS games for use with Rosalinas cheat menu. FlagBrew
SmileBASIC File Manager 3DS SmileBASIC File Manager is an application designed to make transferring resources from a PC to SmileBASIC easier. Trinitro21
SpecializeMii Golden Pants for your personal Mii. phijor
SpecializeMii+ On-console Mii database editor. Fork of SpecializeMii and able to share up to 2 consoles. phijor, Ryccardo
StarUpdater 3DS Updater for AuReiNAND/Luma3DS. astronautlevel2
StarUpdater-UN 3DS Updater for AuReiNAND/Luma3DS. Usually more updated than the original StarUpdater, though the fork does send pull requests to the original StarUpdater when a feature is added. gnmmarechal
svdt 3DS Save Data Explorer/Manager. meladroit
tcpGecko dotNet 3DS A 3DS Utility using a network connection. Mega-Mew
Themely A custom home menu manager for the Nintendo 3DS. ihaveamac
Thenaya - TagMo 3DS Thenaya is a homebrew app which can program Amiibo dump files into blank NTAG215, making brand new Amiibos. HiddenRambler
Tinker 3DS 3DS Homebrew Theme Manager for Shufflehax/Menuhax/Themehax. HeyItsJono
Titlekeys Tools 3DS A tool to easily update freeShop keys based on lpp-3ds or download the seeddb.bin and decTitleKeys.bin. Wolvan
TWiLightMenu Updater 3DS Easy to Update TwiLightMenu. RocketRobz
uncart 3DS Dump decrypted 3DS games cartridges. citra-emu
Universal-Updater 3DS A multiapp, JSON script-based updater for Nintendo 3DS. Universal-Team
VLR Safe Launcher 3DS Virtue's Last Reward for Nintendo 3DS is affected by a critical bug. lucaboy
WifiManager 3DS Attempt at a wifi slots saving/restore/edit on 3ds. LiquidFenrir
Wooddumper 3DS A way to dump original DS games to 3DS sd card! shutterbug2000
Wumiibo 3DS Amiibo Emulation for 3ds. hax0kartik
YARU - Yet Another Regionfree Utility 3DS Region free cartridge loader for Palantine CFW/Emunand. Rinnegatamante
Yuki FM 3DS File Explorer/Manager for the 3DS, written in lua. skiptirengu
ZIP3DSFX 3DS ZIP3DSFX is a ZIP-based SFX extractor for the 3DS console. d0k3

Operating systems

Title Description Author
linux for 3DS Linux kernel source tree kleo, nick, wolfvak, xerpi
arm9linuxfw 3DS Implement virtio over PXI for ARM11 <-> ARM9 communications on the Nintendo 3DS console. kleo, nick, wolfvak, xerpi
buildroot linux 3DS Buildroot, making embedded Linux easy. Note kleo, nick, wolfvak, xerpi
Linux 3DS Linux on 3ds! xerpi
FIRM Linux Loader 3DS FIRM Linux Loader for the Nintendo 3DS. xerpi
3DS Linux loader Boots Linux xerpi


Title Description Author
CalculaThreeDS 3DS 3DS homebrew scientific calculator. LiquidFenrir
Simple Calc 3DS Another calculator for simple math operations. GalladeGuy
Super Simple Calculator 3DS Calculator for simple math operations CKlidify
GraphCalc 3DS Graphical calculator. flarn2006
3DSInteger to Hex and Binary Converter 3DSConvert Integer to Hex and Binary darkxex
3DS Binary Decimal Converter Converts an entered binary number to its decimal equivalent AlbertoSONIC
Mandelbrot 3DS Mathematical-based Homebrew. Aliakr18


Title Description Author
EPF Theme for FBI Club Peaguin theme for FBI. jeffyTheHomebrewer
Super Photo Studio 3DS Take pictures of your favorite characters, in glorious Hori-HD. RocketRobz
TinyVNC 3DS VNC viewer for Nintendo 3DS. Badda
VNDS-LOVE 3DS VNDS-LOVE is a cross platform program that plays Visual Novel Dual Screen formatted novels. ajusa
Switch-Fightstick 3DS 3DS as a Switch Controller. cluckclock
PornHub 3DS PornHub 3DS CIA! GhostLatte
Hori-HD Image Gallery 3DS Demonstration of the 800px wide mode. Robz8
3DShomebrew 3DS homebrew tutorial xem
PixelChat 3DS A chat-based replacement for Miiverse! codeHusky
badapple3ds 3DS Bad Apple PV on 3DS Chromaryu
Scratch 3DS Scratch, for the 3DS. gadzooks2
S3SH 3DS SSH Client for 3ds Kartik
kSketch 3DS An etch a sketch on the 3DS. thekman
3DSBFI 3DS A 3DS Brainf*ck Interpreter. josamilu
Miiverse Custom Image Tool 3DS Making it easy to post custom images to Miiverse! PF2M
Monty 3DS A port of MicroPython to the 3DS. ObsidianX
Custom mmap XML Downloader 3DS Custom mmap XML Downloader Ryuzaki-MrL
C_O_M_R_E_D 3DS A theme-able comic reader for the 3DS. BEPISMAN2
luaIRC 3DS LuaIrc is an IRC client for 3DS written with Lua Player Plus 3DS rinnegatamante
amiibo Collection 3DS Amiibo collection manager - Homebrew for 3ds. Slimfr01
SDLPAL 3DS SDLPAL is an SDL-based open-source cross-platform reimplementation of the classic Chinese RPG game Xi?n ji�Q�i�hu� ZephRay
MegaNTR 3DS NTR plugin for a majority if Nintendo 3DS games. ItsDeidara
NTRDBI 3DS NTR plugin for a majority if Nintendo 3DS games. adrifcastr
Lua Red 3DS A scriptable Pokemon Red for N3DS and o3DS! noahc3
3DiScord 3DS 3DiScord is a heavily WIP Discord client for the 3DS. cheuble
irctr 3DS IRC client for 3ds. Sanqui
VN3DS Visual Novel Interpreter dfsa3fdvc1
TWL Slot-1 Launcher 3DS Boots blocked DS flashcards on any 3DS model Apache Thunder
Pictochat3D Pictochat clone for 3DS Tjessx
FakeBrick9 3DS Shows a fake brick screen A_Random_Guy
Fake Brick 3DS Shows a fake brick screen flarn2006
Dice 3DS Roll some dice keanutah
BLEND3R 3DS 3D Model Viewer Rinnegatamante
Clock 3DS A simple clock app for the 3DS arc13
3DSThemeManager A 3DS Theme Manager. Favna
Clive 3DS A Homebrew Colors! Live Replacement Server JoshuaDoes
CTROLLER for Android 3DS Use your Nindendo 3DS as a game controller for android! superl2
A Complete Package of All USA NTR Plugins 3DS Cheat codes. Leafgreen26
CTRPluginFramework 3DS Blank Plugin - Now with Action Replay. Nanquitas
TinyTot 3DS 2 Factor Authentication token one-time password generator thejsa
Orchestrina 3DS Play the ocarina from Ocarina of Time EBLeifEricson
Manga Reader 3DS Manga/Comics Reader for 3DS MyLegGuy
krypto 3DS A cryptocurrency ticker homebrew app for the 3DS sereneblue
Koopa Cruiser 3DS Web Browser thejsa
imgr3ds 3DS A basic Imgur client for the 3DS sereneblue
forecast3ds 3DS A simple weather homebrew app built with lpp-3ds. sereneblue
Drider 3DS ePub reader ingolemo
DDexter 3DS Pokedex application for 3DS feuerpanda
Crimson Scripter 3DS Sound novel interpreter, made using lpp3ds. Phalk
A9NC 3DS Receives ARM9 payloads over network and runs them d0k3
Cyanogen 3DS Cyanogen3DS - A W.I.P Alternative Custom GUI Menu for the Nintendo 3DS, inspired by the design of Cyanogenmod. This is a port of CyanogenPSP running on the 3DS. Joel16
Sunshell 3DS Multifunction shell written in LUA. Contains a variety of useful tools including an SD file manager, extdata dump/restore tool, and media players. Rinnegatamante
TWLSaveTool 3DS Manage saves from NDS cartridges. TuxSH
Agbsave9 3DS Dump GBA VC savefiles to SD card alex34567
3DS_Homebrew_Stuff2 3DS Stuffs for make no sense! insaneKane
DiscordCTR 3DS Discord client written in C++ for the Nintendo 3DS. dvdcd
Discord Client 3DS A simple unofficial Discord client to use as an example yourWaifu
ESPerPass 3DS <anage the StreetPass. michaelshmitty
GM9Megascript 3DS An all-in-one script consisting of almost all available gm9 scripts I can find. annson24
Pre9otherapp 3DS pre-9.2 otherapp which can be used to launch an arm9 payload off the sd card hax0kartik
Samus Returns - Amiibo Unlocker 3DS Samus Returns: Amiibo Unlocker noirscape
acnl-chat-sender 3DS A chat sender utilizing NTR Debugger to send messages to the ingame chat via your PC! rydoginator
NTRRemoteplaySimulator 3DS NTRRemoteplaySimulator is a script that simulates a (New)Nintendo 2/3DS sending frames to a PC RattletraPM
PaintAR 3DS Attempt at an AR homebrew game for the 3ds console family, similar to the built-in Face Raiders LiquidFenrir
FriendMii 3DS An experimental open source friends app for the Nintendo 3DS. joel16
3DS-Gamecard Eagle Board for nintendo 3DS Gamecard Cartidge. AhmedTheGeek
Dead Simple EULA Set 3DS Dead Simple Eula Set noirscape
Red Homebrew Launcher 3DS The New Red 3DS Homebrew Menu. lavaJockey
ModMoon 3DS A beautiful mod loader for games. Works for SaltySD, and LayeredFS. Swiftloke
Line for 3DS Line for 3DS Core-2-Extreme
3DSplit A speedrunning timer for the (New) Nintendo 3DS (XL). LetsPlentendo-CH
kodiremote-3ds kodiremote-3ds is a simple (N)3DS remote control for Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) it use the WebSocket port to control Kodi (port 9090 is the default port) proconsule
3DS RGB LED test program Make the notification LED glow in different colors MarcusD
Modern UI 3DS A simple icon pack with a flat and minimalist design. LouchDaishiteru
Simplok 3DS Simplok for the Homebrew Launcher. link6155
FreeShop 3DS Open-source eShop alternative for the Nintendo 3DS. TheCruel/arc13/Paul/evi
Homebr3w 3DS Simple Homebrew browser and installer. Wolvan
3DS Homebrew Browser 3DS An application browser for Nintendo 3DS Homebrew. zeta0134
For Anyone Who Walks A Lot 3DS Tool to get past the 10 coin per day limit on earning Play Coins by walking. iamevn
fb43ds Facebook's Client for Nintendo 3DS. Build from repo. linoma
DownloadMii 3DS DownloadMii is an online marketplace for homebrew applications & games. Build from repo. filfat
3dsfetch 3DS Small 3DS version of a popular Linux ricing script called screenfetch. VideahGams & Advanced Memb
nds-bootstrap Boot an nds file. Robz8
Pokething DS AR marking viewer to be used with the 3DS Pokedex app. Snailface


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Title Description Author
3DScraft 3DS A 3DS adaptation of Minecraft. smea
Blasphemer 3DS Homebrew based on Heretic 1 Open Source game content. eviltoys
ctrQuake 3DS An unofficial port of Quake for the 3DS, fully playable. MasterFeizz
Craftus 3DS Craftus in a Minecraft clone for Nintendo 3DS. RSDuck
Dungeons of Daggorath 3DS 3DS port of one of Dungeons of Daggorath. Darkweb
EDuke3D 3DS An unofficial port of EDuke32 for the 3DS. masterfeizz
OpenBOR 3DS This is Open Beats of Rage (OpenBOR) for 3DS. MrHuu
Halo Revamped 3DS Halo is a shooter game in which players experience gameplay in a 3D environment almost entirely from a first-person view (FPS). TCPixel
Heretic 3DS Heretic is a dark fantasy first-person shooter video game. elhobbs
Hydra Castle Labyrinth 3DS Port of the PC indie game of the same name. MegaPramuk
Jezzball 3DS Port of Jezzball for the Nintendo 3DS based on JezzballDS. Akdul
JFShadowWarrior 3DS Port of the 3D Realms game "Shadow Warrior" MrHuu
KillerMan - Ghost Buster 3DS Clone of the battles in the MegaMan Battle Network series. Greiga Master
Metroid II 3DS Tech Demo for Metroid 2. jbr373
Maze of Galious 3DS Maze of Galious! nop90
Meritous 3DS Far below the surface of the planet is a secret. A place of limitless power. nop90
OpenTyrian 3DS OpenTyrian is a port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian. nop90
Portal3DS An adaptation of Portal for the 3DS. smea
RE3 3DS GTA 3 port for 3ds. AJM
wolf4sdl 3DS Wolfenstein 3D port for 3ds. Kartik
Xrick 3DS Way before Lara Croft, back in the 1980's and early 1990's, Rick Dangerous was the Indiana Jones of computer games! nop90


Title Description Author
OpenLara 3DS Tomb Raider 1 Port. XProger
OpenHCL 3DS Hydra Castle Labyrinth port. JeffRuLz
New Minicraft3DS Fork Another Minicraft3DS Port For 3DS! ElijahZAwesome
JNKPlat 2018 3DS JNKPlat 2018 for 3DS Homebrew. Jayenkai
Minicraft - 3DS Homebrew Edition 3DS port of the game Minicraft. DavidSM64
Craftus Reloaded 3DS A second attempt at a homebrew Minecraft clone for 3DS RSDuck
Colossal Cave Adventure 3DS No description, website, or topics provided. nop90
Minicraft 3DS Homebrew Edition - The Multiplayer Update 3DS Homebrew port of Notch's ludum dare game "Minicraft". andre111


Title Description Author
3DS-Pong A Two player Pong game. shinyquagsire23
3Dfrogr 3DS Frogger clone. Tybus
3DSnake by Joshtech Snake game. Joshtech
3DSnake by CKlidify Snake game, built with LovePotion. CKlidify
3DS Breakout Breakout/Brick Breaker sloppy clone for 3DS using LovePotion. Jwiz33
Asteroids-3D Asteroids clone in real 3D. Rinnegatamante
BallEsca 3DS Avoid the red dots which spawn randomly on the screen. cynosura15
Breakout3DS Arkanoid clone. CalebDW
BubblePop 3DS Pop all the bubbles that appear on the screen. cynosura15
Breakout 3DS A simple Breakout clone for the 3DS. Magicrafter13
Brick Breaker 3D 3DS Breakout clone. FUK-Team
Evolution_Sav3D_Me 3DS Play as a monkey who needs to dodge lasers and eat bananas. Manurocker95
FlabbyBird3DS Flappy Bird clone. DomRe
Flappy Pixel 3DS Flappy Bird clone where you control a pixel. ll0rT
Gnop 3DS Pong clone. Jwiz33
Helii 3DS Homebrew port of Helii to the Nintendo 3DS. BHSPitMonkey
LovePong3DS Pong clone, built with LovePotion Framework. iKlikla
Njam3ds A pacman-like game. nop90
Pong 3DS by AntonioND A pong with stereoscopic 3D. AntonioND
Pong3D 3DS A two player pong clone. Snailface
QuickiePong 3DS A Pong clone (single player?). Lectem
Retrobattle 3DS Retrobattle is made to look and feel like the classic arcade-style NES games, such as Ice Climber and Clu Clu Land. nop90
spaceinvaders 3DS A Space invaders game. jasonmbrown
Turtle - Invaders 3DS Space invaders clone. TurtleP
The Real Snake 3DS Snake game. MichiS97
Whack Mania 3DS 3D Whack-a-mole game. Zalo


Title Description Author
3DSudoku 3DS Sudoku game for 3DS. rinnegatamante
3DS Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe game for 3DS. AlbertoSONIC
4Rows 3DS Four in a row/Connect4 game for 3DS. Rinnegatamante
ASCII Checkers 3DS A crappy ASCII game of checkers (no AI) Kevoot
Checkers 3DS A checkers game in glorious ASCII. Kevoot
HexIsoPath 3DS A 3DS port of the Hexagonal Iso-Path board game by youtuber pocket83! LiquidFenrir
Reversi - Othello 3DS Reversi for the 3DS. MrJPGames
SDLLopan 3DS a simple Mahjong game. nop90


Title Description Author
3DSEins 3DS Uno but for 3DS. Universal-Team
3DSZwei 3DS 3DZwei is a memory cardgame clone for Nintendo 3DS. Universal-Team
3DS Briscola Briscola card game. Port of PSPBriscola in Lua. Rinnegatamante
Blackjack 3DS Blackjack/Twenty-one game. keanutah

Game engine

Title Description Author
Headcannon Game Engine 3DS Multi plateforms 2D Game engine creator and player ported to 3DS. HCStealth
Lua-RayCast3D 3DS Game engine for Lua, based on the Ray casting technique. Rinnegatamante
LovePotion 3DS Implementation of the LOVE game API for Lua. videah
Godot 3DS Godot Engine Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine. Cruel
MegaZeux 3DS A port of the MegaZeux GCS to the 3DS. MegaZeux developers
Lua Player Plus 3DS The first Lua interpreter 3DS homebrew, under Lua 5.3.1, also known as lpp-3ds. Rinnegatamante
EasyRPG Player 3DS RPG Maker 2000/2003 interpreter. Rinnegatamante & EasyRPG Team
ctruLua 3DS A Lua interpreter for 3DS, brought to life by the remnants of the Lua community. Firew0lf, Reuh, Negi
Love Potion 3DS The unofficial port of LOVE for Nintendo 3DS. TurtleP


Title Description Author
3DS Piano A simple 3DS Piano Homebrew. Agent Moose
Beat Rush 3DS A simple 3DS homebrew rhythm game inspired by Muse Dash. skneko
osu3DS A (homebrew) port of osu! to the Nintendo 3DS. Cyuubi
TJAPlayer 3DS This is a music game of the TJA file used by Taiko Jiro on 3DS. Togetoge
TriaAl 3DS Clone of Deemo. Rinnegatamante


Title Description Author
Sonic CD 2011 3DS A port of the Sonic CD 2011 decompilation to the 3DS. SaturnSH2x2
Sonic 1 and 2 3DS Sonic 1 & 2 (2013) New 3DS port. JeffRuLz
Super Mario 64 3DS Super Mario 64 3DS Port. sm64-port
Celeste Classic 3DS Celeste's PICO-8 version ported to the 3DS. PsychicPersona
OpenTitus 3DS Port of OpenTitus for 3DS. MrHuu
Micro Clampett 3DS Guide little Clampett through the crazy maze, trying to find the way out. agameaweek
Squashly Boop 3DS Squash all the enemies, and hop for success, as you try not to die in this ultimate test. agameaweek
NeoPlat Blast 3DS Platdude's hopped back into the Neon-Dimension, and this time he's brought some bombs. agameaweek
Pogo The Fridge 3DS All of Pogo's fruit have escaped, and are planning a rebellion against the poor little Fridge.

Squish them to death!!

Quadoban 2 3DS The Quantum-Locked crates still need shuffled around the map.

Put on your safety hat, and get back to work.

Batterycheck 3DS Video game - Battery Check For 3ds. Archerite
OpenJazz 3DS Open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit games. MrHuu
Hax0r 3DS HAX0R? is a game about being a computer virus, created with the intent of stealing 1MB of data from a remote computer. TurtleP
ravimid 3DS Play as a local pyramidman as you crawl, fight, and ascend your way to save your father. hoksy
SuperTux Milestone 1 3DS SuperTux is a open-source classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games. nop90
Hermes 3DS Hermes is an extraordinary Jump'n' Run game with plenty of bad taste humour. Retroguru
Sqrxz 3 3DS Sqrxz 3 is a Jump'n'Run which will please the hardcore gamer amongst you. Rodolphe Boixel
Sqrxz2 3DS Sqrxz2 - Another day another journey. As living on planet earth and its surrounding solar system seemed boring Sqrxz decided to check out another location in the universe. nop90
Sqrxz4 3DS Sqrxz4 - The fourth part of the (now) quadrology Jump'n Think series Sqrxz brings you onto an cold icy island. Shiny marbles, evil penguins and ghosts, underwater creatures and many more to expect. nop90
Jumping Jack 3DS Port of the ZX Spectrum game of the same name. Zalo
Robin Hood 3DS Simple platform game where you play as Robin Hood. esoteric-programmer
OpenSyobon3DS Port of Open Syobon Action (Cat Mario). nop90
Geomitty Dash 3DS Geometry Dash clone for 3DS. norips
ASCIIJump 3DS ASCII Geometry Dash clone for 3DS. MCJack123
Abbaye 3DS l'Abbaye des Morts - ported to 3DS. JeffRuLz
Sonic Roboblast 2 3DS Port of Sonic Roboblast 2 to the Nintendo New3DS. derrekr


Title Description Author
3048 3DS 2048 Puzzle game clone. iamn1ck
3-Aldchemys 3DS Little alchemy clone for 3DS. gocario
3ds1010 3DS It's like Tetris but with infinite time. LiquidFenrir
Blockman Gets Retro 3DS Blockman returns in another classic maze-puzzle dot-munching game. agameaweek
ColorFiller 3DS Meet ColorFiller, Flow recreated as homebrew for the 3DS. LiquidFenrir
Guess the Number 3DS More-or-less guessing game. Tcm0(FUK-Team)
Might of the Balls 3DS Fight for domination as you roll around the maze. agameaweek
Mastermind 3DS A port of Mastermind for the 3DS. MrJPGames
MineSweeper3D 3DS An open source homebrew recreation of minesweeper in C++ for the 3DS, with a twist. LiquidFenrir
OpenSupaplex 3DS Supaplex is a game made in the early nineties. sergiou87
Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit 3DS Help Roland get all his biscuits from the crazy maze, using only the power of his epic pushing arms. agameaweek
Simon 3DS Simon Says game for the 3DS. MasterModr
Super Block Attack 3DS Tetris clone for the 3DS. pmedia, XiIntersection
The Link Janitor 3DS Connect all the coloured boxes to complete each of the many levels. agameaweek
Idiot 3DS A remake of Idiot: Puzzles for Nintendo 3DS. TurtleP
Tetris Clone 3DS Tetris Clone. Sleepy Flower Girl
Twos Woods 3DS 2048 mixed with Wario Woods for 3DS. Haze3ds
Snake2DS 3DS Snake Clone for the Nintendo 3DS. Jacudibu
Super Haxagon 3DS Super Haxagon is a Super Hexagon like clone for the 3DS. RedTopper
Memory 3DS A memory game for Nintendo 3DS. Omegadrien
Hex-a-Hop 3DS Hex-a-Hop is a hexagonal tile-based puzzle game with one simple goal. nop90
Xump 3DS Xump - The Final Run is a simple multi-platform puzzler by Retroguru. nop90
Tetronomino 3DS Tetris clone, built with Lovepotion. CKlidify
Rokoban 3DS 3D Sokoban clone. Zalo
Mazed 3DS Memory game: escape a maze one room at a time. Machina
Loophole 3DS Puzzle platformer where you control multiple "players" that can also be used as platforms. CKlidify
Labyrinth 3D Find the exit out of the randomly generated maze. Rinnegatamante
Fruit-Y 3DS Fruit'Y - Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem'X. nop90
Zelda Picross 3DS Port of a Zelda theme picross game made by Vincent Jouillat. nop90
ThinIce 3DS Melt all of the ice in a maze. gatuno
Tetris 3DS by UltiNaruto Port of an SDL game called Falling Blocks aka Tetris. UltiNaruto
TE3DS Tetris clone. nop90
Picroxx 3DS The ultimate Picross clone. Substance12
NumberFucker3DS - NumberF - cker3DS Math game. Place numbers on a board to make other numbers disappear. videah
Lemmings for 3DS Clone of the classic DOS game. esoteric-programmer
FillDS 3DS Flood It game clone. helreizerDev
Falling Blocks Watch Out 3DS Full-featured tetris clone. Spaqin
EntroPipes 3DS Turn all the pipes to form a single long pipe. son-link
Biniax2 3DS Port to 3DS of the open source game Biniax2. nop90
Sliding-Puzzle 3DS Sliding-Puzzle homebrew game for the 3DS, made with LövePotion. 16BitWonder
Turtle-Tale 3DS Remake of Turtle: Puzzles for 3DS Homebrew. TurtleP
Path 3DS A simple and short puzzle game. BubbleChien
Tetrepetete 3DS A game with blocks. thp
Sokoban 3DS An unofficial port of the puzzle game Sokoban for the 3DS. Landm
Pixel Swap 2DS An adaptation of puzzle games Pixel Swap 1 & 2 for the 3DS. Cid2mizard
Pixel Shuffle 2DS An adaptation of the puzzle game Pixel Shuffle for the 3DS. Cid2mizard
Minesweeper 2DS A port of Minesweeper for the 3DS. Cid2mizard
2048-3D 3DS A port of the popular game 2048 for the 3DS. MrJPGames
100 Boxes 2DS A remake of homebrew "100 Boxes puzzle" for DS and GBA. Cid2mizard


Title Description Author

Role playing

Title Description Author
DevilutionX 3DS Diablo build for modern operating systems. diasurgical/MrHuu
Griffon Legend 3DS An action RPG. nop90
Happy Land 3DS Happy Land is a game where you go on a big quest to retrieve the potatoes that Big Foot stole from you. MyLegGuy
Minimalist Quest 3DS The whole game is a single zelda-like dungeon where you and your friends are trapped. Ryuzaki-MrL
MotherFG 3DS Mother 3 Recreation. iMackshun
Zelda OLB 3DS Zelda Oni Link Begins. nop90
Zelda ROTH 3DS Zelda Return of the Hylian. nop90


Title Description Author
ctrWolfen 3DS Port of Wolfenstein 3D. Rinnegatamante
ctrHexenII 3DS Port of Hexen II. Rinnegatamante
CS3DS Port of CSPSP. machinamentum
DXX 3DS Descent 1 & 2 source port! Dagger
EUCLIOD 3DS Bullet Hell Game. HexZyle
Futrinos 3DS Shoot the Barrels. Save the World. agameaweek
ioQuake3DS Quake 3 for 3DS. masterfeizz
On a Space Shooting Trail 3DS The war rages on, in the neon skies. How long will you dare to survive? agameaweek
Orbital Annihilation 3DS Fire your 6 missiles at the planets, and earn a highscore! agameaweek
prboom 3DS The obligatory doom port currently being worked on by Wintermute. Wintermute
PrBoom3DS A 3ds port of Doom. elhobbs
Radial Warning 3DS Blast away the geometrical waves, as you frantically try to survive. agameaweek
Shoot ya Friend 3DS Simple 2-player shooter. YourNerdyJoe
Spectre3ds A 3ds port of Quake. elhobbs
Space Fruit 3DS Hackathon game by 4 friends ported to 3DS. Asteroids but with fruit. TurtleP
Xash3DS 3DS A port of Xash3D-FWGS for the Nintendo 3DS. masterfeizz
Yeti3DS A 3D FPS port of Derek Evans' Yeti3D software rendering engine. smea


Title Description Author
Hamsters 2DS Hamster breeding game in text mode. Cid2Mizard


Title Description Author
Insectoid Defense 3DS A Sci-Fi Tower Defense game. sgowen
OpenTTD 3DS Port of OpenTTD v070 for the 3DS. EnergeticBark


Title Description Author
Fact Crow 3DS A crow that tells facts for 3DS. titegtnodI


Title Description Author
Magiskate 3DS Homebrew Skating Game. iMackshun
Five Nights at Freddys 1 3DS Five Nights at Freddy's 1 3DS REMASTERED! FreDEV
The Binding of Undertale 3DS This is a port of the popular Binding of Isaac Rebirth mod The Binding of Undertale! sickneckbeardbro
fake-08 3DS A Pico 8 player for homebrew consoles. jtothebell
3DS-Pico8 Play Pico-8 cartridges on your 3DS. Pixel-Pop
TIC-80 3DS A fantasy computer port to the (New) 3DS. Deleted User
Circles 3DS A small game called circles. Pododo
Higurashi - When They Cry 3DS This is a port of the Higurashi: When They Cry remakes! MyLegGuy
Flappadiddle Doo 3DS Help Flappy save his fellow flapping friends from the dungeon. agameaweek
Generic Snake Clone 3DS This is Snake! Eat the dots!! agameaweek
Centipong Rebound 3DS A smashingly colourful ball-bouncing calamity. agameaweek
Classic SpikeDislike 3DS Taking things back to basics. Simply leap over the Spikes and show them your Dislike along the way. agameaweek
WANT3D 3DS Clone of the minigame "Wanted!" from SuperMario 64 DS. rinnegatamante
Reunion 3DS A Furry Visual Novel Game. SonyUSA
Snakes - Desynched 3DS Snake game for 3DS. Desynched
JETSKI 3DS JETSKI 3DS is an unofficial game for nintendo 3DS. ElementalCode
3DS Cookie Clicker A clone of Cookie Clicker game for Nintendo 3DS. Creckeryop
Pixel-Painter 3DS Simple Drawing Homebrew. 8BitWonder
Whats in the box 3DS Simple game. Manurocker95
Pixel Rush 3DS The main inspiration was the android game VoxelRush 3D. Chopsuey
PixelRoad 3DS Lead a pixel on a tiny road with your stylus. This game is created using LUA language. Rinnegatamante
Fibbage3DS Party game; create a lie that others believe, while avoiding their own lies. LeifEricson
2D Side-Scrolling Example 3DS Simple example of a side-scroller. Voxel Studios
3DSHangman 3DSHangman is a port of a Lua Hanging homebrew for PSP. Rinnegatamante
T-Rekt 3D 3DS You have to save the dinos. How? Just avoid the meteorites that fall to the earth. Manurocker95
Useless Homebrew 3DS This is a port of "Useless homebrew DS", a port of the machine that turns itself off. Tcm0(FUK-Team)
Shooting Watch 3D Press buttons as fast as possible. MrJPGames
3DS Physics Sandbox Play around with various physics pieface-
POWDER 3DS POWDER is a roguelike originaly developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). nop90
3DStris 3DS A Tetris clone for the 3DS. 3DStris
Bottomless Block Barrage 3DS Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack) clone for the 3ds. TricksterGuy
Yahtzee3DS A 3ds homebrew game of Yahtzee, featuring multi-console multiplayer. LiquidFenrir
DDLC-LOVE 3DS An unofficial cross-platform Doki Doki Literature Club port to Lua for different game consoles. LukeZGD
World of 3DSand 3DS A port of World of Sand for the 3DS. Steveice10
Trucmuche 2DS 09 An adaptation of the hidden objects game Trucmuche for the 3DS. Cid2mizard
That Rabbit Game 3DS Inverse duck hunt with accelerometer input and stereoscopic 3D. thp
Tappy Plane 3DS A port of Flappy Bird for 3DS, but with a colorful plane. sgowen
Pituka 3DS Classics Play CPC classics using Pituka Emulator-Core on 3DS. D_Skywalk
Paddle Puffle 3DS A port of Paddle Puffle for the 3DS. Peanut42
One Whale Trip 3DS Five-lane underwater whale swimming/pearl pickup adventure game in Python. thp
NumberFucker3DS 3DS Simple math game, originally used as a debug game for Lovetion. videah
Hamsters 2DS 3DS A text-based hamster breeding game. Cid2mizard
DrawAttack 3DS Multiplayer drawing battle game for the Nintendo 3DS. Cruel
Cookie Clicker 3DS A simple Cookie Clicker type of game inspired by Kaisogen's Cookie Collector. TheMachinumps
Cookie Collector 3DS Cookie Clicker port for the Nintendo 3DS. GabrielRRussell
Antibounce 3DS Move your player to bounce around and collect coins. Go between screens through the holes in the sides of the floor. 3D can also be enabled. TurtleP
Nyan Cat 3DS 3DS Non-Stop Nyan Cat. markwinap



Title System(s) Author
DaedalusX64 3DS Nintendo N64 On 3DS! masterfeizz
CTR64 3DS N64 emulation research/development for 3DS. Hard fork of CTRX. machinamentum
3DSSMS 3DS Smsplus to the 3ds. cpasjuste
OldSNES 3DS SNES Virtual Console for Old 3DS users. Ryuzaki-MrL
Snes9x for 3DS Super Nintendo; port of SNES9x bubble2k16
Z26 3DS Atari 2600 nop90
Vex3DS Vectrex emulator nop90
FCEUMM3DS Nintendo Entertainment System; port of FCEUMM Steveice10
cuzebox3DS Uzebox ry755
CTRX 3DS PlayStation 1. machinamentum
atari800-3DS An Atari 8-bit home computer emulator. asie
3DNES 3DS A NES emulator, without sound support. No longer under development. st4rk, gdkChan
blargSnes 3DS blargSnes is a SNES emulator currently being developed by StapleButter. It's open source, runs most games really well and has sound! StapleButter
SNES9x 3DS SNES9x Port for 3DS / 2DS bubble2k16
TemperPCE 3DS This is a port of Exophase's Temper (TurboGrafx/PC-Engine) emulator to the old 3DS and old 2DS. bubble2k16
VirtuaNES 3DS VirtuaNES a high compatibility NES emulator for your old 3DS or 2DS. bubble2k16
Picodrive 3DS Emus for 3DS (PicoDrive Sega Master System / Mega Drive core) bubble2k16


Title System(s) Author
NeoPop SDL 3DS NeoPop-SDL is the SDL port of NeoPop, a portable NeoGeo Pocket emulator. nop90
Sim800 3DS CC800 pocket dictionary banxian
Neopop 3DS Neogeo pocket. Port of Neopop Emulator seagal112
PokeMini 3DS Pokemon Mini nop90
Handy 3DS Atari Lynx 0x64c
Cinoop 3DS Gameboy. CTurt
3DeSmume 3DS DS. Port of Desmume. shutterbug2000
GBARunner2 3DS GBARunner2 is a hypervisor that runs GBA games on DS/DSi/3DS in DS mode. Gericom
r3Ddragon 3DS A port of Xash3D-FWGS for the Nintendo 3DS masterfeizz
mGBA 3DS GodMode9 Explorer - A full access file browser for the Nintendo 3DS console. d0k3
CitrAGB 3DS A 3DS homebrew example written in D! TheGag96
GameYob 3DS GameYob is a Game Boy emulator currently being developed by Drenn. Steveice10


Title System(s) Author
Phoenix Arcade Emulator 3DS Phoenix Arcade Emulator seagal112


Title System(s) Author
Vice3DS-C128 3DS This is a port of the VICE C128 emulator to 3DS. Badda
ZXDS 3DS The greatest ZX Spectrum emulator ZXDS has been released for the 3DS/2DS. Patrik Rak
Vice 3DS C64 Emulator. badda71
NP2 for 3DS Neko Project II port! raima
ZX Spectrum EMU 3DS ZX Spectrum seagal112
CHIP8 3DS Chip-8 snailface
Bread Box 3DS Commodore 64 spinal_cord
3DS-Chip8 Chip-8 (in ARM9) st4rk
Mini vMac 3DS Macintosh TaraHoleInIt
Chip8-CTRU 3DS Yeah, another Chip8 emulator! YourNerdyJoe
CHIP8-2DS-CHIP8-3DS Chip-8 nopy4869
3DOS 3DS 8086(DOS) shutterbug2000
uae3DS Amiga 500 Emulator for Nintendo 3DS badda71
CHIP8-2DS Play ps1 games on your 3ds Sakitoshi
CHIP-3DS GBARunner2 is a hypervisor that runs GBA games on DS/DSi/3DS in DS mode. Gericom


Title System(s) Author
ScummVM 3DS SCUMM game engine virtual machine. ScummVM main repository Cruel


Title Description Author
The Homebrew Launcher 3DS Run homebrew on your 3DS, also known as Homebrew Menu (hbmenu for short). Smealum, GEMISIS, fincs, mtheall
Homebrew Menu 3DS The Homebrew Menu is a simple launcher menu which can be used to replace the menu on several DS flashcards. TuxSH
Weebrew Launcher 3DS An hblauncher loader alternative. weebrew
nds-bootloader 3DS Boot an nds file. TuxSH
Gateway Launcher 3DS Load 3ds games! Gateway Team
Laucher A9LH - Launcher9 3DS Launch Homebrew! kasai07
regionthree 3DS Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS on firmware versions 4.0-9.5. smealum
regionFOUR 3DS Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS/new3DS on firmware versions 9.0-11.3. smealum
HANS 3DS 3DS automated game enhancer! HANS (included on starter kit)! smealum
Extended Homebrew Starter Pack 3DS An extended version of Smealums 3DS homebrew starter pack. Multiple Authors
Grid launcher 3DS This fork of smealum's homebrew launcher adds many features including a grid layout. NightYoshi370
Homebrew Launcher with grid layout 3DS Homebrew Launcher with grid and folder support. (Discontinued) - No Sources Mashers
TWiLight Menu++ DSi Menu replacement for DS/DSi/3DS/2DS RocketRobz
Homebrew Menu 3DS Another GUI for nds-bootstrap ahezard
TWLoader Outdated CTR-mode app that loads .nds ROMs natively, not through emulation.
(Replaced by TWiLight Menu++)

Custom Firmwares

Title Description Author
BootNTR 3DS & NTR CFW NTR Custom Firmware and launcher. Cell9
Hemlock Grove CFW 3DS simple revision of the arm9_code.bin for a 90 percent stable CFW. bannana2
Luma3DS - 3GX Plugins Edition 3DS Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware", with 3GX plugins support. mind-overflow
Luma3DS RosalinaMod Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware". kasai07
Lima 3DS rxTools like toolkit + CFW! Billy Acuña
Perfect Bricking Tool CFW 3DS Palantine CFW without the redirection of NAND R/W to the SD. nop90
Pasta CFW 3DS CFW loader for both N3DS and O3DS. capito27
ReiNAND 3DS The original open source N3DS CFW! (now with O3DS support!) Reisyukaku
MiniPasta 3DS MiniPasta CFW by Team Pasta. d0k3
Cosmo3DS A stripped down version of AuReiNand. yifanlu
SaltFW 3DS Slim Alternative Firmware for 3DS! Shadowhand
Corbenik 3DS Corbenik is another CFW for the 3DS. chaoskagami
ShadowNAND 3DS CFW in your NAND. Shadowhand
Puma3 3DS Another Customer Firmware For 3DS! rboninsegna
CakesFW 3DS A CFW for the 3DS. mid-kid
Rei-Six 3DS Minimalist (N)3DS Custom Firmware (Discontinued). CrimsonMaple
Luma3DS Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware". AuroraWright


Title Description Author
salt_sploit_installer 3DS sploit_installer: SALT edition MrNbaYoh
basehaxx_sploit_installer 3DS The basehaxx exploit installer. MrNbaYoh
painthax 3DS A PixelPaint secondary homebrew exploit for the Nintendo 3DS MrNbaYoh
doodlebomb_installer 3DS A 3DS userland exploit for Swapdoodle installer. MrNbaYoh
doodlebomb 3DS A 3DS userland exploit for Swapdoodle. MrNbaYoh
ninjhax2.x 3DS source code for 3DS hax 2.x payloads MrNbaYoh 3DS DSI cfw guide. MrNbaYoh 3DS Mrnbayoh's website. MrNbaYoh
cecd-lazypixie 3DS Kernelhax (LazyPixie) ropchain for cecdhax. MrNbaYoh
kernelhaxcode-mrnbayoh 3DS Code meant to be used as a submodule that, given a kernel exploit, sets up the rest of the chain and ultimately executes an Arm9 payload in a clean environment. MrNbaYoh
safecerthax-server 3DS Nintendo 3DS browsers update check bypass based on SSLoth (firmware versions <= 11.13) MrNbaYoh
safecerthax-proxy 3DS mitmproxy script for safecerthax MrNbaYoh
trailerhax 3DS SSLoth-based remote code execution exploit for the 3DS eShop application. MrNbaYoh
3ds-ssloth 3DS SSL/TLS certificates verification bypass on Nintendo 3DS (<= 11.13) MrNbaYoh
safecerthax-website 3DS Website of safecerthax MrNbaYoh
safecerthax 3DS Remote ARM9 & ARM11 kernel exploit for the Original Nintendo 3DS SAFE_FIRM (O3DS-only) based on SSLoth. MrNbaYoh
browserhax_fright 3DS libstagefright exploits for the Nintendo New3DS Internet Browser. yellows8
3ds_webkithax 3DS WebKit haxx yellows8
3ds-totalcontrolhaxx Nintendo 3DS totalcontrolhaxx for <=v9.2. yellows8
ctr-dsiwaretool 3DS 3DS tool for processing the DSiWare-exports footer. yellows8
browserhax_site 3DS Source for the 3DS browserhax site. yellows8
stickerhax 3DS Nintendo 3DS savedata exploit for "Paper Mario: Sticker Star". yellows8
3ds_browserhax_common ROP-chain-generator for Nintendo 3DS titles with some form of web-browser. yellows8
3ds_ropkit 3DS Common codebase for userland application ROP with Nintendo 3DS. yellows8
ctpkpwn 3DS Nintendo 3DS exploit for CTRSDK CTPK. yellows8
hblauncher_loader 3DS 3DS NCCH application for booting the *hax payloads. yellows8
3dshax 3DS Nintendo 3DS modded-FIRM("CFW"). yellows8
DSi exploits 3DS Team Twiizers DSi exploits. yellows8
3ds_smashbroshax 3DS wifi beaconhax for Super Smash Bros. yellows8
Safe A9LH Installer 3DS A noob-proof ARM9LoaderHax installer/updater/uninstaller for 3DS TuxSH
arm9loaderhax 3DS 3DS ARM9 code execution at boot TuxSH
CakeHax 3DS Open source ARM9 payload loader for Nintendo 3DS TuxSH
LazyPixie 3DS An arbitrary write kernel exploit in PXI buffer descriptor handling code. TuxSH
LazyPixie-safehax 3DS With Arm11->Arm9 privilege escalation code. TuxSH
unSAFE MODE 3DS 3DS userland secondary exploit for SAFE_MODE system updater. It's actually a pretty safe hax ( ?� ?? ?�). TuxSH
kernelhaxcode 3DS Code meant to be used as a submodule that, given a kernel exploit, sets up the rest of the chain and ultimately executes an Arm9 payload in a clean environment. TuxSH
universal-otherapp 3DS Userland -> Kernel11 -> Arm9 otherapp for 3DS system versions 1.0 to <= 11.14


SSLoth 3DS SSL/TLS certificates verification bypass on Nintendo 3DS (<= 11.13) MrNbaYoh
kartdlphax 3DS kartdlphax is a semiprimary exploit for the download play mode of Mario Kart 7. mariohackandglitch
new-browserhax-XL 3DS New-browserhax-XL is another primary userland exploit for the new3ds browser. zoogie
new-browserhax 3DS Exploit via using browser. zoogie
Fredtool 3DS FRogminer seEDminer. zoogie
Sploit installer 3DS Old exploit installer. smealum
ctr-httpwn 3DS Userland-only exploit for the 3DS HTTP-sysmodule. yellows8
Salt sploit installer 3DS 3DS userland exploits developed by the SALT team. SALT Team
Steelhax Installer 3DS A Steeldiver Subwars secondary entrypoint. VeRoXass
DSiWarehax Installer 3DS Installing DSiWare savedata exploits! yellows8
squirrelboot 3DS Launch the free squirrel dsiware on jpn systems. zoogie
NTRAssistant 3DS A One Click Installer for All NTR Hacks/Mods Red
Ugopwn 3DS An exploit for your 3ds. shutterbug2000
Easy Sudoku-Sudokuhax Installer 3DS This tool is simple: it will install Sudoku on your DSi (or emulated DSi). dpad_5678
Steelminer 3DS Use Steel Diver: Sub Wars to hack 3ds. zoogie
Unlaunch-dsi 3DS Unlaunch.dsi bootcode exploit Nocash
menuhax 3DS Obsolete Nintendo 3DS Home Menu haxx, aka menuhax. yellows8
ironhax installer 3DS Install the ironhax exploit. No longer works with the latest version of Ironfall. smealum
safehax 3DS My implementation of safefirmhax: TiniVi
oot3dhax 3DS 3DS OoT3D savegame haxx yellows8
rpwng 3DS Kind of primary exploit for RPG Maker Player on Nintendo 3DS MrNbaYoh
Basehaxx 3DS A Pokémon ORAS homebrew savegame exploit. MrNbaYoh
Notehax 3DS Notehax is a 3ds userland exploit for Flipnote Studio. MrNbaYoh
Soundhax 3DS Free 3DS Primary Entrypoint <= 11.3 nedwill
ninjhax2-x 3DS source code for 3DS hax 2.x payloads smealum
svchax 3DS ARM11 kernel exploit. aliaspider
BrahmaLoader 3DS Brahma - Privilege elevation exploit for Nintendo 3DS d0k3
RPwnG 2 3DS RPwnG 2 - RPwnG strikes back! RPwnG 2 is a 3ds userland exploit for RPG Maker Player. mrnbayoh
Frogminer 3DS Hax your 3DS with a cute little froggy -- for free! Gero! zoogie
bannerbomb3 3DS 3DS Userland Exploit for System Settings. zoogie
The Homebrew Launcher - Smea 3DS Run homebrew on your 3DS! This is an Older Version smea

System tools

Title Description Author
3DSCameraExample 3DS An example for using the Nintendo 3DS camera with ctrulib (high framerate and fast drawing, 60 times per second). MrNbaYoh
TWLSaveTool-MrNbaYoh 3DS A 3DS homebrew that allows you to read, write, and erase save files from NDS cartridges MrNbaYoh
PyRop 3DS WIP rop builder

3DS Browser Update Bypass 3DS Nintendo 3DS browsers update check bypass based on SSLoth (firmware versions <= 11.13) MrNbaYoh
ctr-nandmount 3DS FUSE tool for mounting a plaintext NAND image using an encrypted NAND image and xorpad(s) for the image/partitions.

3dsbootldr_firm Nintendo 3DS arm9bin + FIRM bootloader.

firm_payload_bootstrap 3DS Boot an ARM9 binary from a 3DS FIRM. yellows8
libctru 3DS C library for writing user mode arm11 code for the 3DS (CTR) TuxSH
3ds_pm 3DS Open source replacement of the ARM11 PM system module




Open source replacement of the ARM11 PXI system module


3Input 3DS A Custom System Module Input Monitor! PhlexPlexico
open_agb_firm 3DS a bare metal app for running GBA homebrew/games using the 3DS builtin GBA hardware profi200
RAM Explorer 3DS A plugin for NTR CFW, which allow you to navigate through the memory region used by a process. Nanquitas
BetterBatteryColors 3DS BetterBatteryColors for Homemenu gaberilde
ROB 3DS a 3DS Homebrew app to display and log gyroscope and accelerometer data. Swiftloke
Intergrated3DS 3DS Detecting if the user is using a9lh or b9s it looks for a boot.firm file. Switchhaxz
Screen swap patch 3DS EPILLEPSY WARNING. Sono
Check Boot9Strap - SigHax version 3DS A script for GodMode9 with which you can verify the version of Boot9Strap that you have installed. yonaikerlol
NTR 3DS corruptions plugin It corrupts RAM, so the worst is a crash to home menu. shutterbug2000
NTRLDR 3DS DS firmware on the 3DS! dr1ft
twpatcher 3DS DS(i) mode screen filters and patches. Sono
Free Multi Patcher 3DS Patch systemmodules while using system or emunand. hartmannaf
Sleepmode Installer 3DS This adds titles for sleep mode download with nim. Reisyukaku
DSP1 3DS A new dsp dumper - cia for better stability! zoogie
3DS Ram Dumper Dump RAM to file
arc13 freeShop 3DS Download 3DS software from the eShop, if their title is present on the system
Gimme 300 coins 3DS The fastest way you will get 300 coins ever
Diagnos3 3DS Check the functionailty of your 3DS.
SOON2 3DS New version of the very good-looking and easy to use CIA installer with cover art Chelsea_Fantasy
SOON - Super cOOl iNstaller 3DS Very good-looking and easy to use CIA installer with cover art Chelsea_Fantasy
SDMounty 3DS Unmount the SD card. zoogie
NVRAM Flash Manager 3DS Wifi NVRAM/SPI Flash dumper/restorer Rinnegatamante
NASA 3DS Universal Legit CIA manager for firmware between 4.1 and 10.7. Rinnegatamante
Decrypt9 3DS Multipurpose content dumper and decryptor for the Nintendo 3DS! d0k3
3DS Hardware Test Test the hardware buttons of your system ifrit05
ORGANIZ3D 3DS A simple file browser written in LUA. Rinnegatamante
fierce waffle RAM dumper 3DS Development Fierce Waffle
Rop Multi-loader - use this one 3DS Rop Loaders! SnailFace
Alternate Rop Installer 3DS Rop Loaders! Drenn
fierce waffle ROP Loader 3DS Rop Loaders! Fierce Waffle
3DS File Explorer Mount SD card and list files Ernilos
UpdateSupresser 3DS Removes update nag GiantBlargg
TinyFormat 3DS Quickly formats system memory without wiping out SD card contents. javimadgit
tikSweep 3DS Remove tickets from your system that are not used. DanTheMan827
tikShop 3DS Batch ticket installer. Fork of TIKdevil. prophour
TIKdevil 3DS Batch ticket installer. Fork of CIAngel. Kyraminol
sysUpdater 3DS Tool for updating/downgrading system firmware profi200
SafeSysUpdater 3DS A fork of sysUpdater that checks all files before updating/downgrading Cpasjuste
sysDowngrader 3DS 3DS offline system downgrader using CIA files. Plailect
SafeA9LHInstaller 3DS Install arm9loaderhax. AuroraWright
QR Web Installer 3DS Scans a QR code and installs the CIA from the URL it represents ksanislo
Playcoin 3DS Allows modifying the 3DS Play Coin counter. MrCheeze
OTPHelper 3DS Small tool designed for helping with the downgrade and OTP dumping d0k3
menuhax manager 3DS Install or update menuhax. yellows8
Hourglass9 3DS Stripped down/noob friendly version of Decrypt9 that only includes basic sys/emuNAND dumping/restoring and H&S dumping/injection. d0k3
GYTB 3DS Add custom badges to your 3DS MrCheeze
Extdata dump 3DS Dump, edit and restore Extra Data stored on SD Card. MrCheeze
eShop Music Changer 3DS Change the Nintendo eShop background music Ptrk25
EmuNAND9 3DS EmuNAND SD formatter & manager d0k3
Corbenik CFW Updater - RE 3DS Update Corbenik CFW or Skeith CFW. Replacement and rewrite of Corbenik/Skeith CFW Updater. gnmmarechal
Corbenik - Skeith CFW Updater 3DS Update Corbenik CFW or Skeith CFW. gnmmarechal
braindump 3DS Dump decrypted contents (both ExeFS and RomFS) of any 3DS game. neobrain
Big Red Menu 3DS Used to manage installed cia files on NAND. This is obsolete. Use FBI. Rinnegatamante
AutoLoader 3DS Download CIA from URL and install ksanislo
CTRXplorer 3DS An open source SD file manager. d0k3
Homebrew Launcher Loader 3DS 3DS NCCH application for booting the *hax payloads. yellows8
OldLoader 3DS Load new stuff from old entrypoints on the 3DS console! d0k3
OCS 3DS Go straight from stock to luma (9.0.0 - 11.3.0) hax0kartik
CTRPF Data Tool 3DS A CTRPFData.bin Editor rydoginator
Luma Updater 3DS Updater for Luma3DS… KunoichiZ
ARDS Firmware Tool 3DS Improved NTRBoot for ARDS(EZ/ME/i), flash your own FIRMs and more! RattletraPM
GodMode9 Homemenu shortcut 3DS Shortcut for GodMode9. Ordim3n
PayloadSpinner 3DS Swap B9S Payloads (Relatively) Quickly and Easily. SaturnSH2x2
NDS version NTRBOOTHAX flasher 3DS Flash ntrboot to supported flashcarts using your NDS. ntrteam
rxTools 3DS rxTools roxas75
A9SP 3DS Firm payload shortcuts from userland (WIP). Ordim3n
Lasagna 3DS LayeredFS patch manager for Luma3DS v7.0+ groowlithe
3ds-save-reencrypter 3DS ReEncrypts a 3DS save, allowing you to move it to another console. lory98
Recovery Tool 3DS A tool for restoring and backing-up unique data on the Nintendo 3DS. joel16
fastboot3DS A homebrew bootloader for the Nintendo 3DS that is similar to android's fastboot. derrekr
Boot9strap 3DS Boot9/Boot11 code execution. SciresM
SafeB9SInstaller 3DS Safe, simple, user-friendly installer for sighaxed FIRMs. d0k3
OpenFirmInstaller 3DS Safe, simple, user-friendly installer for sighax bootloaders. d0k3
FBI 3DS Open source CIA (un)installer and launcher. Steveice10
Clear MAC Filter 3DS Reset 8-hour per-console StreetPass rate limiting! tastymeatball
3DSident 3DS Check device info similar to PSPident, hence the name 3DSident. joel16

PC utilities

Title Description Author
3SharpView 3DS A C# Viewer for 3Input. PhlexPlexico
3DSX Launcher Loader Tool to allow 3DSX homebrews launching as CIA on your 3DS. Rinnegatamante
3ds_browserhax_common_web 3DS ROP-chain-generator for Nintendo 3DS titles with some form of web-browser. MrNbaYoh
Boop 3DS Allows you to send your .cia and .tik files to your 3DS running FBI directly over your Wi-Fi LAN. miltoncandelero
ESP8266-ESP32 based StreetPass Relay 3DS Raw Packet Experiments on the ESP8266. cnlohr
ctr-streaming-server 3DS 3DS homebrew network server for playing media sent to it from other network devices, and HID reporting over the network. yellows8
ctr-wlanbeacontool 3DS Tool for parsing and generating 3DS local-WLAN beacons. yellows8
darctool 3DS Tool for extracting and building 3DS darc archive files. yellows8
ctr-gputextool 3DS 3DS GPU texture conversion tool. yellows8
CustomRGBPattern 3DS Change the default blue notification led color to some other color. hax0kartik
eShop analysis tool eShop analysis tool. d0k3
ropgadget_patternfinder 3DS Tool for locating patterns in (code) binaries, mainly for ROP addresses. yellows8
ncch_extractor 3DS Extract Nintendo 3DS NCCHs from a file. yellows8
NTR Plugin Manager 3DS It will allows you to edit Gateshark's text files and to easily convert them into plugins usable on the NTR CFW. Nanquitas
cuplist_tool 3DS Parser for the Nintendo 3DS cup_list file. yellows8
xorpad_tool 3DS Tool for XORing files, etc. yellows8
3ds_genconappid 3DS tool for generating the data from Cfg:GenHashConsoleUnique. yellows8
ctrgxtool 3DS 3DS tool for for parsing/etc GPU/GSP related data. yellows8
romfs_dumper 3DS Dump the filesystem from 3DS RomFS. yellows8
unprotboot9_sdmmc 3DS 3DS library for using the sdmmc code in the unprotected ARM9-bootrom. yellows8
3dsbootldr_fatfs 3DS Nintendo 3DS ARM9 bootloader for loading ARM9 and ARM11 binaries from the SD FAT filesystem. yellows8
layhistory_parser 3DS Parse 3DS PTM playhistory. yellows8
bootldr9_rawdevice 3DS 3DS ARM9-only bootloader, for loading a payload from raw sectors of multiple devices. yellows8
hotspotconf-tool 3DS Parser for the Nintendo 3DS NZone hotspot list yellows8
boot9_tools 3DS Tools for use with the Nintendo 3DS ARM9 bootROM. yellows8
3dscrypto-tools Tools for Nintendo 3DS crypto. yellows8
3ds_debugger 3DS 3DS app to debug 3DS applications via a network connection. TuxSH
libctr9 3DS Nintendo 3DS ARM9 disk-level IO library. TuxSH
3dstools 3DS 3Ds tools. TuxSH
tool-packages 3DS Tool packages. TuxSH
3ds_sm 3DS Open source replacement of the ARM11 SM system module TuxSH
citro2d 3DS Library for drawing 2D graphics using the Nintendo 3DS's PICA200 GPU. TuxSH
buildscripts devkitpro 3DS Scripts for building devkitPro toolchains TuxSH
3dslink 3DS 3dslink for 3ds. TuxSH
DevkitPro-pacman-packages 3DS All the libraries. TuxSH
Luma3DS GDB Host I-O code 3DS Library code + example to use GDB HIO in your applications, starting from Luma3DS's latest commit/ next release. TuxSH
firmtool 3DS A tool to parse, extract, and builds 3DS firmware files TuxSH
Project CTR 3DS ctrtool - updated version of neimod's ctrtool. 3DSGuy
cwavtool 3DS Command line tool to convert WAV/OGG files to (B)CWAV files. mariohackandglitch
Netstick 3DS Netstick client for Nintendo 3DS - turn your portable console into a Linux compatible WiFi gamepad! moslevin
Citric Composer 3DS A seful tools for editing Wii U and 3ds sound. Gota7 & Aqua-San
gbaxxdumper 3DS a DS Download Play-compatible (flashme/haxxstation) GBA cart dumper over Wi-Fi. RattletraPM
NTRViewer 3DS PC Viewer for NTR CFW's streaming feature. Please use Snickerstream instead. 44670
NDecrypt 3DS Cartridge encrypt/decrypt SabreTools
Reverse 3DS Miiverse clone framework, for 3DS and Wii U. rverseTeam
InputRedirectionClient-Qt 3DS 3DS Input Redirection Client - Extended Edition gbrown5
custom-install 3DS Installs a title directly to an SD card for the Nintendo 3DS. ihaveamac
devkitPro 3DS devkitPro currently provide 3 toolchains, devkitARM, devkitPPC and devkitA64 along with a number of support libraries. All of them are managed via pacman. devkitPro
splash-ds 3DS A web based splash screen creator for Luma! hpcodecraft
3DSExplorer 3DSExplorer can explore various 3DS-related files and view the information. Red_Gh0st
3DS Video GUI tool to convert videos for 3DS. SifJar
3DS Video Converter Another Convert your videos for 3DS tool. NekuSoul
3DSMovie converter Convert your videos for 3DS. spinal_cord
Gateway 3DS microSD Tool Manage microSD for Gateway 3DS. _Tim_
3DS_CTR_Decryptor-VOiD 3DS multitool thing. Relys
ExInjector 3DS Inject original exheaders into repacked roms. piratesephiroth
Theme Customization Tools 3DS This tools allows you to view/edit "body_LZ.bin" files, that contains 3DS theme data. Roxas75
3DS Lazy Revival of the fancy old ndstool DS Lazy GUI. hackotedelaplaqu
CgfxViewer 3DS CgfxViewer is a Viewer that Views CGFX models. planetarian
UpdateCDN 3DS Download 3DS FW contents, create installable cia. cearp
EditTMD 3DS edit tmd files cearp
Makerom GUI 3DS Makerom GUI that can give you options necessary to ouput CCI (.3ds ROMs) or CIA (installable .cia archives). pokemoner2500
sky3ds diskwriter python clone linux 3DS sky3ds diskwriter python clone (for linux & osx). lukas_2511
ROM namer for sky3ds diskwriter 3DS A small program that is to be placed in the same directory as DiskWriter , which retrieves the title of Roms on the internet. cormaltes
BRSTM-BCSTM Conversion Tool 3DS BRSTM/BCSTM/BFSTM Conversion Tool is an audio to BRSTM converter. nastys
Yet Another Theme Application 3DS WIP theme creator program. Reisyukaku
Custom Theme Cwavs 3DS A function of this simple program is to create a cwav data file from one or several sounds in .cwav/.bcwav format. xextil
3DS NAND SecureInfo Tool An easy 'SecureInfo_A' extraction/injection. Riku
3DS TO CIA - Katsu 3DS TO CIA by Katsu! liomajor
3DS Simple CIA Converter Another CIA converting tool. Riku
Nintendo darc tool 3DS This is a tool for modifying data-archive(darc) files using in Nintendo3DS games. LITTOMA
3DS Builder This is a program to convert romfs/exefs folders in windows (or pre-built binaries) and an extended header into a .3ds NCSD binary. SciresM
redTools 3DS RedTools is a tool that converts an emuNAND backup to a redNAND backup and vice versa. nastys
AGB_FIRM Signature Patcher - GBA ROM Converter 3DS This release consist of IPS patch for AGB_FIRM and ROM converting program. Riku
3DS CTR-NAND Manager A tool for extracting and injecting 3DS emuNAND/sysNAND FAT16 partition. Riku
NAND Inject Generator 3DS 3DS FBI CIA Manager NAND Inject Generator (JPN/USA/EUR/CHN/KOR/TWN). Riku
GBA VC Banner and Icon Generator 3DS A useful tool for creating the images that are needed for GBA VC cia creation. TheNerdWIzard
3DS Release Explorer An offline client for releases database. Ryogo
Ohana3DS tool The goal is to open/edit the common files used on 3DS games. gdkchan
3DS Toolkit A versatile program that people will be able to use for anything 3DS. fafaffy
3DS Rom Tools GUI frontend for extracting contents of 3ds games. Shadowtrance
Mobiclip Decoder 3DS Decoder for the Mobiclip video codec. Gericom
HANSHelper 3DS An extract exe-/romfs files dumped for example with braindump. VegaRoXas
CEED Mini 3DS A romfs and code dumper for HANS LITTOMA
SEED Utils 3DS Generate seedinfo.bin for rxTools and 3DS Multi Decryptor. LITTOMA
HANS Shortcut Generator 3DS A very easy to use program to create HANS shortcuts. Althir
ba-GUI-nnertool 3DS Create 2D/3D Banner, SMDH +++ with ba-GUI-nnertool. FONZD
CDN-FX 3DS The ultimate eShop Content Downloader! Ptrk25
CXLB Patcher 3DS CXLB Patcher is a very simple tool that i developed to help people to create and to apply patches. lucaboy
BCSTM to WAV converter 3DS Front-end for VGMStream, which batch converts Nintendo 3DS BCSTM audio files into PCM WAV. Housey
FunKeyCIA 3DS Python tool for downloading content from CDN, uses only a title id and title key, or keyfile, to make a good cia. cearp
DTK 3DS TitleKeybin viewer and CDN downloader. justync7
Just another 3DS to CIA converter Just another 3DS to CIA converter for Linux and Windows. drizztbsd
3DS Data Tools Tools for extracting and packing resources found in 3DS games. ObsidianB
DarcTool3DS 3DS compress and decompress tool. Asia81
AR2GW 3DS A tool who can convert AR offset to GW offset. ZoNtendo
FBI Ticket Installer 3DS A web based eShop ticket QR code generator for FBI. Shuttleu
CIA Video Injection 3DS This tool is injecting a .moflex file in decrypted video .cia file. TheGreek Boy
Ultimate GBC VC Injector 3DS It takes a Color Gameboy backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Simple 3DS GBA Banner - Icon generator 3DS It guesses the game of the GBA ROM and generates the icon and banners for you! natinusala
Gateshark2NTR 3DS A piece of soft will allows you to "convert" a Gateshark's cheats text file in a plugin usable with NTR. Nanquitas
Ultimate GB VC Injector 3DS A Gameboy (non color) backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate Game Gear VC Injector 3DS A Game Gear backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate NES VC Injector 3DS A NES backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate GBA VC Injector 3DS A GBA backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate T16-PCE VC Injector 3DS A TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine backup file and converts it to an installable CIA for your 3DS with CFW. Asdolo
Ultimate Web Forwarder Maker 3DS It creates a CIA file which launch the 3DS Web Browser at a specific Website. Asdolo
Net 3DS Soundtrack Converter 3DS Converts sound files of 3DS games into portable soundtracks. evandixon
SEEDChecker 3DS SEEDChecker is a Java tool that can periodically check if a SEED is available for a certain 3DS title. Favna
DS ROM Patcher 3DS Sky Editor's ROM patcher for NDS and 3DS ROMs. evandixon
Ultimate SNES VC Injector 3DS A Windows tool that will make the SNES injection process much easier and customizable. Asdolo
Ultimate GEN-MD Forwarder Maker 3DS A Windows tool for creating Sega Genesis/Mega Drive forwarders to the Home Menu. Asdolo
3DS Mii Edit Tool Edit your Miis right on your PC! Fernando51
MakeROMFS-GUI 3DS Blazing fast ROMFS building for Linux (and Windows 10) YamiHoshi
Ultimate SNES Forwarder Maker 3DS A Windows tool for creating SNES forwarders to the Home Menu. Asdolo
NTRCCompiler 3DS Cheats maker. David Zocchi
Yet another sarc tool 3DS A new simple archive tool. LITTOMA
IPS Merger tool 3DS IPS Merger tool. GizmoTheGreen
GodHand - Japanese Game Translator 3DS Japanese Game Translator. Insight2k
Neo-Geo Forwarder Creator 3DS Make independent retroarch cias for your favorite Neo-Geo games. Sakitoshi
3DS Title Manager Manage your 3ds titles! TheMachinumps
Every File Explorer 3DS 3DS A tool for managing files inside SARC archives. PabloMK7
Hydroseed 3DS export seeddbbin to dat files metaboss
Gateway To NTR Converter 3DS A convert Gateshark codes to NTR. DarkFlare69
Yata online 3DS Online 3ds theme editor. exelix11
14336 3DS A simple calculator that supports your music hack life. saburou
3DS ARM Assembly Cheat Creator A tool for creating more complex 3DS Cheat Codes. Fishguy6564
ctrcdnfetch 3DS Tool to download 3DS eshop content after 11.8. luigoalma
Kame Editor 3DS 3DS Theme Editor for non-Windows Users! Tychon
Gateway RAM Tools 3DS Used for converting RAM dumps to raw RAM dumps. xJam-es
CHX-File Creator 3DS In bubble2k16's emulators for the 3DS you can use cheats. They are stored in the CHX-File Format. Computer_Freak_2004
Local CIA server with QR codes 3DS Creates a web page listing from user-provided CIAs. elmerohueso
Citra CXI Maker 3DS Convert and update your 3ds/cci/cia/cxi files to stripped, region-free, unencrypted cxi files for usage in Citra emulator. eqagunn
CTRInfo 3DS Application that reads information from a CIA just like FBI, but on Windows! TimmSkiller
BrewShop 3DS An alternative to tinydb. BrewShop
3DS Portlibs Here is a Makefile for building various portlibs for 3DS. Cruel
CDNTool 3DS CDN Nintendo's servers title downloader (as CIA). XorTroll
IRdA 3DS IRdA - InputRedirection client for Android Sono
Unified NTR Viewer and Input Redirection program 3DS A feature packed alternative to ntrViewer, kitkat, SnickerStream, and input redirection programs. JennaScvl
LemonLime 3DS 3DS LLE emulator. ctrninja
Offline 3DS ROM Decryption Tool This is Nintendo 3DS ROM Decryptor Python based tool, which even works offline. Mainly made for Citra. Smash73
3DS to CIA 3DS to CIA converter. tygamer
3DS Theme Editor Another alternative for Custom Theme Creators. usagirei
Lazy Man 3DS Theme Generator 3DS Theme creator. Jayenkai
tinydb 3DS a TitleDB replacement. zoogie
PC FBI Server 3DS PC FBI Server is a tool for Windows with Python that can send a CIA file over the wifi. DD2XAlpha
Homebrew Source code to CIA 3DS Program that will convert source code for homebrew to a CIA. Lebster
CTRTool GUI 3DS GUI for CTRTool in the NDS. DylanWedman
Video Channels Creator 3DS Windows program to make custom CIA videos for Nintendo 3DS Home Menu. rinnegatamante
C64 games online forwarder creator 3DS A little online tool that will let you create independent Vice3DS CIAs for your favorite C64 games. Badda
HackingToolkit9DS 3DS CIA|CXI Files. Asia81
3DSavetool 3DS PC Tool to save 3ds. Very old tool. crediar
SmileBASIC server clone 3DS A clone of SmileBOOM's SmileBASIC servers. Trinitro21
RomFS Explorer 3DS RomFS file explorer and dumper. Ryuzaki-MrL
SLIDE 3DS Lua Integrated Development Environment for 3DS! Robomandude
NTRDB 3DS NTR plugin for a majority if Nintendo 3DS games. MartorSkull
HzMod 3DS old3DS screen streaming Sono
kit-kat-slim 3DS A Slimmed fork of the Mega 3DS Toolkit Chain by Homepage: gameincanada
kit-kat (Toolkit-kat) 3DS kit-kat (Toolkit-kat) is a FREE Wireless Capture-card to stream your 3DS screen to your PC! Drakal
kit-kat 3DS MEGA toolkit chain with many useful features like Streaming, Pushing files to the 3DS wirelessly, Input Redirection, HostedNetwork Automation, And many many more. jpmac26
Nitrostream 3DS Built on NTRDebugger to allow easy screencasting from the 3DS. JakeHL
Batch CIA 3DS Decryptor A simple batch file to decrypt CIA & 3DS! matiffeder
villain3ds Download 3DS games to your PC as .cia files. tranxuanthang
TricksterGuy - 3ds-template Template Project for Code::Blocks for developing 3ds homebrew TricksterGuy
amaredeus - 3DSBuildTemplate 3DS Homebrew build template. amaredeus
Steveice10 - BuildTemplate 3DS Template for buildtools projects. Steveice10
romFS Builder 3DS This is a program to convert a folder in windows into a 3DS RomFS binary. For use with makerom. SciresM
ARCode Cheat Finder 3DS Simple tool for finding cheat codes for ARCode. raulbojalil
TinydbDownloader 3DS A python script to easily download apps from tinydb. AlbertCoolGuy
Modified build-py for GNU - Linux 3DS Development Tomiga
Howling Theme Tool 3DS Create your own CIA theme packages with Custom and Official themes Chelsea_Fantasy
cuteNTR 3DS cuteNTR is intended to be a cross platform debugger and streaming client for

NTR CFW for 3DS.

Pokemon Virtual Console Patches 3DS Debug Menu, Speed Up, Full Screen. zaksabeast
fs3ds A rust library to access the romfs of unencrypted 3ds file without decompression. marius851000
3DS CWAV Dumper dump CWAV file format. TeamFail
ctroller 3DS Use your 3DS as a gamepad for your GNU/Linux PC phijor
3DS Multi Decryptor Decrypts and creates XORPads for game's ROM files and SD card files. (Previously named 3DS CTR Decryptor) Relys
Spider3DSTools 3DS Tools to work with 3DS 9.x Spider exploit yifanlu
BootCtr9 3DS 3DS ARM9 code execution at boot hartmannaf
3DS_Homebrew Sample app with basic libraries for 3DS nop90
ctrulib 3DS C library for writing user mode arm11 code for the 3DS (CTR) smealum
Python Tools 3DS 3DS python tools naehrwert
NKStreamer 3DS NKStreamer is a tool using for stream PC desktop screen (or windows) to 3DS with input. You can use it for play video, play game. namkazt
SF2DLIB 3DS Simple and Fast 2D library for the Nintendo 3DS (using ctrulib and citro3d) TricksterGuy
ctru-rs 3DS A collection of crates for developing 3DS homebrew in Rust. rust3ds
cuteNTR-OSX 3DS Fork of cuteNTR by BoltsJ to provide native NTR streaming for Max OSX users. EBLeifEricson
pp2d 3DS Graphic rendering helper to use with libctru and citro3D. wrathsoffire76
Pretendo 3DS Information on the WIP Custom Nintendo WiiU/3DS/2DS server and service replacements PretendoNetwork
exec_3dsx [For Developers]meepingsnesroms/exec_3dsx A 1 function way to add .cia and .3dsx launching to you homebrew.(Designed for RetroArchs core launching system) meepingsnesroms
m3diaLib 3DS A C++ library for easier homebrew development for the Nintendo 3DS m3diaLib-Team
Ninfs 3DS FUSE filesystem Python scripts for Nintendo console files. ihaveamac
ACNL Spotpass File Creator 3DS POC Custom Spotpass File Creator for ACNL. Slattz
New Super Ultimate Injector 3DS Virtual Console injects for any retro game you want. eiphax
BAX 3DS Boot animations for your 3DS. Just that. Wolfvak
Advanced Badge Editor 3DS Lets you edit badges. Extremely customizable as it lets you edit sets, create sets, delete sets, etc. TheMachinumps
Save3DS Extract/Import/FUSE for 3DS save/extdata/database. Rewriting 3dsfuse-ex in rust wwylele
3DS Save File Extraction Tools Tools to extract 3DS format save file. For richer functionality, use Save3DS wwylele
DotNet 3ds Toolkit Extract and Repack 3DS ROMs (and CIAs). evandixon
PS1 Forwarder Creator 3DS Play ps1 games on your 3ds Sakitoshi
SDL-3DS SDL 1.2 for 3DS. nop90
MiiShop 3DS Manages a basic 3DS backup file library and creates pages for each game, with QR code to reload your own games. Requires your 3DS to be altered, and able to run FBI. Engarak
Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu 3DS Launching full DS games like digital titles in your 3DS HOME Menu! Robz8
The SMDH Creator 3DS The SMDH Creator, make your own icon pack! link6155
Snickerstream 3DS Unified NTR and HzMod streaming client for the 3DS RattletraPM
CTR Streaming Server 3DS 3DS homebrew network server for playing media sent to it from other network devices, and HID reporting over the network.

Build from repo.

SMS2 Backup Master Back up save for SMS2. Dr. Neo
coNTRoller-overlay Display 3DS controller inputs via NTR debugging information zed0
3DS ROM Tool ROM trimming and un-trimming. 3DSGuy
005Tools Allows backing up and restoring save games for 3DS/DSi/DS game cards using a device such as the R4i Save Dongle. McHaggis
3DS Update Checker This program retrieves the latest 3DS System Version from Nintendo's CDN. 3DSGuy
3DS Video Video converter for 3DS. SifJar
3DSaveTool 3DSaveTool can be used to find the XOR key used for encryption and use it to encrypt/decrypt EEPROM savefiles of 3DS games. sniper3d
3DSMovie Video converter for 3DS. spinal_cord
3DS_IconDecrypter It is now possible to dump 3DS Game Icons (those icons that show on the home menu) directly from your 3DS. 3DSGuy
Gateway 3ds Mac OS 3DS SD Imager Tool Trim for mac. demelza
SMS2 Backup Master - Backup 3DS ROMs/Saves YOU NEED A SMS2 FOR THIS TO WORK! CollosalPokemon
Win32 Disk Imager This program is designed to write a raw disk image to a removable device or backup a removable device to a raw image file. how_do_i_do_that

Rom Hacks

Title Description Author
YAMKC 3DS Yet Another Mario Kart Clone 3DS. mariohackandglitch
Dragon Quest XI 3DS Dragon Quest XI 3DS Orchestral Overhaul Poptheweasel100
RidgeRadio 3DS A music replacement mod for "Ridge Racer 3D" SleepyLark
Pokeon Sigma Ruby 3DS Pokemon Omega Ruby Romhack. Favna
Hatsune Miku - Project Mirai DX - Mix Edition 3DS A Mix Edition. New songs, menu graphics, its own opening, and others. Stewie1.0
Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon 3DS Pokemon Moon and Sun Hacks! Kobazco
Story of Seasons - Trio of Towns - True Love Edition 3DS A patch for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns that allows the player to romance any bachelor or bachelorette regardless of their gender! Silrae
New Super Classic Mario 3DS A rom hack for NSMB2 that aims to recreate most the classic Super Mario. SpeedxxGaming
Fire Emblem Fates Enanc 3DS This patch aims to balance the roster in Revelation, give some love to the boss captured units and the low-growths pre-promotes. IWantAHug
Fire Emblem Fates - Good Guy Garon Edition 3DS [Conquest Story Overhaul] Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition AgahnimD
Pokemon Bright Diamond and Dazzling Pearl 3DS Pokemon Sun & Moon hacks Kobazco
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon 3DS Change Pokemon Models, Textures and Animations. Rosieplier
Pokemon Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon 3DS Fully-Featured Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon ROM Hacks! diovento
Story of Seasons - Trio of Towns 3DS Hamtaro & Cheburashka Restoration Patch! ubergeek77
Pokemon Star 3DS A Fully-featured Pokemon Sun and Moon Sequel Mod! rusyaas
AC -NL-WA HD Texture pack 3DS Pretty nice textures in ACNL. ??
Animal Crossing - New Leaf Texture 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf Minecraft Texture Hack ??
Fire Emblem Fates 3DS Fire Emblem Fates Promotion Textures Patch GreekDudeYiannis
Shin Megami Tensei - Strange Journey Redux Restoration Mod 3DS A small mod of SJR to make it look more in-line with the original art direction. AlternativeZero,
Golden Memories 3DS Remaking New Super Mario Bros DS in New Super Mario Bros 2! Golden_Memories
Animal Crossing New Leaf - Welcome Luxury 3DS Animal Crossing: Welcome Luxury is a ROM-Hack based on the Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Kyusetzu
Fire Emblem Fates Nohr-Hoshido 3DS Fire Emblem Fates Nohr-Hoshido Class Swap Hack! Fishmalk
Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D - No Navi Text 3DS Nintendo had the great idea to make Navi more annoying and flashing her name on the screen. This removes that!! peroxidex
Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS Play Ocarina of Time 3D with controls slightly closer to the N64 version. Vague Rant,
Pokemon Omega Ruby - Alpha Sapphire 3DS GBA Music Swap! YoshistarBaxter
Pokemon Ultra Sun-Ultra Moon Music Mod 3DS Persona Music Pack for Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon! BiggusWeeabus,
Super Mario 3D Land 3DS Cheat Codes! KDb
Pokemon Double XY 3DS All battles in XY, converted to double battles, with a steeper, challenging level curve. Saiklex
MH4U Steak Swap Mod 3DS A simple romFS mod for MH4U to swap the names of "Rare Steak" and "Well-done Steak"! tbsp
Mario and Luigi - Bowsers Inside Story 3DS DS Soundtrack + Voices Restoration BlazeHeatnix
Miisona 3DS a Persona music mod for Miitopia OkazakiTheOtaku
Smash-Selector 3DS USM-eM is a new competitive mod for Smash 3DS. USM-eM team
Super Mario Bros Next - A NSMB2 Mod 3DS SMBNext: Halloween Special DX, SMBNext: Sunset Shores, and SMBNext. Gimzie?
Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga 3DS This is a mod that replaces the BGM of M&L Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions with the original soundtrack from the GBA version. Shrinefox
TR4SH 3ds A Mod for Super Smash Bros. (3DS) JABrules
Neko Atsume - Kitty Collector 3DS English Patch. Lycanroc
USM-eM Winds Edition 3DS A Melee-oriented expansion to Smash 3DS, USM-eM team
Pokemon Ultra VICIOUS Sun and Ultra BRUTAL Moon 3DS This mod is meant to be a "Kaizo hard" rendition of USUM. AvatarMew
Yoshi new island mod 3DS Music improvement. DPS2004
Star Fox 64 3D Mod Voice Acting Restoration Mod. ThatInvaderGuy
ACNL-NTR-Cheats 3DS A combination of cheats that I've been creating with NTR. rydoginator
Majora Mask 3D Project Restoration 3DS A Majora's Mask 3D patch that restores some mechanics from the original Majora's Mask and fixes some issues to make the game even more enjoyable. leoetlino
Majora-Mask-N64-OST-to-3DS Replace 3DS OST with N64 OST DeathWrench
ACNL Reditor 3DS This tool is a WIP Rom Editor For Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Slattz
The legend of Zelda spirit tracks 3DS Forwarded, ap patched and dpad patched. 0BYK0
Mario Kart 7 - Custom Track Grand Prix 7 3DS CTGP-7 is a romhack for Mario Kart 7 adding new features to the game. PabloMK7


Title Description Author
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 Professional 3DS Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 Professional English patch Eiz
Dragon quest monster 2 3DS 3DS Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Cobi and Tara's Marvelous Mysterious Key fan translation. Ich73
Labyrinth no Kanata - Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS Beyond the Labyrinth English Translation. Nagato
NEW LOVE PLUS PLUS 3DS newLovePlus+ translation


Taiko no Tatsujin - Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken 3DS Taiko no Tatsujin: Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken?.(a.k.a "Taiko no Tatsujin: Don and Katsu's Spacetime Adventure" or "Taiko Drum Master: Adventures Through Time and Space"). English Translation. tiduscrying
Sumikko Gurashi - Here You Settle Down 3DS Sumikko Gurashi - Here You Settle Down [FAN TRANSLATION]. RandomKid150
Fire Emblem If 3DS Fire Emblem If Fan Translation. YuriYuri
Maplestory 3DS - The Girl of Destiny 3DS the English Translation of the game: Maplestory: The Girl of Destiny (3DS). WillTheLion
Dragon Quest Monsters - Terrys Wonderland 3D 3DS DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS - TERRY'S WONDERLAND 3D

(JAPANESE to ENGLISH Fan-Translation).

Taiko no Tatsujin - Dokodon Mystery Adventure 3DS English translated images/scripts for the 3DS game "Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure!" tiduscrying
Puyo Puyo Tetris English 3DS Puyo Puyo Tetris English Translation. ongo_gablogian
Super Robot Wars UX 3DS Super Robot Wars UX Partial English Translation. Utopiaray
Pokemon Setting Sun and Waxing Moon 3DS Ultra Sun & Moon Romhacks Kobazco
Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 3 3DS ENGLISH Fan-Translation. Helmax
Dragon Ball Heroes - Ultimate Mission X 3DS Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X Translation. kamesenin888
Cave Story 3DS Cave Story 3D Aeon Genesis Translation! CheatFreak47
Puyo Puyo Tetris 3DS Puyo Puyo Tetris 3ds ENG Translation Partyderp64
Tales of the World - Reve Unitia International 3DS Tales of the World: Reve Unitia International translation! InochiPM
EX Troopers 3DS EX Troopers translation! rd2k3
Pictlogica Final Fantasy 3DS This is english translation for Pictlogica Final Fantasy. Vulpes-Vulpeos
The Great Ace Attorney 1 3DS The Great Ace Attorney 2 - English Fan Translation Patch for Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2. ScarletStudy
The Great Ace Attorney 2 3DS The Great Ace Attorney - English Fan Translation Patch for Dai Gyakuten Saiban! ScarletStudy
Club Nintendo Picross 3DS This is full english translation for Club Nintendo Picross. Vulpes-Vulpeos
PicrossE9 3DS This is full english translation of Picross E9. Vulpes-Vulpeos
Monster Hunter Double Cross 3DS Full English Translation Patch Ender3Guy
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 - Cobi and Taras Marvelous Mysterious Key 3DS Fan translations for Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Cobi and Tara's Marvelous Mysterious Key. Ich_73
Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime 3DS 3DS The translation for Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan is here! Team Rocket


Title Description Author
PokemonCheatPlugin 3DS This plugin for NTR CFW adds some features to Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS. MrNbaYoh
smash3ds-tools 3DS Extdata tool(s) for Super Smash Bros 3DS.

mm3d_re 3DS "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D" savedata RE. yellows8
Okku 3DS Import custom TJA's to Taiko 3ds and possibly other Taiko games. AndreNIH
Level-5 3DS Archive Tool Unpack XFSA and ARC0 archives used in Level 5 games on the 3DS! Nagato
Gar-Zar UnPacker 3DS Decompress Gar and Zar format. TTEMMA
cro_tool 3DS CRO resigner for ROM hacks. WulfyStylez
KMP Expander 3DS Mario Kart 7 KMP editor. Ermelber
MSBT Editor Reloaded 3DS Translation tools for some games. IcySon55
Virtues Last Reward 3DS Virtue's Last Reward ROM Hacking Tools lucaboy

7,727 21 4

Batch zTex Conversion Utility 3DS A utility for converting files in the ztex format from 3DS games to png files. neitherman
SpeedX3D 3DS A program that edits the level files that are used in the game SpeedX 3D. kprovost7314
Fire Emblem Conversation Editor 3DS A simple GUI interface for working with text for 3DS Fire Emblem games. secretivecactus
Badge Arcade Tool 3DS This is a tool that, when run, will download and decrypt and extract the PNGs for every badge in Nintendo's Badge Arcade. SciresM
Mystery Gift Tool 3DS Automatic tracking/downloading/decryption/extraction of Gen VI/VII Mystery Gifts/PGL Regulations. SciresM
BCSAR View 3DS BCSAR View is a WIP tool for editing 3DS Sound Archives (*.bcsar). thane98
Exalt 3DS A script editor for 3DSFE. thane98
Paragon 3DS Toolkit for editing and creating editors for FE13, FE14, and FE15. Successor to FEFEditor. thane98
Kirbys Blowout Blast 3DS Kirby's Blowout Blast Save Editor & Save Documentation newluigidev
Pocket Card Jockey 3DS Pocket Card Jockey Save Editor Taser9090
3DS Save Editors Library Edit 3ds games save file


Unchained Blades Save Editor 3DS Unchained Blades Save Editor for Nintendo 3DS. RPG_FAN128
SangoKuro 3DS Yo-kai Watch Sangokushi Translation tools "SangoKuro" Lord Prime
Mario and Luigi - Bowsers Inside Story - Bowser Jrs Journey 3DS Save Editor - Backup your save file before the use of this editor! ladygugu
New Super Mario Bros 2 - Gold-Special Edition 3DS Cheats with some new & unique codes for: New Super Mario Bros 2 - Special Edition (Europe) & New Super Mario Bros 2 - Gold Edition (USA)! KDb
The Denpa Men 2 3DS Save Editor! A H4CK3RS L1F3
NSMB2 Luma Plugin 3DS NSMB2 Customizable, Region Free Luma Plugin. DarkFlare69
Animal Crossing - New Leaf 3DS Animal Crossing New Horizons Music Pack?! Joanotin-TS
Mario Kart 7 Plugin Deluxe 3DS Hacking Cheating For Mario Kart 7. SFC-hacker
BinJ Editor 3DS A Tool For Translating Dragon Quest Monsters Games. Ich_73
3DS SNES Save Converter A small python app that allows you to convert your SNES Virtual Console saves to .SRM format, and vice versa. manuGMG
Minecraft - New Nintendo 3DS Edition Texture Modifications. DeadSkullzJr
Mario and Luigi - Dream Team - Save Editor 3DS This is a save file editor. Snodeca
Untitled ACNL Plugin 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf Cheat Plugin. SirEnder125
Club Nintendo Picross Plus 3DS This is full english translation of Club Nintendo Picross Plus. Vulpes-Vulpeos
Kuriimu 3DS A general purpose game translation toolkit for authors of fan translations. IcySon55
Pokemon CTRPluginFramework 3DS This is a Plugin for Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and XY! H4x0rSpooky
7G Replay Editor 3DS Edit and convert replays from Pokemon USUM! Lyviaff
Open source smash mod selector 3DS Open source alternative to Smash Selector, AKA mod selector for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Mariosegafreak
iNaHeX 3DS CTRPluginframework for inazuma eleven GO galaxy Supernova. David13
Animal Crossing New Leaf Multi Cheat NTR Plugin 3DS Cheat for Animal Crossing New Leaf! RyDog
Streetpass Mii Plaza Puzzle Swap Save Editor 3DS This tool can easily unlock specific or all (As of April 23) puzzle swap pieces! princeken09
RAM2Sav 3DS Save File Dumping/Injection for X/Y/OR/AS. SciresM
Pokemon Box Dumper 3DS Pokemon stats online. seanss
MHX Quest Importer 3DS Import/export DLC quest directly from your Monster Hunter X save file. svanheulen
The Sharing of Isaac 3DS The Sharing of Isaac is a sharing savegame system for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. rinnegatamante
MysteryMachine Patcher 3DS Mystery Gift Server Spoofer for Pokemon Gen VI (XYORAS). shinyquagsire23
pokeSlow 3DS PokeSlow is an open source homebrew that uses PHBankGB to edit Pokemon. zaksabeast
MHX Data Manager 3DS Copy characters between different regions of the Monster Hunter X games. svanheulen
Pocket-NLSE 3DS A portable save editor for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. dragos240
Smash Amiibo Cheat Tool 3DS Hack your amiibos in a tap. Ordim3n
TownManager 3DS TownManager allows you to choose from a list of AC:NL towns to launch. dragos240
Pokemon X and Y Battle Analyzer 3DS Battle Analyzer interprets packets received by your Nintendo 3DS on the fly and gives you detailed statistics on your opponents Pokemon in real time. Fierce Waffle
PKHeX 3DS Pokemon core series save editor, programmed in C#. Kaphotics
Super Mario Maker 3DS Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Save Editor valentinvanelslande
Mk7se 3DS Edit your mk7 savefiles right from your 3ds! hax0kartik
TerraInveditThreedee 3DS A save editor for Terraria 3ds sono
PCHex-plusplus 3DS PCHex rewritten in C++ and with a GUI Slashcash
PCHex 3DS PKHex (Pokemon save editor) in homebrew form Strackeror
SavvyManager 3DS A save manager for the Girls Mode/Style Savvy/Style Boutique games, on Nintendo 3DS RocketRobz
Chronus Arc Save Editor 3DS Save editor for Chronus Arc 3ds. rog9001
MLSSE - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Editor 3DS This is an editor for the new 3DS release of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. GoobyCorp
OSM - The Open-Source Smash Mod 3DS Open Smash Mod OpenSmashMod
KMPExpander 3DS Mario Kart 7 KMP editor. mariohackandglitch