CtrBootManager9 3DS

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Author(s) cpasjuste
Type Utilities
Version 0.5
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2016/03/08
Website Website
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CtrBootManager9 is an alternative version of CtrBootManager. It is a boot loader for arm9loaderhax which allows you to configure boot entries in a configuration file to be booted automatically, with a specified timer.



  • devkitpro-4.5 at least (ctrulib-1.0 at least)
  • libconfig in portlibs (tried with v1.5)


It is recommended to build from source:

  • mkdir build/
  • cd build/
  • cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../DevkitArm3DS.cmake ../
  • cmake --build . --target CtrBootManager_a9lh

Binaries should now be in the build folder.

Or you can install using the prebuild binaries.


You'll need to have latest arm9loaderhax installed (with screen_init).

Edit a9lh.cfg to suits your needs (be careful to errors).

Copy arm9loaderhax.bin and a9lh.cfg to the root of your SD card.

Please see the new configuration format for the configuration file a9lh.cfg.


3DS: Install Multiple A9LH Menus - CtrBootManager9 (AuReiNAND 4.1 & CakesCFW 138) (Spanish) (SebasTorrón)


Version 05

  • Added settings menu (change default entry, timeout, recovery key).
  • Remove items from boot menu and add from file manager (X).
  • Should fix timeout when < 0.
  • Should fix per entry override key.

Version 04

  • Change/fix "override key".
  • Fix/improve input code.
  • Improved drawing code.
  • Better memory management.

Version 03

  • Fix graphics flickering.
  • Fix rxTools.

Version 02

  • Fix entry override button (key).
  • Fix some screen corruption (filer mainly).
  • Improve input.
  • More comments in sample config.
  • May fix (a9lh) rxTools for o3ds?


For contributions to hb_menu:

  • smea - Code.
  • GEMISIS - Code.
  • fincs - Code.
  • mtheall - Code.
  • Fluto - Graphics.
  • Arkhandar - Graphics.
  • dotjasp - Graphics (regionfree icon).

Readme by gemarcano This project also uses Brahma. See its repository for its credits.

Thanks to all people involved for their work and/or help: delebile, mid-kid, dark_samus3, d0k3, bilis.

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