Tangerine 3DS

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TypeMedia players


A work-in-progress music player for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch


  • The 3DS build is currently in heavy development as the shift is made from pp2d to citro2d. Please use the previous build instead of building yourself.
  • Put all music in ""/music"" folder on your SD card as traditional file browsing is not currently supported yet
  • Support for multiple formats (wav, flac, and mp3 currently)
  • Skip forward and back a song using the L and R buttons
  • Use the progress bar on the touch screen to scrub through the audio (SLOW)
  • Pause/Play with A, and return to file selection with B
  • Touchscreen controls (yay?)

Planned Features:

  • ☐ Update internal documentation
  • ☐ Move to citro2d
  • ☐ Switch version
  • ☐ Actual file browsing
  • ☐ Support for more formats
  • ☐ Ability to create playlists
  • ☒ Ability to play playlists
  • ☐ Record and save bits of audio using the microphone like the built in app
  • ☐ UI overhaul (currently it's not super terrible, but it's definitely not where I want it to be)
  • ☐ Themes maybe?
  • anything else the 3DS's sound application does


You can just run make or make all to get both 3ds and switch builds, but for just one of them follow this:


Make sure you have the latest releases of ctrulib, citro3d, citro2d, and 3ds-mpg123 installed via the devkitPro pacman. Then type

make 3ds

to get a .3dsx, .smdh, and .cia


Make sure you have the latest releases of libnx and switch-mpg123 installed via the devkitPro pacman. Then type

make switch

to get an .nro

Known Issues:

  • Some flac files have issues with playback speed on hardware but work fine in Citra
  • Scrubbing within flac/mp3 files may take several seconds on Old 3DS depending on the size of the file WARNING: This was my first time ever writing C. There are going to be bugs and 90% percent of this is probably terrible code, so don't hesitate to report anything because I probably wouldn't have found it otherwise.


Thanks to

  • @smealum for ctrulib
  • @fincs for citro3d
  • @Steveice10 for buildtools
  • @BernardoGiordano for pp2d and help with Makefile/rsf files
  • VLC for android for the rough UI design concept
  • @Sergey#5402 for help testing
  • @Fenrir#3268, @ahoischen#9453, and @TurtleP#2954 (and anyone else!) in #dev in the Nintendo Homebrew discord for help with my beginner C mistakes
  • mackron for their doctor libs (dr_flac and dr_wav specifically)
  • devkitPro for the example Makefiles, portlibs, and citro2d
  • switchbrew/3dsbrew for documentation and examples
  • The big N for the Nintendo 3DS Sound application
  • Erokia for ""Heartbleed Synth""
  • and @deltabeard for their orginal libmpg123 portlib fork and ctrmus (big inspiration, helped me to understand the DSP a lot better)