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Medarot 9 Translation
AuthorSotaeko, Omnija
Last Updated2022/01/07
Game & Female Protagonist Swap Download

This is a fan tranlation English patch for Medarot 9 (RoKusho Ver. + Metabee Ver.), a robot battle RPG released in 2015 on the 3DS.


Game information
Japanese title メダロット9 クワガタVer. メダロット9 カブトVer.
Aliases Medarot 9: Kuwagata Ver. Medarot 9 Kabuto Ver.
English title Medarot 9 RoKusho Ver. Medarot 9 Metabee Ver.

Option 1 via LumaFS:

  • Copy the romfs folder containing the patch files into SD:/luma/titles/<titleid>/ (create the folders if they do not exist).
    • Medabee Ver. - 0004000000174E00
    • Rokusho Ver. - 0004000000174F00
  • Make sure game patching is enabled in your luma settings (hold Select on boot).
    • (Extra Notes) LumaFS will only work for the base game files.
    • Update files need to be installed with the update cia (not tested).
    • Follow this LumaFS Guide if you're having issues.

Option 2 via CIA:

  • Decrypt then Extract CIA file.
  • Replace files with in the romfs + exefs.
  • Rebuild and install.


medarot9patch2.png medarot9patch3.png

medarot9patch4.png medarot9patch5.png

medarot9patch6.png medarot9patch7.png

Female Protagonist
medarot9patch8.png medarot9patch9.png



  • Completed Battle Events.
  • Fixed more typos/bug errors.
  • More ui text display.


  • Fixed block road quest.
  • Fixed Missing Medabots in some fights.
  • Corrected Typo's in some part areas.


  • Part information was added.
  • items were added no key items).


  • Fixed Medalias (names and other things were updated as well).
  • Fixed some more progress hints.
  • Fixed Medabot names.
  • Medapart names have been completed.


  • Medabot Names finished.
  • Re-did medalia info entirely (should me more or less accurate).
  • Fixed images/translations.
  • Fixed progress hints and some changes (filled empty space to show the full length).
  • Fixed more memo text going off screen.
  • Fixed multiplayer buttons.
  • Corrected some shop menus and titles.
  • Rotation system is being worked on (partially done).


  • Multiplayer text/images.
  • Medabot Names 50% or so (used this list for a general "fimiliarity" of names).
  • More Fixed text/image corrections.
  • Tons of popup robattle/question text.
  • Memo note/ progress hints have been fixed.
  • New stats legend:
    • RoS - Hit (Rate of Success).
    • PoW - Power.
    • Heat - Start an Action.
    • Cool - Returning from Action.
    • Mob - Eva/Evasion.
    • Tech - Move (Abilities).
    • Num - Number of Uses.
    • Fight - Fight/Strike (Melee).
    • Shot - Shoot/Shooting (Ranged).
    • End (during battle reaction) - Endure (Receiving without DEV/EVA).
    • Eva (during battle reaction) - Evasion (Chance to avoid DMG).
    • Def (during battle reaction) - Defense (Reduce DMG).


  • Fixed a game breaking bug.
  • In battle effects were also put into this release.


  • Leader Effects and Descriptions (were redone since we figured out ways of expanding the text lines and added some custom names for better understanding).
  • Medalia partially fragmented (stills need plenty of fixing & be revised).
  • Translated more Images & overhauled previous images.
  • Terrain types have been finalized.
  • Memo sections.
  • Majority of Quest hints.
  • Medaforce/Medal Names.
  • Attacking/Ability Names.
  • Notes:
    • Endure is now End; Evade is now Eva (these changes where so the battle options all looked similar).
    • Fill/Filling is now Heat/Heating (as it's suppose to be).
    • Heating during an action and cooling is after an action.
  • Terrain type Changes:
    • T - Tree (Forest).
    • R - Rock (Mountain).
    • S - Sand (Beach).
    • F - Flat (Everywhere else).
    • W - River/Sea (Water) dual use (River above water/Sea below water).
    • A - Air (Sky).
    • I - Ice (Snow).
    • U - Urban (Indoor/Basement buildings).
    • C - Cyber (No idea yet).


  • Altered font for (testing) visability.
  • Translated more through the game.
  • Fixed translation wording.
  • Text alignments.


  • Specific names where redone (to better match their purpose or spacing issues).
  • Images where redone (Better clarity).
  • More battles images were finished.
  • Some more message text translated.
  • All warp map names (not all finalized).
  • Fixed some broken links between menus changes.


  • Some game breaking issues were fixed.
  • Map names added.
  • More menu images added.


  • Majority of menus are translated.
  • Some other interfaces have been changed.


  • Sotaeko - Translator, Editor, Community Management.
  • Omnija - Translator, Graphic Design, ROM Hacking.

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