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CHMM2 - Custom Home Menu Manager 2
Last Updated2016/07/05

Custom Home Menu Manager 2, also named CHMM2, is an open source theme manager for 3DS for custom themes based on Lua Player Plus 3DS. It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Dutch.

It is a continuation of CHMM with a new graphical UI fully animated and new features. Both projects are no longer in development.


  • Themes auto-placer if you install it in the wrong directory.
  • Theme Downloader linked with database.
  • Support for custom themes.
  • Support for BGM previews (BGM.ogg file) and screens previews (PNG, BMP, JPG files).
  • Support for multiple themes with shuffle system overwriting Nintendo ones.
  • Integrated network theme receiver.
  • Multiple UI colors for customization.
  • Beautiful and animated graphic.
  • Faster if compared to CHMM.


Available in CIA, 3DSX and 3DS formats.

  • 3DSX - Copy .3dsx and .smdh to the /3ds/CHMM2/ folder on your SD card and launch it via Homebrew Launcher.
  • CIA - Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DS - Copy .3ds to your SD card.

Then download your preferred custom themes and put them in the /Themes/ folder (one folder for each custom theme, you can find then from Theme Plaza or create your own).

User guide

Create a theme

A theme is composed by several files:

  • body_LZ.bin - Contains background images and some theme settings.
  • BGM.bcstm - Contains theme BGM sound.
  • Preview.png/.jpg/.bmp - Screenshot used by CHMM2 for preview system.
  • BGM.ogg - Contains theme BGM preview sound, used by CHMM2 for preview system.
  • info.smdh - Contains icon, author, description and title of the theme.

Recommended tools:


Q. Where I can find the DSP firmware (dspfirm.cdc) required by CHMM2?

You can dump it with several tools like DSP Firmware Dumper, uncart, braindump or Decrypt9.

Q. I get "cannot initialize Sound module" error when using CIA/3DS version.

Update CHMM to v.2.6 or upper.

Q. My theme is not installed properly and says Menuhax Mode: ON when it is not in use.

Update CHMM to v.2.6 or upper.

Q. I get "Error: [string "?"]:1: syntax error near '<\187H" when starting CHMM2, what can i do?

You must delete config file in Themes folder.

Q. I installed a new theme but I still get the BGM from the old ones, how can I fix?

The theme you're using is corrupted. Read this post to fix it.


Base System:

A - Install theme

B - Install theme without BGM

Y - Show theme preview

X - Go to Shuffle System

L - Extract a ZIP theme

R - Switch to Theme Downloader

Left/Right - Navigate through themes

Select - Change UI color

Start - Open Options Menu

Touch - Open Help Panel

Shuffle System:

A - Add theme to themeset as current index

A (Hold) - Add theme to themeset as current indec without BGM

B - Erase current index from themeset

Y - Show theme preview

X - Install themeset and go to Base System

L/R - Change current index in themeset

Left/Right - Navigate through themes

Select - Change UI color

Start - Exit CHMM2

Touch - Open Help Panel

Theme Downloader:

A - Execute selected option

Y - Open theme preview

R/Start - Swap to Base System

Left/Right - Navigate through themes

Up/Down - Navigate in Actions Menu

Select - Change UI color

Touch - Open Help Panel




How to install Custom Themes with CHMM2 (toXicBits)



  • Bugfix for some graphical glitches with preview system and listmenu mode.
  • Refactored the whole code, now homebrew runs a lot smoother.
  • Bugfix in Theme Downloader when a space was inserted in the keyword, it produced an interpreter crash.
  • Replaced Danzeff Keyboard in Theme Downloader with a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard.
  • Now Power button pression at startup is no longer required for CIA/3DS users.
  • Now CHMM Localization is no longer required (english localization is builtin with the executable).
  • Added Usagi 3DS Theme Editor previews native support in Preview System.
  • Now if a theme doesn't use a BGM.bcstm file, it won't use BGM from previous installed theme.
  • Added possibility to install themes without using BGM file.
  • Added Spanish localization (thanks to DrkBeam).


  • Bugfix for the Theme Downloader: now it works as intended.
  • Added possibility to dump current in use theme from Options menu.
  • Added an Help screen which shows all possible controls viewable by tapping the touchscreen.
  • Enabled 804 Mhz mode. Homebrew will run a lot smoother (N3DS only).
  • Bugfix in Themes Receiver, now it won't currupt themes list anymore.
  • Added a panel showing themes info on top screen when using Textlist as Listing mode.
  • Added localization in different languages (Currently available: English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, French).
  • Changed Unique ID to 0xCE1CC for compatibility reasons.


  • Apache Thunder for the 3D banner for 3DS/CIA builds.
  • Zerousen for the 2D texture used for 3DS/CIA builds banner.
  • ihaveamac for testing new UI and shuffle theme system.
  • ~Poke~ for the buttons icons used by the UI.
  • MarioErmando for and API.
  • gnmmarechal for the Portuguese localization.
  • dimmidice for the Dutch localization.
  • Omegadrien and @Asia81 for the French localization.
  • DrkBeam for the Spanish localization.

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