Custom Home Menu Manager 2 3DS

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Custom Home Menu Manager 2

CHMM is coming back with a new, wonderful graphical UI fully animated and new features! CHMM2 is a theme manager for 3DS for custom themes; it works under lpp-3ds and it is completely opensource.

TODO List:

Do you want to suggest a new feature or an improvement for the homebrew? Take a look a this:

If what you want to suggest is not yet listed here you can reply to the thread or just push a comment to the document.?


  • Themes auto-placer if you install it in the wrong directory.
  • Theme Downloader linked with database.
  • Support for custom themes.
  • Support for BGM previews (BGM.ogg file) and screens previews (PNG, BMP, JPG files).
  • Support for multiple themes with shuffle system overwriting Nintendo ones.
  • Integrated network theme receiver.
  • Multiple UI colors for customization.
  • Beautiful and animated graphic.
  • Faster if compared to CHMM.


Base System

  • A = Install theme
  • B = Install theme without BGM
  • Y = Show theme preview
  • X = Go to Shuffle System
  • L = Extract a ZIP theme
  • R = Switch to Theme Downloader
  • Left / Right = Navigate through themes
  • SELECT = Change UI color
  • START = Open Options Menu
  • Touch = Open Help Panel

Shuffle System

  • A = Add theme to themeset as current index
  • A (Hold) = Add theme to themeset as current indec without BGM
  • B = Erase current index from themeset
  • Y = Show theme preview
  • X = Install themeset and go to Base System
  • L / R = Change current index in themeset
  • Left / Right = Navigate through themes
  • SELECT = Change UI color
  • START = Exit CHMM2
  • Touch = Open Help Panel

Theme Downloader

  • A = Execute selected option
  • Y = Open theme preview
  • R / Start = Swap to Base System
  • Left / Right = Navigate through themes
  • Up / Down = Navigate in Actions Menu
  • SELECT = Change UI color
  • Touch = Open Help Panel


Download your preferred custom themes and put them in Themes folder.


  • A theme is composed by several files:
  • body_LZ.bin - Contains background images and some theme settings.
  • BGM.bcstm - Contains theme BGM sound.
  • Preview.png/.jpg/.bmp - Screenshot used by CHMM2 for preview system.
  • BGM.ogg - Contains theme BGM preview sound, used by CHMM2 for preview system.
  • info.smdh - Contains icon, author, description and title of the theme.


  • @Apache Thunder for the awesome 3D banner for 3DS/CIA builds.
  • @Zerousen for the 2D texture used for 3DS/CIA builds banner.
  • @ihaveamac for his awesome work testing new UI and shuffle theme system.
  • @~Poke~ for the buttons icons used by the UI.
  • @MarioErmando for and his awesome API.
  • @gnmmarechal for the portuguese localization.
  • @dimmidice for the dutch localization.
  • @Omegadrien and @Asia81 for the french localization.
  • @DrkBeam for the spanish localization.


Q) Where i can find the DSP firmware (dspfirm.cdc) required by CHMM2? A) You can dump it with several tools like DSP Firmware Dumper, uncart, braindump or Decrypt9.

Q) I get "cannot initialize Sound module" error when using CIA/3DS version, how can i solve? A) Update CHMM to v.2.6 or upper.

Q) CHMM2 doesn't install properly my theme and it says Menuhax Mode: ON when i'm not using it, what can i do? A)Update CHMM to v.2.6 or upper.

Q) I get "Error: [string "?"]:1: syntax error near '<\187H" when starting CHMM2, what can i do? A)You must delete config file in Themes folder.

Q) I installed a new theme but i still get the BGM from the old ones, how can i fix? A)The theme you're using is corrupted. Read this post to fix it: