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Satella Zone
AuthorSatellaZone Team
Last Updated2022/06/03
TypeOther Apps

Satella Zone is a Nintendo Zone Revival project for the Nintendo 3DS.


Download the SatellaZone archive:

  • - Normal version, requires hotspot.
  • - Videos are stored on SD card, does not require hotspot but can take up a lot of space on SD card.
  • - Patch that allows you to launch Nintendo Zone from homemenu on USA.

Extract the .zip and drag & drop the romfs folder in SD:/luma/titles/TITLE-ID/.

  • EUR- 0004001000022B00
  • USA - 0004001000021B00
  • JPN - 0004001000020B00

Make sure to enable game patching in the luma configuration menu (hold Select on boot).

To include the USA Home Menu patch, extract the luma folder from the archive on the root of your SD card.

User guide

How do watch videos?

This only applies to the normal version (not the local version).

First make a hotspot named "NintendoSpotPass1" (without "") using a phone or something else without password.

Get the SSL patch here (follow the readme).

Launch Nintendo zone, if it take a long time to try to load something (so official servers but it's down) then the hotspot worked.

Ignore the error and you can now watch videos.

The tutorial can also be found on the main page of SatellaZone by clicking the (?Help) button.


SatellaZone Trailer - Release (MegaPika)

Satellazone Teaser - 3DS Nintendo Zone Revival (MegaPika)



  • Added more informations on help page about the SSL patch that is required.
  • Fixed screenshots pages.


  • Videos are now server sided, you need to create a hotspot named "NintendoSpotPass1" wihout password to watch them
  • Edited some error messages to make them understandable
  • As always, improved some pages quality
  • Don't forget to delete old romfs folder like on every updates!


  • The title says it, this release fix the HORRIBLE quality of previous SatellaZone
  • Also rearanged some menus (and added a not found page for pages not findable, if you have a "specified file was not found on the server" error (NOT VIDEOS ON THE LITE EDITION because this is normal in this case!), please report it to us because this is not normal)
  • IMPORTANT! Again, please delete the old romfs folder of Nintendo Zone because some files name changed again and the old ones will be unused and will take space for nothing.
  • Special thanks to Spencer Everly for sending Nintendo Zone saved page!


  • Redone some pages (changed some images and pages/some images are better quality).
  • Reorganized ALL romfs files.


  • MegaPika - Programming.
  • Cooolgamer - A lot of things.
  • Ghost64 - Debug/credit pages + other things.
  • BostonSix - Some images.
  • Sudocraft - The SatellaZone logo.
  • Braden Yes - Retalking about revive Nintendo Zone.
  • Envy - Research about Nintendo Zone.
  • JeremKO - Beta testing.
  • Spencer Everly - Back up Nintendo Zone pages when it was alive.

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