Ultimate SNES Forwarder Maker 3DS

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Ultimate SNES Forwarder Maker
Last Updated2017/02/14
TypeForwarders and Virtual Console Injectors

Ultimate SNES Forwarder Maker for 3DS is a Windows tool that takes a Super Nintendo backup file and it converts it to an installable CIA for your N3DS with CFW.

It written based on RetroArch 1.3.3 and the last version of PocketSNES, CATSFC, CATSFC Plus and snes9x next core.

Note: This utility has been integrated into New Super Ultimate Injector.


  • Super Nintendo injection into a CIA.
  • Internal database, so the program can auto-fill some fields for you.
  • Configurable RetroArch options per game. See the tutorial for screenshots.
  • Easy made custom 3D banner.
  • Easy made custom text/footer banner.
  • Easy made whole process.

User guide

Requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 to run.

To use, follow these steps in program:

  • Rom file selection - Pick a .smc or .sfc file.
  • Game icon and name - Complete the fields of the info boxes.
  • SNES 3D banners - The program will load some default values based on previous step, you can edit these values and select the SNES version for the 3D banner (USA SNES and EUR/JAP SNES).
  • RetroArch parameters - You can choose the screen size, customize the bottom screen and button layout.
    • Features - Here you can customize some RetroArch options, such as button layout.
    • Screen size - Choose between match pixel perfect resolution, full screen resolution, or a custom one if you want.
    • Bottom screen - You can select to have a black screen with no even light, or a background image. The program has some pre-made bottom screen images, which "emulates" the VC bottom screen message. Also, you can import your custom bottom screen background image (it has to be 320x240).

Press the Finish button to generate the CIA file. Then you can install it using any CIA manager.


  • You can go to Home Menu and the game sound won't be corrupted.
  • You can also close the 3DS lid (go to sleep mode) when playing the game.
  • You can also close the 3DS lid (go to sleep mode) when staying on the Home Menu.









  • Fixed the bug that crashed the program when another emulator than PocketSNES was selected.


  • Initial release.
  • Modifications to original RetroArch:
    • Make a RomFS.
    • Hard-code RetroArch to load Content from romfs:/rom.bin hard-coding that directory in the RetroArch launch parameters. This means the rom is injected in the CIA. It won't be in the SD.
    • Set RetroArch language based on system language.
    • Change savefile directory to sdmc:/retroarch/forwarders/<CIA Title ID>/savefiles.
    • Change savestate directory to sdmc:/retroarch/forwarders/<CIA Title ID>/savestates.
    • Now the retroarch.cfg will be loaded from RomFS. This means custom configuration per game.
    • Removed "Press Start" message when exiting RetroArch (now it just exit).
    • Removed debug console.
    • Set bottom screen to an image in romfs:/bottom.bin if there is any. Otherwise, the bottom screen will shut down.
    • Removed the debug console toggle. Now touching everywhere on the screen toggles the Menu.
    • Removed green menu border.
    • Removed RetroArch and core version from menu.
    • Removed timestamp from menu.
    • English: changed 'Quick Menu' to 'Game Menu'.
    • English: changed 'Core Cheat Options' to 'Cheat'.
    • English: changed 'Quit Retroarch' to 'Quit Game'.
    • English: changed 'Close Content' to 'Reset Game'.
    • English: changed 'Resume Content' to 'Continue Game'.
    • Removed 'Restart Content' menu option from Quick Menu.
    • Removed 'Take Screenshot' menu option from Quick Menu.
    • Removed 'Core Options' menu option from Quick Menu.
    • Removed 'Core Input Options' menu option from Quick Menu.
    • Removed 'Core Disk Options' menu option from Quick Menu.
    • Removed 'Cheat File Save As' menu option from Core Cheat Options.
    • Removed 'Start Core' menu option.
    • Removed 'Load Content' menu option.
    • Removed 'Load Recent' menu option.
    • Removed 'Settings' menu option.
    • Removed 'Information' menu option.
    • Removed 'Restart Retroarch' menu option.
    • Removed 'Load Configuration' menu option.
    • Removed 'Save Current Config' menu option.
    • Removed 'Save New Config' menu option.
    • Removed 'Help' menu option.
    • Mute audio when suspending the app and un-mute when restoring.
    • Removed 'Cheats' menu option from Quick Menu.
    • Removed 'Save slot' menu option from Quick Menu.
    • Core options load from RomFS.

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