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AGB_FIRM Signature Patcher and GBA ROM Converter
Last Updated2015/06/04
TypeROM Managers and Patchers

This release consist of IPS patch for AGB_FIRM and ROM converting programs.

This method requires you to install patched AGB_FIRM CIA into NAND memory replacing exciting one. Now, AGB_FIRM is an optional System Title that was introduced with 3.0.0 firmware update and was never included with Card updates. Which means you cannot really break system by deleting it or installing corrupted AGB_FIRM, in fact you may even don't have it installed (if you use old system and only updated from game and never used update via internet).

However, you may break system if you delete wrong system title in process, so please use at your own risk.

Note: You can now use Luma3DS for AGB patches. For injection, you can use Ultimate GBA VC Injector for 3DS.


Basic steps for Old3DS/3DS XL/2DS:

  • Download 0004013800000202 title v3665 using 3DNUS.
  • Launch Old3DS_AGB_FIRM_v3665_SignPatcher.exe and apply patch to 0004013800000202.cia.
  • Try to install patched CIA from FBI.
  • Don't forget change destination to NAND (L button), if you don't have any errors - congratulations, you're finished.


For New3DS:

  • The process is basically the same as above.
  • Except Title ID is 0004013820000202 v4816.

If you got an error:

  • It means you need to remove previous version of AGB_FIRM before you can install patched one.
  • Switch mode to Delete Title and and destination to NAND.
  • Then scroll down until you find title with Title ID 0x0004013800000202
  • Triple check you selected correct title and press delete, after this you should be able to install patched CIA without any errors.


After installing patched AGB_FIRM you can use the 3DS Simple GBA Converter program.


Credit for patched New3DS AGB_FIRM goes to motezazer.

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