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Last Updated2018/12/02

DXX 3DS is a Nintendo 3DS port of Descent I & Descent II.

This is a fork of DXX-Switch/DXX-Retro, which is a fork of DXX-Rebirth, which is a fork of the original engine source code created by Parallax Software Corporation.


D1X Switch

  • Create the folder /3ds/D1/.
  • Copy descent.hogand descent.pig to the same directory.
  • These files are included with a purchase of the game. Tested with Descent I from Steam.

D2X Switch

  • Create the folder /3ds/D2/.
  • Copy descent2.ham, descent2.hog, descent2.s22, and all *.pig files to the same directory.
  • These files are included with a purchase of the game. Tested with Descent II from Steam.


  • The 3DS is unable to play the hmp converted to midi files in the Descent games.
  • On first run of D1X/D2X, midi files from the respecitive game will be copied to/3ds/D1/midi/ and /3ds/D2/midi/.
  • These midi files can be converted to WAV though a program such as Timidity with Fluidr3 soundfonts (see here).
  • Also GoG version apparently comes with MP3 versions of all the music files for each game:
    • These should be able to be copied to /3ds/D1/mp3/ and /3ds/D2/mp3/ if the filenames match the midi names for each sequence/level.
    • Descent1/2 will attempt to first play music from /3ds/D1/wav/ and /3ds/D2/wav/, then /3ds/D1/mp3/ and /3ds/D2/mp3/.
    • The names (not including the file extension) need to match the names of the midi songs, but can be replaced with your own music if desired.


Tested by the author on 2DSXL, might not run at the full 60fps on the O3DS/2DS models.

Only the Descent files from Steam are tested; GOG and CD-ROM releases have not been tested.

Known issues

  • Unable to get a working .cia version:
    • Possibly due to the large amount of stack space used by DXX Rebirth (around 4-8MB), default 3DS stack space is 32KB.
    • Setting __stacksize__ to 8MB works fine with homebrew browser, but .cia builds automatically crash.
  • Multiple save files don't work (currently hardcoded to player.plr).
  • Enable the original HUD.
  • Network/Multiplayer is not enabled.
  • Level Selection menu doesn't work (no way to input a different level).
  • D1X - End of level "sequence" is skipped, was causing a segfault/crash.
  • D2X - Movies disabled, these were also causing crashes.

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