SOON - Super cOOl iNstaller 3DS

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SOON - Super cOOl iNstaller
AuthorHowling Wolf, Chelsea
Last Updated2016/02/28
TypeSystem Tools

SOON! is a good-looking install-and-delete legal CIA Installer. It is a easy to use CIA installer with automatic cover selection based in the CIA's unique ID. The progrom includes 23 translations (default to Spanish).

Note: See also SOON2 3DS.


  • Cool Good-Looking Interface.
  • Automatic Cover Art selection while Installing a Game or App.
  • Translation Support (23 translations to 14 languages).
  • Install-and-Delete Chain Installation.


Available in 3DS and CIA formats.

For 3DS (Gateway users):

  • Copy SOON.3ds to the root of your Gateway's MicroSD card.
  • Copy the contents of the folder SD Card to your SD card root.
  • Enter in Gateway mode and select SOON! in Multi-ROM Menu.

For CIA (CFW users):

  • Copy the contents of the folder SD Card to your SD card root.
  • Install the CIA file with a CIA manager of your choice.
  • Restart your 3DS and launch it from the HOME Menu.

For CIA (Gateway/MT-Card users):

  • Set-up the .3DS file as I said above
  • Copy SOON.cia to the FilesToInstall folder inside your 3DS' SD card.
  • Enter in Gateway mode and select SOON! in Multi-ROM Menu.
  • Run "SOON!" and it will install SOON! for you.

User guide

How to use

Copy the CIA files you want to install to a folder called FilesToInstall inside your SD Card.

Run SOON! and touch the big yellow triangle.


Copy the files from any translation inside the Translations folder to SD:\SOON\Menu\ and overwrite.


soon3ds3.png soon3ds4.png

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Version 1.5

  • Memory Bug Fixed.

Version 1.4

  • Cover Art Database Updated.

Version 1.3

  • First Full Release and first ULTRA-EASY to use version.
  • Automatic Cover Selection While Installing.
  • Decimal UniqueID Art Database.

BETA 1.2

  • Dec UniqueID attempt (ok) without "not found" art (Private Version).

BETA 1.1

  • Hex UniqueID attempt (fail) (Private Version).

BETA 1.0

  • Debug Private Version.

BETA 0.2

  • New Unique ID (the old one was not so unique).
  • Add Greek translation, and updated DjoeN's Dutch translation.

BETA 0.1

  • First Public Release.


Created by - Howling Wolf & Chelsea.

Translators - RodrigoDavy, marcoz9999, VinsCool, Steveice10, Rinnegatamante, Technicmaster0, ItsMetaKnight, iGlitch, Retr0Capez, sarkwalvein, StriderVM, duke_srg, octopus, Tomato Hentai, baesup, TheMisterMees, medoli900, MisterTea, DjoeN, SteelLord.

Thanks to Rinnegatamante for his help with the source code.

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