Alarm Clock 3DS

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Alarm Clock
Author(s) 730
Type Utilities
Version 1.4
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2018/06/23
Website Website
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Alarm Clock is a 3DS homebrew alarm clock with customizable alarm sound and backgrounds. The homebrew is no longer in development.


Available as a 3DSX/SMDH.

To install, unzip archive and copy the folder to the the 3ds folder on your SD card.

Put any WAV/OGGs you'd like to use in the alarms folder, located in the application's directory (as of 1.3.2 an alarm comes included).

Put PNGs (possibly also support JPG) to use as background images in the backgrounds folder, located in the applications's directory (1.4+ only).


A - Turn on the alarm using preset time, Select file (file explorer)

B - Turn off the alarm, Stop alarm

Y - Open alarm explorer

X - Hide/show all UI elements (or tap screen to show the UI again)

Up/Down - Change alarm hour, Scroll (file explorer)

Left/Right - Change alarm minutes

L/R - Change clock color

Select - Open background image explorer

Start - Quit

Alternatively, there's touchscreen controls for alarm-related features.

Known issues

Selecting an alarm on 1.4 (except for the initial selection) freezes the application.



  • You can now set a background image for the top screen. However, for some reason it crashes when selecting an alarm file (the initial alarm select still works though) since the background feature is added, so depending on your priorities you might want to use 1.3.2 until this problem is solved.


  • An alarm WAV now comes included. Updated lpp-3ds build.


  • Improved/fixed audio loading speeds, and large files don't crash the 3DS anymore (thanks @Rinnegatamante once again).


  • Added OGG support. Note that they take a long time to load (probably over 10 times the loading time of a WAV), so while it may seem crashed, it (most likely) isn't. Hoping to fix this in a future update.


  • An "alarm.wav" isn't needed anymore. On startup the file explorer opens up to select a WAV from the "alarms" folder. If there's only one, it doesn't open and instead that one is used. If there's none, you're prompted to exit.


  • Added support for selecting WAVs (thanks @Rinnegatamante for the script) and color switching for the clock on the top screen. Read Controls for instructions (note: an initial alarm.wav is still needed).


  • Fixed so you can ACTUALLY change the names to whatever you want (thanks @ddraco).


  • Lets you change the name of the .3dsx and its directory to whatever you want.