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Last Updated2021/03/22
LicenseCC BY-NC-SA 4.0

This is a simulator of Omega, a fork of Numworks' Epsilon (a high-performance graphing calculator operating system that runs on their calculator), which brings many features to it.

Omega is for the people who want to add features to the calculator, you can try out the online simulator here.


  • Symbolic calculation.
  • RPN app.
  • Atom app.
  • get_keys().
  • Molar masses (chemistry).
  • Physics constants.
  • Your name is displayed in the settings.
  • More steps for brightness (16 instead of 5).
  • Choosing the multiplication sign.
  • New python features (os module, open method...).
  • 32 KB Python heap instead of 16 KB.
  • Accessibility settings.
  • Omega theme.
  • Hungarian language supported.
  • Compact display.
  • External apps (n0110 only).


Available in CIA and 3DSX format.

  • CIA - Install the .cia file with a title manager of your choice.
  • 3DSX - You can put epsilon.3dsx on a SD card to run it from the Homebrew Channel.

Alternatively you can use 3dslink to launch it over the network:

3dslink output/release/simulator/3ds/epsilon.3dsx -a <3DS' IP ADDRESS>


omega3ds3.png omega3ds4.png



  • [1.22.0] New: Atomic: the periodic table app has been completely rewritten.
  • [1.22.0] Update: Colors of the periodic table app has been reworked.
  • [1.22.0] New: kmat(x,y,z) function, generates a constant matrix of size x*y containing z.
  • [1.22.0] New: Support of ' for derivatives. Writing f(x)' replaces it with diff(f(x), x, x).
  • [1.22.0] New: You can add your username in the settings, from the web installer.
  • [1.22.0] New: Key list in the ion module's toolbox have been replaced by a key selector.
  • [1.22.0] New: Apps shortcuts, press Shift+7 to go to calculation, Shift+8 to go to RPN, etc.
  • [1.22.0] Fix: Rendering issues with external icons.
  • [1.22.0] New: Pressing x10^ key adds ans before it on empty text cells.
  • [1.22.0] New: Added font size choice in kandinsky.draw_string.
  • [1.22.0] Fix: Python now works when building with DEBUG=1.
  • [1.22.0] Update: Credits have been updated to include new contributors and new beta testers.
  • [1.22.0] Fix: Simulator now transforms CRLF to CR when pasting.
  • [1.22.0] Fix: Android JNI Crash is now fixed in the source code.
  • [1.22.0] Fix: Fixed simulator argument detection.
  • [1.22.1] Change: Atomic: dark theme support.
  • [1.22.1] Fix: Setting username in installer now works.
  • [1.22.1] Fix: Atomic: Fixed copying data, exceptions in EC and copper and iron in french translation.

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