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AuthorCruel (TheCruel)
Last Updated2016/03/01

BrewMan is a homebrew installer and manager for the Nintendo 3DS. Currently supports only homebrew in 3dsx format.


  • Homebrew repository hosted on Github so there is little chance of the application dying in the future.
  • HTTPS support, handles SSL encryption so hosted files can be on Github releases (or elsewhere).
  • Supports archive formats for extraction/installation: *.tar.(xz|bz2|gz) *.zip *.rar *.7z.
  • Github repository has PR whitelist so that homebrew authors can modify their own applications and instantly have it merged to make updates easier to distribute.
  • Nice UI.
  • Managable download queue.
  • Up to 5 screenshots so users can see before downloading.


Download and extract the latest release to the root of the SD card.

The program must be located at /3ds/BrewMan/BrewMan.3dsx or it will not function properly (and it will warning you accordingly).

User guide

The application will fetch the repository from BrewRepo which you can download the homebrew that are available.

List of homebrew

Title / Author Version Description
2048-3D / MrJPGames 0.3.2 2048 clone puzzle game.
3DSudoku / Rinnegatamante 1.0 Sudoku game.
3dscraft / smealum 141120 Minecraft clone.
Antibounce / TurtleP 1.0.1 Ball bouncing game.
CHMM2 / Rinnegatamante 2.6 Custom Home Menu Manager.
CTRXplorer / d0k3 0.9.3 SD file manager.
DrawAttack / Cruel 1.1 Online drawing game.
FBI / Steveice10 1.4.17 CIA manager.
Insectoid Defense / sgowen 1.0 Sci-fi tower defense game.
JumpingJack / Zalo 0.9 Jumping platformer.
LieDetector / RosalinaFan573 1.0 Simple Lie Detector.
Loophole / CKlidify & Korosu 1.0 Puzzle Platformer.
Minesweeper 2DS / Cid2mizard 1.0 Minesweeper clone.
Minicraft3DS / DavidSM64 1.0 Port of Minicraft.
NASA / Rinnegatamante 1.3 CIA manager.
Picroxx! / Substance12 0.2 Picross clone pizzle game.
PlaycoinSetter / MrCheeze 1.0 "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems".
Reversi / MrJPGames 1.1.0 Reversi board game.
Rokoban / Zalo 1.0 3D Sokoban clone.
TappyPlane / sgowen 1.0 Flappy Bird clone.
WhackMania / Zalo 1.0 3D Whack-a-mole game.
ftpd / mtheall 2.2 FTP server.
KillerMan: Ghost Buster / Greiga Master 1.03 Bust ghosts with KillerMan.
WANT3D / Rinnegatamante 1.0 "Wanted!" minigame clone from Super Mario 64 DS.


BrewMan demonstration (Thomas Edvalson)

BrewMan 1.0 beta preview (Thomas Edvalson)

Known issues

Limited speed and outdated. You can use FBI and Homebrew Browser as an alternative.


  • smealum - 3dsx boot code.
  • ss23 - Help with mbedtls.
  • libgit2 team.
  • All homebrew authors.

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