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Kame Editor
Last Updated2022/01/10
TypeTheme Tools
VersionmscOS 1.3.0 & Windows 1.2.8
[Mac & Windows / Linux Download]

Kame Editor is a Unix Friendly 3DS Theme Editor made with Qt5.

It is the frontend for the command line tool, kame-tools, made as a native solution for non-Windows users, and will run on GNU/Linux and macOS 10.12+.

You can make themes with all the graphical functionality provided by kame-tools. Experimental audio support is now included.


  • Interactive preview.
  • Preview can display different icon zoom levels.
  • Preview supports various top and bottom screen texture scrolling modes.
  • Animations can be paused to reduce CPU usage.
  • Editor is organized into flexible dock widgets with collapsible items.
  • Preview is displayed in a 3DS skin.
  • Multiple 3DS console skins available.
  • Helpful tooltips indicate what each property does, or if they are unused/unknown.
  • Integrates with kame-tools in the backend to create theme files.
  • Generates a preview image when themes are deployed.
  • Supports previewing and managing audio.
  • Provides a converter for converting wav files to the appropriate format required for theme audio.
  • Displays a 3D folder in the preview when a folder is selected.
  • Color Palette Management.
  • Import theme archives and extract their image and sound resources (v1.2.4).
  • In English and German.


There are currently some release builds available for macOS 10.12+, Windows 64-bit and Debian/Ubuntu on Bitbucket and for Archlinux in the AUR.

Templates contain the correct sizes and positions of top and bottom screen textures, folders and file icon textures (in .ora and .psd format).

User guide

You will need to have custom firmware installed on your 3DS in order to make use of these 3DS themes.

Documentation for Kame Editor can be found here.









  • Resume playing bgm on application focus when openlid sfx is not defined.
  • Handle loaded images differently by generating dithered rgb565.png versions.
  • Upgrade to kame-tools v1.3.8.
  • No longer ask users for import target paths, and provide a configurable one automatically.
  • Add tooltips to filepaths in image and audio pickers.
  • Detect missing resources on loading themes and display a resolver.
  • Provide extra buttons for documentation and downloading texture templates in help dialogs.
  • Improve styling consistency.
  • Automatically fill missing required SMDH fields on deploy.
  • Use pixel sizes for fonts in preview. Hopefully, this will fix font size issues on other OSes.
  • Automatically reload updated resources when app receives focus.
  • Add actual restart button to settings widget.
  • Change only modified color when selecting a swatch in the color dialog.
  • Fix QtColorWidget valgrind errors.


  • Fix deploy path when switching between zip and folder deploy.
  • Clear audio converter output path once conversion finishes.
  • Force preview images to be RGBA so Anemone can see them properly.
  • Improve preview appearance.
  • Top screen is only 400px wide.
  • Add missing includes so that it builds on more systems.
  • Correctly play BGM after openlid SFX plays.
  • Display SFX total limit instead of limiting per file.
  • Make menu items on certain skins more readable.
  • Provide help key visuals for other skins.
  • Correctly read WAV headers when multiple chunks are included.
  • Warn users with insufficient OpenGL versions.


  • Add extra setting to hide folder letter.
  • Implement extra folder deploy option.
  • Warn users if selected deploy folder already contains theme files.
  • Implement extra import from folder option.
  • Add option to include branding to preview screenshots.
  • Fix small icon path bug.
  • Accept jpeg files for textures.


  • Add autosave feature.
  • Make open/close and folder back button visibility icons update correctly on theme load.
  • Use ceilf instead of ceil when making certain operations with floats.
  • Don't save smallicon path if it doesn't exist.
  • Use correct position when capturing bottom screen preview.
  • Save color picker position after dragging it.
  • Persist animations pause/play when application closes.
  • Fix folder animation bug when icon selection changes.


  • Make import dialog file/folder select buttons green.
  • Add recently used color swatches to color picker.
  • Add core qt5 translations for standard buttons.
  • Fix audio looping bug so that seek doesn't land in the middle of a sample byte.
  • Display tooltips for selected files/folders in the import dialog.
  • Make dialog folder selection work properly on Windows.


  • Enable theme archive importing with kame-tools v1.3.2+.
  • Fix bugs related to hiding game text when disabled.


  • Implement color palette management.
  • Add missing hidden game text option.
  • Add optional small icon to SMDH optional section.


  • Add tooltip hints.
  • Disable SMDH region info editing.
  • Update translations.


  • Don't use reserved NOERROR enums.
  • Update translations.
  • Fix New 2DS XL frame.


  • Update credits.
  • Add BGM autoplay settings option.
  • Improve console menu functionality.
  • Fix long SFX warning duration.
  • Add warning about unsupported WAV bps (16 and 8 bit only because rstmcpp does not have encoding for anything else).
  • Add skins for other 3DS consoles.


  • Add 3D folder to top screen.
  • Add settings widget.
  • Save hidden color values.
  • Add a configurable deploy path.
  • Save dock widget and window state.


  • Make code compatible with MinGW.
  • Add unit tests.
  • Color dialog no longer covers the preview window when it opens.
  • Use more QStylesheet colors.
  • Prevent loading another wav in the audio converter if a wav is already loading.


  • Certain textures are previewed with a black background if they contain transparency (this is what the 3DS does anyways; the image will still appear as is without any background in the image picker thumbnail).
  • Pressed states of certain elements in the preview are displayed while you are picking a color.
  • Added a German translation. Other translations are welcomed.
  • Added a CircleCI container stub for building .deb packages.


  • Code cleanup.


  • Add flag to disable top screen MSAA for certain graphics configurations.
  • Added a CircleCI script to make Mac builds.
  • Use vgmstream-cli canonical name instead of vgmstream_cli.
  • Add scripts for packaging Linux hicolor icons.


Special thanks to:

  • Steveice10 for making bannertools, of which kame-tools is based off of.
  • usagirei for making Usagi, which helped understanding what are needed to make Kame Editor and kame-tools.
  • exelix11 for making Yata-online, which is being used every now and then to test themes. Learned some stuff from it too.
  • libertyernie for starting rstmcpp, and the permission to use the code.
  • jackoalan for creating the Audacity fork that converts bcwav files. Learned a bit about bcwav conversion from it.
  • ihaveamac for testing and helping with creating macOS builds.
  • luigoalma for testing and creating Windows builds.
  • Nintendo Homebrew Discord for providing a place for me to share and fix issues in Kame Editor.
  • Theme Plaza for providing me some hints about the usual behavior of 3DS themes.

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