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KillerMan - Ghost Buster
AuthorGreiga Master
Last Updated2015/10/12

KillerMan - Ghost Buster is a 3DS homebrew action game, based on the Mega Man Battle Network series style of gameplay.


Available in 3DSX/SMDH format.

Copy the folder containing .3dsx and .smdh to the 3ds folder on your SD card, then run via Homebrew Launcher.

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You play as KillerMan from MegaMan Battle Network 6 and fight off waves of ghosts and viruses to try to get a high score.

The game features stages where you fight sets of viruses and an endless mode where you test how long you can last against an endless wave of ghosts and viruses.


Each stage has a ghost busting stage and a virus busting stage.

During the ghost busting stage, ghosts randomly spawn in large groups until you clear the required amount of ghosts. The kill goal is indicated in the bottom screen.

After clearing the ghost busting stage viruses begin to spawn, in addition to smaller groups of ghosts. Viruses are much tougher than ghosts and require more hits destroy.

Items and Enemies

killermanghostbuster3ds4.gif BattleChips:

  • Randomly spawn throughout the battle.
  • Collecting these will grant more powerful attacks that can clear waves of ghosts faster or take down viruses faster.
  • Each chip only grants a one time use of the attack.

killermanghostbuster3ds5.gif Bugfrags:

  • Randomly spawn throughout the battle.
  • Collecting these will recover HP.

killermanghostbuster3ds6.gif Shadow Enemies:

  • Some enemies, such as Ghost3, are shadow enemies.
  • These enemies can only be destroyed with sword based attacks and will take no damage from others.


D-Pad or Circle Pad - Move

B - HexSickle

A - Use Chip

Y - DeleteBeam

L/R - Cycle Selected Chip Left/Right

Start+Select - Exits to launcher

Controls are fully customizable from the options menu.


killermanghostbuster3ds2.png killermanghostbuster3ds3.png


3DS Homebrew - Killerman: Ghost Buster (Linkmstr)


v1.03 2015/12/29

  • Uses romfs now so you can get rid of that assets folder and expect faster battle load times.
  • Using DSP instead of CSND for audio.
  • Removed deprecated GPU functions.
  • 3D effect with slider.
  • Fixed ranks not moving around correctly when getting new top score.

v1.02 2015/11/15

  • Coop over local network should now be full speed and coop online should be playable speeds.
  • Fixed bug where clearing a single player stage after doing multiplayer crashed the game.
  • Player 2 Killerman now has his own emotion window.
  • Player 2 Killerman's current chips are now displayed.
  • During endless mode background and music change mid battle.

v1.01 2015/10/31

  • Fixed bug where thunder gauge would immediately fill.
  • Using latest ctrulib (Fixes triangle glitch?).
  • Smaller 3dsx.
  • Scaling looks better.
  • Less wonky framerate at the start of battles.
  • Skarab and Mettrids now immediately attack on spawn.
  • Skarab immediately attack after reforming.
  • Rudimentary online coop support.

v1.00 2015/10/12

  • Initial release.

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