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Last Updated2016/06/08
TypeSave Managers and Editors

pokeSlow is an open source homebrew/a first generation Pokemon editor for the 3DS. It is used in conjunction with the Pokemon Homebrew Bank for the First Generation Virtual Console Games on the 3DS (also known as PHBankGB).

This app doesn't have any images besides the icon, but instead uses text menus to allow editing. It also has an option to convert all pokemon you have saved in the first box of the bank into Slowpokes for no reason besides pure amusement.


  • Edit the species, attacks, level, IVs, and EVs of Pokemon saved in the first box of PHBankGB's bank.
  • Import a Gen 1 .pkm file located on the SD card at /pk/bank/pokemon.pkm.
  • Convert all Pokemon in the first box to Slowpokes for nothing more than pure amusement.


Place the pokeSlow.3dsx and pokeSlow.smdh in the 3ds directory of your SD Card.

Open up your favorite homebrew loader, and run the program.

User guide

Be sure to have at least one Pokemon stored in the first box of the PHBankGB, as well as the relavent files for PHBankGB to run in the appropriate places. Upon loading, the app makes a backup of the bankgb file called bankgb.bak in the same directory. In case of error, revert to that.

Main Menu

pokeSlow uses a text based user interface with the following options on the main menu:

  • Change a Pokemon's Species.
  • Change a Pokemon's Attacks.
  • Edit the Level of a Pokemon.
  • Max a Pokemon's IVs.
  • Max a Pokemon's EVs.
  • Convert All Pokemon to Slowpokes.
  • Import pokemon.pkm from SD.
  • Exit.

About Gen 1 IVs and EVs

In the first generation, IVs only go up to 15, and EVs go up to 65535 each (about 255 squared). Unlike future generations, EVs can each be maxed, instead of the 510 point limit per Pokemon.

Glitch Pokemon

There have been problems with editing Mew into the game and this is not recommedned. The theory is this has to do with Mew's coding in the game, as it wasn't coded like a regular Pokemon. Due to this, any attempts to change a species to Mew will result in a Rhydon.

The alternative to get a Mew is using the pokemon.pkm injector with a Mew obtained from a save. Getting a Mew from the Mew Glitch won't result in a bad Pokemon, because of the way the Mew is called into battle (unlike Missingno). This can be done on the VC games. A copy of the 1999 Toys R' Us NA Mew (backed up from a cartridge) can be found attached. Remember to rename the attached Mew to pokemon.pkm and place it on the SD card where the PHBankGB's bank file is (/pk/bank/).

With this feature, those experienced enough can get a GlitchDex. Though, please don't try this if you don't have knoweldge on the various glitches in the game, as some are extremely dangerous.


D-Pad - Choose an option

A - Select it



  • Added the ability to import a Gen 1 .pkm from the SD, and disabled editing a species to Mew.


  • Fixed a Memory Error.


  • Initial Release.


Thanks to gocario for PHBankGB, xem for the fun 3DS Homebrew Tutorial, and the Citra development team for their emulator, Citra.

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