Minicraft - 3DS Homebrew Edition

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Minicraft - 3DS Homebrew Edition
AuthorDavidSM64 (Davideesk)
Last Updated2015/12/29

This is a 3DS port of a game created by Markus "Notch" Persson as part of the Ludum dare 22 competition back in December 2011. The entire game has been rewritten in C, as Java programs don't run on the 3DS.


  • Save feature.
  • Texture packs.
  • Rebindable controls.
  • Map on the bottom screen.
  • Tutorial.
  • Improved sky level.
  • Replaced the cloth item (useless) with zombie fles.


Copy the Minicraft3DS folder to the /3ds/ folder of your SD card (sdmc:/3ds/Minicraft3DS).

Run the game with Homebrew Launcher.

User guide

How to play

The goal of the game is to kill the Air Wizard, who lives up in the sky.


To get access to the sky, you must find stairs to delve into the earth to find gems to make a gem pickaxe.

There are 3 levels in the underground. Each level has it's own level of ore; you can smelt the ores in the furnace to make Iron/Gold bars to make better weapons with the anvil.

  • First level - Iron ore.
  • Second level (water) - Gold ore.
  • Third level (lava) - Gem ore.

(Yes gold tools are better than iron tools in this game.)

It is advised to accumulate at-least 100 gems to make both a pickaxe and a sword. After that go back up to the surface and find the stairs that lead up to the clouds, then you will face off against the air-wizard.

Texture packs

As of beta build 4, you can create texture packs for the game.

Texture pack consists of 3 .png files, which can be found in

To add a description, just edit the global comment of the .zip file (use 7zip or winRAR).




minicraft3dsdav3.png minicraft3dsdav4.png

minicraft3dsdav5.png minicraft3dsdav6.png

minicraft3dsdav7.png minicraft3dsdav8.png

minicraft3dsdav15.png minicraft3dsdav14.png


3DS Homebrew: Minicraft 3DS Homebrew Edition [Deutsch|HD] (Flashcardsinfo)


Version 1.0

  • The game is finally out of beta.
  • Updated libraries (Now works with latest version of ctrulib and sf2dlib).
  • Updated .smdh file.
  • Lava lighting no longer pops in and out of existence (thanks andre111).
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Beta Build 5

  • The game is now feature complete.
  • Player's icon now shows up on the mini-map.
  • Added a zoom-able map to the bottom screen. Touch the mini-map to show the zoom-able map.
  • Finished the "How to play" menu.
  • Added a "N3DS Speedup" option in the settings menu for New 3DS owners to enable the 804 MHZ mode. This option will be grayed out for people using the Old 3DS models.
  • Added 2 new button menu inputs (Next and Previous) that are used in the "How to play menu", the default buttons are L and R.

Beta Build 4N

  • Enabled the 804 mhz speedup mode on the New 3DS for people to test out.

Beta Build 4

  • Added Texture pack support.
  • Added underground lighting (thanks to @catlover007), lanterns are no longer useless.
  • Added a proper settings menu.
  • Texture pack selection menu inside settings menu.
  • You can disable the debug text.
  • Made the bottom screen more pretty.

Beta Build 3

  • Added Saving and Loading to the game! You can have many different worlds now.
  • Added new menu input "delete", to delete saved worlds. The default button is 'X'.
  • Added a "Save progress" option to the pause menu.

Beta Build 2.1

  • Wheat can be now trampled on.
  • Updated libraries used by the game.

Beta Build 2

  • Added 2 new menus, Settings and About.
  • Settings menu will let you rebind buttons, saved settings outputs to "btnSave.bin".
  • The start button will no longer close the game, it now brings up a pause menu.
  • Added an 'Exit' option on the main menu to leave back to the homebrew menu.
  • The player can no longer go outside the world's boundaries.
  • Added a delay when you kill the air wizard.
  • Increased range for rendering entities.

Beta Build 1

  • Initial release.


Minicraft originally by Markus "Notch" Persson.

This game uses the sf2d library created by xerpi, it's a great GPU rendering library for 2D games.

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