SpecializeMii 3DS

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Author(s) phijor
Type Utilities
Version 0.1.4
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2017/01/22
Website Website
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SpecializeMii is an application for the Nintendo 3DS that allows you to set the special-Status on arbitrary Miis in your MiiMaker database.

Normally reserved only for Miis distributed by Nintendo, a special Mii wears Golden Pants and triggers special events in certain applications, such as Mii Plaza.


Available as a CIA and 3DSX (use either one).

  • CIA - Install the .cia with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DSX - Use the .3dsx provided with the Homebrew Launcher.

User guide

Before making the Mii special, please disable sharing and copying Mii on your 3DS.

Notes from developer:

This software alters data in a Shared Extdata archive. It doesn't really do anything harmful, but to be sure, backup archive 0xf000000b with a save file manager such as JKSM or by holding X when launching the application. The backup will be written to sd:/<current date>_CFL_DB.dat.

Previous Mii plaza updates have casued issues for people with golden pants, it is advised to copy your Mii/create another one, and make that one special if you are concerned.


[Nintendo 3DS] SpecializeMii - Turn your Mii into a Special Mii (Gnmpolicemata)

Known issues

Previous Mii plaza updates have casued errors and crashes on some newer DLC/games for people with golden pants, it is advised to either copy your Mii, or create a new one then make that one special.


v0.1.4 2017/01/22

  • Fix un-specializing personal Mii (issues #2 and #3), thanks to @XT-8147 for reporting.

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