Vapecord ACNL Plugin 3DS

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Last Updated2021/09/02
LicenseMIT License


Hello I am Lukas and I created this plugin :).

It gets updated very frequently and I always try to make it as stable as possible!


The Vapecord-ACNL-Plugin is an Animal Crossing New Leaf Plugin as the name already tells, it works for every Region of the game. You can even use it for the Rom Hack Welcome Luxury!!

Plugin Features

The Plugin can do various things like Text2Item, AutoDrop, Animation Modifier, Room Warping and much much more!! If you feel like the Plugin is missing something feel free to suggest things on the official Vapecord Discord Server.


Q: Can this plugin brick save games of others?

A: No it can't. This plugin is designed to ensure safe use, there is no way of bricking saves of others. There are multiple checks inside the plugin which always run in the background which make sure nothing bad can happen.

Q: Can this plugin crash other players?

A: No it can't. There are tons of checks which ensure that it's impossible to crash other players.

Q: Is it normal that the plugin sometimes crashes?

A: No it's not. The plugin shouldn't crash. If you do encounter a crash please report it in the Issues Tab.

Q: Is having many cheats active at once bad?

A: Generally no. You can have as many cheats active as you want. But beware that having many active can be quite annoying as many share the same hotkeys.

Q: For which versions of the game does the plugin work?

A: This plugin only works for the newest version of "Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo". The region of it doesn't matter.


If you need any help with the plugin features or don't understand how to install it, read the Wiki of the Plugin! Check the FAQ as well for any questions.