3DS Remote Desktop

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3DS Remote Desktop
Author(s) Erick Folckemer (Retrozelda)
Type Utilities
Version 2015
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2015/02/15
Website Website
Download Download
Source Source

3DS Remote Desktop is a 3DS homebrew client that allows streaming input and game video from a PC to the 3DS.


Contains prebuilds CIA, 3DS, 3DSX/SMDH. Also comes with Server executable and config file for PC.

The latest source can be found here (last updated in 2018).

User guide

To use, set the server config file to set button input mappings, the port to use, and the destination screen size (mostly used for other platforms so just leave it at 400x240 because thats the 3DS' screen size). The input mappings require win32 virtual key code int values (ascii decimal value).

A list of these can be found here.

The values here are HEX, so just convert them to decimal with windows calculator or online tools like this.

Once you set the server and port, connect and you can start video link. You can press ESC to stop the server. Developer stated that connects/disconnects still aren't exactly clean, but they work.

Note: Please note the source to LZ4 is not included, but prebuilt libraries are included. If you use these libraries, remember to forward lz4's licenced.


D-Pad - Set server

L/R - Set port

A - Connect

Select - Start video link

Start - Exit client


New method test (retrozelda)

Test footage (retrozelda)

World of Warcraft (retrozelda)

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