List of 3DS homebrew emulators

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Title Version Description Author Last updated
DaedalusX64 Beta v0.2 Nintendo N64 On 3DS! masterfeizz 2020/05/04
CTR64 Unknown N64 emulation research/development for 3DS. Hard fork of CTRX. machinamentum 2018/06/19
3DSSMS v0.3 Smsplus to the 3ds. cpasjuste 2015/10/01
OldSNES v1.00 SNES Virtual Console for Old 3DS users. Ryuzaki-MrL 2017/02/12
Z26 3DS unknown Atari 2600 nop90 2015/10/12
Vex3DS 0.4 Vectrex emulator nop90 2016/04/15
FCEUMM3DS unknown Nintendo Entertainment System; port of FCEUMM Steveice10 2015/05/07
cuzebox3DS v0.0.1 Uzebox ry755 2018/09/17
CTRX v0.9-alpha PlayStation 1. machinamentum 2015/10/05
atari800-3DS v0.1.0 An Atari 8-bit home computer emulator. asie 2016/04/09
3DNES v2.0 A NES emulator, without sound support. No longer under development. st4rk, gdkChan 2015/03/29
blargSnes v1.3b blargSnes is a SNES emulator currently being developed by StapleButter. It's open source, runs most games really well and has sound! StapleButter 2015/06/02
SNES9x v1.30 SNES9x Port for 3DS / 2DS bubble2k16 2018/03/24
TemperPCE v1.02 This is a port of Exophase's Temper (TurboGrafx/PC-Engine) emulator to the old 3DS and old 2DS. bubble2k16 2018/03/24
VirtuaNES v1.02 VirtuaNES a high compatibility NES emulator for your old 3DS or 2DS. bubble2k16 2018/03/24
PicoDrive 3DS v0.94 Emus for 3DS (PicoDrive Sega Master System / Mega Drive core) bubble2k16 2018/03/21


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Game and Watch v1 Game & Watch emulator! DogParty 2015/10/03
NeoPop SDL v0.4 NeoPop-SDL is the SDL port of NeoPop, a portable NeoGeo Pocket emulator. nop90 2017/06/14
Sim800 unknown CC800 pocket dictionary banxian 2015/04/05
Neopop 0.2 Neogeo pocket. Port of Neopop Emulator seagal112 2014/12/23
PokeMini 3DS v1.0 Pokemon Mini nop90 2017/02/17
Handy 3DS v1.1 Atari Lynx 0x64c 2014/11/23
Cinoop unknown Gameboy. CTurt 2015/11/15
3DeSmume v0.1-confandselect DS. Port of Desmume. shutterbug2000 2016/06/28
GBARunner2 3DS v20191004-213218_c7c78d0 GBARunner2 is a hypervisor that runs GBA games on DS/DSi/3DS in DS mode. Gericom 2019/10/05
r3Ddragon v0.87 A Virtual Boy emulator for the 3DS. masterfeizz 2017/02/03
mGBA v0.9.2 mGBA is an open-source Game Boy Advance emulator. Jeffrey Pfau 2021/07/11
CitrAGB v0.9.0 A 3DS homebrew example written in D! TheGag96 2015/09/21
GameYob v1.0.8 GameYob is a Game Boy emulator currently being developed by Drenn. Steveice10 2015/12/23


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Phoenix Arcade Emulator v0.2 Phoenix Arcade Emulator seagal112 2015/03/05


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Vice3DS-C128 v2.4.1 This is a port of the VICE C128 emulator to 3DS. Badda =2019/08/07
ZXDS 2.1.1 The greatest ZX Spectrum emulator ZXDS has been released for the 3DS/2DS. ZX Spectrum EMU Rak 0.1 2020/12/24
Vice 2.4.1 C64 Emulator. badda71 2020/06/03
NP2 for 3DS v0.1.3 Neko Project II port! raima 2017/08/04
ZX Spectrum EMU 3DS 0.1 ZX Spectrum seagal112 2015/03/25
CHIP8 3DS 1 Chip-8 snailface 2016/07/16
Bread Box unknown Commodore 64 spinal_cord 2017/01/28
3DS-Chip8 unknown Chip-8 (in ARM9) st4rk 2014/07/27
Mini vMac 1.0.2-Initial Macintosh TaraHoleInIt 2017/06/07
Chip8-CTRU unknown Yeah, another Chip8 emulator! YourNerdyJoe 2014/07/27
CHIP8-2DS v1.0 Chip-8 nopy4869 2016/07/15
3DOS WIP 8086(DOS) shutterbug2000 2015/10/04
uae3DS v1.0 Amiga 500 Emulator for Nintendo 3DS badda71 2020/06/23
CHIP8-2DS v1.0 Play chip8 games on your 3ds Sakitoshi 2016/06/16
CHIP-3DS v0.1.0 Yet another CHIP-8 emulator for the 3DS (more like a homebrew PoC than anything else). xerpi 2015/04/02


Title Version Description Author Last updated
RetroArch v1.9.7 A multisystem emulator. (GB, GBA, SNES, Genesis, CPS1, CPS2, etc.) libretro 2021/07/29
ScummVM 3DS 0.3 & 2.1 SCUMM game engine virtual machine. ScummVM main repository Cruel 2016/04/23