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Last Updated2021/10/11
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Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu is a forwarder generator app for DS game forwarders on 3DS/DSi. Based on Forwarder3-DS originally by Olmectron.

User guide

Below is the guide for 3DS with SD card only.

For flashcard and/or DSi users, please refer to this complete guide.

Also see the compatibility list to check what games work from the SD card.



  • GodMode9.
  • A CFW that patches TWL_FIRM (Luma3DS).
  • A CIA installer (FBI, DevMenu, etc).
  • An SD Card (or microSD card for N3DS).
  • (Optional) DS-Mode flashcard (aka, Slot-1 to microSD card adapter).


  • Forwarder3-DS.
  • x64 version of your OS (maybe needed for Windows).

Windows only:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable.


  • Java 8 Update 251 (Thanks to @djwyman for finding this out).
  • Java SE Development Kit 8u281 (Thanks to @RoyalTea for finding this out).
  • Local language set to English.
  • Linux: JavaFX.

Using SD card


  • Download the required files here (look for tags starting with "SD").
  • In the 7z file, extract what's in "for SD card root" to the root of the SD card.

After you extract the pack for your card, you can edit "sd:/_nds/nds-bootstrap.ini" and change one of the settings:

  • BOOST_CPU: If set to 1, TWL clock speed is used, so lags begone.
  • SOUND_FREQ: If set to 1, sound will play at 48khz, instead of 32khz.
  • LANGUAGE: If set to -1, the system language will be used.
  • REGION: If set to -2, the DSiWare game's region will be used instead of the system's.

Getting AP-fix from Twilight Menu++ (skip, if the app is aleady installed):

  • Download the latest TWiLight Menu++ here. Only get the 3DS.7z file.
  • In the 7z file, go to "_nds", "TWiLightMenu", and "extras".
  • Drag the "apfix.pck" file to "sd:/_nds/ntr-forwarder/".

Dump your ROMs with GodMode9 3DS (skip, if you already have the ROM(s) you need):

  • Make sure you have your DS game cart inserted.
  • Hold START on boot to bring up the payload selection menu.
  • Select GodMode9.
  • At [root], select GAMECART.
  • Copy the .nds or _trim.nds file to anywhere on your SD card.
  • When you're done dumping your ROMs, power off the system.

Using Forwarder3-DS:

  • Run the app.
  • Select the target card you're using on the left.
  • If you don't see a list of cards, download a zip file here, and put "forwarders" in the same folder as the .jar file, and rename "forwarders" to ".forwarders".
  • Turn on "Automatically set ROM path" to set the path to where your ROM is at in the SD Card or flashcard.
    • Linux users - The automatic path is incorrect since it includes the entire path (e.g. /media/$USER/something/). Please remove that part.
    • MacOS users - The automatic path is incorrect since it includes "/Volumes/(cardname)/" at the start. Please remove that part.
  • Click the folder on the top-right, and find the ROMs on the SD Card (or flashcard) you are using, or drag and drop them (from the SD card or flashcard, not the PC) into the window.
  • SD card users - If your DS game's save file is in the same folder as the ROM, move it to a folder called "saves", which should be made in the same location as the ROM.
  • If you're playing a hack/translation of a DSi-Enhanced game that has it's banner/title edited, find the banner for the game, right click on the game in Forwarder3-DS, click "Import banner", then choose the banner.
  • If using a homebrew ROM, click on it, then clear and type in the game title.
  • Click the floppy drive button to generate the forwarder.

Finalization for 3DS:

  • Copy the CIA to your 3DS SD Card, or put it in Boop for network installation.
  • Install the CIA(s). If using EmuNAND, install it to both Sys & Emu NANDs.


  • For a way to make forwarders for SD ROMs directly on your 3DS console, please follow this guide.
  • To install more than 40 forwarders and/or if you want the banner to not be the game's icon, then use YANBF instead.


Please see this guide by RocketRobz.




How to create a DS forwarder for 3DS (Rojelio Reyes)


  • Olmectron, for making Forwarder3-DS.
  • RocketRobz, for creating the Auto-Boot ROM Path setter for DSTT/R4i Gold/R4i-SDHC/R4 SDHC Dual-Core/R4 SDHC Upgrade/SC DSONE, Acekard 2(i)/R4iTT, and DSTWO.
  • ahezard, for making the R4/M3, Acekard RPG, R4iDSN/R4i Gold RTS forwarder templates, and nds-bootstrap.
  • Apache Thunder, for recreating the DS/DSi boot screen.
  • MasterCheese, for help with getting the Ace3DS Plus, Gateway Blue Card, and cards with to work.

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