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Last Updated2018/06/19
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TWLoader is a CTR-mode frontend for nds-bootstrap that looks like the Nintendo DSi Menu.

Note: This has been superseded by TwiLight Menu++.

User guide



  • Language - You can use default system language or a custom if available.
  • Color - You can choose between 19 background color (for the top screen, circle dot and choose box border).
  • Menu color - You can choose between 17 background color for the bottom screen (and top is top border is on).
  • Show filename - Filename of .nds roms will appear.
  • Game counter - Show the number of total roms and position.
  • Custom bottom image - Load a custom bottom image for the game menu.
  • Auto-update bootstrap - Can switch between Off, Unofficial and Official.
  • Auto-update to latest TWLoader - If selected, will auto download and install the latest available TWLoader at start up.

TR/TWL-mode settings:

  • Flashcard(s) select - here you can select you flashcard for run roms from it.
  • Rainbow LED - after selecting a .nds in game menu, will turn on notification led with a rainbow effect.
  • ARM9 CPU Speed - switch between 133mhz (DSi mode) or 67mhz (DS mode)
  • VRAM boost - Allows 8 bit VRAM writes and expands the bus to 32 bit.
  • DS/DSi Boot Screen - displays the DS/DSi boot animation before launching a rom.
  • Health and Safety message - displays the Health and Safety message on the bottom screen.
  • Reset Slot-1 - enable this is slot-1 card are stuck on white screens.
  • Console output - display debug text before launching the rom. Switch between Off, On and On (debug).
  • Lock ARM9 SCFG_EXT - locks the ARM9 SCFG_EXT, avoiding conflict with recent libnds.

Main Start menu

  • Game location - Switches the game location between the SD Card and the flashcard.
  • Box Art - Enable or dissable box arts.
  • Start GBARunner2 - Start GBA emulator.
  • Top border - The border surrounding the top background.


twloader3.png twloader4.png

twloader5.png twloader6.png


How to play DS games on 3DS off an SD card | TWLoader | (Ghostly Gaming)


  • ahezard - Loading banner icons from .nds files.
  • Billy Acuña - Old TWLoader logo.
  • Joom - New and current TWLoader logo.
  • cheuble - Sound engine.
  • Gericom - GBARunner2.
  • MarcusD - Code for glowing rainbow colors in Notification LED.
  • Olmectron - Forwarder3-DS.

This wouldn't have been possible without the following.

  • ahezard - nds-bootstrap, for ROM loading.
  • Apache Thunder - NTR-Launcher, for NTR Slot-1 game loading, and the recreation of the DS/DSi boot screens.
  • shutterbug2000 - File browsing code.
  • spinal_cord - DSi4DS assets.

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