Luma3DS Updater 3DS

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Luma3DS Updater
Author(s) Hamcha
Type Utilities
Version v1.4.2
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2016/08/27
Website Website
Download Download
Source Source

Luma Updater (outdated and unmaintained)

This homebrew has been outdated for a while and won't work anymore, if you still want an updater for Luma3DS (on Boot9strap) please use Kaoru's version

Formerly known as "ARN Updater"

A arm9loaderhax.bin updater for Luma3DS (formerly AuReiNand) as a 3DS homebrew (no more SD swaps!)


Refer to the wiki for usage information.


  • Your usual 3DS compilation environment
  • Latest* ctrulib (the one currently bundled with devKitPro won't cut it)
  • makerom and bannertool somewhere in your PATH environment
  • zlib (get it from devkitPro/3ds_portlibs)

* ctrulib has breaking changes every once in a while so if you have trouble compiling, the latest tested working commit is ada9559


  • zip binary for generating release archives (make pkg)


make should create the output folder and fill it with both the 3dsx and the cia builds

make 3dsx will only build the 3dsx version

Extra flags

make CITRA=1 disables features that aren't properly emulated on Citra (HTTPc) for easier testing

make DEBUG=1 will disable compile-time optimizations entirely


The assets and code for the homebrew (code under source/ and assets under meta/) are licensed under the WTFPL. Refer to LICENSE.txt for the full text.

This project uses jsmn, which is licensed under the MIT license. Refer to LICENSE.jsmn.txt for the full text.

This project uses minizip, which is licensed under the zlib license. Refer to LICENSE.minizip.txt for the full text.

This project uses libmd5-rfc, which is licensed under the BSD license. Refer to LICENSE.libmd5-rfc.txt for the full text.