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Discord Client
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Unofficial Discord 3DS Client

This just a simple Discord client for the 3DS build using the Sleepy Discord library and the Wslay library. Also please, notice that this is not an official Discord client, and is not made by the Discord staff.


I noticed that a few Discord clients for consoles were using the Discord API incorrectly causing huge issues for those clients. So, I decided to make this as an example of how I think it should have been done.

How to use

First, you need a token to an account that you own, because Discord doesn't want people asking for passwords. Anyway, place this into a file called discord token.txt in the root of your sd card.


Function Button
Next channel D-Pad Down
Next server D-Pad Right
Load messages Y
Send Message A

Dear Homebrew devs,

If you are a dev planning to make a Discord client as a cool homebrew app, please direct message Sleepy Flower Girl on the Discord API server for help.

How to build

If you haven't done so already, install devkitpro. You can find instructions to do this here

Download and compile wslay from here

Place lib and include files in devkitpro/portlibs/3ds.

Make sure this folder has all the library files you need including include files from ctrulib and citro3ds in your include folder (it's possible to get .h file not found errors if this isn't done). Download and compile Sleepy Discord for the 3ds from here

Instructions for compiling for the 3ds is in buildtools/ Once that's done, place lib and include files in devkitpro/portlibs/3ds. Now you just need use make, and it should compile to a new folder output/3ds-arm.

I also would like to thank people like Sono and others in the Nintendo Homebrew #dev channel for helping me.