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Beat Rush
Authorskneko, arquitectonic7
Last Updated2021/05/11

Beat Rush (BTR) is a simple rhythm game made for the Nintendo 3DS console, based on the Japanese rhythm game Muse Dash. It is a university project written for educational purposes by two people using devkitPro.


To load this file in an actual 3DS, you will need homebrew capabilities:

  • 3DSX/SMDH (recommended) - Use the .3dsx provided with the Homebrew Launcher.
  • CIA - Install it using a title manager such as FBI.

In order to launch the game in your PC you will need an emulator such as citra. Citra supports all formats generated.

Build instructions can be found in the repository page.

User guide

How to play

Hit the enemies as they approach the indicators. You have one action for each lane (top/bottom).

  • When a note collides with the line on the left of the screen, press the corresponding button for its lane.
  • Accuracy is related to the moment the note crosses the center of the line compared to the moment you press the button.
  • The combo indicator increments with successive successful presses and restarts when one press is too inaccurate.
  • Score depends on your accuracy and increments with a higher combo.
  • The pace, length and difficulty of a level depend on the selected song.


If there is no sound:

  • Open Citra, click File > Open Citra folder...
  • Go to folder sdmc, and then 3ds. If they don't exist, create them.
  • Create an empty file called dspfirm.cdc.
  • If the empty file sdmc/3ds/dspfirm.cdc is found by Citra, audio will work.

Note: Be careful if you have extensions hidden, to not call the file something like dspfirm.cdc.txt. This wouldn't work.



D-Pad - Move

Circle Pad - Move

A - Confirm

In game:

A/B/Down/R - Bottom lane

X/Y/Up/L - Top lane

Select - Back to menu

Start - Pause


beatrush3.png beatrush4.png


Beat Rush (3DS): Panda Eyes & Terminite - Highscore [Insane] (arquitectonic7)



  • Fixed some state not resetting between levels, such as score, combo or hit counts.
  • Removed unused fonts.


  • Added additional controls (D-Pad and C-Pad up/down, L and R) for the hit actions.
  • Now SELECT restarts the game.
  • Added "CLEARED!" message at the end of the level with hint telling user to press SELECT to return to the menu.


  • First release build for bug testing & QA.

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