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Last Updated2018/08/03
TypeSystem Tools
Version0.8.0 Final

3DSident is a tool inspired by PSPident, which was originally developed by Jas0nuk and later updated by Yoti. The tool was used to obtain more information about your PSP's motherboard, firmware etc.

Similarly the 3DS version 3DSident aims to display more information about your 3DS. 3DSident is a fork of ctr_vercheck which was originally developed by Wolfvak, and was initially intended to be a small application only used to display FIRM info.​


  • Current kernel, FIRM and system version detection.
  • Display initial system version.
  • Model detection with code name and hardware info (Retail/Devboard/Debugger/Capture unit).
  • Displays screen type (TN/IPS).
  • Displays region.
  • Displays language.
  • Displays MAC address.
  • Displays serial.
  • Displays SDMC and NAND CID.
  • Displays NNID username, principal ID, persistent ID, transferable base ID, country and timezone.
  • Displays device ID.
  • Displays soap ID.
  • Battery charging status.
  • AC Adapter connection status.
  • Battery percentage (actual battery percentage using mcu::HWC).
  • Displays battery voltage (estimated) and unknown format.
  • Displays MCU firmware.
  • SD detection.
  • Displays SD free and total storage capacity.
  • Displays CTR free and total storage capacity.
  • Displays TWL free and total storage capacity (GUI exclusive).
  • Displays TWL photo free and total storage capacity (GUI exclusive).
  • Displays number of titles installed on SD and NAND.
  • Displays number of tickets installed (GUI exclusive).
  • Displays volume slider state and percentage.
  • Displays 3D slider state and percentage.
  • Displays Wifi signal strength.
  • Displays IP address.
  • Displays current brightness.
  • Display auto-brightness status (GUI exclusive).
  • Display power saving mode (GUI exclusive).
  • Display sound output mode (GUI exclusive).
  • Displays if the console is a debug unit (GUI exclusive).
  • Displays headphone/audio jack status (GUI exclusive).
  • Card slot status and inserted card type (CTR/NAND).
  • Displays parental control pin, email address and secret answer (GUI exclusive).
  • Displays home menu ID.
  • Displays Wifi slot info (SSID, password and MAC address).
  • Displays original/NAND local friend code seed.


3DSident comes with an original and GUI versions. Both are available in 3DSX and CIA formats.

Note: If you are using the 3DSX versions you need to enable Rosalina's SM/FS patches or else most of the information won't be displayed.


3dsident3.png 3dsident4.png


v0.8.0 Final


  • Now displays NAND as well as the original local friend code seed (Useful to know if you've switched your friend code seed before).
  • Removed a bunch of unused functions as well as the screenshot feature. (You should be able to use Rosalina now).
  • Based off the latest devkitARM toolchain. Both versions are also under one branch now and can be compiled together.
  • CIA versions include the new boot logos by FrozenFire

Original Version:

  • Added some features from the GUI version - Now displays mac address for all 3 WiFi slots, card slot status and initial firmware version.

GUI Version:

  • Integrated 3DSident button tester. (Use start + select to activate/deactivate).
  • Now uses Citro2D and up-to-date tool chain functions as well as many under the hood improvements.
  • Slight improvements to UI to make it sort of similar to the Switch version.

Release notes.


  • Wolfvak for ctr_verinfo's source.
  • MarcusD for MCU::HWC's battery percentage.
  • Reisyukaku for cfgs and frd services.
  • Preetisketch for the banner.

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