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New Super Classic Mario
Last Updated2018/04/03
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Hey guys!

Welcome to the official thread for New Super Classic Mario, my new rom hack for NSMB2 that aims to recreate most the classic Super Mario levels from the NES (and some surprise extra levels) in the better engine and with better graphics! Below are some screenshots of the level.

[?IMG] [?IMG]



  • Added levels 1-2 and Beta 1-3
  • Swapped the Course Clear jingle to the remixed Classic Clear Music
  • Created the first Demo archive which is available below!


  • Added Levels 1-Tower through to 1-Castle (Basically World 1 is finished!)
  • Added final version of 1-3
  • Added Star Coins to all World 1 levels


  • Added levels 2-1 and 2-2
  • Added 4 new tiles to the Underwater Tileset - 3 Coral tiles and 1 new platform tile
  • Added some custom music to the Titlescreen and the Starman theme
  • Added the final version of the title logo redone by SuperML on NSMBHD



  • Source a good .bcstm of the original SMB Overworld Theme
  • Create a Custom Title Screen (Any help would be greatly appreciated, PM me if you would like to help!)
  • Work out how to implement Star Coins
  • Fix 1-3


  • Still need Custom Music...
  • Possibly replace Mario and Luigi's textures to give the their colour schemes from Either SMB or SMB3
  • Start work on World 2


  • Recolour Mario and Luigi
  • Add more custom music to the rest of the game with help from Gimzie from Super Mario Bros. Next
  • Finish World 2
  • Add more custom tilesets
  • Post updates more regularly :yay3ds: