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installMii is an easy and fast package manager for Nintendo 2DS/3DS.
It is repository based. This means that you can set your own homebrew URL source list and installMii will download packages for you!

It currently supports .3ds/.3dsx homebrews only and .cia support is in development.

[photos are at the end of this post]

**installMii is based on "3ds Homebrew Browser", a discontinued project made by zeta013.
A big thanks to this developer. My project currently shares some code with his homebrew, mostly in the UI and the download handling.

How can I add a new repository to installMii?
installMii comes with a configuration file called "repo.list". This file contains a list of preinstalled repositories. You can change it as you like, adding or removing urls.

Here's an example of "repo.list". This file can be located in the SD card root or in the /3ds/installMii/ folder.

"repos": [
"name": "REPO 1",
"url": ""
"name": "REPO 2",
"url": ""
Can I host my own repository?

Absolutely yes. Just create a packages.json file (example below) in your prefered webserver folder.
Then you can share your repository url with everyone!

How to configure my repository?
There are 2 important files in every repo:

  • "packages.json": this file contains informations about the repository and the packages list. It has to be placed in the root folder of the repo.
  • "package.list": Every homebrew folder should have one. It contains the list of files and folders that have to be downloaded by the installMii client.

Here's an example of the "packages.json" file:

"repo": {
"name": "Example repo",
"author": "simonepsp",
"website": null
"packages": [
"name": "3DS Craft",
"author": "smea",
"short_description": "WoW! Minecraft for 3DS",
"category": "games",
"website:": null,
"type": "3ds",
"version": "1.0.1",
"dl_path": "3ds/3dscraft/",
"info_path": "3ds/3dscraft/3dscraft.smdh"

A brief explanation of the parameters:

name: Package name
author: Package author
type: usually "3ds" or "cia".
version: Package version number
dl_path: path of the homebrew folder on your server. installMii will look here for a file called package.list.
info_path: path of the homebrew icon on your server

Every homebrew folder also need to have a package.list file. This file is basically a list of every file contained in the homebrew folder.
Can I use custom icons for packages?
Sure. If you have a repository you can manually specify which smdh should be used.
This can be done modifing the "info_path" parameter into the "packages.json" file.


  • Touchscreen: Browse homebrews
  • UP/Down : Browse application list
  • L/R : Switch between categories
  • A : Install homebrew
  • Y: Change homebrew order
  • Start: Exit
  • Select: Download new package list from repos
How to install it?

just copy the "installMii" folder into /3ds/ on your SD card.
I'll also release a .cia version.

Please have a look on the "How can I contribute to the project?" section. This will help me to speed up the project <img src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie48" alt=":)" title="smile :)">

What is currently working?
[?] Configuration file with user-defined repo list
[?] Repository updating
[?] Showing homebrew description, version and author
[?] Homebrew downloading
[?] UI and category switching
[?] Downloading UI
[?] SD writing and parsing
[?] Checking if an homebrew has been already installed
[?] .cia files downloading [installing coming soon]

TODO [constantly updating]
- .cia files installation
- better categories handling
- adding/removing repos from the app
- package search function

How can I contribute to the project?
As I said before, users feedback is very important. If you have an idea that could improve installMii, please tell me so.
Remember that this is just an hobby for me. I'll work on the project when I have time <img src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie48" alt=":)" title="smile :)">

Another way to contribute is offering me a coffee donating via Skrill or BTC:

My email: simonepsp[at]gmail[dot]com
BTC address: 138sK3nZ3yJDooYcFMXUHciawwSu9YUQ22

I love homebrews development and I'd like to buy a used N3DS XL. Donations would help me a lot <img src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie48" alt=":)" title="smile :)"> Thanks

Can I contact you privately?
Sure, just email me or send me a PM

Hope you like this project. I'll update this post when I'll have news.
Have a nice day