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rxTools is a collection of hacking tools for Nintendo 3DS/3DSXL/2DS, compatible with all the system versions from 4.1 to 9.2. rxMode is a free custom firmware which works through rxTools, not meant to replace any existing software, but based on personal work made public and easy for the end-user.

Originally created by Roxas75 and released in 2015. Shortly after the rxTools 2.6 release, Roxas75 announced his retirement from the rxTools project and has passed on the development of rxTools to the PastaCFW Team.


  • rxMode, free 3DS custom firmware.
  • CTR Titles Decryption.
  • Title Keys Decryption.
  • Xorpad Generation.
  • NAND Dumping.
  • NAND Partitions Decryption/Injection.
  • NAND FAT16 Xorpad Generation.
  • System Titles Dumping.
  • NAND Files Dumping/Injecting, for various hacks/mods.
  • Much, much more.


Setting up rxTools:

  • If you have used a previous version, please delete SD:/rxTools, SD:/3ds/rxTools, and rxTools.dat, if present on your (m)SD card.
  • Extract the rxTools folder from the release and place it into the root of your card.
  • If you are using an Old 3DS or 2DS, ensure you have Python 2.7 installed on your PC and run /Tools/o3ds_cdn_firm.py.
    • This should download 3 files into a folder named /firm.
    • Copy this entire folder and place it into SD:/rxTools/.
  • If you are using an New 3DS, ensure you have Python 2.7 installed on your PC and run /Tools/n3ds_cdn_firm.py.
    • This should download 1 file into a folder named /firm.
    • Copy this entire folder and place it into SD:/rxTools/.
    • You also need the files key_0x16.bin (N3DS arm9bin decryption, 9.6+ keyX) and key_0x1B.bin (N3DS 9.6 NCCH keyX) on the root of your SD card.
  • For use with the Homebrew Launcher, go into the ninjhax folder and copy the /rxTools folder to SD:/3ds/

Launch with Spider (9.2 or older):

Install DS Profile (MSET) Exploit (MSET 6.x):

  • Upon building, there will be a folder called release/mset that contains the files rxinstaller.nds and rxinstaller.bin.
  • Using a supported NDS flash cart, launch rxinstaller.nds to install the MSET exploit.
  • If it worked, you'll see the bottom screen flash, and then the browser will appear to continue functioning normally.
  • Press the home button, and after you see the Home Menu splash screen your DS will say An Error Occurred and ask you to reboot, but it's already done.
  • You can then launch rxTools by going to Settings > Profile > DS Profile Settings.
    • Alternatively, you can install the MSET ROP with FBI.
    • Press select and use left and right on the D-pad to select rxTools3.x 4.x or rxTools3.x 6.x, depending on the version of MSET you are using.
  • Note: Do not install 4.x MSET on a 2DS. Formatting in this configuration will cause a soft brick.

User guide


rxMode is a custom firmware/part of rxTools, bootable from the main menu:

  • It supports all Gateway emuNAND up to the latest version.
  • It will boot in emuNAND in automatic, if it is present in your sdcard.​
  • Note: To boot emuNAND 8.0 or higher, or to play newer games, you need​ slot0x25KeyX.bin in the root of your sdcard too, if you are on a sysNAND below 7.0.

rxMode contains the following features:

  • Native Firm:
    • Full and free EmuNAND support, up to the latest version, 10.5, also on n3ds.
    • Access to the eShop and to online playing (requires an updated emuNAND).
    • Support for 100% of the games (newer ones will require emuNAND).
    • Support for sysNAND, in case an emuNAND is not found.
    • Signatures Checks disabled.
    • Dynamic ram dumping (just for debug purpouses).
    • RX-E/S string patch in settings.
    • PastaMode, for Signatures Check free, but clean, sysNAND.
    • Reboot patch, for using SSBB and MH4 on o3ds.
    • Exceptions handler (just for debug purposes).
    • AGB (GBA Virtual Console) Support, wip on n3ds.
    • TWL (DSiWare/DS Cardriges) Support, wip on n3ds.
    • Region free on both o3ds and n3ds.
  • TWL Firm:
    • Cartridge blacklist check disabled.
    • Cartridge save type check disabled.
    • DSi cartridge save file exploit check disabled.
    • Nintendo logo check patch.
    • SHA hashes check patched, always succeeds.
    • Whitelist check disabled.
    • Signatures Check disabled.
  • AGB Firm:
    • Signatures Check disabled.


Q. How do i know if i'm in sysNAND or emuNAND?

Check in System Settings, near the system version.

RX-S stays for sysNAND, while RX-E stays for emuNAND. Be sure to be in emuNAND before updating.

Q. Does this boot roms or homebrews? Any plan?

Yes, 100% support.

Q. Can i use flashcards with this?

Sky3DS should work, no other will work.

Q. Can i play GBA or DS/DSi games?

Yes, in both emuNand and sysNand.

The only issue is that to make those apps playable on emuNand you need to install them in sysNand too, or have your Nands linked.


SKY3DS with rxTools Emunand the newest 9.7.0-25E Play Eshop and 3d roms on 8.1.0-4E (May liang)


Support for:

  • Web Browser (SPIDER) entrypoint for Old 3DS (ver 4.1-9.2).
  • System Settings (MSET) entrypoint for Old 3DS (ver 4.1-4.5, 6.0-6.4, and 9.2 with MSET downgraded to 6.x).
  • System Settings (MSET) downgrading for Old 3DS.
  • Ninjhax (Not Stable).


  • All the documentation on 3dbrew, and to all the devs who contributed.
  • Roxas75, myself, as the creator of rxTools.
  • Gateway team, for their work.
  • Reisyukaku for New 3DS MSET.
  • Archshift, who wrote some useful libs used in this project.
  • Many GBATemp users, who helped in the testing process.
  • patois, who developed BRAHMA.
  • mid-kid and b1l1s, who developed CakeHax.
  • Many other people who offered helped in private.

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