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Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Plugin
Last Updated2018/04/03

Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Plugin is a plugin for Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D using CTRPluginFramework.

User guide

Note: Altering the data of a game can potentially lead to a corrupted save game, it is recommended you keep a backup of you save data (you can use JKSM or svdt).

A guide for CTRPF can be found here.

The plugin were only tested on EUR version, but it should work on USA version.


Select - Open menu (default hotkey)


zeldaootcheatsplugin3.png zeldaootcheatsplugin4.png

zeldaootcheatsplugin5.png zeldaootcheatsplugin6.png


V3.3 2018/04/03

  • Update to CTRPF Beta 0.4.0 (Brings a better search engine and the Action Replay engine).
  • Can be loaded using Luma's plugin loader.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Now open source on github.

V3.2 2017/10/24

  • Update to CTRPF Beta 0.3.0.
  • Added an Inventory Modifier with a list of items.

V3.1 2017/07/30

  • Updated CTRPF to Beta 0.2.0:
    • You can now customize a cheat's hotkeys and they will be saved.
    • On NTR 3.4 and higher, an icon will be displayed while the settings are saved, don't turn off your console while this icon is visible to prevent any file corruption.
    • Stability update.
  • Add the cheats that were previously added by @RyDog:
    • Gauntlet color modifier.
    • Time modifier.
    • Infinite explosives.
    • Unlock all items.
    • Use all items.

V3 2017/07/18

  • Now use CTRPluginFramework.
  • An invincible cheat.
  • A way to unlock the bottles/Edit their contents.

V2.0 2016/07/23

  • New ui to look more like the game.
  • New base pointer for the cheats, so it should be more stable.
  • A note system to print infos about a cheat.
  • Basically the whole core plugin changed.
  • New codes (but fully untested).
  • Try to add some protection on previous cheats to avoid crash while changing map (might not works).
  • Corrections and optimizations.

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