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Luma3DS - 3GX Loader Edition
Last Updated2022/06/12
TypeCustom Firmwares

This is a modified version of Luma3DS that allows you to use plugins (3GX and PLG), including CTRPluginFramework. You can read more about it here.

User guide

What are .3gx files

3GX (3ds Game eXtension) is a plugin file format which allows extra C/C++/asm code to be loaded into an application at runtime and then executed.

It is a brand new plugin system, evolved from NTR's .plg format.

What is plugin

As the file format name suggests, plugins can be used to extend game functionality, from game mods, to trainers or cheat loaders.

One example of a plugin is the CTRPluginFramework Blank Plugin.

How to install plugins

Plugins can be placed at 2 locations:

  • sd:/luma/plugins/<TITLEID>/<filename>.3gx to set a plugin for a specified title (higher priority).
  • sd:/luma/plugins/default.3gx to set a plugin which would be loaded for all games (lower priority).

Default plugin is only loaded if no specific plugin is found. To use CTRPluginFramework as a blank plugin, rename it to default.3gx and place it in the plugin folders (press Select to use while in game).

How to make plugins

An api is available to allow you to create your own plugins using a menu easily.

An example is available here.


L+Down+Select - In game menu

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